black lace bodysuit


Ming Xi by Vanina Sorrenti and styled by Sophia Neophitou for 10 Magazine

wearing Calvin Klein (photo 1) and Victoria’ Secret (photo 2)


Word Count: 703

You loved to shop. As stereotypical as it was, you were a huge shopaholic. You just couldn’t help it, every time you were in the shops you just had to have the newest pair of heels, or a cute pair of jeans that caught your eye.

Conor hated shopping with you. He would complain that you took too much time, and he hated how you made him carry all of the bags. You could spend hours in the mall, and he would rather be anywhere else.

You had somehow managed to drag Conor along to the mall with you. You strolled through the many stores, which you knew like the back of your hand, with Conor following like a lost puppy. He was getting pouty as you spent a prolonged amount of time in Sephora, trying to decide between two lipstick colors.

“Con, which one do you like better?” You asked, pointing to your multi colored lips.

“What does it matter? I ruin them in 2 seconds anyway,” he responded cheekily.

You rolled your eyes at the smirk on his face.

“That’s okay, the more smartass answers the longer we’re in here,” you responded back smugly.  

It was his turn to roll his eyes, “Fine, fine, the lighter one.”

You smirked to yourself and wiped your lips, finding the box of the one he liked and making your way to the registers.

A few stores, and many shopping bags later, Conor was getting tired and grouchy, much like a child. You had been at the mall a few hours, so you cut him some slack. This was longer than he had lasted with you at the mall in a while.

“Babe, can’t we go home yet?” Conor questioned, tugging on your wrist to slow your pace.

You slowed down, “I just have to go to one last store, than we can leave. I promise.”

He groaned, and continued to trudge behind you.

You led him into the last store, Victoria’s Secret. When he realized what store you had just dragged him into, his bored expression lit up like a light bulb. You laughed to yourself, knowing this store would get his attention.

“So, uh, you’re gonna try some stuff on, right?” Conor inquired.

“Oh, I wasn’t planning on it,” you teased, “Do you want me to?”

“Yes.” He replied quickly.

You laughed at him and started browsing the store. You picked up items you needed, and Conor picked up things he thought you would look good in.

“I can’t wait for you to try these on,” he spoke softly in your ear, the look on his face reminiscent of a kid in a candy store.

The pair of you managed to get into a dressing room together somehow, without being told off by one of the employees.

“Close your eyes. You’re not allowed to look until I’m done changing,” you told him.

Conor rolled his eyes and groaned in anticipation, “Hurry up!”

You made sure his eyes were closed before you changed into a black lace bodysuit that accentuated your curves and left little to the imagination.

“Y/N come on, this is torture.” Conor groaned yet again.

You decided to make him wait just a few more seconds before telling him that he could open his eyes.

His eyes burned into your body as they explored the new garment you were showing off. He gulped and shifted in the bench and you tried to read his expression.

“What do you think?” You asked, breaking the silence.

“I think we need to go home, right now.” He got up from the seat, “Here’s what we’re going to do,” he now had you pressed up against the wall, “I’m going to go buy this stuff and then we’re going to go back to the flat and I’m going to have my way with you until you can’t remember your own name.”

You gasped at his dirty words, which made you flush, but also turned you on immensely. You knew it was going to be a long night as Conor left lingering kisses on your neck before pulling away and allowing you to pull of the garment so he could go pay for your new lingerie items.


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