black leather studded bracelet

this post gave me the realization that if yuugi described his physical appearance in a list it would just sound like something straight out of my immortal.

My name is Yuugi Mutou. I’m short. I wear a black tank top with a black studded collar.  I have black leather pants on and black boots with straps on them.  I wear studded leather bracelets and I have a golden Millennium Puzzle that looks like an upside down pyramid hanging from a chain around my neck (not like those jewelry chains but like a utility chain).  My hair is really tall and spiky with purple streaks in the back and blond bangs that look like lightning. My eyes are purple and I have winged eyeliner. My friend that lives in my necklace said I have no fashion sense. I put up my middle finger at him. 


I had to go to an awards ceremony today so I pulled out that one skirt I always wear when I want to look vaguely girly. I am also pretty pleased with this light doing favors to my highlight.

I was driving home after volunteering at the hospital today and I saw this lemonade stand that these two kids were sitting at. They had no customers so i turned around and pulled off to the side of the the street they were on. The lemonade was 50 cents, I handed the kid a 5. I told him he looked like he was working hard so he deserved it. He was so excited because when you are young that is a lot of money. He and his buddy whipped me up a lemonade and i got into my car and drove away. I could see them jumping and celebrating with my rear view mirror. I work minimum wage at a grocery store part time to save for college and trust me I could use $5 anytime, but we need to encourage our youth to continue to be ambitious. Too many times parents are shutting their kids down. I remember trying to do lemonade stands and stuff, go make some kids day because once you were that kid too you know. Not all kids are evil, give them a chance.