black lavender

imagine all the hogwarts kids at pride

luna’s wearing a trans flag as a cape, ginny has the lesbian flag painted on her cheeks and is holding her hand, dean and seamus are both in rainbow-coloured robes and are leading the parade, ron and hermione have sprayed their hair in the bi colours, charlie is riding a dragon painted in the ace colours, neville has a badge with the nonbinary flag on it, parvati and lavender came together and are literally inseparable, sirius is in dog form for a disguise but has a rainbow and blue/pink coat on, harry is wearing a badge with a big question mark on it but is supporting all his friends


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Lavender fields and Lemonade vibes 💜💛

All clothing items from Primark.

A Good Night’s Sleep Mojo Bag and Oil

There are two projects pictured here.

~ * ~ A Good Sleep Mojo Bag ~ * ~

1. Amythest - Relaxation

2. Rosemary - Eliminate bad dreams

3. Lavender - Calm an anxious mind

~ * ~ A Good Sleep Body/Annointing Oil ~ * ~

This oil can be worn and can be used to feed your mojo bag.

1. 9 drops of lavender oil

2. 9 drops of chamomile

3. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil

4. Add amythest chips

5. Add lavender buds

6. Shake and infuse with your intent. Conduct a ritual to aid sleep.

Clear and clean your space and materials before beginning. I cleaned my space and materials with sage and Florida water. Please let me know if you want a more detailed post!