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✨ KMR Law Group is a Chicago based firm owned by 3 black women! KMR specializes in real estate related matters, tax assessment, evictions, estate planning, bankruptcy, and provides counsel to business owners and entertainers! ✨

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‪In honor of my friends graduating from THE North Carolina Central University School of Law tomorrow, I had to give them a special shoutout. They took me in when I moved to North Carolina and did not know anyone. Even though these last two years have flown by, I thank God for them everyday. They have been there for every high and every low. Even though they’ll probably never see this, I just want y'all to see Black Excellence in the making and how proud I am of them.

To the Crew, congratulations on your accomplishments. I wish you only the best. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you. Love you babies 😘😘🙌🏾

Edith Sampson (1898-1979) was the first black US delegate appointed to the United Nations. She was also an attorney, having completed Law School with a special dean’s commendation, all while working full-time as a social worker.

In 1924 she opened a law office that served the African-American community of Chicago. In 1943 she became a member of the National Association of Women Lawyers, one of the first WOC to do so. She was elected by President Truman to serve on the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee of the UN in 1950, and 11 years later she became the USA’s first black representative for NATO.

ATM: Studying for my Commercial Law Review midterm examination tomorrow morning. 😎👌🏻📚📖🖋☕️ Wish me luck! 🌚 I’m still a lil’ bit sick so I need prayers too. 😂 Jk


Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted anything. I’ve been working on the story for several weeks, but I wouldn’t finish it without my dear petal, @little-black-dress-24. It all happened thanks to your idea, your patience with me constantly tormenting you to read this stuff. So, huge thank you, E. And E, I’m really sorry for my dramatic, aesthetic, perfectionist ass. Luv yeh. xx

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to comment, share or at least like, if you fancy my work. 

Harry is a lawyer and he is faced with the challenge of cooperating with his new boss. The boss turns out to be a beautiful woman. 
Word count: 9,500-ish

You were sitting in a comfortable armchair with a cappuccino in a white coffee cup, right in front of you on a coffee table. You took a deeper breath from time to time to relax your tense body. You weren’t scared but you were nervous, in a good way. Finally, you achieved one of your career goals. You applied for your dream job in one of the best prospering law companies in the UK. You were determined to achieve your goal and so it happened. You were the first and the youngest woman to become a CEO in the company.

It was your first day and you were waiting for one of the Board Members to officially introduce you to the team. Your head was full of ideas on how to expand and develop the company. You were very excited about the job to a point where you couldn’t sleep at night because you were so full of energy and excitement for the new things to come.

You looked at a golden chain watch on your wrist and realised you should have been called inside about 10 minutes ago. You were tapping your fingers on your knees in excitement when you heard a man shouting in the office you were about to enter in the next couple of minutes.

‘You promised me this job and you lied to me, John! You know very well that it’s me who should have been given this job, I worked my ass off and I deserve it!’ you heard.

Hearing this, you felt an uncomfortable cramp in your stomach and a wide smile disappeared from your face immediately. Is someone getting fired because you got this job? That certainly wasn’t a good start, you thought. Several seconds later, the door to the office opened with force and a man stormed out from the inside. He was tall, very lean, dressed in a tailor-made navy-blue suit, white shirt and a black tie. His face was furious; eyebrows frowned, lips pursed in anger. When he noticed you sitting next to the door, his eyes lingered on you for several seconds as he was walking by, like he was examining you, wondering who you might be. Then he laughed sarcastically, spitting a silent ‘Obviously…’ under his nose. He disappeared behind the door and you were called in by Mr. Stevens as it was your turn to meet in his office.

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Representation matters: my six favourite black female fictional lawyers.

  • Clair Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
  • Maxine Shaw (Living Single)
  • Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)
  • Jessica Pearson (Suits)
  • Olivia Pope (Scandal)
  • Annalise Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)

I have officially climbed over a massive hurdle. That massive hurdle of completing and graduating law school. It has been a long and tough road. From sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, and barely passing my first semester by the skin of my teeth. But all that seems insignificant, the moment I walked across that stage in all my MELANIN GLORY as I gazed upon my fellow colleagues. Realizing, my class (CLASS OF 2017) was the first class of my university to have the highest percentage of POC walking across that stage to receive their Juris Doctor degree. A university, where historically POC’s make up less than 15% of the population. So not only was this a momentous moment for me, but for those who look like me, and those who see me and feel inspired that through hard work and dedication, anything is possible!

For those that doubted me, those who claimed I wasn’t good enough, and those who my dreams will never become a reality… well to you, I say “Thank You!” You see your lack of support and intent to tear me down provided me with the ammunition that allowed me to overcome every obstacle law school hurled my way. I walked across that stage and claimed my degree, despite your doubt. . . I AM GOOD ENOUGH. My dreams will never become a reality you say? Many told me it was unrealistic to expect to obtain employment overseas straight out of law school, furthering that it was even difficult to obtain one in my own city. I can only chuckle as I sit here completing my visa application for a position in China I landed BEFORE I even walked across that stage. If you see no opportunity, then YOU must be the master of your own plan and create that opportunity.

“Not everyone will understand your journey, that’s fine… It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s YOURS!” (Zero Dean)
Reviewers will find more spelling errors in your writing if they think you're black

Researchers gave lawyers a few different research memos. Sometimes they said a memo’s author was white. Sometimes they said its author was black. When lawyers thought the author was black, they judged it much more harshly.

You’re reading this article. Should it change your opinion of the piece’s quality to know that its author was white, black, or of another race? No, if you’re evaluating it on its merits.

Yet a new study by the consultancy firm Nextions shows that reviewers of a legal brief did just that.

The idea

In an experimental context, when reviewers were told the author of a legal brief was black they consistently rated identical pieces lower in quality and identified more spelling, grammar, factual, or analytical errors. It’s evidence that, even if the days of overt bigotry and explicit discrimination are mostly past, the United States still struggles with a deep problem of implicit racism.

Arin N. Revees, the president of Nextions and the author of the study, argues that the implicit racism happened because reviewers take the racial information she provided as a cue for how they should judge the work. When the author is supposed to be white, reviewers excused errors as out of haste or inexperience. They commented that the author “has potential” and was “generally a good writer but needs to work on” some skills. When the author is supposed to be black, those same errors became evidence of incompetence. A reviewer said he “can’t believe he [the author] went to NYU,” and others said he “needs lots of work” and was “average at best.”

i’m going to just leave this right here for all the “racism is in the past,” “it’s all in black people’s heads” and “black people love playing the victim” folks. 

sure billy coming back in dino thunder instead of tommy could’ve been cool but please consider these options, in no particular order, instead:

  • aisha who could work as a vet and the team could raise a little baby dinosaur together or she could be a biology teacher or something who cares Bring Her Back im looking @ u ninja steel
  • kat who was already working at a high school in turbo pls who even is tommy oliver without the girls he dated who are infinitely better than him in every way possible
  • adam who could easily pull a paleontology degree out of his ass and have it be more believable than tommy and also would be the hottest teacher ever probably
  • tanya who honestly should just be in every season regardless of logic? hi ninja super steel i’m waiting for my legendary ranger cameos thanks chip lynn
  • rocky who could be a science teacher (this is canon from mmpr trust me im a lawyer) or run a dojo or literally anything and be better than tommy like he would’ve been better at being red zeo too TRUST ME IM A LAWYER
  • zack because he would also be the best teacher ever and, like, at least his zord was actually a prehistoric animal unlike mister dragonosaurus over there
  • kimberly who could’ve pursued paleontology after winning five olympic gold medals and it would also be more believable bc she was a straight-a student and also better than tommy in every way
  • also while we’re on the subject any of the following would’ve made a better black ranger than the fossilized eighth wonder of the world: hayley, cassidy, tori, marah, kapri, conner’s tree gf, ethan’s video game gf, a cardboard cut-out of trini kwan, tommy’s ex-girlfriend heather, and that little boy that tommy and kat babysat for an episode in zeo

i mean i’m just saying, billy married a fish lady and peaced the fuck out of earth which i RESPECT so let the man rest ok. where’s my kat as dt black fanfiction. i’m WAITING.