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Oh We're in Love Aren't We?

 Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Requested by anon:  “Is that my shirt” for either Lin or Daveed where you guys are best friends and it gets awkward and cute. Please and thank you

Summary: Lin and the reader were best friends all through their teenage years and college days. Like so, life pulls them in separate directions for a few years, only to have them reunite for a special occasion.


Warnings: none, except fluff

A/N PLEASE READ SO THE STORY MAKES SENSE: The story goes back and forth between the present & past. The present is in italics. LET ME KNOW IF IT GETS CONFUSING. Roughly based off of Ed’s ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’..enjoy :)

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Say my name.

Pairing : DeanxReader, Sam
Word count : 1,625
Author : Mel

A/N : this is what happens when I have to pee at 4am, and my kid’s radio is playing “Say my name.” by Destiny’s Child.

You were sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the floor and trying to keep your nerve when the Impala pulled in outside. You waited quietly and patiently for them to come into the room. You hoped they didn’t get hurt on this hunt, or your nerve would be gone. Holding your breath as their boots came loser to the door, you glanced up as it finally opened and Dean walked in smiling, with Sam behind him.

“Hey baby.” Dean grinned at you. Both boys looked unhurt, which gave you a sense of relief for just a moment, but you didn’t miss how Sam instantly furrowed his brows at the sight of you.

“What’s my name, Dean.”

“What?” His smile was gone and he was confused.

“Say my name.”

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teachers aid

summary: When college student, Y/N, has her internship at a school in Oakland, CA, she is pleasantly surprised that the teacher she would be aiding is really fucking hot. Daveed couldn’t help but share the same feelings. So, when they decide to hang out and get drunk at her apartment, things get steamy.
request: nopppe
warning: it’s smut so; sir kink, tons of dirty talk, degradation, orgasm denial,

feedback is appreciated // masterlist

A giggle left your alcohol soaked lips as Daveed spoke. You hadn’t thought you’d be in your bedroom with the teacher that made your heart skip a beat while drinking a bottle of vodka, but God knew you needed this. The soft sound of a Beatles record played in the background but you couldn’t hear it. All you could hear was how Daveed would breathe out words before looking towards you. You would nod even though you didn’t know what he was saying in your dazed, drunken state. His hand was on your thigh, nothing sexual. Of course not. That wouldn’t be right. The teacher’s aid and the teacher? Not what the school needed, but him? That’s what he needed. He needed to feel your mouth around his cock. He craved to hear you moan his name whenever he fucked you into oblivion. He wanted to have you ride his face until you were screaming.

A soft sigh left your lips when his large hand squeezed your thigh. “Do you want to watch something?” You murmured and looked up at him, your eyes were glazed over from the alcohol and lust. Daveed sighed and shrugged. You got up and bent down to get your laptop, Daveed had the most perfect view of your ass. His teeth brought his bottom lip in between them before letting it go, averting his eyes from your butt to the wall. You flipped open the laptop and went to sit next to him again, you quickly logged into your Netflix account, something he’d seen you do many times before this. Your email and password were quickly entered as you pressed on the account that read your name. You went through the movies you had saved only days before, in hopes that he would be over. “What do you want to watch?” You asked. Daveed stared at the screen. His eyes scanning over the movies for a split moment before his mouth opened. He pointed at a horror movie, your heart fell.

“Shit.” You whispered under your breath. A smirk tugged itself onto Daveed’s lips as he heard the curse. “What?” He asked and sat his head on your shoulder, “You going to get scared?” His breath brushed over the sensitive skin of your neck, you inhaled a deep breath and shook your head. “Why would I be scared?” The words were slurred but understandable. He chuckled. His breath smelled of vodka, the same smell that yours would have. He looked at you at an awkward angle, he took in the features of your face as you bite your lip and pressed the movie.

A few minutes in, you could hear the audible sigh that came from his lips. “You can sit on my lap,” He whispered. “I won’t mind.” You shuddered. What would that mean? He wanted you, his teacher aid, to sit on his lap. Something you had dreamed of many times. You had hoped and wished for this day but Lord knows, you would never get it. You nodded and paused the movie, taking the laptop off your lap. Daveed positioned himself for you to sit. You put your body on top of his and then sat your laptop on top of your lap. “Are you okay?” You asked, he nodded and sat his head back on your shoulder. The feeling of your heart pounding in your chest. A sigh left the home that it made on your lips, Daveed looked up at you.

“Are you okay?” He chuckled, you nodded. “Why wouldn’t I be?” You asked in a breathy tone, eyebrows knitting together. “You are sitting on your boss’ lap.” He pushed, plump brushing against your neck. “I-I mean,” Your voice quivered for a moment, “Yeah, but..” You trailed off with your words when his lips pressed a kiss against your pulse point. “But?” He questioned.

“I-I don’t know.” You felt defeated when you couldn’t find the words. He made you feel like your heart was on fire and as if there was a waterfall in-between your legs. “Why are you on my lap, sweetheart?” He asked, your eyes closed in a motion as your mouth opened.

“Why did you tell me I could sit on your lap?” He chuckled and pressed his lips right under your ear before whispering a simple word.


You could only giggle but it was cut off with the feeling of his lips on your jaw.

“Do you want this?” He asked, his hand now going up your thigh and under the soft material of the skirt you hadn’t taken off yet. A smile was on his lips when you didn’t stop him. He still wanted a verbal response, he wanted to make sure you wanted this. Wanted to know that you craved his cock deep in your pussy and that you would do anything for it.

“Do you want my cock inside you, baby girl? Inside your tight dripping hole? You want me to stretch you, huh?” The words made the wetness that had already formed between your legs pool out and onto your already soaked underwear. You nodded quickly, not trusting your voice.

“Use your words, honey. I want to hear you say it.” He bit the skin making a gasp move from your lips and into the air, where it would linger in Daveed’s ears until you spoke.

“Yes, Sir.” You whispered the pet name before continuing the words that had became a resident in your brain. “I want your cock inside me.” An audible groan left Daveed’s lips. His hand sat right by your throbbing heat. The sound of a whimper leaving your lips. “Please.” You pleaded and felt his thumb trace the wet slit that was restrained by the thin material of your panties. A soft gasp escaped your lips as your eyes fell shut. His thumb touched the sensitive nub of your clit, a smirk was pulled to his lips and he pushed his thumb harshly onto the sensitive bud, rubbing in tight circles, bringing a moan from you. He continued his attack on your clit while his lips began to assault your neck. A groan left you and your head fell back against his shoulder before his lips and hand left you; eliciting a whine.

“Good girls get to cum,” Daveed whispered in your ear as he ran his finger up your covered core. Daveed’s hands squeezed your thighs, signaling you to get up; you obliged. You stood in front of him, his lips getting caught under his teeth. “Strip.” He simply said. Your eye widened. “I-I-What?” You asked quickly, Daveed let out a chuckle.

“Strip.” He repeated and when you failed to oblige he lifted himself up, “Do you need to be punished?” He asked in a teasing tone, his hands going to your hips. Quickly, you shook your head. “N-No sir,” You whispered, his eyebrow raised. “What?” He asked and moved his hands back down, “I didn’t hear you. Maybe you should use your voice, slut.” The name came out slower but a moan left your lips. “No, sir.” You responded; louder this time. He hummed softly as your shaking hands removed your skirt before removing your tank top, leaving you in a black lace bra and pantie set. Daveed’s eyes raked over you and a moan left his lips. “So beautiful.” He murmured and moved his hands back to your hips and up to the back of your bra. Your breath stopped for a moment when his rough hands touched the soft skin of your back, unhooking the bra. Your breasts came free as the material left your body.

“You’re so pretty.” He whispered and moved his hands to knead your breasts, a loud moan moving into the air. “So pretty.” He murmured and pressed his lips against hers. The feeling making her move closer to him. His hands brought her back to the cushion. Their lips molded and his fingers moved down her body and in between your thighs, he slowly parted them, allowing you time to back out. His long finger grazed your clit as he moved it down to your dripping hole. He inserted his finger, a loud gasp leaving your lips. He slowly pumped his fingers in and out of you as low whimpers left your lips. “Do you like that?” He whispered, “Like when I finger-fuck your tight little hole?” You nodded at his words, not trusting your mind to respond. “Such a dirty little slut.” He murmured and pushed a second finger in. His fingers quickly gained speed as loud, needy moans left your lips. Your hips bucked quickly and his other hand met with your clit. You felt the knot in your stomach grow and your face grew a deeper shade of red as you began to beg. Daveed only smirked and pressed against your clit harder, rubbing faster circles. His fingers pumped fast as your mouth hung open, he quickly removed his fingers from every part of you. A loud whine left your lips and a dark chuckle left him. You could feel your wet cunt throbbing with need but you couldn’t do anything about it. He lifted his hand that had just been inside you, to your lips. His index finger tapped it as you opened your mouth. You took his fingers, sucking on his digits. You let out a loud moan at the taste of yourself. “Such a whore, even for your own wetness,” Daveed groaned and removed his fingers.

Daveed got up and unbuttoned his shirt and pants. He allowed them to litter the floor as well as his boxers and tie. His hand met with his hard member, stroking it slowly. His thumb teased his slit as his head fell back in pleasure. A loud groan leaving him. “Do you want this baby girl?” he asked, referring to his cock. A soft nod left your head and he let out a chuckle. “Words or you won’t get fucked.” He whispered and continued to slowly stroke himself. You let out a whine and opened your mouth. “I want your big cock inside my tight pussy.” She whispered softly, “What was that? I didn’t hear you.” He spoke and began to set a faster pace on his cock. “Only whores who speak loud enough get my cock.” He hummed.

“I want you to fuck my tight pussy, sir.” You said louder and closed your eyes. Daveed smiled and stopped his movements before getting back on top of you. Your legs spread and the tip of his cock pressed against her. With a soft moan and a quick thrust, he was inside you. His cock stretched your walls and you couldn’t help the small screech that left your lips. He stilled and looked down at you.

“Are you okay?” He whispered before you nodded. He smiled and waited for your signal to move. Your hips bucked forward and Daveed took that as your signal. He began a slow pace before going faster. Moans and whimpers were heard around the room as well as the sound of skin on skin. He thrust again, his cock hitting your G-spot. Your eyes rolled back and your mouth hung open at the feeling. “You like that?” He asked softly and began to ram his hips harder into you as you nodded. He groaned loudly as you tightened around him again.

“I-I’m going to-” Daveed nodded, agreeing. He moved his hands to your clit again, rubbing right circles. A whimper and loud moan left your lips before you released around his cock. He continued to thrust slowly before releasing into you. Once you both got a clear head he pulled out of you, watching as his cum spilled from your pussy. A loud laugh left his lips as you lifted yourself up.

“What?” You asked quietly, suddenly insecure. Daveed shook his head before looking at you. “Crazy that you’re the teacher’s aid and we just fucked.” He laughed softly, making a snicker leave you.

Something There

Summary: While at a convention Jensen is teasing his girlfriend Y/N about her Beauty and the Beast shirt. She tries to ignore it, but when he takes the teasing on stage during a panel, she gives him a choice; she’ll show everyone the video of him singing along to the songs, or he could sing with her on stage.

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Ruth Connell, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict.

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None just fluff

Word Count: 2,764

A/N: This is no way shape or form hate toward Danneel or their family. This is solely fan fiction and nothing against them. I ship the hell out of Jensen and Danneel. This is not beta read, but I had to get this up today! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by friendly-neighborhood-fan-girl

“Come on Y/N,” Jensen shouted pounding on the bathroom door, “our panel with Jared starts in like twenty minutes.”

With a final glance at yourself in the mirror, you deemed yourself ready for the busy day. Opening the door you could see Jensen’s nose turn up as you stepped out of the restroom. You looked down at yourself cocking up an eyebrow. You didn’t see anything wrong with your outfit, so why was he looking at you as if were dressed in strange attire?


“You’re kidding me right? You’re not really going to go down and do a panel dressed in that.”

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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 1]

New Series!!! Request by an awesome anon that inspired me to turn it into a series :) hope you guys enjoy!

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Originally posted by myjaebutt

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Dress-Up Witches: “Quartz rings, triple goddess tank tops, and wide rimmed black hats with matching laced up shoes and millions of Tumblr posts that I don’t understand!”

Legit Witches: “I can’t wait to get my fucking taxes back so I can buy some more jars and a god damn alter desk to set some of this shit on.”

Aphrodisiac - (Negan x Female)

@This is the first fic I have ever written.Feedback is SUPER welcome. If people enjoy this, I’ll write a part 2. 

I chose the Valentine’s Day prompt from flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash’s 2k Writing Challenge. I did pick the prompt as @asshatry but I’m posting it here on my new side blog. 

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to @my-achilles–heel for not only editing this, but for making me feel so welcome in the thirst squad. <3 You’re the best.

Warnings: Fluff and a little bit NSFW 

Synopsis: Negan wants to make her his next wife. She’s always turned him down, but now it’s Valentine’s Day and that man can be persistent…. 

I woke up that morning already in a bad mood. Maybe I had slept funny or was tossing and turning again. I wasn’t really sure. I kicked my legs over the edge of the bed and stretched, hoping the movement of my muscles would cause an overall feeling of relaxation. It did, but the feeling subsided way too quickly and I cursed softly under my breath. It was going to be a long day.

Then I remembered what day it was.

Valentine’s Day.

The dreaded, lovey-dovey holiday for all the romantic couples looking to rub it in everyone’s faces that their love is pure and strong. Bleh.

Somehow there was a silver lining to the dead coming back to life because the heart shaped candies and roses were a thing of the past. Now, holidays were a little more toned down, and I kind of preferred that.

I had been living at The Sanctuary for only a few weeks and before that, I hadn’t even known what day it was. Little things like that didn’t matter when it came to survival. But here, in this world…in his world, I could embrace those little things again. The date. The time. Being safe was a luxury that allowed attention to detail.

But there was a reason I was dreading today, and his name was Negan.

Originally posted by rikkisixx

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waveringbriar  asked:

Your outfit in that Bats Day post is positively divine. May I ask where you found the various components?

Aww, thank you! 

  • The hat is one of my standard summer hats. The trick is to find a wide brimmed black hat and decorate it. Here’s my previous post with tips!
  • The skirt is one of the standard “25 yard cotton skirts” that a lot of belly dancers wear. Here is an Amazon link to the one I have. BE WARNED: the seller uses a slur in the product name and description. Sadly, a lot of sellers who offer that type of skirt use that slur. 
  • The dress is a rayon black lace dress, worn over a cotton tank top. I altered the dress to knee length and added lace trim to the hem. While I have a stockpile of these dresses (made by Starina and Nostalgia in the late 90s/early 00s) Holy Clothing makes the same dress now!  Yes, it’s $50, but that’s a better price than the resellers on eBay and Etsy want for vintage ones. 
  • Speaking of summergoth dresses: here’s a previous post about where to find them.
It really happened

Warning: Cussing, SMUT, fluffy ending

Pairing: Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler x reader, Logan

Request:  hello could I ask for a smutty nightcrawler fic

A/n: Thank you anonymous, this really had me thinking of a way to do smut for Nightcrawler. I really hope you like it

(Y/n) your name

I used google translate to translate some words to German.

               You laid in your bed in the mansion after taking a shower. Laying there in a black tank top and a pair of dark blue lace panties. It had been a long day and an even tougher mission thanks to some of the newer students. You laid there trying to forget about the day. You let your mind wonder and it always wondered to one particular person, well mutant. Kurt Wagner also known as Nightcrawler.

               You couldn’t help but think of him. Sure he was no Logan or Alex Summers but he was sexy and handsome in his own way. You adored his blue skin, the way his light silver-gray look at you when you teleport next to him, and his German accent that could turn you on just by listening to him. Kurt was everything you ever want.

               Just as you started to think about Kurt, you reached into the second drawer of your night stand and grabbed your silent multi-speed vibrator. You pushed your panties down your legs, spreading them as you slide your vibrator through your folds before turning it on.

               You pulled it back and turned it on to the lowest setting before teasing your clit lightly making you moan softly. You ran it through your folds one more time, coating it with your juices, then you pushed it into your dripping cunt. You moaned loudly as you wait a moment before you start moving it as well as turn the setting up higher. All you can think about is how amazing it would feel to have Kurt balls deep inside you.

               As you start to thrust the vibrator in and out of you, you start to moan louder not caring if you are caught by anyone. You turn the setting up to the highest it would go, continuing to thrust the toy in and out of your soaked core. You let Kurt’s name fall from your lips.

               All of a sudden, you feel a three fingered hand slide of your leg. Causing you to drop your toy, stopping the pleasure it gave you.

               “Why did you stop meine Geliebte?” His silver-gray eyes staring up at you as he knelt in between your legs.

               “I never expected someone to pop in on me.” You couldn’t help but smirk down at him. You had always wanted to see him like this. “What are you doing in here, Kurt?”

               “I heard something coming from in here and wanted to make sure you were okay. I never thought I would see this.” He gestured to your body, your body already had a thin layer of sweat. “It looks like you could use a little help there, Kätzchen.”

               You had no idea what he called you but you couldn’t help that it turned you on even more. Kurt picked up your vibrator and slowly slide it back inside you causing you to throw your head back and moan. He started moving it slowly in and out of you, you moaned and whimpered at the slowness he was going.

               “Kurt, please. Move…” Before you could finish your sentence, you moaned loudly as his mouth found your clit and sucked it into his mouth as he picked up the pace with the toy. “FUCK”

               You could feel your orgasm quickly approaching. As if Kurt knew you were close, he released your clit and looked up at you. “Cum for me, mein Haustier.” As if on que, your body tensed up for a moment then went slack. He quickly removed your toy as he licked, sucked, and devoured everything you offered him.

               Once you came down from your high, he started to kiss his way up your body. He slide your top up and over your head before taking one of your nipples into his mouth, causing you to moan lightly. He licked the hardening bud a couple times before he bit down on it causing you to arch your back as you claw at the blanket beneath you. Once he was happy with what he did, he moved to the other nipple repeating what he did to the other one.

               He made his way up one side of your neck, kissing and sucking along with way making sure there were going to be small marks in the morning. He then found your sweet spot that was just under your jaw and beneath your ear lobe. You gasped as he sucked on it, causing a deep dark mark to appear where his teeth were.

               “You are always so beautiful, meine Süße (Y/n).” His accent, thicker than you had ever heard it. The need for him grew as he spoke to you. His lips then found yours, preventing you from saying anything.

               Your senses were so overwhelm, you didn’t even notice that he had already removed his clothes. “Tell me what you want miene prinzessin.” His lips made their way to the other side of your jaw, whispering low and husky. You felt like you could cum again from just his voice.

               “I need you.” You were almost breathless. “I need you inside me.” Your breathing was heavy as your heart was beating even faster than you ever thought possible. Your hand wove their way into Kurt’s deep blue hair, pulling lightly causing him to groan.

               His tail opened the drawer in your nightstand, pulling out a condom. He sat up, opened the condom with both of his hands caressing your sides. He took the condom in one hand and slide it down his huge cock. The sight of it made your mouth water. You tried to reach down to stroke him but he lightly smacked your hands away. “Tonight is all about you, Kätzchen. Next time you can.”

               He chuckled a bit when he saw you pout. That pout didn’t last long. He rubbed the head of his cock between your folds, causing you to whimper. He did it a few more times, loving the sounds you made when he did. After one more time, he lined himself up at your entrance and slowly pushed himself in. Taking his time, he paused after every inch which caused you to moan with every advance.

               You wrapped your legs around his waist, trying to will him to go faster. You needed him like you need air. You wanted him to fuck you into the mattress hard, making you forget the world around the two of you.

               When he finally bottomed out, you couldn’t help but moan loudly. You had never had anyone as big as Kurt. He filled you up perfectly, it felt like you were made for each other. He stayed still as he let you adjust to him before he started moving slowly.

               “Fuck, (Y/n).” He buried his head in the crook of your neck. “You feel absolutely perfect.”

               “Please, Kurt.” You were panting as he looked down at you.

               “Please what, Prinzessin?” He smirked at you, he knew you loved what he was doing to you. He knew by the way your body reacted to his every touch, his every word.

               “Move faster, please Kurt.” You knew you were begging but you didn’t give a damn. You knew all you wanted was him.

               “As you wish, meine Geliebte.” He started moving faster, thrusting harder. He angled his hips, causing him to hit every spot that caused you to whimper and moan.

               You felt the knot in your lower stomach tighten, your second orgasm was quickly approaching. With every thrust, the knot got tighter and tighter. Your hands attached themselves to his shoulders as if they were the only things keeping you grounded.

               You were so close, the knot getting even tighter. “Kurt, I need you to bite me. Please.” You moaned as he was fucking you into the mattress.

               Kurt kissed your shoulder several times before biting down. That was all you needed. His name fell from your lips in a scream. You clamped down on him like a vice, causing his own release.

               He stayed inside you for a few moments, coming down from his high as you did yours. He then pulled out, slipped the condom off, tying it off before throwing it in the trash next to your nightstand. He walked into your attached bathroom and grabbed a small warm towel then cleaned you up a bit before climbing into bed with you. You instantly curled into him, relishing in his warm that you had longed for for far too long.

               “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that, Schatz.” He kissed your forehead as he wrapped his arm around you.

               “I have an idea.” You couldn’t help but smile. Your eyes grew heavy as you laid there in his arms, never wanting this moment to ever end.

               The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed. You frowned thinking that last night was just a dream. You looked down at your body and noticed that your top and panties were on. “Fucking hell.”

               You got up out of bed and pulled a pair of shorts on. You made your way to the kitchen for some coffee. Logan was the only in there. He looked at you like you had something on you.

               “What the hell happened to you?”

               “What are you talking about Logan?” You cocked an eyebrow at him before you looked at the small mirror that was attached to the side of the refrigerator. “Holy shit.” Your face went red. ‘It wasn’t a dream that actually happened.

               You quickly covered the spot on your neck, you teleported back to your room. You walked into your bathroom to look at the spot on your neck and shoulder. Luckily, your top covered the spot on your shoulder pretty well but the spot on your neck was a different story. Just then, you heard a knock on your door.

               “Who’s there?!” You yelled from the bathroom door.

               “It’s Kurt. May I come in?” Your face went a shade darker.

               “Su..sure.” You stuttered. Your door than opened and Kurt walked in.

               “Are you alright, (Y/n)?” He walked over to you. You wanted to shrink away from him as he placed a hand on your forehead but instead you leaned into his touch.

               “I’m, uh, fine” You still had butterflies in your stomach like when you first met him. “Um, why did you leave before I woke up?” You looked up at him, it hurt when you thought last night never happened but it hurt even more when it was true and he left before you woke up.

               “I thought that I was supposed to. That was what Logan told me.”

               You looked up at him. You wanted to hit him for listening to Logan, he was one to do something like that but not Kurt. “Why would you ever listen to him?”

               “He is a good friend, I guess.” He looked down at the floor.

               “I would have loved to see you still next to me when I woke up. Honestly, I would love to wake up with you next to me every morning.” You had a surge of confidence out of nowhere and you were running with it. “To be honest with you, Kurt. I love you.” You reached out and grabbed his hand. He looked up at you, looking into your eyes as if to see something to confirm what you said was true. He must have found it because he smiled.

               “You love me?” His arms wrapped around your waist pulling you into him.

               “I do. I love everything about you.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.

               “And I love everything about you, mein Liebster (Y/n).”


My pet: mein Haustier

My love: meine Geliebte

My sweet: meine Süße

My dearest: Mein Liebster

Kitten: Kätzchen

Princess: Prinzessin

Sweetheart: Schatz

Bill Cipher x Reader Oneshot XD

Gravity Falls One-Shot????

AUTHOR’S BABBLES: HEY THERE! The reason I put the question marks behind the title is because I WILL continue this story if you want me to, so, it technically wouldn’t be a one-shot. I don’t know where I would go with this story after this “chapter” though, so if you want me to continue it, you dudes will have to give me some ideas. PM me some ideas for new chapters if you want me to continue this. Of course, I might just make this into a book of one-shots. So, I hope you enjoy this chapter I put together. Also, Bill’s personality is sweeter than it is usually in most fanfics. He’s still cocky, though. LOL Now, without further a due, Human!Bill Cipher x Reader x Dipper (theres a little bit of x Dipper in here) and enjoy the “Love Triangles” in this story (AHAHAHA see what i did there? I AM HILARIOUSSS!) NOTE: This was just for fun  and it was inspired by other fanfics, so don’t accuse me of stealing ideas. Also, this story is only for girls to read. Sorry..

((….)) = Author’s In-Story Babbles

Italics = you thinking

Bold Italics = Bill’s voice in your mind

(….) = Extra Thought

(Y/N) = Your Name

(F/F) = Favorite Food

(E/C) = Eye Color

(H/C) = Hair Color

(H/L) = Hair Length

POV = Point Of View

*Bold* = Transition

*Third Person POV*

You stepped out of the car and inhaled the crisp autumn air of Gravity Falls. It had been two years since you had been here, and you were thrilled to have come back. You ran up the porch steps and to the front door with your suitcase in tow behind you. Before you could knock, the door opened and you were tackled by a boy and girl about your age. “(Y/N)!” Mabel screamed excitedly. Mabel was hugging you tightly around the waist and Dipper was hugging around your shoulders.

You made you way inside and up to the attic, greeting and hugging Stan, Wendy and Soos as you passed. Up in the attic, you found that a little cot had been set up for you against the wall on Dipper’s side of the attic. You dumped your suitcase onto your cot and unpacked the clothes you wanted to wear the rest of the day. You unpacked a yellow tank top with black lace trimming the bottom edge, dark gray skinny jeans, a black cardigan with elbow-length sleeves, and black flats.

“Ooh…why all the fancy clothes, (Y/N)?” Mabel smirked raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I have a little, uh, date later.” You admitted, smirking a little yourself. It wasn’t a planned date, but you knew he was going to show up.

“Oh, gotcha,” Mabel grinned and gave a double wink.

Dipper sat on his bed and watched you. You admittedly felt a little guilty for confessing you had a date in front of him, because you know he used to have a crush on you. A sad look flashed across his face before he noticed you were watching him. He turned away and blushed a bit.

You retreated to the bathroom to change your clothes. You headed back up into the attic. “How do I look?” You said doing a little spin. Mabel gasped, and ran up to hug you excitedly. “You look AMAZING!” She exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement. “Now we gotta do your hair and makeup,” She said, putting her hands on her hips. You laughed and turned around to face Dipper, deciding you needed a guy’s opinion on your apparel.

“Hey, Dipper, how do I look?” You said reenacting your small spin. His eyes went wide as he looked at you. A light dusting of pink pricked his cheeks as he said, “Y-you look beautiful, (Y/N),” You giggled at the heartfelt, if not somewhat forced compliment. An awkward silence crept into the room.

“KIDS! Time for dinner!” You heard Stan yell from downstairs. You glanced at Dipper who looked relieved.

*Le Wild Time Skip Appears*

After dinner you went back up to the attic and let Mabel do you up for your date. She put your hair in a styled up-do and put light brown eyeshadow on your eyelids. She put a light dusting of tan foundation on your face and neck and dusted your cheeks with pinkish-orange blush. She put on the finishing touches by putting a small amount of mascara on you and touching up your lips with natural color lipstick. You looked in the mirror. Her work was flawless.

By the time you got done with your makeover, it was 7:45. You figured you should probably get going. You grabbed some dangly golden earrings from your suitcase and hastily put them on. You started down the stairs and out the front door. Mabel stopped you and put a delicate gold chain around your neck. The silver heart pendant rested just above your collarbone. It was beautiful. You thanked Mabel as she hugged you and gave you a wink. “Be careful with that guy.” she said smirking from the doorway.

Butterflies fluttered around in your stomach as you made your way to a clearing in the woods that you had claimed as your own a few years ago.

You hadn’t seen him in two years. Was this going to end up awkwardly? You carefully twisted around roots and trees and eventually walked into the clearing. You checked your phone to see the time and the screen flashed 8:02. The sun had already gone down and the moon above you shone down brightly, making the necklace Mabel had given you glint with every movement you made. You stared up at the stars in wonder. In the city there weren’t nearly as many visible as there were tonight.

You crossed over to the opposite end of the clearing and sat down beside a small stream. You laid back on a rock and listened to the sounds of the water rushing over the stones and small logs that made up the stream bed.

*Your POV*

Suddenly, I felt a warm presence beside me. I looked over to see the same golden blonde hair, yellow suit, bowtie, top hat and black slacks that he had had two years ago. He hadn’t changed at all. He looked over at me with a smirk. “Missed me, did ya (Y/N)?” He moved his hand down to grab mine. He intertwined our fingers and said sweetly, “I missed you.”

He sat up pulling me along with him. He picked me up bridal style and sat down on a nearby log. He positioned me so I was sitting on his lap with my legs wrapped around his waist. He looked at my face, studying it. “You haven’t changed at all,” he said with a cute grin. “Really?” I asked, puzzled. “I thought I would have changed so much. I was actually worried what seeing you again would be like because of how much I thought I had changed.” I said quickly and blushed. “Nope,” He chuckled and planted a kiss on my forehead. “You’re still my favorite little (Y/N). Everything’s the same. I mean, your body’s developed a bit more,” he said with a wide smirk. I blushed even harder. “But other than that you’re still the same.”

He brushed some stray hair out of my eyes and I laid my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms behind my back. He started rocking backwards and forwards as if I were a little girl who was having trouble sleeping.

He took his hands away from my back and put one under my chin to let me look at him. “What time are your folks expecting you to be back?” He inquired. “I need to be back before 11:00.” I replied. He brightened up even more (if that was even possible). “Good,” he said with a wide grin. “We’ll have time to go do some of the things we used to do.”

He picked me up off of him and set me on the ground. He intertwined his fingers with mine again as we started walking. “Where do you wanna go, cupcake?” ((Yes, yes. it’s all true. I did take this nickname from another fanfic XD)) Wow. I forgot he used to call me that. I thought. Suddenly a voice came on in my head, Really? You forgot? Haha that was like my one and only nickname for you. The voice sounded as if it was mocking being emotionally stabbed in the back. I mentally face palmed. I also somehow forgot you could read my mind…

“Well, I asked you a question, cupcake. Where do you wanna go first?” He said out loud as he squeezed my hand. I immediately responded with, “The amusement park!” He laughed out loud. “You’re adorable.” He raised my hand up and kissed it. “Aw, c’mon. I’m not adorable,” I said, “You’re the one who’s adorable.” I poked at his stomach with my free hand. “Awww.. That wasn’t fairrr,” He said mocking tears. “Could we please just go to the amusement park?” I asked, putting on a pouty face. He straightened up and put a finger under my chin. “Now no need for that.” He said tapping my nose. I giggled. “Let’s just go…” I said with a smile. He picked me off of the ground and into his arms bridal style again. “Anything for you, babe.”

With that we were teleported to the amusement park. There were neon lights everywhere and in the distance I could see the ferris wheel. It was beautiful here. All the lights and the smell of various foods. The people all around were talking and laughing and there was carnival music coming from in the direction Merry-Go-Round. This kind of place just gave me a sense of being a little kid again. ((sorry for lack of good description here. i’ve never actually been to an amusement park like this at night so i didn’t have many foresights of how it would look and feel.))

Bill materialized twenty dollars and bought us tickets in. Once we were in, it was my turn to drag him places. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to a place that sold (F/F). We bought two orders of (F/F) and went to check out more rides and attractions for a little while. Bill stopped at one ride and just stood there and stared for a minute. It was a drop ride. ((Like Tower of Terror at Disneyland)) Bill grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the front gate of the ride. There is NO way I’m going on that. I thought as I tried to pull away from Bill’s grip. He turned around and playfully tugged at some of my hair. “C’mon, It’ll be funnnn.” Bill said as he tugged me slowly toward the ride. Eventually I gave in and just resorted to my plan that when the ride started up, I would just hold on to Bill’s arm. We gave the ride operator two tickets and he opened the gate for us. Bill sat us on the side of the ride from which we could see the most of the park. He helped me into my seat and then proceeded to take his. He lowered the lap bar over us and the other ride operator came around to make sure all of the bars were locked down. He flashed a thumbs up to the operator at the gate who gave him a small thumbs up in return. It looked as if he pressed some buttons and then the ride started rumbling. My feet were picked up off the ground and we went higher and higher. I reached for Bill’s hand. He chuckled and let me hold onto him. I looked up and saw we were nearing the top of the ride. We traveled up a couple more feet before I heard a click. All of the sudden we were being dropped through the air. I felt weightless. It was a feeling that I adored and dreaded at the same time. I buried my face in Bill’s sleeve. I felt his other hand come and rest on the back of my head to comfort me. He was screaming though. Screaming in delight. He loved thrill rides thats for sure. We landed slowly at the bottom of the ride and then before I knew it we were being shot up through the atmosphere again.

After a few more of this cycle of raising and dropping us, the ride was over. Bill unfastened our safety bar and helped me down from my seat. My feet touched the ground and I wobbled, falling into Bill. “Whoa, whoa. It’s ok,” The tone of his voice made it obvious that he was smirking. I looked up at him to see that his hair was all messed up from the ride. It was adorable when his hair was messed up. I assumed mine was messed up too. He let me lean on him as we walked out through the gate. We stopped at a food vendor and Bill bought us some cotton candy. We sat down on a bench and he put his arm around my waist. I laid on his shoulder and we slowly ate the cotton candy. I looked at my phone to check the time. The screen flashed the numbers 10:37 at me. I nudged Bill.

“Yeah, cupcake?” He said. I showed him the screen and a small frown came to his face. he sighed and pulled me closer to him. “I don’t want this night to end,” he said. His face lit up all the sudden. “Wait! There’s still one more place we’ve gotta go before I take you home.” He squeezed me to his side before taking my hand and pulling us up off the bench. He threw away the cotton candy stick away and led me in another direction. “Close your eyes, babe,” Bill said in my ear. His breath was tickling my neck as he spoke. I did as I was told and closed my eyes. What came after that was unexpected. After my eyes were closed, he grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. “Ahhhh! Bill!” I said starting to open my eyes. “Nope! keep ‘em closed, Cupcake.” I closed my eyes again and he stopped spinning me. “What was that even about?” I asked, giggling a little. “I had to get you disorientated so you wouldn’t know where we’re going.” He said and laughed. He took my hand and intertwined our fingers. The other hand traveled to my back as he led me to our last ride of the night.

“Alright you can open your eyes now.” He said after a few minutes, and squeezed my hand. I opened my eyes to find that we were standing in front of the ferris wheel. ((ah, yes. the good old ferris wheel, where every romance story eventually ends up. sorry if this was too predictable… XD)) I stared up at it. From the other end of the park, it looked small, but from here, it towered in front of me. Bill gave the ride operator two tickets and we took our seats. The lap bar closed on us automatically and we were hoisted up into the sky as other riders got on.

*Bill’s POV*

I put my arm around (Y/N) as we were slowly brought into the air. Our legs dangled loosely off the edge of the seat and (Y/N) kicked hers playfully. I moved my arm so it was around her waist and leaned over to kiss her cheek. She blushed at this and I smirked. “You’re so cute when you blush,” I said lifting up her chin. This made her blush more and I chuckled. Soon we were at the top of the ferris wheel. “I brought you up here because this ferris wheel was where we ended our first date too. Remember?” I asked. She smiled and nodded her head. I leaned my forehead against hers and laughed a little. “You remember that but you don’t remember that I used to call you ‘Cupcake’? Come on!” I laughed, throwing my head back before letting it come to rest on her forehead again. I squeezed her to my side and she laid her head on my arm.

I put my hands on either side of her face and looked into her (E/C) eyes. She stared back into mine. ((sorry I’m making it so he has two eyes. deal with it. XD)) I caressed her cheek with my thumb. I could feel myself blushing lightly. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek and let my kisses trail down until I was pecking along her jaw. I let my fingers run through her (H/L) (H/C) hair (Her up-do had come out on the drop ride). She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought me closer. I nuzzled her neck with my nose, making her giggle and pull back a little. I smirked and continued, making her giggle more. “Agh! Bill! That tickles, stop it!” she said in between laughs.

*Your POV*

Bill stopped nuzzling my neck and snapped his fingers. The color slowly drained from everything and everyone except us. I gave him a questioning look. “What?” He asked, “Now we can stay up here as long as we want.” he smirked and pulled me closer again. He did have a point. In the Dreamscape, there was no time. We could stay out here as long as we wanted. Still, I thought it would be dishonest. “Yes, but not as long as you want.” I replied smirking at the pouty face that Bill made in response to what I said. “Aww, why not??” He asked while giving me puppy eyes. “Hey,” I said, “I never said that we couldn’t stay out a little later,” Bill brightened up. “But..” He narrowed his eyes. “We’ve gotta stay at the ferris wheel.” I finished. He gave me an ‘are you serious?’ look and rolled his eyes. “Party-pooper..” He said playfully under his breath. I laughed at his childlike attitude. He reached up and tugged at some of my hair, forcing me to come closer. I smirked and pulled at some of his hair also, forcing him to come even closer. Our faces were mere inches from each other.

*Bill’s POV*

It had been so long since I had been this close to (Y/N). This human body and the hormones weren’t helping much with my newfound anxiety. My breathing was becoming slightly shaky, and so was the rest of my body. My eyes kept darting over her face. I looked at her eyes then her cheeks and her forehead, her hair. Then finally my eyes started darting to her lips every so often. I think (Y/N) noticed a few times because she started blushing. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t know if she wanted me to kiss her. My hands went behind her back and I clung to her and I made the move.

I leaned in and my lips brushed against hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and that was my signal. I closed the tiny gap in between our mouths and pressed up against her. My hands traveled up into her hair and she kept her lips pressed on mine.

*Your POV*

He was kissing me. I ran my fingers through his golden hair and he ran his hands through mine as we shared that embrace. I marveled at how much I had missed this. Two years without Bill was too much. I savored this moment as his lips moved slowly and smoothly against mine. Bill kept pulling me closer. He bit my lip slightly as he moved his hands to my waist again. I would need air soon. I pressed my lips up against his one more time before we both came up for air.

He leaned his forehead on mine and we both sat there and breathed deeply. I could hear the shakiness of his breathing and chuckled a little to myself. He looked into my eyes and smiled. Not a smirk, but a real genuine smile. He pecked me on the lips again before snapping his fingers. Color returned to the world and I leaned against Bill’s arm. He put his arm around my waist as our seat glided down to the ground once more.

We got off the ride and walked down to the other end of the park hand in hand. I checked my phone and the display flashed 10:54. “Bill, I’ve gotta get home now.” I said as I squeezed his hand. He looked at the phone and picked me up, carrying me bridal style out of the park. He transported us to the edge of the forest outside The Mystery Shack.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, right cupcake?” He asked. “Yeah,” I replied. “I should be available.” I smirked at him. With that he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine again. He pulled away and whispered, “Bye, babe.” and then he was gone.

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Word count: 3,620 words (Including these and Author’s Babbles)

Paragraph count: 57

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Ruin Me

Title: Ruin Me

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Request: can you write an imagine of asking bucky to tie you up and dominate you. he doesn’t want to hurt you, but you promise him that he wont. And you don’t do it for a while, then he see’s you “flirting” with a guy and gets really jealous and punishes you? pls? ily and your blog. Your are amazing

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit smut , jealous Bucky, dom!Bucky, ice play, slight BDSM, spanking, orgasm denial just sin in general

Words: 3275 [Sorry, got slightly carried away]

A/n: Writing this since 8 am nearly took my life but I loved it. So much sin. Your feedback is really appreciated guys❤:) and just to tell all of you, I’ll be on a break so consider this probably my last fic of the year, so Merry Christmas:). Another thing is I might be deleting this blog. I don’t know why but I feel my work isn’t all that good, I don’t know how people feel about me&my work. I’m just so messed up lately.

Especially for @mcuimxgine , thank you bae❤

Originally posted by wtfbarnes

Your name: submit What is this?

“Bucky, just once, if you don’t like it we can stop” I pleaded, grasping Bucky’s metal hand that was conveniently resting on my thigh, biting my lip as my eyes met his begging him to reconsider. “I can’t just tie you up (y/n), I might hurt you” he said softly, his flesh hand running through my hair.

“What if I want you to hurt me Bucky?” I asked again, satisfied as I felt his cold fingers trail up my thighs, playing with my boy shorts. He groaned. “No doll, I can’t, I don’t want to hurt you” he repeated, patting my thigh before he stood up.

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Clint Barton x Reader

Part 2 / Part 3
Summary: After you help him get through a mission briefing without his hearing aid, you end up texting him day and night without anyone else knowing. You find yourself catching feelings for him, but he surprises you with feelings of his own.

Character(s): reader, Clint Barton, Natasha x Bucky, other Avengers

Warnings: flufffffff

Word Count: 2695

A/N: Barton is one of my favorites, so it was about time I sat down and did him some justice. Hope you enjoy! As always, advice/comments/critiques are highly appreciated and cherished, and I’m down for requests or prompts too!

Master List

It started in a mission briefing- you happened to glance at Clint from across the conference room table and noticed that his eyes were strained in focus and were glued to the lips of the agent leading the meeting. His head turned to follow her as she took a few steps to the left and that’s when you noticed his hearing aid was missing.

Way to go, Barton.

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It Just Happens (5/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language, alcohol consumption

A/N: What happens when you’re Steve Rogers’ assistant, one bad night for the both of you, and you end up at the bar drinking it away. What could go wrong with that?

@chrisevansthedoritobastard   @holahellohialoha  @almightyunnie
@iwillbeinmynest  @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @castielohcastiel @bellejeunefillesansmerci @dadysbuggy-blog-blog

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A knock on your front door tells you Steve has arrived, Nat stands in your bedroom door way.

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