black leather converse


I had to go to an awards ceremony today so I pulled out that one skirt I always wear when I want to look vaguely girly. I am also pretty pleased with this light doing favors to my highlight.

The Perfect Outfit

Anon: Can I have a smut with Song Kyungil from HISTORY?

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Kyungil (HISTORY)/Reader

Word Count: 2526

Summary: Picking an outfit for a concert is incredibly important. 

“Fuck they look so good.” You groaned and fell back on your bed, holding your pillow over your face. On the foot off your bed, a playlist of History played. Music video after dance practice after fancam. You loved it, but they all drove you insane. Especially the giant with the angelic voice. “Freaking Kyungil tryin’ to kill me over here,” you muttered to yourself, sitting back up to answer a few messages.

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