black leather studded bracelet

this post gave me the realization that if yuugi described his physical appearance in a list it would just sound like something straight out of my immortal.

My name is Yuugi Mutou. I’m short. I wear a black tank top with a black studded collar.  I have black leather pants on and black boots with straps on them.  I wear studded leather bracelets and I have a golden Millennium Puzzle that looks like an upside down pyramid hanging from a chain around my neck (not like those jewelry chains but like a utility chain).  My hair is really tall and spiky with purple streaks in the back and blond bangs that look like lightning. My eyes are purple and I have winged eyeliner. My friend that lives in my necklace said I have no fashion sense. I put up my middle finger at him. 


I had to go to an awards ceremony today so I pulled out that one skirt I always wear when I want to look vaguely girly. I am also pretty pleased with this light doing favors to my highlight.

I was driving home after volunteering at the hospital today and I saw this lemonade stand that these two kids were sitting at. They had no customers so i turned around and pulled off to the side of the the street they were on. The lemonade was 50 cents, I handed the kid a 5. I told him he looked like he was working hard so he deserved it. He was so excited because when you are young that is a lot of money. He and his buddy whipped me up a lemonade and i got into my car and drove away. I could see them jumping and celebrating with my rear view mirror. I work minimum wage at a grocery store part time to save for college and trust me I could use $5 anytime, but we need to encourage our youth to continue to be ambitious. Too many times parents are shutting their kids down. I remember trying to do lemonade stands and stuff, go make some kids day because once you were that kid too you know. Not all kids are evil, give them a chance.

When he's a demon and you have to make a deal (You x EXO Chen)--Part 4

So this back by request kekekeke~ Since I just finished Troublemakers (and possible have a Baekyeol fic in the works) I’m going to turn this one into a mini-series! Definitely not as long as Troublemakers, but with all the wonderful Chen Chen goodness haha^^ I’m also thinking about the addition of guardian angels kekeke~ Who do you guys think would make the best ones? Anyways! On to the next chapters!


“Jun! Come get your breakfast! You’re going to be late for school again, pabo!”

“Noona! I can’t find my tie again!”

“Look under your bed!”

“I fouuuuuuund it!”

Your younger brother Jun comes flying down the stairs, tie in one hand, hair brush in the other. This was so stupid. You told him not to stay up all night, and yet you had found him this morning, video game controller in hand, drooling into his algebra textbook. “Did you finish your homework?” You bark, sliding a plate in front of him. “I’ll do it on the bus.” He mumbles apologetically under the heat of your glare.

You pour some cereal for yourself, and the two of you wolf it down in similar fashion. Although Jun had school today, you had taken the day off after explaining the situation to your boss. It was rare that she’d just give you a vacation day without a hospital note or something, but after seeing videos of yesterday’s incident online, she’d caved in quickly.

“Make sure to do your homework." You pinch Jun’s cheek. "Now go and brush your teeth! You’ve got like five minutes! Seriously!”

Jun flies away from the table, and you place both hands on the counter, taking a deep breath. You hadn’t had time to shower or get ready, so you were still donning last night’s sweaty pajamas.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

You suck in a breath, feeling a pair of arms wrap around your waist, warm breath of your ear. Faint memories of last night come in patches, of your limbs tangled together, Chen’s lips on your collarbone, of waking up this morning wrapped in someone else’s warmth. The thought of it send bright blood straight to your cheeks, and you shrug him away.

“Don’t.” You hiss sharply. “Jun can’t know you’re here.” You shove him down quickly, stuffing him into the tiny space between the trash can and the wall. He gives you a pout, but stays quiet as Jun stomps back down the stairs, fully dressed and backpack in hand. “See you later, noona!” You wave to him. “Have a good day! And don’t spend too long at the PC café!”

When he’s finally out the door, you breathe sigh of relief. Chen peeks him head over the top of the counter rising to his full height when he sees the all clear. “You look cute.” He chuckles, looking you full in the face.

“Stop!” You whine, covering your cheeks with our hands. “I haven’t even showered yet!”

“Maybe that’s something we can do together, then.” You’re in his arms immediately, and you shove him away once again. “Okay, we need to talk.” You give him a look. He frowns, biting his lip. “About what?”

“One,” you say, holding up a finger. “I don’t mind you staying with me, but Jun can never see you. Like, ever. I don’t necessarily want him knowing that there’s a demon roaming around in the house, or that I’m sleeping with a man in my bed. That would freak him out.”

"We haven’t even slept together.” Chen grumbles to himself. “Not like that.”

“Focus!” You snap, blushing. “Second, we do need boundaries. I don’t even know what happened last night, but I still want privacy and I trust you can respect that.”

"Whatever the lady wants.” Chen acquiesces with a grumpy sigh. You nod with satisfaction. “Okay, now that we covered that…are you hungry?” He pokes out his lip. “A little.” He cheers up. “Are you going to cook for me?”

“Help yourself.” You smirk, shoving a box of cereal into his arms. “I’m going to go get ready.”


Chen is laying on your bed when you get out of the shower, watching you as you bustle back and forth. “Aren’t you going to work today?” He asks, his dark lashes blinking at you. You shake your head. “I took the day off.” You go around, gathering papers and books from across the room. “I have some errands I need to run, and I’m going to do some work today.”

Chen falls quiet, and you look back at him. He’s holding a picture above his face, staring at it intently. “Who is this?”

“My mom.” You say flatly, plucking the picture out of his hand. “If she’s ever here when you are, don’t go near her.”

“Why?” He sighs sarcastically. "Protecting her too?“

"I didn’t say that.”

Chen’s eyes widen in surprise, but he doesn’t say anything else. “Do you have a family, Chen?” You ask suddenly. He stares down at his hands. “Yes…and no.” You turn to look at him “What does that mean?”

“There are…other people like me.” He says sourly. “It’s not really by choice. We just…understand each other.” You nod wordlessly. You don’t understand him, and you aren’t going to pretend like you do. But you had to admit, it was surprising that Chen had something that meant something to him.

“Okay.” You say finally, closing your tube of mascara. “I’ll be back tonight. Behave, and if you stay here, stay hidden.”


When you return in the evening, the house is quiet and Chen is no where to be seen. Somehow you’d expected him to stick around and lounge all day, but he’s gone. It made you kind of relieved and incredibly worried…what exactly did demons do in their time off?

You sit down your stuff and pull out the focus of your evening: a garment bag. All this Chen nonsense head your head spinning, and you just needed to get away. With Jun safely tucked away at the PC café (he’d been glad to oblige when you asked him to stay longer) and Chen no were to be seen, the evening seemed to be yours.

You had given the elderly man’s son a call—the one who wanted to take you out for dinner. You found out his name was Jinhyuk, and he worked at a law firm a few minutes from town. He seemed nice enough on the phone, and he had free time tonight, so you had agreed to meet him at a little pasta restaurant that had just opened.

The dress you picked out for today was a little different that what you usually would have picked. It was a simple black mini dress with short sleeves, but the whole thing was covered in a sheathe of black lace. It was way sexier than anything you would have picked before yesterday, but you were feeling a sudden mix of emotions you couldn’t identify. Was this what it felt like to be desired?

Was Chen responsible for that?

You shake the feeling away, changing into the dress and re-applying a smokier, prettier layer of make-up. You have to admit, you don’t feel much like yourself but you don’t mind at all.

“Where are you going looking like that?”

A wide-eyed Chen stands in the window, looking at you. “I could say the same thing about you.” You choke, giving him a once over. He had on metallic silver jeans and a studded black jacket, leather bracelets looped around both wrists. A line of platinum rings are pinched around the crown of his ear, and even his eyes are lined in something that makes the blue look even more electric that before.

"Don’t worry about me.” He brushes your comments away as if it doesn’t matter. “Where are you going?”

“I have a date.” You answer simply, wincing a little when you miss putting your earring in correctly.

“With who?” He growls. “That guy’s son? The one from yesterday?”

“Yes.” You look at him. “Don’t you dare touch him, either.” Chen scowls. “I wasn’t planning on it. I don’t want you to go out with other guys.”

“Chen.” You flatly. “Remember that talk we had about privacy this morning?”

“Don’t treat me like a child.” He hisses. “I say what goes on, and I don’t want you going anywhere near him.” You snatch away from him, throwing your bag on the floor. “My dating life is my responsibility, not yours!”

“What can he give you that I can’t?” Chen demands, folding his arms. “There’s no reason you should go out with him!”

You give Chen a blank look. “It’s simple.” You hiss icily, holding up your hand. “He doesn’t own me, and neither do you!”

Chen’s expression darkens. “Fine.” He says bitingly. “Go on your little date. Let’s see who has more fun.” Your expression turns to one of confusion, but he’s gone in a flurry of black sand before you can demand any answers.


Scenario part end~ What did you guys think? Still liking it? It’s been a while, but I learned a lot from the first time around, so I’ll try not to go long periods of time without updating! I hope you enjoyed it! ~Jjangpanda

LOTD: Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss

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Famous best friends and real-life doppelgangers, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have an envy-worthy relationship. If you follow them on social media, you know that they met at last year’s Victoria’s Secret show, and have since gone on a picture-perfect road trip to Big Sur, attended the Met Gala together and spent their downtime hanging out in NYC. Most recently, they were seen shopping in the city, wearing two festive fall outfits that perfectly embody their individual styles. Taylor wore a preppy camel coat with polka dot tights and Mary Jane heels, while Karlie kept it releaxed in a plaid button-up, black jeans and high-top tennis shoes. Whether you’re more of a Taylor or Karlie, shop their looks with our similar picks below.

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss out and about in Soho.

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