black lace tank tops

Dress-Up Witches: “Quartz rings, triple goddess tank tops, and wide rimmed black hats with matching laced up shoes and millions of Tumblr posts that I don’t understand!”

Legit Witches: “I can’t wait to get my fucking taxes back so I can buy some more jars and a god damn alter desk to set some of this shit on.”

It really happened

Warning: Cussing, SMUT, fluffy ending

Pairing: Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler x reader, Logan

Request:  hello could I ask for a smutty nightcrawler fic

A/n: Thank you anonymous, this really had me thinking of a way to do smut for Nightcrawler. I really hope you like it

(Y/n) your name

I used google translate to translate some words to German.

               You laid in your bed in the mansion after taking a shower. Laying there in a black tank top and a pair of dark blue lace panties. It had been a long day and an even tougher mission thanks to some of the newer students. You laid there trying to forget about the day. You let your mind wonder and it always wondered to one particular person, well mutant. Kurt Wagner also known as Nightcrawler.

               You couldn’t help but think of him. Sure he was no Logan or Alex Summers but he was sexy and handsome in his own way. You adored his blue skin, the way his light silver-gray look at you when you teleport next to him, and his German accent that could turn you on just by listening to him. Kurt was everything you ever want.

               Just as you started to think about Kurt, you reached into the second drawer of your night stand and grabbed your silent multi-speed vibrator. You pushed your panties down your legs, spreading them as you slide your vibrator through your folds before turning it on.

               You pulled it back and turned it on to the lowest setting before teasing your clit lightly making you moan softly. You ran it through your folds one more time, coating it with your juices, then you pushed it into your dripping cunt. You moaned loudly as you wait a moment before you start moving it as well as turn the setting up higher. All you can think about is how amazing it would feel to have Kurt balls deep inside you.

               As you start to thrust the vibrator in and out of you, you start to moan louder not caring if you are caught by anyone. You turn the setting up to the highest it would go, continuing to thrust the toy in and out of your soaked core. You let Kurt’s name fall from your lips.

               All of a sudden, you feel a three fingered hand slide of your leg. Causing you to drop your toy, stopping the pleasure it gave you.

               “Why did you stop meine Geliebte?” His silver-gray eyes staring up at you as he knelt in between your legs.

               “I never expected someone to pop in on me.” You couldn’t help but smirk down at him. You had always wanted to see him like this. “What are you doing in here, Kurt?”

               “I heard something coming from in here and wanted to make sure you were okay. I never thought I would see this.” He gestured to your body, your body already had a thin layer of sweat. “It looks like you could use a little help there, Kätzchen.”

               You had no idea what he called you but you couldn’t help that it turned you on even more. Kurt picked up your vibrator and slowly slide it back inside you causing you to throw your head back and moan. He started moving it slowly in and out of you, you moaned and whimpered at the slowness he was going.

               “Kurt, please. Move…” Before you could finish your sentence, you moaned loudly as his mouth found your clit and sucked it into his mouth as he picked up the pace with the toy. “FUCK”

               You could feel your orgasm quickly approaching. As if Kurt knew you were close, he released your clit and looked up at you. “Cum for me, mein Haustier.” As if on que, your body tensed up for a moment then went slack. He quickly removed your toy as he licked, sucked, and devoured everything you offered him.

               Once you came down from your high, he started to kiss his way up your body. He slide your top up and over your head before taking one of your nipples into his mouth, causing you to moan lightly. He licked the hardening bud a couple times before he bit down on it causing you to arch your back as you claw at the blanket beneath you. Once he was happy with what he did, he moved to the other nipple repeating what he did to the other one.

               He made his way up one side of your neck, kissing and sucking along with way making sure there were going to be small marks in the morning. He then found your sweet spot that was just under your jaw and beneath your ear lobe. You gasped as he sucked on it, causing a deep dark mark to appear where his teeth were.

               “You are always so beautiful, meine Süße (Y/n).” His accent, thicker than you had ever heard it. The need for him grew as he spoke to you. His lips then found yours, preventing you from saying anything.

               Your senses were so overwhelm, you didn’t even notice that he had already removed his clothes. “Tell me what you want miene prinzessin.” His lips made their way to the other side of your jaw, whispering low and husky. You felt like you could cum again from just his voice.

               “I need you.” You were almost breathless. “I need you inside me.” Your breathing was heavy as your heart was beating even faster than you ever thought possible. Your hand wove their way into Kurt’s deep blue hair, pulling lightly causing him to groan.

               His tail opened the drawer in your nightstand, pulling out a condom. He sat up, opened the condom with both of his hands caressing your sides. He took the condom in one hand and slide it down his huge cock. The sight of it made your mouth water. You tried to reach down to stroke him but he lightly smacked your hands away. “Tonight is all about you, Kätzchen. Next time you can.”

               He chuckled a bit when he saw you pout. That pout didn’t last long. He rubbed the head of his cock between your folds, causing you to whimper. He did it a few more times, loving the sounds you made when he did. After one more time, he lined himself up at your entrance and slowly pushed himself in. Taking his time, he paused after every inch which caused you to moan with every advance.

               You wrapped your legs around his waist, trying to will him to go faster. You needed him like you need air. You wanted him to fuck you into the mattress hard, making you forget the world around the two of you.

               When he finally bottomed out, you couldn’t help but moan loudly. You had never had anyone as big as Kurt. He filled you up perfectly, it felt like you were made for each other. He stayed still as he let you adjust to him before he started moving slowly.

               “Fuck, (Y/n).” He buried his head in the crook of your neck. “You feel absolutely perfect.”

               “Please, Kurt.” You were panting as he looked down at you.

               “Please what, Prinzessin?” He smirked at you, he knew you loved what he was doing to you. He knew by the way your body reacted to his every touch, his every word.

               “Move faster, please Kurt.” You knew you were begging but you didn’t give a damn. You knew all you wanted was him.

               “As you wish, meine Geliebte.” He started moving faster, thrusting harder. He angled his hips, causing him to hit every spot that caused you to whimper and moan.

               You felt the knot in your lower stomach tighten, your second orgasm was quickly approaching. With every thrust, the knot got tighter and tighter. Your hands attached themselves to his shoulders as if they were the only things keeping you grounded.

               You were so close, the knot getting even tighter. “Kurt, I need you to bite me. Please.” You moaned as he was fucking you into the mattress.

               Kurt kissed your shoulder several times before biting down. That was all you needed. His name fell from your lips in a scream. You clamped down on him like a vice, causing his own release.

               He stayed inside you for a few moments, coming down from his high as you did yours. He then pulled out, slipped the condom off, tying it off before throwing it in the trash next to your nightstand. He walked into your attached bathroom and grabbed a small warm towel then cleaned you up a bit before climbing into bed with you. You instantly curled into him, relishing in his warm that you had longed for for far too long.

               “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that, Schatz.” He kissed your forehead as he wrapped his arm around you.

               “I have an idea.” You couldn’t help but smile. Your eyes grew heavy as you laid there in his arms, never wanting this moment to ever end.

               The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed. You frowned thinking that last night was just a dream. You looked down at your body and noticed that your top and panties were on. “Fucking hell.”

               You got up out of bed and pulled a pair of shorts on. You made your way to the kitchen for some coffee. Logan was the only in there. He looked at you like you had something on you.

               “What the hell happened to you?”

               “What are you talking about Logan?” You cocked an eyebrow at him before you looked at the small mirror that was attached to the side of the refrigerator. “Holy shit.” Your face went red. ‘It wasn’t a dream that actually happened.

               You quickly covered the spot on your neck, you teleported back to your room. You walked into your bathroom to look at the spot on your neck and shoulder. Luckily, your top covered the spot on your shoulder pretty well but the spot on your neck was a different story. Just then, you heard a knock on your door.

               “Who’s there?!” You yelled from the bathroom door.

               “It’s Kurt. May I come in?” Your face went a shade darker.

               “Su..sure.” You stuttered. Your door than opened and Kurt walked in.

               “Are you alright, (Y/n)?” He walked over to you. You wanted to shrink away from him as he placed a hand on your forehead but instead you leaned into his touch.

               “I’m, uh, fine” You still had butterflies in your stomach like when you first met him. “Um, why did you leave before I woke up?” You looked up at him, it hurt when you thought last night never happened but it hurt even more when it was true and he left before you woke up.

               “I thought that I was supposed to. That was what Logan told me.”

               You looked up at him. You wanted to hit him for listening to Logan, he was one to do something like that but not Kurt. “Why would you ever listen to him?”

               “He is a good friend, I guess.” He looked down at the floor.

               “I would have loved to see you still next to me when I woke up. Honestly, I would love to wake up with you next to me every morning.” You had a surge of confidence out of nowhere and you were running with it. “To be honest with you, Kurt. I love you.” You reached out and grabbed his hand. He looked up at you, looking into your eyes as if to see something to confirm what you said was true. He must have found it because he smiled.

               “You love me?” His arms wrapped around your waist pulling you into him.

               “I do. I love everything about you.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.

               “And I love everything about you, mein Liebster (Y/n).”


My pet: mein Haustier

My love: meine Geliebte

My sweet: meine Süße

My dearest: Mein Liebster

Kitten: Kätzchen

Princess: Prinzessin

Sweetheart: Schatz


“Get closer. Get closer. Good.” The photographer says as Seb and I get closer together. He’s seated behind me in only a pair of jeans and combat boots. I’m wearing a pair of short short cutoffs and a white tank top with a lace black bra peaking out the top. For the first time in my career my male counterpart is wearing almost as little as I am. Almost. I press my shoulder blades to his chest and drop my head back to his shoulder. He throws an arm around my waist. The prop gun in his hand rests on my thigh. It’s freezing in the room so I’m grateful that I’m pressed so close to Seb.
“Are you as cold as I am?” He murmurs into my ear.
“Yes. Maybe colder.” I say through clenched teeth, to keep them from chattering. He chuckles softly looking down at me as I stare into the camera.
“Chris is here.”
“What!” I sit up excitedly, “where?” Seb nods his head and that’s when I see him. His tall lean frame, broad shoulders and small waist, damn I missed him. “Calling a fiver!” I cry untangling myself from Sebastian’s arms and dashing to Chris.

“Hey!” He says a grin lighting up his face. I wrap my arms tightly around his neck and he pulls me flush against him.
“What are you doing here?” I murmur into his ear.
“I missed you.” I bring my lips to his then and kiss him softly. He has other ideas as his hand goes to the back of my head and fuses our mouths together. I whine softly, as his mouth presses against mine coaxing it open for his tongue to dart inside briefly. We pull apart but only enough to actually talk to one another.
“I’m so glad you’re here.”
“Me too. You look so sexy.”
“More like freezing. I’m glad I’m not alone though, Seb puts off almost as much heat as you do.” I’ve always loved that about Chris. He’s basically my human furnace since I’m always cold.
“Go finish your photo shoot so I can warm you up.” He says lowly before giving me another kiss, I laugh softly and move back to my spot on the chair between Seb’s legs.

The photographer wants three more poses before letting Sebastian and I go. There’s one outfit change for me that leaves me even less covered up, instead of a tank top it’s an army green cropped vest, again with the lace bra sticking out of the top. The photographer has me behind Seb with my arms over his shoulders and on his still exposed chest. The last pose he has us do I’m sitting in his lap again, this time I’m facing him.
“I want you to kiss.” He directs, “Sebastian keep her hair out of her face.” I throw all my hair to the far side and Seb wraps a hand around it. He brings his lips close to mine but they don’t touch. He’s worried about Chris. “Kiss.” The photographer says again.
“It’s fine.” Chris’ voice comes from behind me, he knows exactly what’s going on. “Just keep your hands off that ass Seabass.”
“Chris!” I exclaim in embarrassment, he just chuckles from behind me and Seb grins. “Do not encourage him.” I warn Sebastian.
“Yes ma'am.” He teases. I drop my forearms onto his shoulders, the prop gun in my right hand and kiss him. A few flashes go off as Seb tugs my hair back to expose my neck where he places a soft kiss against the hallow spot at the base. The photographer calls it a cut and I climb off of Seb’s lap and give him a high five before making my way to Chris.
“I have to go change and then we can head home.”
“Keep it on.” He mutters and I shoot him a flirty look then wiggle my ass at him.

“You looked so sexy today. It was driving me crazy, seeing you pressed up against him.” Chris admits as we walk out to his truck, hand and hand. “You know I’m not normally a jealous man but you guys look so good together.”
“You have nothing to worry about. Seb is just a friend, for both of us.”
“I know,” he sighs softly, “I know I’m being stupid.”
“Maybe just a little bit.” I tease running my hands up his bicep. He chuckles and unlocks his truck. I climb in and he moves in next to me. He starts the truck and I curl up next to him sliding my hand across his lap. “Don’t worry, there’s only one guy I want.”
“Babe. I’m driving.”
“Yea? Well find somewhere to pull over.”
“There’s not enough room.” I pout at him and he laughs, “Don’t worry beautiful, I plan on making you scream my name more than once tonight.” I bite my lip and take his free hand in mine place it in my lap. He gets the hint and slides his hand up under my skirt and into my underwear. I moan softly and spread my legs for him as he dips his fingers into me. He’s moving at just the right pace, he works his two fingers into me, curling them and brushing his thumb against my clit until I’m thrusting against his hand. He brings me right to the edge then stops, slides his fingers out and sucks them into his mouth.

“Chris.” I whine sliding my hands to where his had been only to have my wrists trapped in his hand.
“No touching.” He smirks over at me as I shoot daggers at him with my eyes.
“Chris please.” I’m begging and I don’t care. I’m so fucking desperate for release, and he knows it.
“Just wait. We’re almost home.” Two turns later and we’re in the garage. He yanks me into the house behind him then pins me against the wall.

His mouth is hot on mine, crushing his lips against me, his tongue dips into my mouth as his hands pin mine above my head.
“Keep them there.” He says letting go. His mouth travels to my throat and his hands move along my body. One hand dips under my shirt and bra palming my breast. He peels both my shirt and bra off in one fluid motion and then pulls one of my nipples into his mouth.
“Oh god Chris.” I groan as he flicks my nipple with his tongue. He’s got me so distracted with what he’s doing with his mouth that I don’t even notice him undoing his pants until he slides my underwear down and I feel his cock against me.

“I’m gonna fuck you right here against this wall.” He growls into my ear before pushing into me.
“Yes. Shit.” I moan, he pulls my leg up to get a better angle and I wrap my arms around his neck as I cum for the first time. “Oh god. Oh Chris. Yes.” I moan as he continues his relentless pace. When I come down from my orgasm I peel his shirt off of him, I need to feel his hard body against mine.
“I want you to ride me.”
“Couch.” He pulls out and carries me to the couch. He sits down and I straddle him, then guide his cock back into me.

“So. Fucking. Beautiful.” He groans as I set the pace, his thumbs brushing against my nipples again.
“I’m close.”
“Whose ass is this?” He slips a hand behind me and gently presses his thumb against my back entrance.
“Chris!” I scream.
“Whose.” He demands.
“Yours. Fuck.” I say cumming hard, my pussy clenching around his cock. He pounds into me and I can feel him start to cum.
“Fuck. Oh god.” Neither of us move for a minute, catching our breaths I drop my head to his shoulder. “Shower or bath?” He asks softly.
“Bath. I just want to cuddle with you for a while. I’ve missed you.”
“Bath it is.” He kisses my shoulder, “I’ve missed you too.”
“I should make you jealous more often.” I tease. He swats my ass gently then helps me off of his lap.
“You’re gonna be the death of me woman.”
“There are worse ways to go.”

Better than planned

🐳~Rated- F for Fluff

Member- BTS, Jungkook

Word Count- 865

Finally. The day that you had imagined over and over in your head in the past months was here. Jungkook had finally asked you on a date. 6:58, the clock said. ‘He will be here any minute now.’, you thought.

You were starting to get really nervous now, so you decided to do something to take things off you mind till he gets here. Turning around and facing your big floor mirror, you studied your reflection. You were wearing a crimson red lace tank top, a black leather skater skirt, with your black platform combat boots and cat crossbody(the outfit is below). While you were too busy making sure that you makeup looks nice, you hear the sound of the doorbell and you freeze. A few seconds later your mum appears in our bedroom; “You look great honey, come on, your date is here.”

She was about to turn around when she looked back at you and asked; “aren’t you going to wear a jacket on that? You know how chilly it gets during the night.”

“I’m sure it won’t be that cold tonight mum.” you said, and before she could protest you quickly slide out of the room. Of course, you lied. Tonight was going to get quite cold, and you knew it. You checked the weather for today every night for the past week. Yes, each day, said something new but the only thing that didn’t change was the fact that it would get pretty chilly after eight.

But still, you insisted not to wear a jacket. ‘Why wear a jacket and miss this opportunity’ you thought.

Yes. Your plan was to have Jungkook lend you his jacket so you won’t get cold. You were a sucker for this kind of cheesy things.

But you knew that your plan had failed before the date even started when you saw that he wasn’t wearing a jacket either.


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We Are Us - Chapter 24

Chapter 24

On Wednesday morning Meryl actually got to sleep until her alarm went off. She rolls over and turns it off. She sits up rubbing her bump, her morning tradition and her way of wishing her baby good morning. She looks over and sees Maks side of the bed empty. She figures he must have gotten up earlier so she just goes to the bathroom and takes a quick shower. After doing some simple makeup and brushing out her hair, she goes to get dressed. She knows she needs a shirt and pants today to make their appointment easier today. She finds a maroon colored tank top with black lace straps. She puts on some jean shorts and heads to find Maks.

She heads downstairs but it’s still quiet downstairs. She knows he isn’t taking Kamri to school because they decided to keep her home today so she can come to the appointment today. She turns around, half way down the stairs and heads back up. She goes to look for Maks. He checks Kamri’s room first. He isn’t in there but Kamri was just waking up. Meryl stops to give her good morning kisses and they pick out her outfit for the day. She picks a navy and white striped sundress with large pink bow attached to the chest area of the dress.

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