black liberation

As liberals, we totally got the idea of patriotism jacked from us. When Trump asks for the worst of this country - like a Muslim ban, transgender bathroom bills, defunding Planned Parenthood - he’s considered to be the most patriotic. But when we ask for the best of this country as liberals - No Ban No Wall, Black Lives Matter, equal pay, gender equality, LGBTQ rights - we are considered anti-patriotic. When really, we’re the most patriotic. Fighting for equality is the most American thing you can do.
—  Hasan Minhaj, comedian and Daily Show correspondent, in an interview with Bust Magazine

If you act like some enlightened centrist for saying there is no difference between an ultraviolet ultranationalist group focused on genocide to the ones who want to stop them, then you are being willingly ignorant, and complicit in the rise of the right. defending fascists’ right to do anything that furthers their goals is to allow death on an unimaginable scale for a second time.