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Imagine Bucky's reaction to coming home and seeing you sitting on their living room floor surrounded by nothing but kittens with the biggest grin on your face and then he starts sneezing bc he's allergic to cats as it so happens to be

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It had been a long day.

Between the paperwork and the countless hours of training, Bucky was fed up and he was exhausted, and as he sat on the subway- hunched over and irritated- his phone vibrated in his pocket. He rolled his eyes and ignored it, just knowing that it was another text from Steve asking him a question that did not need to be answered right this very second.

But then it vibrated one more time, and he huffed, stuffing his hand into the pocket of his jeans to pull out his phone.

He was surprised to see that the messages were from you, and a smile came to his lips as he swiped his thumb across the screen.

“I have a surprise for you.”

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MARVEL Fancast

Monica Lynne was the long time love interest of the Black Panther and became his fiance. The two first met when she saved him from drowning after he had an altercation with Killmonger. The two fell deeply in love, with her being his first and true love.

Aja Naomi King – Kat Graham – Yaya Dacosta – Meagan Tandy – Nicole Beharie – Sonequa Martin-Green – Kylie Bunbury

A Very Special Episode of Touched By An Angel

And by “very special episode,” I mean one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen on television. I am, of course, talking about the episode entitled ‘Black Like Monica.’ It is an episode that leaves you with more questions than answers. What will follow behind the cut is not an in-depth analysis, but more a recap of events as they occur. 

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