black kites

Valladolid, Mexico, Nov. 12, 2016

stoned remus lupin is my favorite headcanon. (look, it was the 1970s, okay, you literally in no way can convince me that the marauders didn’t get fucking high as fuck on the regular leave me alone) 

but literally stoned remus lupin, OKAY. 

  • stoned remus lupin is a mess  
  • high af remus lupin is a fucking catatonic tangle, he can’t make words, he is enamored with blades of grass, he thinks James’ glasses are amazing, he realizes sirius has three freckles under his jaw and can’t. stop. looking. at. them. 
  • stoned remus lupin gets the fucking giggles and he’s just oh my god what a human disaster, he literally cannot stop laughing to himself and he’s just lying there in the meadow next to the Great Lake, with the sun in his eyes, laughing and laughing and laughing until he’s red-faced and can’t even breathe with how ridiculous the world is
  • (and, please, come on, you also will never be able to convince me that sirius black doesn’t think this is the most fantastic, beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his stupid young life)  
  • blaze it young remus lupin you are a gift