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C: I am so SICK and tired of everyone labeling black women and black girls for having an ‘attitude problem’ when we get upset! I get enough of this from strangers – especially white people – but I can’t stand getting it from my own father. It’s like when I have a VALID reason to be upset and unhappy because of something you did or how you put me in an uncomfortable situation and I tell you about it, or we are vocal about it SUDDENLY there’s a problem! Why are black women expected to be silent and just take abuse? Why aren’t we allowed to defend ourselves without being labeled as being angry or having a bad attitude?! Every ‘bad’ thing I’ve ever done or every time I defend myself from taking abuse is a reflection of how bad my attitude is! I won’t just keep taking abuse and not speak up for myself! Stop telling me to fix my attitude. Stop telling black women and black girls to fix our attitude! Start treating us with some respect! Then *maybe* we won’t have an “attitude” problem!


Pattie LaBelle and Celia Cruz sharing the stage.

Diaspora in action.

i’m dead ass not finishing this season. i’ve been an avid BB watcher for years and have never not finished a season, no matter how bad. but i just don’t have the emotional energy to watch ika lose and kevin win. i’m tired of mediocre ass white dudes being labelled as geniuses even though their gameplay is whack or non existent. i’m so done w a fandom that embraces white mediocrity and labels black women as loose cannons, hostile, unfriendly etc. we deserve MORE

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Black Hair Bloggers/Vloggers

We have a list on makeup blogger/vloggers, so why not start a list for Black hair? Inbox or reblog this post with their names for the list. And if you could, guesstimate their hair type that’d be awesome. Their hair does not have to be afro natural; be sure to label if they have locs, relaxers, mainly do hair weaves, etc