black label edition


“I remember one particular day Zakk and Darrell were on the phone for seven or eight hours. I kept havin’ to bring Darrell a different phone because they kept going dead. These two were doing shots all day… long-distance drinking. The two of them just spent the whole day drinking together, doing shots, all by phone. I think to myself now, if only Darrell was here today, he would so appreciate Skype and Iphones, and the boys would enjoy things like that.” 
- Rita Haney on Zakk & Dime.


Kuroshitsuji + floral patterns

  • set [2/?] Sebastian Michaelis 

feel free to use them as icon/whatever but please do not claim them as your own. Thanks!

We get up

and learn more

our hair grows

our skin gets old

but us

we keep the same

just getting up

Thinking we are

in the right place

La Défense


Jana Gracia