black kyruem

Oh man the latest chapter or B2W2 probably has to be my favorite to date. We got the REVEAL which I have been waiting for since 2014 (that hiatus man..) and Whi-two finally gets another pokemon, Ns Zorua which is not surprising since it’s an event pokemon and Pokespe for the most part gives the protags event pokemon.

Hoping that Whi-two will ask Black-two why he’s apart of the international police and we get his backstory sometime soon.

Also can White to show up to save her Kouhai and get revenge for Black plz once she realizes Team Plasma is back.

But like really wondering which out of Whi-Two or Black-Two who will get Kyruem or Black Kyruem.

cause Black-Two has been trying to catch Kyruem but he already has two legendaries which is the most an dex holder has had except Blue but she released hers (I think? At least stop using them).

On the other hand Whi-Two seems like she’ll be getting N’s pokemon, but Kursaka has pulled us through a loop before (like Black-Two getting a Kubtops, Y getting Xerenas, etc) so idk. But it would be great development for Whi-Two if N passes Zekrom to her and for her to get over her complex of him

Maybe since Black-Two and Whi-Two are going to be at odds with each for awhile or have a decline in their relationship (Whi-Two just said this past chapter she’s afraid of him) and Black-Two has Kyruem and Whi-Two has Zekrom maybe Black Kyruem can represent their newly repaired and stronger bond.