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Taysir: “How can I pretend to be her brother if I’m not even able to protect her properly?

Cypher’s event Chapter 1, Part4 : Brother.

Even though they aren’t linked by blood, Taysir considers himself as Bene’s big brother, and wouldn’t let anybody hurt her in anyway. Sure, being an assassin doesn’t help, and he had learn to trust her when she was on a mission without him. Though, when Cypher is implied, it’s…Something else~

And it’s the last time you see our precious Hildon ( @askhildon ) featured here~ Thank you honey for allowing me to feature him on some of my posts~ muah muah for you!  (/>3<)/

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the inner senshi are finally finished!!! its a good start to black history month, a credit to all the magical black women in the world 💖

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