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Why I ship Wonderbat

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They respect each other. Even when they have differences, Diana and Bruce always have the utmost respect for each other.They don’t try to change each other. Bruce respects Diana more than others. And Batman’s respect is hard to come by. Bruce doesn’t patronize or try to upstage Diana. He’s okay with letting Diana save him, which is big for Bruce because he doesn’t generally like being saved. They trust each other without question; this comes from their mutual respect. 

Wonder Woman’s smart enough to go toe to toe with Batman intellectually. And there are few who can, but seeing as how she was blessed with increased intelligence by Athena herself, you can bet your ass Diana’s one of them. (As an added bonus:)That coupled with the fact that they’re both super charismatic leads to great banter.

They think similarly. More similarly than Diana and Clark when you really look at it.  They both have the warrior spirit. They both show nearly unparalleled determination, dedication, bravery. Traits they value and seek out in others. “[Batman] ha[s] one [superpower]…[he] never give[s] up” (Justice League, Only a Dream Part II). This is something Diana would admire in Bruce. His resolve. There’s also the fact that that’s his only superpower. Otherwise he’s just a man. He’s vulnerable. He knows he could die at any moment–he’s not bulletproof–but he continues to fight for what he believes in. That’s the spirit that appeals to Diana. 

They’re both idealists. Beneath that gruff exterior, Bruce Wayne believes that there is potential for good in all men. Both he and Diana believe in and are working towards a brighter tomorrow. But they both acknowledge the evils of mankind.

They both care so deeply about humanity. When it comes down to it, these two are among the most compassionate superheroes DC has. Think about it. From the age of eight, Bruce has been exposed to the worst mankind has to offer, and still he goes out night after night risking his life, even for his enemies, because he doesn’t want anyone to feel the pain he has. Because he believes, even after all of the carnage he’s seen, that mankind is still worth saving–that man is still good. And he empathizes so deeply with others. He adopts orphans to give them a better life than he had and to give them the opportunity to seek out justice. And then there’s Wonder Woman. She radiates love and hope and compassion. Though they show their compassion in different ways, Bruce and Diana are very much alike.

Bruce is the perfect example of mankind to show Diana. He’s such a complex character. He’s deeply flawed. He has a tragic past and he struggles with his emotions. He’s brooding, he’s depressed, and he makes mistakes, but that’s not going to stop him. He is still good underneath. He’s such a compassionate person. The struggle between good and evil is always going on inside him and good triumphs. This is the kind of person Diana needs, looks for, in a relationship. If she wanted the perfect person, or an outsider to the world of man, she’d go back to Themyscira and settle down with an Amazon, or bring one with her. The point is, Diana isn’t looking for perfect and man’s world intrigues her. And Bruce, like Steve, shows her that there are still noble qualities in men.

Diana inspires the best in Bruce. Bruce has enough darkness on his own; he doesn’t need a dark, angsty pairing. He needs someone to bring out the light in him. He also needs someone to call him on his shit–and that’s Diana. When he’s being the irrational brooding guy she calls him out on it.

They’re both more emotionally open with each other. When Bruce isn’t being forward with his emotions Diana pushes him and doesn’t stop until he is. And unlike most of Bruce’s lovers, or even friends, she’s patient enough to do so. His male angst isn’t going to scare her off or even wear her down. Bruce is less guarded around Diana. And with Diana, we see that she is more able to express romantic feelings more freely with Bruce than with Clark.  She is unable to tell Clark she loves him even when they are in a relationship and he has told her he loves her first. So there’s definitely no fear of rejection adding to the emotional vulnerability. In stark contrast, Diana is able to tell Bruce she loves him, unprompted, when they are not in a romantic relationship.

Through several mediums, there are moments when Bruce looks at Diana with pure admiration and wonder…and those kill me. (x x )

Diana loves Bruce enough to get a Star Sapphire Ring. Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love herself, presented a vision of Bruce which not only freed Diana from the grip of a Black Lantern ring effectively bringing her back from the dead, but got her a Star Sapphire ring. Star Sapphire rings are fueled by love. Diana loves Bruce more than anyone.

Bruce calls Diana “Princess.” And never in a derogatory way. It’s her title and he uses it with respect even when they are familiar enough with each other to be on a first name basis. No one else in the Justice League calls her “Princess” regularly. It’s really cute.

Black History in Animation:

John Stewart/Green Lantern from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (voiced by Phil LaMarr)

A former United States Marine, John Stewart is very stern and a non-nonsense man, opposed to the team’s comic relief, the Flash. He wields a green power ring, which is powered by the wearer’s will power, and is only limited by the user’s imagination. The powers include flight, slight invulnerability, creating force fields, and firing energy blasts. Throughout the series, he develops an intimate relationship with Shayera Hol aka Hawkgirl.

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Maiden’s Top 5 WonderBat Comics!

Hello Amazonians and Batpeople alike! As a thank you to our now 100+ followers, I wanted to do a list of my top five favourite WonderBat comic storylines, so you all can go out and buy these titles if you feel like owning a piece of your favourite superhero couple. (To make it easier for your purchase, I made sure to only select recent titles over the last few years) Let’s get started!


#5.) Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #37 a.k.a “I knew there was a reason that I liked you”

This issue isn’t heavily WonderBat-related, since Diana spends her time rescuing a child, confronting Harley Quinn and working with Batgirl (if you want to see Wonder Woman function with someone else in the BatClan, this is the story for you!) The snipit of WonderBat we get at the end is very cute, though. It’s small, but prominent because it highlights their similarities in a way that I don’t think he can relate to anyone else – hero and anti-hero alike.

That’s it. He likes her, his teammate and friend. It may seem unimportant, but remember that she has already been on a mission that day, she was in Gotham working with someone else, yet she was given permission by Batman himself to help him take care of another Scarecrow scheme. (If you remember the original Justice League cartoons, Batman only ever invited Wonder Woman into Gotham and vehemently banned everyone else, the stinker.) Their relationship is highlighted here because they are both always ready to fight crime in a way that feels slightly threatening, doesn’t it? It really is the primary focus of an Amazonian and the extremely warped, incredibly strong Batman to always be prepared to take down any threat they can get their hands on. (Wonder Woman was quite rough with the thugs in this issue too which also would function well with Batfleck’s Batman, wouldn’t you say?)

#4.) Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #12 a.k.a. “Thank you, Bruce”

Dr. Destiny is responsible for draining a bunch of kids of their dreams to gain power, and ultimately turns them into husks of their former selves. Diana, clearly upset, is informed by Batman that the children are in comas and should recover…but that is not enough to lift her spirits. So what does he do?

He tells her about his father and how their family used to leave behind their stresses for a while. Yes, Bruce disclosed information about himself in order to help his friend and then proceeded to get her the address of the very same place the Waynes used to go to in order to get away. Seeing Bruce open up to Diana is a testament to not only her character, but the relationship they have. It is a very short story that involves Solomon Grundy mucking up her getaway, but it gives Diana the reprieve she was looking for. When she does return to the Watch Tower, she gives Batman a short summary of her trip and then thanks him with this famous panel:

That little smile of his afterward is one not often seen. Their relationship is all about subtlety and secret moments and I really think this highlights their closeness, even if it isn’t considered romantic by everyone who reads it.

#3.) Blackest Night: Wonder Woman Chapter 2 / Blackest Night Volume Two a.k.a. “Bruce…”

Though she tried to fight the good fight against the reincarnated Maxwell Lord (I’ll get to him soon!), Diana succumbs to the power of the Black Lantern rings and begins to decimate those who oppose her, specifically poor Mera. She speaks ruthlessly, she is stabbed by a trident but goes on to beat down her friend, all while pleading inside of her mind to be free from the ring’s control. After gaining some semblance of herself, she flies off and encounters (what we learn later to be) hallucinations of Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark and even her mother Hipployta, killing them all. At this point in the DC universe, Bruce died before this storyline took place, which is why Diana is so confused to see him suddenly appear to save her. She fights him off but it doesn’t matter when Bruce does this:

(Dang, his thigh is between her legs! That’s an intense kiss for a hallucination!)

Aphrodite – the goddess of Love – quickly appears and helps Diana acquire a ring of violet energy, which represents the Star Sapphires, the Lantern Corps of Love. It turns out that the island was a false location made for Diana to let loose her Black Lantern inclinations before giving her this power, so that she could help Hal and the others save the day. Later when she is tasked with calming a Red Lantern Mera (the power of rage), their powers clash and while Diana sees a vision of Bruce again, Mera sees Arthur (her husband, Aquaman). We also see Superman’s cloak on Diana’s back, but never Kal himself. Interesting, no?

#2.) JLA Issue #90 / JLA Volume 7 a.k.a. “One More Day”

This is one of the biggest moments in WonderBat comic history (aside from the battle-fueled kiss that led up to this moment) because Diana uses J’onn’s Transconsciousness Articulator in order to decipher her feelings for Bruce… Basically, she wants to dig deep into her subconscious and see just what it is she envisions as a potential future with Bruce could be. It is something she feels she needs in order to sort herself out, since the ever illusive Batman can never seem to coordinate schedules with her to talk about the kiss they shared before dying side by side in battle. Diana sees a total of seven potential futures that she could imagine for them, but I believe the first one is the most telling.

(ignore the explosion - it goes into another future!)

It is also the one that the machine repeats at the end of the issue, when Bruce asked her if they had some Greek tragedy and Diana says it was terrible. However, contradicting her, the conversation of ‘one more day’ replays in the very last panel. There was a vision of her as Batwoman in Gotham, one where the Joker kills Batman and ultimately crushes Diana’s soul, one where she petitioned the gods of Olympus to have children with Bruce – I feel as though the tenderness and depth of Bruce’s last day on Earth really highlighted the romance that is WonderBat.

#1.) Who Is Wonder Woman? a.k.a. “They love you, Diana”

This is by far one of the BEST Wonder Woman-centric comics I’ve ever read, and it has so much WonderBat, I could not be happier!

Getting back to Maxwell Lord (for those who may be unfamiliar with him), he was a man who was mentally manipulating Superman to the point that Diana had to take matters into her own hands; she had no choice but to snap his neck and end his life in order to free her friend. Both Clark and Bruce essentially disowned Diana after she killed him though, forcing her to have a bit of an identity crisis. For a year, she was ‘off the map’. When a few of her villains start to appear and call for her to show herself, they refuse to accept Donna as a distraction – who has been donning the mantle of Wonder Woman while Diana is gone – and demand to speak with her directly. This forces her out of retirement and entangles her in the sticky web of a few of her villains, including Cersi the witch and a surprise enemy by the end.

Where is the WonderBat, you ask? Well, Bruce is the one responsible for helping her to get her life back on track by designing her civilian identity (with suggestions from Clark), we learn quite early on in the story; even if he was upset with her for murdering Maxwell Lord, it seems as though he eventually forgave her and understood the struggles she was facing on her own with the impossible decision she had to make that day. He leaves her to her own devices for the majority of the story, but at the end, when she is still feeling uneasy about her return to the role, who else can cheer her on but Batman himself?

Also, why are you so close, Bruce!? If we really wanted to read between the lines, it would be easy to point out that when he is saying that the people ‘always have’ loved her, Bruce could be explaining what it is about Diana that inspires him as well, let alone his forgiveness. He clearly cares very deeply for her no matter what either of them have been through, and he highlights her greatest strength: that love is her power, not her weakness. (If only he could see that loving Diana could make him powerful, too!)

*Special Mention: ??? a.k.a. “She was part of my soul”

I don’t know which issue this is from, but if someone could let me know, I’ll edit this post and add it in!

This is one of the storylines where Donna succumbs to her cursed destiny and is killed. I don’t know where Diana is in this scene (I would assume her apartment in Washington) but Bruce is at her side while she grieves. Having had experience with death in his life, he is by her side as Diana mourns her sister. He embraces her as she cries and it is one of the most tender moments they have ever experienced together. She tries so hard to be strong but the moment she breaks down and cries, Bruce is right there to hold her. It looks as if he arrived in the first panel and was there just in time to give her the support she needed. (Note: Nightwing is there because Donna was his teammate and one of the original Titans with him…some people pair them together, even though they have never been paired together by DC.)

There you are!

My top recommendations for WonderBat comic issues. I know the images of these stories have circulated Tumblr and other sites before, so I felt it was necessary to answer the frustrating question of, “WHERE ARE THESE FROM!?” I’m sure we have all endured that craziness when looking up these two before! Any suggestions for storylines I missed? Feel free to let me know and I’ll be sure to look into them!

Enjoy! ~Maiden

I know this plot has been done before but…It’s been done before, one more won’t hurt.

Justice League #26 - introducing another future where everything sucks and the world is ruled by some tyrant. It’s rather standard - children of the heroes, paired a bit weirdly (apparently these two are Aquaman’s with different mothers, Clark and Diana’s kid…who they hinted might’ve been created in a lab, Barry and, I guess, Jessica’s kid and….I don’t even know whose kids these last two are suppsoed to be) trying to fight evil lady in black armor who rules over the world and evil Cyborg Aquaman with Boom Toome/Black Lanterns ring combo. They fail, they use some device to go back to the past and warn Justice League. Who are conveniently sitting and moping whenever they do enough at the moment. It’s…standard. But you know what? Let it be standard. It already sounds like much more fun than grimdark shit some bad future stories can pull out. I mean, I’ll take Cyborg Aquaman over Frankenstein sewing Black Canary’s head into this torso any time a day.

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Wonder Woman, is love. Diana not only has love for her family and friends; but for you and I. The princess of the Amazons embodies love. Like love, Diana is unrelenting, passionate, kind, but most of all, she is selfless, similar to the greatest form of love. She has love for this earth, and for mankind. Diana was even able to ward off death, the black lantern ring, that was overridden by the violet ring of love. Diana personifies the Star Sapphires, and their oath. With this feat, Wonder Woman proves to us that indeed, love conquers all.

Things That Could Make Anyone Evil

•the fact that Teen Titans was cancelled
•the fact that Teen Titans Go exists
•the fact that Young Justice was cancelled

Blackest Night AU: The part where mysticbaconslice’s Avatar AU Doll goes against rebornica’s Mythology au Vincent possessed by a Black Lantern ring… oh dear…

Edit: seems I mislabeled; Rykitsu made the mythology au, right? or was it a collaborative effort? I need to tag this correctly so everyone gets credit :(