black kpop fan problems

I'm tired

Every time I tell a person (of my race) that I listen to kpop, they call me weird and they judge me. At my job (most of us are black/Spanish) I’m know as that girl who like Asian boys. Why can’t I listen to a genre of music that isn’t in English/western? Why am I considered weird because I want to be open minded and explore music outside of my culture?! Why is it assumed that I only like Asian boys simple because of ONE music genre I listen to?? I also listen to Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller, Drake, Beyonce and other hip hop/ Rnb artist, but that’s ok right? Because I’m black and that’s what I’m suppose to listen to. One day I’m gonna blast Hard Carry and Cypher 4 when I walk into work idc anymore.

Fuck your oppa's type

I guess I never saw the problem until recently. Black kpop fans (girls and boys) are all beautiful in your own way. Don’t let anyone, not even your “oppa” try to make you feel like you’re not. You’re of value, even if you don’t see it yourself, you. are. valued. You are loved, cherished and you’re worth everything in the world.

It breaks my heart to see young girls (and older ones too) say they want to bleach their skin or get surgery to look like a certain “type” like that’s extreme!

FUCK YOUR OPPAS TYPE. Okay? Be your own type!

You like your hair long? Grow it out (or get a weave, do you bae). You like short pixie cuts? Cut that shit boo! You like red, big curly hair like RiRi? Slay baby! You want to tattoo your eyebrows? Go to a professional please and do your thing! You want to be healthy? You go and be healthy! You want to eat pizza? Invite me over and we can share!

I understand the feeling of looking at your bias and thinking “Wow, he/she is so attractive. He/she would never find me cute/pretty/beautiful. He/she probably likes other Asian girls or white girls.”

FOR ONE, we’ll never know an idols type. Period. They could tell us anything and we’d believe it. They could say they like tall pale girls with long hair and nice legs then go and get married to a petite girl with short legs from another country with olive skin. You just never know. Don’t take those things so seriously. It’s all fan service and most the time it’s not for international fans.

I’m black and Spanish/Portuguese. I GET IT. I understand 100%. But I don’t understand how anyone, especially some boy with nice vocals can make you feel like you need to change yourself?

You know what idols love? When their fans are happy and healthy. So be happy and healthy. ❤️

Wait so let me get this right …  the fact that I am a black girl that likes Asian culture  and dates in and out side of my race is wrong and leaves me open for criticism and ridicule …  But it's totally okay for you to talk shit about me and put me down because of it?  When at the end of the day it’s my life and I ultimately decide how i’m going to live it.  If the fact that i don't adhere to the stereotype of an uneducated, uncultured African American pisses you off then that’s good because at the end of the day i’m proud to be black but i don’t let my blackness confine me to what people assume I am and what they think i could only live up to be. I know better, I want better, and my parents taught  me better than to care what other people think and have always encouraged me to follow my own beat but never forget the struggle when or if i gain success.