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WANDERLUST, A Mythology Anthology is currently live on Kickstarter!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American supporters!

WANDERLUST, A Mythology Anthology is an all-new anthology of original comics, illustrations and short stories that reimagine and retell mythological stories.

For ONE DAY ONLY on Friday, November 24th from 12:00am to 11:59pm PST we are offering a Black Friday deal! For $35 USD you can get our Explorer Bundle, which includes a physical copy of WANDERLUST, A Mythology Anthology, our 5″x7″ print pack, and downloadable PDFs of the anthology and our WANDERLUST Digital Sketchbook!

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My girlfriend is flying back to Baltimore tomorrow and I’m so excited 😩😍 I miss her so much and she’s only been gone for 4 days 😭 ughhh when did I become so cheesy and mushy


Instead of waking up early on Black Friday morning to wait in line for minimum wage workers to sell you a toaster at 15% off, please #OptOutside. 

Take your leftovers and go climb a mountain. 

Cross-country ski. 

Ice skate.

If you can, do something that gets you outside and away from the commercialism of the holiday weekend. In a world where so much of our lives are governed by the media and consumerism, take a day to unplug and appreciate the world around you. It’s worth it.