black jsk


Wardrobe Post 3- Lavender and Ivory JSKs and Black and White OPs
Sax/Navy Main Pieces
Black JSKs

Alice and the Pirates- Vampire Requiem Long jsk (2009)
Alice and the Pirates- St. Mephisto Cathedral jsk (2010)
Innocent World- Antique Violet Tuck jsk (2016)
Angelic Pretty- Day Dream Carnival Tiered jsk (2013)
Alice and the Pirates- Scent of Rapunzel jsk II (2011)
Alice and the Pirates- Paraiso du un Unicorn jsk I (2013)
Metamorphose temps de fille- Feather Cross Embroidery OP x2 (2008)
Moi Meme Moitie- Iron Gate OP (2006)
Metamorphose temps de fille- Flared Sleeve Tiered Dress (2011)



I recently got back from Tokyo a couple days ago, and while I am still recovering from jetlag…LET ME SHARE WHAT I GOT AT CLOSET CHILD THIS YEAR!

Item #1 is this awesome Alice Auaa dress! I’m still trying to figure out if this is the back of the dress or the front (the other side has buttons coming down all the way to the hem. It’s really beautiful!) it has a faded, aged look to it (which is probably why it was $25) but it still looks cool! Very post apocalyptic.

Item #2 is an Alice Auaa tattered skirt which I absolutely fell in LOVE with because it has a sort of witch-like drapery to it. As I’ve mentioned before I have been into layering fabrics and draping black upon black to give a sort of “forest witch” vibe to it if you will. It pairs perfectly with Item #3 which is a Sheglit draped corset belt. I bought that piece at the KERA shop.

Item #4 is a Black Peace Now floor length skirt with red and black beaded crosses on it. I absolutely loved this piece because again, it leans more towards the style I have been taking recently. Finding this item really made me miss BPN haha :(

And last is item #5 which is a satin Sheglit halter JSK with black embroidery on it. Fell in love with this very romantic design. Great for not only Lolita, but casual gothic wear as well.

I’ll make a post soon showcasing the jewelry I bought this year and QPOT’s Halloween tea special for 2016!