black is the black



C: Today I witnessed some of the most idiotic shit ever in my life. One of my great aunts literally went off on my cousin due to her not finishing a corner of a hamburger. Like, the girl ate most of her food, so what’s the point of finishing off a little bit of burger if she’s full? And my aunt’s like, oh if she’s full then she won’t want this cupcake. Like of course she wants it. Any kid that is full literally always has room for dessert. But anyway, she went crazy and I got so pissed off at everyone involved. Like idk, but why do black people – mainly the older generations – just assume yelling and hitting is gonna make shit go away? Like all that drama caused me to have a panic attack, shaking and hyperventilating and they brushed that off as a joke too. Like damn, guess I can’t have any problems either. Shit annoys me.