black ipod headphones

INTP-ISTJ They’re Not /Completely/ Broken Yet

ISTJ: Have you found a new pair of headphones yet?

INTP: Huh?

ISTJ: You told me you were going to pick out a new pair to replace the ones you’re using now.

ISTJ: You told me that months ago.

INTP: Oh, that’s right.

INTP: Well. No, I haven’t, but–

ISTJ: Let me see the brand you have.

ISTJ: *Takes INTP’s headphones*

ISTJ: Okay. I’m going to order you some new ones.

INTP: Why?

ISTJ: Because the ones you’re using have been completely destroyed and are a mangled mess.

ISTJ: And because if I don’t do it, you’re going to have those awful things for the rest of your life.

ISTJ: It’s getting ridiculous, INTP. You need a new pair.

INTP: They still work, though.

ISTJ: They are a mess and need to be replaced.

INTP: But they sound fine!