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Sera update!: I’m so proud of my little Serendipity! We’ve started doing very brief PA outings solely for the purpose of training and socialization (dogs in training have the same rights as fully trained service dogs in AZ) and she’s freaking killing it. She’s definitely not perfect (I mean, she’s not Addie😜😂), but I couldn’t be happier with where she’s at training wise! She learns SO fast and LOVES learning new things. She’s a smart little cookie and her drive is awesome. Her biggest issue is her excitement when she sees other dogs, but she’s improving immensely! We trained at fashion square for the first time today, and ran into a fake (frenchie on a flexi in a vest🙄) that barked at her like crazy. She was distracted by it, but didn’t bark or whine and held her focus once I redirected her…without using any treats! She still has a LOOOOONG way to go, a TON more to learn, and we’re gonna run into some challenges, but I think she has a very promising future ahead of her❤️❤️❤️(Note: She’s panting because it’s freaking AZ, not because she’s stressed👌🏻).