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Okay so what I’m getting is that:

- my OT3 on Black Sails was actually just endgame and the Max/Anne/Jack polyamorous relationship was validated

- Max, a WOC and rape survivor who has been through actual hell, is running shit on the island for the rest of forever just like she always dreamed

- the big romantic scene was Captain Flint getting reunited with Hamilton, another dude, and them having a super gay make-out scene in front of literally everyone

- Madi, the black WOC main character ACTUALLY LIVED, as did the lesbian WOC, and there were no gratuitous deaths for shock value, not even Woodes-Rogers!!!!

- Featherstone and Idelle, Max’s biggest fangirls, are the official couple in charge of Nassau and Max put them there because she LOVES THEM

- Mary Read was introduced cross-dressed as a guy, and now there are TWO WOMEN PIRATES on Jack’s crew, I AM LIVING

- Madi doesn’t just forgive Silver because he says “sorry” and he’s got man-pain or whatever, instead she takes time to accept what he did and her forgiveness isn’t rushed or contrived (Supergirl writers, take notes!)

What I am saying is that Black Sails actually respects its POC and LGBTQ characters and had a finale that was actually satisfying and your fave show could NEVER

 "I imagine myself covered with blood, broken but transfigured and in agreement with the world, both as prey and as a jaw of time,  which ceaselessly kills and is ceaselessly killed.“

- George Bataille.

Mizumono implies so much shit that I still couldn’t get over it. This is a kind of conceptual study, a quickie one I worked on to brought it to the RDC3.

Guys I’m like not even being funny when I say I want to send a 10 page long letter to the show writers as well as a freaking bouquet. Black Sails is one of the most extraordinary pieces of storytelling this century and it hasn’t received nearly the amount of attention or accolades it deserves. I’m genuinely so appreciative of this one in a million show. Hoes (including me lmao) be out here throwing money at bore fests like the walking dead and hit and misses like game of thrones when black sails is essentially flawless. Like it should be shown in film and creative writing classes.

One thing I want to hammer home is that this show didn’t go the tragedy porn route like the aforementioned programmes and other wannabe hits. The characters got closure, realistic endings that were also profoundly satisfactory, dare I say happy?? Characters dying in a world as unforgivable as black sails and other period shows is expected and more than plausible, but it’s not mandatory. Anne could have died for Jack and his crew, and it would’ve made sense. But she got to LIVE, the story continued, she made up with Max and got better. Flint could have been killed by Silver and never learned of Thomas - BUT HE DIDN’T. THEY LET HIM HAVE AN ENDING. Nowadays there’s such a trend of killing and tormenting characters to be “edgy” or to elicit a reaction from audiences. It is so much more difficult to not kill your darlings, but to let them play out their mistakes and claw their way back to redemption. It’s also more satisfying for those watching, or so I think. When I think of characters like Ned Stark or Glenn Rhee, I do get sad and reflective, and the spectacles surrounding their demises were controversial enough to make friggin headlines. Black Sails, with its queer male lead, who is also a pirate king; its POC female former slave and leader of a rebellion; the rest of its legion of female powerhouses like max, eleanor, anne, miranda, madame guthrie; the glorious, often heinous shades of grey in charles vane, woodes rogers and john silver; that show won’t make headlines, but hopefully in time people will realise how rare and amazing it was.

Now we wait 20 years for the cast to age, so they can make a treasure island miniseries sequel….


Charles is sleeping off a night of sad drinking and sad opium-smoking on account of Eleanor breaking up with him again and robbing him of his ship and his crew. 

Jack: Christ. 

Jack: Is it too much to ask that you not pick a fight over every insult that comes our way? Especially when I’m out there swallowing what little pride I have left trying to set things right. 

Charles: *reaches sleepily behind himself for his opium pipe, which Jack grabs and examines in disgust*

Jack: Miss Guthrie has dealt us quite a blow. But we still have assets. Eight loyal men, my wits, and an unshakeable captain. 

Jack: I’m doing what I can to regain us our livelihood, but once that’s done our crew, such as it is, will need its captain back. *hits Charles with his hat* See what you can do about finding him? 

Jack: *leans in* 

Charles: fuck you, Jack. 
Jack: *IS OUT* 

Cowboys of the Galaxy: Vol 2

I know this pic took a billion years to get here but I’m mostly happy with how it came out. This was to celebrate how far this blog has come (even if it’s mostly dead [comics over dudes]). And this comic was successful because of all of the great bebop fans, new and old, that came over to see what went down after the real folk blues. I never thought more than a few people would ever read the comic and i’m happy you guys proved me wrong. Thanks a lot, and especially to Agent Orange who wrote the original fic and who gave me his blessing to adapt it.

With that, I bid adieu and ride off into the sunset content. The blog will still be here even if it’s mostly dead.

Shameless plug: If you guys miss me you can always come over to my main blog @alexandercruzdesign where i work on pretty much anything that strikes my fancy. I advertise it as a place filled with superheroes, robots, spacemen, and more. But it’s also a place where i goof with my fellow tumblr artists @willhernandezdraws and @therandomninjakitty (both of whom are follow worthy). Peace out yo.

Ch 28/? - The Golden Age That Never Was (RotG/Blackice)

Title: The Golden Age That Never Was (28/?)

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack Frost/Pitch Black (or if you want to get tetchily specific - Jack Overland who becomes Jack Frost with Kozmotis Pitchiner who becomes elements of Pitch Black…..)
Characters: Jack Frost, Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch Black, E. Aster Bunnymund, Sanderson Mansnoozie, Toothiana, Nicholas St. North, Jamie Bennett, Seraphina Pitchiner, The Man in the Moon, Tsar Lunanoff, Tsarina Lunanoff, Cupcake.
Warnings/Tags: Hurt/comfort, Whump, Angst, Book & Movie Combination, Friendship, Minor Character Death, Slow burn, Abuse of Power/Authority, Dysfunctional Relationships, Power Play, Corporal Punishment, Adventure, Space Opera (kiiiind of), Golden Age, D/s, Initiation, Kink, Injury, Grief, AU, apologies to canon enthusiasts and people who love authentic representations of space. (Please see AO3 for more tags).                  

Summary: Soldier in training Jack Overland is approaching the day of his initiation, finally he’ll learn how to fight back against the living darkness and serve the Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff. More importantly, maybe it will get him closer to Royal Admiral Kozmotis Pitchiner, Jack’s hero, champion of the people. If only anything ever worked out the way it should.

The Golden Age that Never Was - Chapter 28 - The Disloyal Pair

In which Jack and Pitch sit in a room and talk. Or more accurately, Pitch pressures Jack into talking, and Jack kind of throws a very weak tantrum about it. But then they actually, y’know, talk.