black is the color of my voice

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Someone being lgbt+ doesn’t give them a free pass to hate, bully, exclude or ridicule you.

“I’m gay” doesn’t justify making biphobic statements about you. 

“I’m trans” doesn’t justify laughing at you for being nonbinary. 

“I’m lesbian” doesn’t justify them saying trans boys are not real boys. 

White gay men being racist towards black gay men are still racist. 

“I’m lgbt+” doesn’t justify hating you for being asexual. 

Those are just a few examples. Sadly there are hateful voices inside the lgbt+ community - please don’t let them discourage you. 

You’re welcome here, even if you idenity with a less-widely-known label.

You’re welcome here, no matter your skin color

You’re welcome here, no matter what other people, including lgbt+ people, say. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

you use your legs to run from that heart of yours, you use those feelings to write poetry, you use those metaphors to hide something, you use that honesty to be yourself, you use a smile to stop the crying, you use those tears to color the ocean, you use your laughter to fill my lungs, you use your consistency for everyone, you use your life to color in between the lines, you use the loopholes to break the rules, you use those guidelines with a middle finger, you use that voice to sing with the pretty red and black birds, you use your kiss to empty fire into your soul, you use your heart as cupid’s pillow, you use those rug burns to avoid eye contact, you use your lips to taste the liquor that doesn’t lie, you use your body to dance with the drugs, you’re never really high if you’re always ready to die
—  but not tonight

hey y’all! i’m making my very first collaborative zine! the deadline to submit is dec 3rd! the goal is to get enough submissions 2 make a ~very cool~ free digital publication and also continue this again.

this zine is about queerness: anyone can submit, but voices of color will be given focus as they are the most marginalized.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here, or email me at

when submitting, make sure you submit a name/pseudonym, title of work (optional), brief bio (optional), or contact (optional, but can be an email/blog/twitter/etc)

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She’s the Cleopatra to my Nefertiti. 👑👑👑

In honor of #MelaninMonday and #Blackout, I wish to send a special shoutout to the woman of my dreams, the person who I would award a Lifetime Achievement Award, and my lover who is also my best friend and the one who can make me laugh uncontrollably with her faces, baby voices, and her Happy Feet dance moves: @co0kiemonstuh. She is truly special to me and words can’t begin to express the love I have with her or how deeply in love I am with her. I can’t wait to see where our journeys take us, career-wise and together as a couple. We have so much to be proud of and we’ve overcome so much and our journeys are just starting. Moving in with you is going to be a new experience for both of us and no matter what happens, what arguments we get into, what near-disasters we have in the kitchen or the fight over how hot our shower water needs to be, I will be here forever and always. I’m not leaving. I’m here as your ride or die, your best friend and your baby. I’m proud of everything you have accomplished in these years and I’m looking forward to supporting you in your future accomplishments these next two years in grad school. You’re unconquerable royalty and no matter how difficult the road may seem, you will make it. You’ve already come so far and you’re going to go so much farther.

So, here’s to us.
The besties.
The lovers.
The graduates.

Cheers, baby. I love you. 💜💜💜

Dear White Women,

I keep finding myself in these random conversations with white women and it’s becoming tiresome. So below are my thoughts to pro- Trump and Anti-Trump women who keep messaging me their feelings. I am not a therapist ppl….

Dear Anti-Trump Women,

I cannot be sorry that black women came to the Marches with signs reminding us that feminism was built on the backs of WOC and that 53% of white Women voted for Trump. These are all facts and black women have a right to voice them. The Suffragettes were racists who felt they deserved the vote over black men and rarely mentioned women of color. White women may not have personally owned slaves (not sure how it worked legally) but they sure as hell utilized that slave labor and plenty of black women were raped by white men and since it continued without reports of hundreds of wives locking their bedroom doors against their husbands in protest, I would say there wasn’t much having black Women’s backs then. White women picketed black children when schools were integrated and spat on black people during the peaceful protests of the civil rights movement.

You have been vocal about the fact that men have stolen your voice but silent about the fact that everyone has stolen our voice and now you want us to be silent because you showed up in the fourth quarter. Where were you the first three?! It’s going to take us time to heal and some of that time will be WOC unloading centuries of neglect while white Women listen, hear us and learn to do better. You can’t expect something with a broken foundation to automatically be strong. We must fix the foundation.

Dear Trump Supporters,

What’s wrong with the world is that people like to ignore the consequences of their choices. Which cannot be allowed when those choices effect millions of people. You didn’t just vote for Trump, or the party, you voted for a platform of hate and for politicians who have been bought by corporations who do not care about humanity.

Frankly, a vote for Trump was a vote against humanity, because he doesn’t believe in climate change which means he won’t be putting work into saving our planet for future generations, he doesn’t believe in universal healthcare which means people will once again suffer and even die because they’re too afraid or poor to seek medical attention. You voted against women because he doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose, but he also does not believe in affordable birth control. Or, any reproductive right. You voted against POC, because he is heavily backed by racists, stood on a very racist platform and has suggested nazi like policies such as religious registration and communist policies such as wall building. You voted against water warriors as he is a supporter of oil pipelines even close to sustainable clean water. You voted against the LGBTQ community, especially the youth because he has allies who promote conversion theraphy and are against gay marriage and Transgender rights. You voted against ppl with disabilities, because…come on we have all seen the footage. I can literally continue on why a vote for Trump and support for him is equal to turning your back on your planet and all humanity.

I, for one, will never let someone think what they like in peace when their thoughts are negative and harmful for the rest of the country. Get on the right side of history before it is too late.



That’s all I got. Stop engaging me in conversations. I am not all black women, we are different people. It’s time you stopped coming to your one black friend as if I have all the answers for all of black America. I am one person. You should make more friends of color.

Physical sadness —
grey as the color of all theory —
it pins me with pearl

Silverly fastens with thread
attached to my body tips.

Its fingers — like the dear fingers of children,
small as squaring roots

They touch my blue brain,
turn death-cells into dreams,
rare and dark as art.

I begin to dream your voice,
sail across southering woman-heated sea

Until I’ve come into cold farness,
the fluctuating snow-floes,
the cirrose black and blue-white of a mind.

Whose pierce would I feel less
than that of this glass leopard.

- Lauren Isabeau

Image of Lauren Isabeau


“My name is Gabrielle (with the red hair) and my girlfriend is Mia. We met online actually, and we’ve known each other for only 3 months but it feels like years. I love her heart, her caring nature, her laugh her smile her voice, her brain. I love how I can talk with her for hours and not get bored and how willing she is to love me despite my flaws.” –Gabrielle (21) & Mia (20)

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—  And yes, you’re going to need all of it. My attention spans from here to there– and if you’re here, I would be too. But if you’re there, my words can only reach so far, the world keeps us trapped inside of our heads. A world filled with poetry still sleeps on my bed, some views lose colors, but I’ve been wondering about you. You who claims the starry night isn’t just black. It’s different shades of grey that’s too blended, we’re just too small to understand. An insignificant life trying to make like the weather– it’ll snow one of these days, a warming in my lungs. I’ve been wanting to sing, but I’ll write instead. You who claims that my voice is made from watercolors, you’re waiting to paint my words into truth– I’m the worst kind of liar, but I can’t seem to lie to you. I’m not okay, so I write too much. I’m the worst kind of honesty, I just don’t know when to shut up. So I spill like ink and I drown like waves of things we shouldn’t say, so I guess I’ll say it. You have my attention, but I still miss you in between shut eye and deep sleep. I guess the world is still sleeping on my bed, and if I dream anything– just paint me into the different shades of black. I’m not bright at all, not at all. Wouldn’t you know, these words are all that I am. A poem waiting to be read, but still– I’m unwritten.

I love being a black girl with glasses.

I love being a black girl who’s loud.

I love being a black girl who’s smart.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid to voice her opinion.

I love being a black girl who’s conscious.

I love being a black girl who’s beautiful.

I love being a black girl who’s thick.

I love being a black girl who’s witty.

I love being a black girl who’s supportive.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid to wear weave.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid to wear her natural hair.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid to date outside her race, BUT still support and love black men.

I love being a black girl who’s ancestors made it across the middle passage.

I love being a black girl who’s okay with being vulnerable.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid of being herself.

I love being a black girl. ✊✊

You Get What You Deserve (I.M/Changkyun x Reader)

Hello, my name is Rylee and I enjoy sinning. Basically the squad asked for some kinky Changkyun and him being my bias wrecker, I had to deliver! I went a little overboard because I wasn’t sure what kind of kink you wanted, so I went with a little something different. But I can tell you, this will probably leave you a little more than just satisfied…Enjoy! This was so much fun to write because sexy, dirty talking Changkyun is my favorite thing in the world. Just remember the deep timbre of his voice as you read this…;)

P.S. You hear that? That’s me being a complete hoe for Changkyun and his deep ass voice.

Originally posted by hephap1001

Slipping your black patent heels on, you gazed out over the bustling city that never seemed to sleep. The artificial light was almost brighter than the actual sun, all the varying colors created a stunning rainbow of ambiance that moved and breathed as cars sped down the streets and people walked along.The golden glow reflected off your face and you simply thought of how the hell you were supposed to get any kind of sleep. Thank god for curtains.

You snorted, a very unladylike habit of yours and pivoted in your spot, glancing towards the bathroom of your obnoxiously large hotel room, eyes gliding over the form of Changkyun trying to make his hair look halfway decent in the mirror. You couldn’t help but smile at his helplessness, thinking of how such a headstrong and confident man could struggle so much with such a menial task. If you didn’t get moments like this to make a little fun of his secretly sweet personality, you’re not sure you’d be able to handle him. Not that what he was putting on was a facade, but not many knew Changkyun like you did. He caught your observant gaze in the mirror and grinned sheepishly at you quickly before returning to fighting the mess that was his hair.

You let your head roll to the side, lazily checking out how nice he looked in slick, fitted tux. Although he wasn’t especially tall, the black slacks elongated his legs and the jacket broadened his shoulders enticingly. You smiled smiled secretively and called out to him, “Babe? Are you almost ready? I don’t want us to be late to the gala.”

He ran a hand through his hair, somewhat satisfied with the result before spinning around, “Yep.” His face suddenly faltered as he looked over you, eyes a little dark and mouth set firmly. You knew that look all too well, very familiar with it especially on date nights where you went out.

You raised your eyebrows, “What’s wrong?” You also knew what question was coming next before it even left his lips.

Changkyun’s brow furrowed, his eyes raking up and down your overly exposed legs, “…Don’t you think that dress is a little short?” Surprise!…not.

You looked down to inspect yourself, fully aware that you chose this dress just for the reason of provoking him, “I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think it looks nice.” What you were really thinking was, It’s short on purpose, honey.

He looked like he was struggling to hold something in, trying to shrug it off nonchalantly. “Yeah, it looks nice. But baby girl,” his voice strained as if whining, a little annoyed too. “It’s kind of a head turner if you get what I’m saying?" 

You smiled, standing up from the bed and being gloriously eye level with him, thanks to your heels. "I know, that’s why I wore it.” He gulped as you straightened his bow tie, eyes still hard and steely. You quipped at him, trying to keep it light, “Do you want me to fly back home, grab a different dress, and fly back?" 

You saw his eyes flash, but he wasn’t boiling just yet, only simmering. You didn’t want to push him too far yet, it was too early for that. You wanted him to have a good time at the gala at least for a little bit, not be pissed at you the whole time.

Changkyun replied steadily, quickly realizing what you were doing, "No, just stay by me during the party okay? I don’t want any creeps hitting on you or trying to touch what belongs to me.”

Your smirk was barely discernible as you two slipped out the hotel room door, “Yes, sir.” The door shut with a definitive click behind you. The night was just about to start and so were you.

You were absolutely relentless in teasing Changkyun while at the gala, never letting up once. You made sure that your body was on full display and you aimed it right at him. But no matter what you threw at him, Changkyun refused to let his polite, confident demeanor slip. He did give you an angry look when you ‘accidentally’ brushed a hand over the front of his pants. After that he even began to toy with you, to which you responded in kind. If his hand slipped down from your lower back and squeezed your ass, you did the same back too him. Of course, he was careful with his actions, making sure none of the other party goers saw what he was doing. You on the other hand weren’t so discrete, earning the hungry stares of every other male in the vicinity. 

You showily crossed your legs, allowing your boyfriend to drink in the sight of them up close from where he was sitting next to you. His eyes gliding over your exposed skin, fingers twitching in his lap at the thought of groping your smooth thighs. You knew what he was thinking of and what he wanted to do, but damn his self control.

You wanted to see him snap.

Dinner was currently being served to all the guests, and the round tables were scattered around the room here and there. Changkyun had chosen a secluded one in the corner right by a balcony crowded with flowers and creeping vines. The warm summer night air crept in through the open doors, sounds of the city mixing with the lilting classical music the string ensemble in the room was playing. The two of you were sat at the table with some of his friends, all young handsome men, that you dare say almost made your heart beat as fast as Changkyun did. 

Perfect, you felt a smirk spread.

“Wonho?,” you called out innocently, batting your eyelashes enough to make the man gulp, but you had been seeing the lusty glances he’d been directing at you all night. Without a doubt he was the easiest prey of the bunch. You knew Wonho for being flirtatious with anything that had an ass and a heart beat, so he wouldn’t be too hard to play with. 

“Hm?,” he hummed, his soft looking lips set into a crooked grin. You didn’t fail to notice his hand tightly grip his thigh, eyes hungrily eating up your body before darting up to your face. You blushed as he practically undressed you with his heavy gaze, realizing the flirty blonde was more than you initially bargained for. But, this was a golden opportunity, quite literally too, the thing that would finally push Changkyun over the edge.

Speaking of which, he was still talking excitedly with Jooheon, his hand resting casually on your knee as he burst out laughing at a joke you, knowing Jooheon’s sense of humor, probably would have thought was bad anyway. You leaned in towards Wonho, who was sat to your right, giving him a full show of your cleavage as you pouted, “Why is it that a handsome man like you doesn’t have a girlfriend yet?” You mirrored Changkyun’s hand and rested one on top of Wonho’s hand that was gripping his thigh. You played with his fingers, feeling yourself cringing as he drunk in your exposed skin, a smirk playing on his lips.

He bit his bottom lip as he leaned in close to your ear, his lips brazenly brushing the shell, “Because I haven’t found anyone who’s been able to satisfy me yet.”

You were genuinely surprised with Wonho at this point and were struggling for purchase on what to say without taking it too far. You stuttered out a simple, “O-oh?” Why wasn’t Changkyun noticing all of this was happening? He was right next to you and hadn’t even noticed?

Wonho slung an arm over the back of your chair, his fingers delicately tracing patterns on your exposed shoulder. His eyes were hooded with blatant want as he whispered, “What about you, _____? Why are you still hanging around with a kid like Changkyun? I’m sure there are plenty of other men who could offer you something a bit more…desirable.” You were cursing your dress to the high heavens at this point as he caressed you.

You were losing your confidence too at each of his words, becoming a bit angry that he would insult your boyfriend and his friend to your face. You switched to a different method, shifting in your chair so that Changkyun’s hand slipped off your leg, your body almost entirely facing Wonho now. You leaned in to Wonho, feigning curiosity, “Well what could you offer that Changkyun already doesn’t give me?”

Your interest seemed to please the blonde, an eyebrow lifting gracefully as he smirked at your question. He lifted his chin cockily, arm pulling you possessively into his side, “I offer you an actual man, _____. Not a boy." 

You were about to bite out a retort when you were ripped away from Wonho. A chill ran down your spine as Changkyun’s voice growled, "What the hell do you think you’re doing with my girlfriend, Wonho?” He stood up with you, his hand practically squeezing yours in a death grip. 

Wonho looked up, eyes round with innocence, “I was simply having a chat with her. Is there anything wrong with that? We are friends after all, right ______?” You felt Changkyun shake with anger, but you tilted your head in confusion at Wonho as he gave you a knowing smile. What exactly was up with this guy?

“Y-yeah,” you placed a hand on your boyfriend’s arm, trying to calm his rage. “Changkyun, it was all a misunderstanding-”

“Oh yeah? What’s there to misunderstand about having my girlfriend all over another man?,” he seethed, eyes dilating with anger. 

“Changkyun…,” you started gently, but he shrugged you off of him and you shrank back in shame, realizing you might have took it too far. His other friends stared at you in concern, seeing the tears that were threatening to spill. You might be Changkyun’s girlfriend, but you were their friend too.

He gave you and Wonho an icy look, “We’re leaving, I’ll be in the taxi.” He shot over his shoulder at you as he stalked away, voice laced with venom, “Oh and don’t forget to say bye to your friend before you leave.” You watched him go and your heart sank to your stomach.

You felt a hand rub your back comfortingly and saw that Wonho was beside you. He gave you a sympathetic smile, “I think your little plan worked, _____.”

You jumped and whispered in disbelief, “How did you know?”

Wonho smiled, a genuine and amused curve of his pretty lips, “It was pretty clear to everyone what your intention was as soon as you walked through the door with that little number on,” he nodded to your scandalous dress and picked at the clingy fabric,  causing you to blush. “I just thought I’d help you along in your scheme.”

You wanted the ground to swallow you into the abyss as you murmured bitterly, “Now Changkyun hates me. I pushed him too far and ruined it all.” You felt completely miserable to say the least.

The tall, older man scoffed, “_____, you got him right where you want him. As a man myself, I can tell you that as soon as you get back to the hotel he’s going to fuck the day lights out of you." 

Your face grew red at his bluntness, but you felt a bit more hopeful now. You looked up at him shyly, "Well thank you for helping me, Wonho. And sorry for dragging you into this mess along with me.”

He shrugged with a crooked smile, “I knew what I was getting myself into.” He patted your back, shooing you along, “Now get going, your man’s waiting for you.”

You thanked him again before you walked as quickly as your heels would allow you. You knew Changkyun was going to be pissed at first, but if what Wonho said was true, then you just had to direct his anger to other places. Lower places.

You arrived at the taxi and slipped into the back seat next to Changkyun, who had his head propped on his elbow as he surveyed the busy street. He looked so empty and his poker face was so good you couldn’t even gauge what he was thinking. You bit your lip and murmured a tentative greeting, “Hey…”

He didn’t even glance in your direction, giving the taxi driver the name and address of the hotel you were staying at. You didn’t expect a response, but his silence still hurt a little. The short ride was pretty uncomfortable and you could practically feel the loathing oozing from Changkyun. You were used to this though, when he was mad, he usually went for the silent treatment. Which was strange considering he had such a direct personality, but you didn’t mind because it was manageable.

You felt anticipation stir in your belly as you arrived at the hotel, much to your surprise Changkyun still got out first and opened the taxi door for you. Even at his worst times, he never failed to remain a gentleman. You gave a small smile when he turned around and walked into the shining hotel. You followed him to the elevator, which thankfully, was full of other people as well so the tension wasn’t as stifling. 

You felt a wash of relief though when there was a sharp ding and the doors opened smoothly to your floor. Changkyun didn’t hesitate to walk out, leaving you to catch up to him as he briskly walked to your room number. He swiped the key card and you stumbled in behind him, anxious to see what his reaction was going to be.

You first gratefully slipped your heels off, glad to be free of their pointy treachery. Then you felt him watching you as you unzipped the dress that started it all and let it pool at your feet, his eyes burning two crisp holes into the back of your head. You didn’t know what to say, or who was going to speak first, but you felt a wash of relief when he suddenly spoke.

“I think it’s cute how you think you can best me,” you felt his hot breath on the back of your of your neck. A shiver raced down your bare spine when his lips connected to your skin, his voice reached so low you had to strain to discern what he was saying. “Oh baby girl,” he breathed, “You know you can’t beat me at my own game right?”

You bit your tongue, unable to think of something witty to say back to him. You were far more distracted with the way his thumbs were rubbing slow circles on your bare hips and the wet kisses he pressed to your neck.

“What’s wrong, ______? Did you waste all your energy talking with that sly bastard Wonho?” The jealousy that slinked through his words coiled around in the pit of your stomach like a hissing viper as you gulped. He felt even more dangerous than usual. Each word was like a knife aimed at your heart, but his touches were meant to entice you, to pull you in closer. He was luring you in slowly but surely.

Changkyun clicked his tongue at your silence, “Now that won’t do." 

He turned you around and pushed you onto the large, plush bed, the silky white sheets were like an ocean and you were struggling to not drown. You almost flinched under Changkyun’s intense gaze, a mixture of anger and apparent lust swimming in his dark eyes as they bore into you.

He took his time undoing his black silk bow tie, leaving the fabric infuriatingly loose around his neck as he undid the first few buttons of his dress shirt. You bit your lip at the slightest sliver of skin that peeked out, already wishing to let your nails scrape down his chest. He knew what he was doing too, baiting you into his trap that you already knew you were caught in. He was the hunter and you were his willing prey, all he had to do was take what was his.

You unconsciously fisted the sheets as he shrugged off his suit jacket, slinging it carelessly on a leather chair that resided in the room. He took note of your apparent struggle and smirked, "Still sticking to your guns, _____?,” he crawled onto the bed and hovered over your body, careful not to touch you. “I’m impressed. I knew you were stubborn but I would have never guessed it was to this extent.”

Changkyun leaned down, his voice hardly above a whisper, but in the oppressive silence of the large hotel room, it was like a shout, “Then again, I haven’t even touched you yet and your already a fucking mess.”

You sucked in a breath, body straining to not pull him down by his hair and kiss and kiss and kiss. He must’ve saw the battle you were waging on yourself because he chuckled, “Now like I said,” he slipped the loose bow tie off his neck and tossed it to the side, placing his hands on either side of your head, “Your silence just won’t do.”

You shuddered as he licked his bottom lip, allowing you to watch his tongue travel from one corner to the next, “You’re going to make some noise for me, baby girl.” He let a finger trail around the curve of your breasts and down you navel, his finger stopping above the place you were desperate for him to finally touch. He tilted his head as if contemplating what his hand was doing, but there was dark amusement in his eyes, “Now, whether that’s a moan or you screaming my name when I finally fuck you raw, doesn’t matter to me. Though,” he smirked through his words, “You and I both know I would enjoy the second option much more.”

His hand was now gently caressing your inner thigh, your legs spreading so willingly at just his touch it made you blush from your neediness. He pressed a kiss to your jaw, teeth darting out to nip at the skin playfully, “I know what you want, baby, why don’t you just tell me so that I can finally give you it?” His brow suddenly furrowed, jealousy once again slipping into his cocky words, “Unless you’d rather it was someone else doing this to you? Wonho, maybe?”

You were beginning to get as equally pissed when he kept mentioned his friend each time you got close to getting what you wanted, but then again, you’d brought it on yourself. You finally spoke, your voice weak with disuse and anticipation, “No, I want you Changkyun.”

He seemed unsatisfied with your answer, you weren’t squirming enough for his liking. He pushed his way down your body until he was hovering over your core, nosing his way along your thigh until he reached a spot that he liked best. He proceeded to suck and bite on the skin there, leaving a violently dark, purple hickey. Changkyun let his tongue lazily lave at the spot, soothing his good work before moving on to another. He continued that vicious cycle until you began to whimper from the soreness his teeth left as he went back to old love marks, “Changkyun, please!”

He hid his smirk against your skin, “Please, what? Please you?”

“Y-yes!,” you stuttered as a finger came up to lightly trace around your folds. Damn him and his incessant teasing!…

“You know me, ______,” he chuckled darkly, “I’m a blunt person and I only comprehend things that are also straightforward. So tell me baby girl,” he enunciated every syllable with a tap of his finger against your core, “What do you want?”

He knew you were bad at dirty talk, you left that department to him since he was a natural at it, but you knew that he loved to see you squirm too. But you also understood that if you didn’t give him what he wanted, there was no way in hell you were going to get the thing you wanted most.

You swallowed, your voice straining with want, “I-I want you to f-fuck my pussy with your tongue, Changkyun.”

“Hmm, that’s what I thought,” he simpered as he hooked his fingers around the waistband of your panties and pulled them down your legs fluidly. He spread your legs even more so that he was resting comfortably between them before he pressed his tongue to you, groaning at your wetness and taste. Your hands flied to his hair when he licked you slowly from the bottom of your folds to the top, loving the way you tug him closer and the fact you got so wet from basically just his words alone. When his tongue slipped into you, your back arched off the bed, hips rolling into his mouth as you shook from the feeling. He curled and flicked it inside of you, dark eyes watching your face twist in pleasure. His mouth found your clit and he began to mercilessly suck on the sensitive bundle of nerves, your fingers knotting in his hair tightly. He hummed against you as he inserted two fingers into you as well, causing you to cry out, “A-ah!”

He pulled his mouth away to get a good look at your disheveled state while he continued to finger you quickly, “Looks like my baby is enjoying herself.” He groaned as you began to fuck back against his fingers, “But who’s my baby thinking of?” He sped up his fingers, inserting a third and watching you scream from the sudden stretch, “Say his name." 

Through the pleasure you somehow heard him, "W-what?,” you choked out in confusion.

Changkyun was seething, his fingers punishing you relentlessly as he growled, “Say his fucking name. Or I will stop.”

You knew what he wanted, how twisted he could be when he was jealous, and you were going to give it to him. You knew that if you played along with his little games, he’d reward you tenfold in the end, he always did. He asked for it after all, might as well make the best of it. 

Your hands flew to the bed sheet, your head tossed back as you screamed another man’s name, “Wonho! F-fuck baby, just like that.” You suddenly felt the return of Changkyun’s mouth to your clit, his fingers never stopping as you approached your high. You threaded your fingers through his hair and violently rocked your hips into him desperately, his deep voice groaning against you. You cried out, “Y-yeah! Wonho, please! Don’t stop!”

You felt the tension in your stomach build until it felt almost unbearable, each quick thrust of his fingers sending you closer and closer. You screamed his name this time, a satisfied feeling running through the both of you at the sound of it, “Changkyun!”

Regardless if had come, he continued to suck on your clit, his fingers leaving you. Your thighs shook from over stimulation, but Changkyun didn’t stop his assault on your most sensitive bundle of nerves. Your voice shook with strain, “C-Changkyun!…Stop!” Your hands weakly attempted to push him away, but he was practically anchored to your core. You felt tears fall down your face as the overwhelming pleasure continued, whimpers escaping your throat.

Finally satisfied, your boyfriend released you from his sweet torture, cleaning your folds soothingly with his tongue. He licked his lips, which shined with your desire, “Baby girl, I would taste you all the time if I could.” Changkyun placed his fingers in his mouth, eyes practically rolling back from the taste, “So fucking sweet.” You watched with heat suddenly rushing back to you stomach as he sucked on his digits. He noticed your lusty gaze and released his fingers from his mouth with a pop, his usual smirk resting on his lips, “Does my baby girl want a taste as well?”

Not leaving you room for an answer he placed his fingers in your awaiting mouth, “You know I’m a giver, ______. I could never say no to you.”

You sucked on his digits, feeling out the taste of your own juices mixed with Changkyun, swirling your tongue sensually around his finger and wanting to smirk at the way his lips parted from the feeling. You were surprised how calm Changkyun had been through this whole ordeal,  but it was pleasant. Usually when he was in one of his moods, you were tied up and gagged, consensual mind you, while he had his wicked way with you, which could last for hours if he wanted it to. Being the slight masochist you were, you savored those days with him.

You were jerked from your musings when he pulled his fingers from your mouth, “I think it’s about time to give you exactly what you wanted, baby girl.” To your delight, your boyfriend reached for his half undone shirt and continued what he started earlier. Each pop of a button set you on edge, your eyes greedily drinking in the creamy expanse of his chest. He shrugged the expensive shirt off, effortlessly sexy, tossing it to the floor of the hotel room carelessly. You didn’t dare blink as he reached for his leather belt, his eyes never leaving yours as it slithered out of the loops of his black dress pants and joined his shirt on the floor. Changkyun was taking his time, soaking in your anticipation like it was the most potent of aphrodisiacs. Just knowing how much you wanted him, how much you absolutely needed him to fuck you up sent shivers down his spine. He pulled the zipper down carefully before he popped the button out of its hole, and you were sure you’ve never seen him look more beautiful. In the rainbow glow of the rising skyscrapers around you, he looked completely undone, yet powerful at the same time. His hair was bewitchingly disheveled and his dark eyes tracing over every curve of your body and sex was unraveling you faster than you cared to admit.

You couldn’t help yourself from murmuring as he seemed to tower above you like some divine being, “You’re so beautiful, Changkyun…”

For a moment, his frozen exterior melted and you saw the warmth below through your half lidded eyes, the spring that followed the winter. He didn’t respond because you knew that if he did, everything he’d built so far would crumble to dust. How easily you could break him down, far too easily for his liking. He slid his pants and underwear down his hips, letting his already weeping member spring free from its tight prison. You sucked in a breath at the sight, feeling the power and dominance roll off him in waves. You could also feel the desperation rising in your throat as your heat throbbed in response to his nakedness. 

You whimpered, your arms reaching out for him weakly like a child, “Changkyun, please…”

He smiled, the curve of his lips taunting you, “So impatient. Even when I said you’re getting exactly what you wanted, you still act up.” He allowed your waiting arms to encircle him and captured your lips for the first time that night, pulling away all too soon. He dragged his teeth over his bottom lip, “So naughty of you, baby girl.” He teased your folds with the head of his member, making you mewl pathetically, “But so wet for me too.”

He slid his hands down the back of your thighs and hiked you legs up by the back of your knees, “I think my baby girl still deserves a good fucking though.”
You almost nodded along with his words as if to reassure him that, oh yes that’s a wonderful decision, but you were completely jolted as Changkyun slammed himself into you. You groaned out in satisfaction, “Fuck! Yes, Changkyun!”

He smirked at how easy you were, already plowing into you at an unforgiving pace. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as he bucked into your slick heat, walls clenching greedily around him. The lewd sound of your skin slapping together filled up the large hotel room, mixing with your moans.
Changkyun effortlessly shifted your legs to his shoulders, allowing for him to reach you even deeper. He groaned, a deep rumbling sound that practically vibrated your sensitive bundle of nerves, “Fuck, baby girl. You’re such a slut for me and my dick, aren’t you?”

You nodded frantically, fingers grasping at his hair as you pulled desperately at the tips, “Yes! Only for you!” You stoked his ego eagerly, knowing the results that followed would only bring you pleasure.

“That’s fucking right,” he grunted as he reached down and slapped your exposed ass.  He soothed the redness with his palm, kissing you deeply before pulling away. “I’m the only one who could fuck you like this, _____.” He drank in your face through half lidded eyes, swallowing your lust and moans eagerly.

You whimpered, feeling your end approach as Changkyun throbbed inside of you. Panting, you wildly bucked up into him, his loud moan signaling his release. You felt his seed shoot deep inside of you, hot and thick as he thrust through his orgasm, trying to bring you to your high as well. You looked up to see his eyes screwed shut and his brows furrowed as his orgasm overrode all his senses with pleasure. His moans were so deep and satisfied that when you reached down to frantically rub your clit, all you needed was that to finally come around him. You cried out in bliss, fingers quick on your clit as your thighs shook from your orgasm. Changkyun groaned a final time as your walls continued to milk him of any and all of his seed. 

More than a few moments passed as you both relished watching each other recover from the intense pleasure you experienced together. Changkyun’s fingers brushed your wild strands of hair from your face, a genuine smile rising on his lips, “My baby girl is so beautiful.”

“I love you, Lim Changkyun,” you breathed out, still catching your breath. You leaned up and kissed his cheek, as he pulled out of you carefully. 

You winced and he ran a soothing hand over the blossoming bruises that were forming where his hips had snapped into you over and over. He looked a little proud, a little embarrassed, “I love you too, baby.” He cleared his throat suddenly, laying down beside you with his head propped on his hand, “You almost made me stop.”

You quirked a brow, “What do you mean?”

“You…,” he swallowed, his hand caressing your stomach absentmindedly. “When you called me beautiful. It made me remember how gentle you can be and I didn’t want to hurt you.”

You stared at him with startled wide eyes at first, then burst into giggles as he looked at you grumpily. You quickly stifled your laughter and smiled, “What made you change your mind?”

Changkyun pulled you to lay closer to him by your hip, resting you in the curve of his body. “I remembered how stubborn and strong you were.” He smirked playfully, “And the fact that you looked so completely fuckable.”

You pushed at his shoulder with a scoff, “No, you mean you were too horny at that point to stop.”

“No,” he tilted your chin towards him and placed a gentle kiss on your lips. “It’s really because you’re so damn beautiful. The fact you called me beautiful is an insult to yourself because no one should deserve to be called that except you.”

You blushed at his words as he nuzzled your neck. You mumbled shyly, “Thank you for putting up with me and my weird ass plan.”

He tucked the both of you under the soft bed sheets, snuggling close to you, already drifting off to sleep with his arms around you, “It’s more than a pleasure…and you got what you deserved anyway.”

One of my kids woke up early from nap time so I asked them to come quietly color.. so I hand this kid an orange paper and like 9 different crayons.
He says “I want black thank you please”
So already I’m like “Awwww”

Then he uses a monster voice and says “I do spiders” and starts scribbling vigorously.
I say “Okay buddy, how about we change colors and calm down.” So I take his black crayon and give him a green.

He looks at me.. looks at the green crayon.. looks at the black crayon. He says “No, I want spider please” so I hesitantly hand him the “Spider crayon” and I ask “Okay friend, what are we going to draw?” And he looks at me and nods his head no while chuckling.. and under his breath he whispered “Spiders”

Omg I love this kid?

You are alive and staring out the bedroom window
and you tell me that in elementary school
you learned that the color black
is the absence of color, but you say that it’s not the whole story
that there are a myriad of other wavelengths
the black object does not absorb.
These energies are lost to imperception,
absorbed by unknowning, and
much of the world passes by as as ghosts.
This is a physical loss of spirit, you say.

This is when I hug you and press my nose into your
black black hair and I ask you
to tell me everything everything that you know
but you look up and already by this point
the dream is slipping away from my grasp,
the colors of your eyes are changing,
the details of the bedroom we used to live in are disappearing,
and I am no longer holding you,
and everything is being whited out to some brilliant pale,
and I find myself in my bed squinting out the window to the dawn sun.

But I hear your voice played out from my head
from years ago when you noted
that the color from this candle is honest light
it hasn’t yet been reflected,
hasn’t yet had a chance to lose itself.
The color from the flame of the candle is newborn
just like you and me before each other’s sight,
new every second, alive and staring under the light,
moved by bodies, energies, (and spirits).


summary: you have a bad dream and Shawn comforts you



Everything was dark. You couldn’t see anything around you, besides black. And you were sitting on the ground. You tried to stand so you could try to figure out where you were, but your legs failed you. “Hello?” you called out, hoping there would be an answer, hoping someone would tell you what was happening. “Hello, my dear.” You could physically feel the color drain from your face as panic slowly took over your body. Starting by making your toes go numb, and spreading up your legs and throughout your torso and your arms. You recognized the voice. And as you saw his big black boots approach, you recognized those too. You watched in horror as he pulled out a knife, the gleam of the blade catching a far-off light. “No one fools with me, sweetheart.“ 

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“If you don’t want to help me bring back your mother,” His voice was calculating, and Adrien felt as thought they were in a business meeting gone sour. “That’s fine,” Hawkmoth went on, corrupting a black butterfly, “That’s fine, son. There are other methods at my employ.” 

I know it’s not perfect, bu tI ultimately want to practice coloring anyway, I think I succeeded with adrien so


When I was eight
I would walk up to my mother
My short curly hair in a frizzy halo around my head
With my somewhat crooked smile
And ask her if I would be pretty

She would smile
Pat my hair down
Bop me on my nose
And say with a honey sweet voice
Not to worry about it

When I was 13 I hated my body
My thighs too big, boobs not big enough
Mornings would be spent stuffing my bra
Denying myself the right to breakfast
I didn’t dare insinuate that I was skinny enough to deserve it

By 15 I was covered in different peroxides
My teeth held together by metal braces
My face a collage of different flaws
So I painted it like it was a portrait
Just so I could cringe less when I looked in the mirror

When I was 18 I learned that nobody would love me
The way I should love myself
And a weight was lifted off my shoulders
Because somewhere in between the frizzy halo and metal braces
I was taught to hate myself

But this is not just about me
This is about the girls who will go home crying
Because they weren’t deemed pretty enough
And all the people who will sway home tonight in a drunken trance
Because a stranger didn’t think they’re suitably screwable

This about the world we’ve created for ourselves
Haunted by models and mirrors
Our own reflections a prison
Our flaws become metal bars
Our insecurities are our chains

When my daughter walks up to me some years from now
Whatever her hair looks like
No matter her crooked smile
And asks me if she will be pretty
I will smile, look her in the eye, and say no

You will never be just pretty

You will be pretty intelligent, pretty talented
You will be pretty gifted, pretty kind
But no daughter of mine will be confined
By some shallow five letters

—  My friend, my queen, THE Jinan Abu-Farhah

“You ever think about how we’re only 7% of this city? […] Like, black folks are 7% of this city. And then you take whatever, 1% or 2% considers itself, like, punk or indie or folk or, you know, just not what you see on BET, like, you ever realize just how few of us there really are?”

Medicine for Melancholy (2008), dir. Barry Jenkins

When love isn't enough:Never ending danger

Mature content and strong language
Divergent fanfiction:Eric/OC
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I feel an intense burning sensation and attempt to open my eyes. However the light is blinding so I let them slip back shut. The lights are dimmed, I can tell because it goes from bright red to a dull red behind my eyelids.
I push my eyes back open as I feel a hand slip into mine. I’m trying to get my eyes to focus as I realize silver ones are starring back at me. His face is still swollen but the color has gone from black and blue to green and yellow.

“How are you feeling?” his voice sounds strained and tired. I can tell he’s uncomfortable sitting in that chair.

“How long have I been here?” I try to sit up but the burn and pull in my chest is just to much.
“No no no, Leci lay back down,"he gently pushes on my shoulder. But I scrunch my nose in realization that he just used my nickname.
"What? Why are you making that face?” he looks like he’s trying to figure out a puzzle.
“Eric you just called me Leci.” he rolls is eyes as I narrow mine.
“So. That is what your mother, Max and a few of your friends call you is it not.”

“I don’t have friends. Where is my mother? How long have I been here?” I wince as my pain level increased.

“She had to work. You’ve been here almost forty-eight hours. Do you want me to get the nurse to give you something for pain?” I just nod my head.
The nurse comes in and goes to reach over me but pauses and turns around.
“Face the door for a moment please,” Eric gives gives her a signature glare bur complies anyway.
She unties the strings at the top of my gown and pulls it back to check the stiches.
“Looks good. You got lucky she had a shitty aim and poor arm strength. You can turn back around nose,” Eric scoffed with an attitude returning to his seat.
“I’ll give you a shot for pain. The healing serum is moving your healing process along nicely. You can probably be released tomorrow. ” she shot the pain meds into my IV and walked out.

“Do you remember what happened?” he had a troubled look in his eyes.
“Vaguely. I went to the roof after the nurse made me leave your room. I wanted to get some air. Red’s crazy ass stabbed me. I heard people shouting and that’s it.” I shuttered at the memory.
“She tried to throw you off the roof. By sheer luck some Dauntless born came out af the same time. They barely managed to grab you and detain her while finding help.” you could see the anger rolling off of him.
“They made her Factionless. She’s gone. I wanted to kill her but they wouldn’t let me,” he had a far off look to him.

“Eric. Hey it’s ok. I’m going to be fine,"he looked at me like I lost my mind.
"It’s not alright. Nothing is alright. The Stiff damn near beat me to death, took the number one rank. That bitch almost killed you. She would have succeeded. How is any of that alright. I would have lost my damn mind, I did almost loose my mind,” his voice cracked as he spoke his last few words.
“Would you just please lay down with me?” his eyes instantly softened.

Carefully he layed down on the bed and put his head next to mine. We just starred intently into each others eyes for a few moments. He finally leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.
“Go back to sleep. I promise I’m not going anywhere. ” that made me feel a little safer. I let my eyes slip shut while he ran his fingers gingerly up and down my arm.

Three days later I was home and it was visting day. Thankfully my mother was at work when the front door flew open and Eric barged in dragging Audrianna behind him. He looked like he seen a ghost.
“I need to leave her here with you. Jeanine just showed up and Audi isn’t suppose to know I’m in Dauntless.” they both looked panicked and desperate.

“Of course she can stay here. What the hell is Jeanine doing here?” I really was starting to want to shoot her myself.

“I don’t know. But I have to go. I’ll be back as soon as it’s safe” he kissed his sister on the head and quickly did the same to me before running out the door.
“Oh my lord Aleisia are you alright? Eric told me some crazy girl stabbed you,” she hugged me gently and sat down next to me.
“I’m fine. It’s the nightmares that get to me. Why aren’t you suppose to know Eric is in Dauntless? Did Jeanine follow you?” always more questions than answers.
“Eric should be the one to tell you that. But no I don’t think she followed me.”

“He never tells me anything. I want to kick his ass more often than not.” her face broke into a smile.
“You should kick his ass. I’m glad you talked to him. Has he gotten any better?” I chuckled darkly and rolled my eyes.
“Define better.” at this she just shook her head.
“I hoped being here with you and away from her things would change.” she sounded disappointed.

Hours later I woke up to being softly shook and Eric saying my name. I looked at the clock then a the sleeping girl next to me.
“What happened? What took you so long,” he looked pale and worn out.

“ I am going to need your help. Erudite isn’t safe for her anymore. I got ahold of an old friend in Amity. I can’t move her until tomorrow night. Will she be alright herw?’ he was a cross between furious and nervous.
"Of course she can. What the fuck is going on.? I want to tell me the TRUTH.” I was done being left in the dark.
“I will tomorrow. Can you just trust me for tonight? Please, ” I could see the internal struggle.
“Fine. Tomorrow. Are you going back to the dorm tonight?” he shook his head.

“I’m going to sleep on your floor. I’ll sneak back into the doorm before six. Thank you. For helping and for trusting me.” he kissed my forehead before making a spot on the floor for himself.

What the hell have I gotten involved in? Again.

anonymous asked:

i see a lot of ppl refer to jasper as black coded n i've been wondering why?? i know you're not black so might not want to take that answer on yourself but i like ur blog and was hoping you could ask ur followers or somethin?? (i don't mean to be dismissive or anything of ppl who say she's black coded, i just personally don't see it but would like to hear the reasons so i can Get It, u know?)

i think it’s mainly because kimberly brooks, a black va, voices jasper. but if coding were reliant upon voices, then connie would be half-white half-japanese, ruby would be filipino, etc., which obviously isn’t true. perhaps it’s something beyond that that im missing/can’t pick up since im not black myself?

obviously, her treatment in canon plays into butchphobia though. i personally still see her as coded to be of color in general though, but it’d be appreciated to see what some of my black followers think!

Cybermatsu AU?

Omg just imagine this: S/O was busy playing with her smart-phone until they suddenly misclicked and unknowingly installed a software called: Cybermatsu. She opened the application, revealing a cute pine-themed loading screen. After waiting for a few minutes, the loading screen black suddenly and there’s a voice saying: “Pick your Matsu!”. Confused, They aimlessly tapped the screen a few times and a popup suddenly appeared, listing the name of the Matsuno Brothers. Out of curiosity, S/O yelled out her [F/C] colored text, resulting a cute little Chibi Matsu to appear on the screen <3

Their first line:

Osomatsu: Hello there, thanks for picking me~ I know I’m irresistible to begin with~ Say, what’s your name? Ah~ I’m Osomatsu! Hey, wanna go watch some movies with me? //smirks naughtily//

Karamatsu: Heh. Bless your for choosing me, my Angel. Before we continue our love stoy, may I know your name? My name is..Karamatsu. //Charisma mode on//

Choromatsu: U-Umm..Hello there! My name is Choromatsu! Nice to meet you! Thanks for choosing me rather than my brothers, I know I’m probably unworthy but, please enjoy your time with me. What’s your name? //smiling cutely//

Ichimatsu: I’m Ichimatsu. T-Thanks fr choosing me over my shitty brothers. I-I’m kind of thankful about it.. //blushes slightly, petting his orange cat//  A-Anyway, what’s your name?

Jyushimatsu: Jyushiimatsu desu!! Hahahaha, thanks for choosing me! Hey hey, do you have something that I can eat? I’m hungry! Oops- Wrong! Hey hey!! What’s your name? //smiling brightly//

Todomatsu: Ah, hello! I’m Todomatsu! Nice to meet you. Omg! You’re so pretty! I can’t wait to waste my time with you! Hey, what’s your name? Let’s go shopping sometimes!~ //Taking a picture of you whilst smiling cutely//

Days passed and you wasted hours by socializing with them. You were never get bored because there’s so many unique features in the application. You can change their appearance, like changing their outfit into the super cute Alice In Wonderland themed outfits, or add some cute features like wings, crowns, blushes,etc. You can also feed them with Chibita’s oden, Mom’s pears, etc. You can interact with them in oh so many ways! And the greatest part is, they won’t even say the same sentence over and over again! So in a way, you’re like having them as your bestfriend. 

++ Dialogues ++

When you open the app:

Osomatsu: Ah, welcome back, [Name]! So, what are we doing next?I’m reallyyyy bored, [Name-chan]~ Haa, I wish I were there in your room, I want to hug you~ Actually, I want to do the do with you. Hehehehe~

Karamatsu: Hmm~? You’re back, My Angel. Shall we continue our love story? I can’t wait to sing my beautifully written song that I made for you~ I’ve made this only for you, my beloved!

Choromatsu: Oh, welcome back, [Name]! Ehh, isn’t it weird that you always check on my everday? Don’t tell me..[Name], have you finished your homework yet? Go finish your homework first, idiot!

Ichimatsu: Welcome back, idiot. So, how was your day? You know, talking with an unburnable trash like me won’t ease your stress, you know. B-But don’t leave! I missed you, so..

Jyushimatsu: Hahahaha! Welcome home! Hey, did you brought me some food?! I’m still hungry!~ Wait! Let’s go and play baseball together, haha!~ HUSTLE MUSCLE HUSTLE MUSCLE!!~

Todomatsu: Omoo! Welcome back, [Name]-chan! Hey, let’s take a selfie. //takes a selfie// Anyway, how was your day? Eh..not good, hm? Well, you can talk to me, I know you can count on me to lighten your day up <3