black imagination

Dear Journal,

Today was tough. Regulus got attacked by some death eaters. Since he refused to become one, they were after him. He was at the park with Sirius and Teddy when it happened. Teddy wasn’t hurt, thank Merlin but Regulus was in a very bad shape. Sirius came home with a crying Teddy in his arms and a bleeding Regulus leaning on his shoulder. I instantly ran to them, taking the crying baby in my arms, letting Sirius place his brother on the ground. He could heal him, I thought. He had his healing powers.

“What happened?!” I asked, panicked.

“Death eaters. I need to heal him before it’s too late..” Sirius said, his hands shaking.

“Do you need anything? How can I help?!” I asked, trying to calm Teddy.

“I-I just need to.. not p-panick..” He said, starting to hyperventilate.

I set Teddy down in his day crib and placed him where he couldn’t see the scene. I didn’t want him to see this. I kneeled next to Sirius and took his face with my hands.

“Just breathe.. You’ll fix this okay? I know you can. You just need to believe in yourself. Breathe baby..” I said.

Sirius looked at his shaking hands covered in blood and started healing Regulus. Silent tears were running down his cheeks. I’ve never seen him like this. He looked so calm yet terrorised.

“Goodjob. Keep breathing baby..” i said.

The orange light coming out of his hands was working it’s way on Regulus’ skin.

“Moons?” Sirius asked.


“I’m gonna be sick.. just talk to me.. make me think about something else..” he said, his voice cracking.

“Oh..hum.. How would you like to get married in Paris? Wouldn’t it be lovely? We could visit the Eiffel tower just like you always dreamed of.” I said, my hand on his back.

“Yeah.. Yeah that would be perfect.” He said, smiling through the tears.

Regulus woke up suddently. He was breathing slowly.

“It’s okay Reggie.. You’re safe..” Sirius said to his brother, brushing his fingers in his dark hair.

“Am I.. Am I going to d-die?” Regulus said, his shaking lips still a shade of purple.

“No baby brother.. I fixed you up. You’re going to be just fine.” Sirius said, letting the tears go.

I took Teddy in my arms. He instantly extended his arms to Regulus.

“Wegulus..” Teddy said, crying softly.

“I’m okay Teddy bear.. i’m okay.” Regulus said, his breathing less heavy.

Once Teddy calmed down, I put him to bed, leaving a kiss on his forehead. Sirius had helped Regulus walk to his bedroom. He was very weak. He needed to rest. I walked upstairs and saw Sirius brushing his hand in his brother’s hair, letting his thumb stroke the boy’s cheek.

“Are you okay?” I whispered, sitting next to Sirius.

He didn’t respond. He looked into my eyes and he broke. He just started sobbing, pulling me in his arms.

“Come with me.. We don’t want to wake him up.” I said, taking Sirius’ hand.

I led him to our bedroom. He was demolished. I sat on the bed next to him, his head leaning on my shoulder.

“Everything is okay.” I whispered.

“N-No.. Nothing’s okay.. They could’ve killed him.. They could’ve hurt Teddy.. that’s all my fault.. my family destroyed everything..” He said.

“Pads.. You want to know why Reg and Teddy are still alive and safe? That’s because of you. You protected them. It’s not your fault.. it’s far from your fault.. Sirius you keep this family together. Without you, where do you think Regulus would’ve ended up? Where do you think Teddy would’ve ended up?..and… Where do you think I would’ve ended up? I’m nothing without you. So don’t blame yourself love.. You don’t deserve any of the blame.” I said, hugging him close to me.

“Where would I be without you?” Sirius whispered, his voice cracking.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too.”

I kissed his forehead and layed the blankets on him. He layed his head on my chest and I brushed my fingers in his hair.

“I love you so much.” I whispered again, feeling my body drift to sleep.

April 23rd 1978

Something More

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a SiriusXReader where they wake up on saturday after having sex (she wears his shirt before he wakes up and they’re best friends) and they’re not in love yet and none of the Marauders goes to Hogsmeade but Reader and Sirius spend the day together (nobody knows) and they fall in love for each other when they’re swimming in the lake? (Don’t put the sex, please!) Thank you and I love your imagines!!! + sorry if is too specific 😂

It just last a few minutes, the satisfying smiles on their faces as they were both lying on the bed, the sheets tangled mess beneath them and their clothes strewn around the room carelessly. As Y/N’s pantings started to slow down, changing into steady breaths, she didn’t dare to glance at Sirius. It happened too fast, from the moment they stepped in her dormitory just for he wanted to escort her up, and maybe talk, but then they sat down on her bed and he was close, and she looked so good in her new dress and they haven’t thinking. But they were best friends since the first year, and now it was awkward.

“Listen, I, uh…” – Sirius started, after Y/N stared the ceiling for long minutes. His voice was uncertain, but she knew what he was thinking about. He just didn’t know how he should say it; it was different with other girls, saying he only wanted them for a night, but Y/N was his best friend.

“Don’t worry, I’m not in love with you.” – She cut him off; suddenly she didn’t feel herself so embarrassed. – “I mean, it was definitely really… really good, but…”

Sirius let out a deep breath. “Good. I was afraid I have to ask you out now or something.”

She raised an eyebrow, elbowing next to Sirius. “You say it like if that would be the worst thing.”

“No, no, I didn’t mean…” – He started, suddenly aware of how bad it sounded what he just said, but she just laughed.

“It’s fine, I knew what you meant.” – She rested her head on his chest while he wrapped his arm around her waist. – “Do you think we can do this again… maybe? I mean, if it’s okay to you…” – And she felt herself embarrassed again, but she had to ask, because it was so amazing with him.

And he agreed. They set one rule: they will do this in secret, because both of them now how their friends would react. James and Remus would kill Sirius and would be sure he will hurt Y/N’s feelings, Lily would try to talk her out every time she would see them near to each other… no, they want to have fun. And they had, indeed.

The awkwardness disappeared after the first time, and there were only pleasure and fun. There were no responsibilities or deeper feelings; it was just all easy and natural – maybe a bit too natural, but between them things was never difficult. They were best friends for a reason, after all.

It was an early Saturday morning when Y/N woke up, finding her dormitory was already empty. She tried to stretch her limbs, but Sirius body was pressed to hers too tightly, and when he sensed she was awake, he only pulled her closer, burying his face in her soft, sweet-smelling hair. She lightly shook her head and giggled silently; of course it was nice to not just having sex but snuggled up to each other too, but Sirius was so needy for it sometimes it was amusing. She waited until he fell asleep again; until his breaths were slow and steady before she crawled out from the bed, taking on Sirius’ shirt.

It was a day of a Hogsmeade trip, Y/N remembered, and she wanted to go – but not alone. Since her roommates already left, and probably most of her friends too, she decided to stay there, picking up a book and sitting back down next to Sirius. She was reading for at least half an hour when the boy finally woke up, slowly opening his eyes before he snapped his head up, staring her with a cocked eyebrow.

“What?” – She asked, not understanding the smug smile on his face.

“Nothing, just never seen you in my shirt before. Suits you well, though.”

She bit her lip and smiled before put the book down on the nightstand. “I thought you prefer me without it.”

“Now that you mention it…” – She giggled when he pushed her down on the sheets, tracing wet kisses on her neck, but stopped suddenly, pulling back. – “Why aren’t you in Hogsmeade?”

She sat up, leaning back against the headboard. “Well, I wanted to, but my friends already left and I don’t want to go alone.”

“That’s not very nice of them.” – He said, furrowing his eyebrows before stood up and started to dress up. – “Leaving you there…”

“Can’t blame them, though.” – She shrugged. – “They probably just tried to escape as soon as they could… Sometimes you snore like a drunken dog.” – He stopped buttoning his shirt and looked down at her with narrowed eyes, but with a hint of smirk at the corner of his lips. – “Didn’t you wanted to go?” – She asked before Sirius could have added something.

“Remus is still too weak after the full moon, Peter babysit, and James has a date with Lily.” – He explained, taking on his jeans. – “We can go together if you want to.”

And she said yes; it was the middle of May and the weather was warm and too nice for just sitting inside the chilly and almost completely empty castle. Sirius waited for her while she was getting ready; she take on a nice, thin shirt with a new, short skirt, making Sirius froze for a second when he saw her, then that so familiar grin appeared on his face. “Pretty.” – He complimented, but she knew his thoughts weren’t so solid.

It was late morning when they finally stepped out, into really a hot day and Y/N was glad she decided to wear just light and short clothes. They spent long hours at the village, wandering around the crowded shops, buying quills and books and delicious sweets. Only when they had left nothing to buy, they went to the Three Broomsticks for a few butterbeers, talking for another few hours. Several of Y/N’s friends waved at her when they passed them, almost nervously with narrowed eyes, but none of them joined to their table. After the third girl, Sirius looked at Y/N with a confused face, thinking at she had no idea either of the others’ odd behaviour, but she sighed, rolling her eyes.

“They probably think we’re on a date.”

Sirius raised his eyebrows in surprise, but then smirked. “Well, that’s your fault.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” – She folded her arms, but laughed.

“Because there are just the two of us, and you know… usually, you’re not dressing like this.”

She rolled her eyes. “Because usually, we have to wear uniforms, you dolt.”

He raised his palms defensively. “Hey, it’s not me who think we’re on a date.”

Y/N’s heart leapt with a feeling that she couldn’t quite understand, but waved it off, not really bothering to thinking it about twice.

People started to fill the pub since everyone finished their shopping – the whole place was crowded. They decided to go out and finish their last butterbeer on the way back to the castle; it was still hot and sunny, there wasn’t even a single cloud on the sky. They were walking at the edge of the Black Lake, Y/N tried to recover from an almost exhausting laugh after Sirius’ joke. Her hands on her aching stomach, inhaling and exhaling deeply while he looked down at her, grinning.

“We should go and swim.” – He didn’t even wait for her answer, he started to unbuttoning his shirt instantly, walking closer to the lake. Y/N followed, but stopped in front of him. – “What? Do you afraid the giant squid will see your tits?” – He grinned, and Y/N let out a chuckle, too.

“No, you idiot. There are people there!” – She pointed her finger at the distance – in a far distance. There were some people indeed, but so far away from that side of the lake they’d probably only saw shapes.

Sirius growled and rolled his eyes, unbuckling his belt now and take off his pants too. “Are you coming or not?” – He looked back before he disappeared in the water. – “It’s warm!” – He shouted, his head poking out, and Y/N sighed one last time before she slipped out from her clothes and dropped them off to the ground.

She tried to found him, but he disappeared from her eyes; before suddenly, she felt two hands on her legs and something between her thighs – she screamed as Sirius raised her up and came above the water. He laughed and she was sitting on her shoulders. – “That wasn’t funny, you scared me to death!” – She said a bit angrily, hitting his head. In the next moment she found herself in the lake, as he dropped her off. She swam on the surface quickly, and as Sirius currently closed his eyes as he was laughing, she threw herself on him, pushing him above the water.

She laughed as he started to tickle her under the water, letting him go. They both laughed and took on deep breaths, inches from each other’s face, before Sirius leaned closer and kissed her lips; slowly for a few seconds before he left her and went to swimming around.

But Y/N froze in one place. Because he never kissed her before like this, in public, in circumstances like this; not when he knew it won’t lead into more. Maybe he haven’t even noticed, but she did, and also the feeling that she felt again, same as noticed at the Three Broomsticks earlier, only it was more intense now. She couldn’t remember back when these feelings started, but now when she noticed, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Are you alright?” – She heard Sirius’ voice suddenly. He looked at her concerned, as he probably saw the shock on her face.

She looked into his eyes and cleared her throat, waving the feeling away again. But it wasn’t so easy anymore. “Yeah, I’m fine.” – She smiled, swimming away from him.

And they were swimming and laughing and felt themselves great, and she almost thought everything was fine again, until they stopped again, close to each other. He took out a bit of seaweed from her wet hair, but when their gaze met, he couldn’t look away, and she felt that again; her heart was racing and she wanted to kiss him – nothing more, just kissing, and in the moment she glanced down, he cupped her cheek with one hand, leaned on and pressed his lips against hers. They kissed so many times in the past few months, still, it felt like it was the first time.

His hand didn’t left her face and their lips almost still touched after he broke the kiss, looking into her eyes which was full of a mix of fears and excitement; and she saw the same on his, too. “You… you felt that too?”

She slowly nodded, and they gazing at each other, for so long it started to getting awkward again. Maybe it was from the surprise, as these feelings were so sudden and almost out of nowhere. Y/N left him there, swimming out until her legs found the ground, taking on his clothes. Sirius followed, and though she didn’t walk away, he only saw her back. He reached his hand out after he dressed up, grasping her arm and waist and turning her around to face with him, pulling her closer.

He kissed her again, with the same slow and deep pace, and he had to break it again – now because Y/N was smiling onto the kiss so hard. He chuckled, pressing his forehead against hers. “I think I’m in love with you. Maybe.”

She bit her lip and tried to straighten her face. “Maybe I’m in love with you too.”

Sirius wrapped his arms around her, raising his head up before he looked down at her again. His pupils were so dilated the grey eyes seemed almost black. “Then maybe will you be my girlfriend?” – His voice was low, and almost uncertain, and Y/N had a feeling it was because he was still not completely sure she’d say yes.

But she beamed, and Sirius never seen a smile so beautiful, and never heard a sound of a “Yes” sweeter and more satisfying before.


Tensions were a bit high before the big Quidditch match...
  • James: *Sighs* How are we possibly going to win this one?
  • Remus: Now I know I'm no Quidditch expert, but probably by scoring more points than the other team.
  • James: ... Get out.

Pairing; James x reader

Imagine; Truly being the perfect match for James, but in a way where the two of you are always challenging each other. (Pt; 1/3)

I push past the people loitering in the hallway. I expect some sort of “watch it” or “excuse you”. I feel completely done today. Emotionaly drained.

“Y/n where’s the fire?” James teases in his usual confident voice.

I freeze considering completely ignoring him, but this for some reason has sparked anger.

I slowly turn to face him. “Believe it or not everyone can’t afford to hang around and do absolutely nothing. Your "free time” is privilege James. Not everyone has Mommy and Daddy’s money to fall back on.“

Everyone falls silent at my outburst. Sirius raises his eyes in shock and Remus looks a bit worried.

James searches hard for something to say, but ends up with nothing. He isn’t sure how to react not to mention the strange feeling in his stomach and racing heart.

I roll your eyes and storm off with my racing heart. My mind races with thoughts, how could I let my emotions get the best of me.

((A/n; How do you guys feel about this point of view?))

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up early because Sophie was on her way. It’s been around two months since Regulus saw her. He really missed her. I sat in the soft sheets and brushed my finger on Sirius’ cheek, trying to wake him up.

“Wake up love. Sophie will be arriving soon.” I smiled down at my boyfriend.

“What do you mean Sophie’s arriving soon?” He said, rubbing his eyes, also sitting up.

“I sent her a few letters and arranged her visit. She’s gonna be here in about 20 minutes.” I smiled.

“I thought she was coming in another month!” Sirius said.

“She was. But I told her that Regulus missed her a lot and that we would be more than happy to welcome her for a few days.” I smirked, proud of my plan.

“Merlin, you are the best! I’m so glad that you and Regulus get along.. Thank you for doing this for him. He really needs it.” Sirius said, giving me a kiss.

While we were kissing, Teddy’s babbling could be heared in the monitor. Sirius walked to his room while I prepared a quick eggs and bacon. Seeing my future husband walk out of that door with our son in his arms made my heart warm up.

“Mhmm.. Eggs and bacon sounds good!” Sirius smiled.

I looked at my two boys while laying the eggs on a plate. Sirius was tickling Teddy’s cheeks. He showered Teddy with kisses and he couldn’t stop laughing. This baby really loved to laugh. We all ate around the table, talking about the news on the Daily Prophet when suddently, the door bell rang.

“That must be Sophie!” I said, walking up to the door.

I opened the door and there she was. Her skin was a bit darker than her usual pale-self. Her dark blond hair were as curly as the first day I saw her. Merlin she reminded me of Lily. They were cousins after all.

“Oh Remus I missed you!” She said with her angelic voice as she jumped in my arms.

“I missed you too!” I said.

“I have so many books to show you! I visited this old library in Italy and It was filled with old adventure books! You would’ve loved it!” She said, smiling.

She always had this bubbly personality. She always seemed happy. She looked over my shoulder and saw Sirius holding Teddy.

“Oh look at this cute little buddy! He’s so adorable!” She said, waving at Teddy.

Teddy wasn’t as shy as he usually is. He smiled and waved at her. Maybe she reminded him of Lily. She gave Sirius a big hug and looked around.

“Where’s Reggie?” She asked, all excited.

“He’s still asleep. Come on i’ll show you his room.” Sirius said.

We all walked upstairs to Regulus’ room. Sophie sat on his bed and brushed her finger on his cheek. He softly moved and mumbled some words.

“Mhmm.. Sirius mm go away mh..” He said.

I heared Sirius laugh next to me.

“Babe, wake up, it’s me. It’s Sophie.” His girlfriend said, her fingers brushing in his messy hair.

“Mhmm.. Soph?” Regulus said, his voice deep from his sleep.

“Yes.. I’m here baby.” She smiled.

When he rubbed his eyes and realised that he wasn’t dreaming, he jumped in her arms, making her fall in the messy sheets.

“How is it possible? I-I thought you were still in vacation?” Regulus said getting excited.

“A little birdy told me you needed me. Merlin I missed you Reg..” She said, kissing his lips softly.

“I missed you too.. I love you so much m'love..” he smiled.

She hugged him again and Regulus winced. He was still hurt from yesterday’s attack.

“Are you alright babe? What’s wrong?” Sophie asked him.

“Oh.. hum.. I’m fine.. it’s nothing.” He said, looking away, avoiding her big green eyes.

“Reg please tell me love..” she said, looking more than worried.

“Yesterday, some death eaters attacked us. Sirius healed me but i’m still a bit sore.” He chuckled nervously.

“You got hurt? How bad?” She asked, a frown on her face.

“It’s over now.. no need to make you worry. Now tell me about your trip! I want to hear all about it!” He smiled, his sight not leaving her eyes.

He was so deeply in love with her. Just by the way he looked at her when she talked, I knew. Sirius looked at me the same way.

Sirius and I went downstairs to let them alone. We sat on the couch with Teddy in between us and the teletubbies playing on the screen.

“Moons?” Sirius asked.


“Thank you.. for yesterday. I couldn’t have done it without you.” He smiled.

“That’s what i’m here for babe.” I also smiled.

“Oh and moons?” Sirius asked once more.


“I would love to get married in Paris.”

April 24th 1978

Coffee (Trimberly w/wingman Zack)

Zack knew something was up after Rita’s defeat. Kimberly and Trini had spent quite a bit of time together during training already, but Zack assumed it was because they were the ladies of the group. They must’ve had their own problems that only other girls could relate to, which is what Zack thought they talked about. Turns out, he was completely wrong. Since Rita was smacked into space, Trini and Kimberly had nearly stopped interacting altogether, even during training.

He saw the looks Trini gave Kimberly when she thought no one was looking. Ever since that night around the campfire, he knew that she was crushing hard. He also saw the way that Kimberly interacted with Trini. It was different than the guys, but most importantly, it was different than most other girls. She was always concerned about Trini and never hesitated to rush to her side, even during training. Not to mention the not-so-subtle touches during sparring. I suppose it’s time to step in.

“Hey, Kimberly,” Zack greeted the pink ranger. They took the same path to the ship, so he managed to catch her then. It was good since they would be alone during that time.

Kimberly turned to the black ranger jogging towards her. “Hey, Zack.”

“Ready for training?” he asked casually.

Kimberly shrugged. “I guess. We haven’t been taking anything too hard since Zordon said we would be safe for a little while longer.”

Zack smiled. “Come on now Princess, you can’t be bored already!”

She laughed and playfully shoved Zack off the path. “Shut up! If you tell Zordon or Alpha any of that, they’ll amp up the difficulty to nearly impossible.”

“True, true.”

They walked in amiable silence for a bit. Zack was trying to find the words for his plan. “Hey, so do you want to hang out tomorrow?”

Kimberly raised her eyebrow at him. “Um, sure? Why?”

Zack blushed. “I need some help with school. You’re a smart person and I understand you when you talk, so I was hoping you could help me catch up.” He rubbed the back of his head. He wasn’t exactly lying. He did need help, but he definitely wasn’t planning on making one of the rangers go out of their way to help him.

“Oh, yeah! Sure! I can do that. We could just meet after school. Where do you think we should go?”

“How’s the coffee shop by the school? It’s one of the only cafes not destroyed by Goldar.”

“Good idea. We could just meet at my car and I’ll take you after school.”

Zack gave a thumbs up. After that, they reached the ravine leading to the pit. Neither of them hesitated as they dropped off the edge towards the water at the bottom.

Alright. Halfway there.

Zack was sparring with Trini again that day. The others had left already, but Zack and Trini always stayed a bit later to practice more. Once again, Trini brought Zack down without breaking a sweat.

They laid on the ground of the Pit laughing. “I may be little, but I’m feisty!” Trini rolled onto her stomach to rest after the day.

Zack couldn’t agree more. As of yet, no one had beaten Trini one on one. Zack got close since he practiced so much with her, but in the end, she always took him down. 

“Damn! Not even close!”

“And you’re not gunna get close!”

The two friends just teased each other on the ground for a bit, neither really wanting to walk home just yet.

When they finally decided that it was time to head back, Zack popped the question. “Hey, I was wondering if you could help me tomorrow. I need to catch up on all the class that I missed.”

Trini immediately twisted her body to face Zack. Her face was full of suspicion. “You don’t need help. I’ve seen your grades. You’re caught up already.”

Tch. Should’ve expected that. “I know my grades are looking okay, but I really have no idea what’s going on. The school just kind of handed me some make-up work and let me off the hook since they know about my mom. No one really taught me anything. I’m just filling out random numbers and letters at this point.”

Trini nodded. “Alright. I’ll help you, but you’ll have to do something for me.”

Zack agreed instantly.

“I need you to stop lying. Why are we meeting tomorrow? I’ve seen you up at that train car remember? You had textbooks out all the time, so you’re not filling out random numbers and letters.”

Agh. WHY. “Ummmmm, I’m setting you up on a blind date.” Zack definitely didn’t want to risk lying again. He would just have to face the wrath of Trini if he did.

“… No.”



“I’ll buy you donuts.”

“… Okay, 30 minutes.”

Zack pumped his fist into the air. “Yes!”

“Little shit.”

Got the other half.

The next day, Zack texted Trini about where and when to meet him. The rangers went through school like any other day. The day flew by. Before Zack knew it, he was standing by Kimberly’s car, waiting for her to unlock it.

They left for the coffee shop as fast as they could to avoid the school parking lot traffic. When they got there, Zack chose a nice small table near the center of the cafe. It was nicely lit, but more importantly, it only fit 2 people.

Zack pulled out his books and papers as Kimberly ordered her drink. Zack didn’t want to spend anymore unnecessary money, so he passed. Kimberly sat down across from him, and pulled out some of her own stuff, telling Zack that they would just work together for the time being until she saw what he was struggling with.

She’d be a good tutor.

The cafe door’s bell rang about 5 minutes into working through interpreting One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Part 1. Zack could practically feel the murderous intent coming off of Trini before he even saw her. Apparently Kimberly must’ve felt it too since she turned around.

Her face immediately lit up, which in turn made Trini ease back the anger a bit. Zack stared down at his book, not wanting to look up at all. Trini approached the small table plastering a smile on.

Zack smirked as he finally pulled his head up. She is so going to kill me later.

“Hey, Crazy Girl!”


“Trini! What are you doing here?” Kimberly was smiling brightly.

“This is the only cafe that wasn’t destroyed by Goldar.”

The three of them giggled a little at that. “Well, thanks, Princess. I should probably head home to get my mom her medicine.”

Trini’s anger significantly died with that comment. Kimberly waved at him, not taking her eyes off of Trini. “See you, Zack. You wanna sit, Trini?” she wasted no time in asking. 

As Zack walked past Trini, he quietly slipped a couple bills into her hand. He whispered low enough for only her to here. “For the donuts. Why don’t you share with Princess over there?”

“Cheeky bastard,” she whispered back, smiling.

Zack fled the cafe as fast he could after that. Welp, that oughta do something.

Trini sat with Kim after Zack left. She felt her stomach flutter a bit. Why is her hair so perfect? There is no way she cut that herself.

The two chatted for a bit, laughing and gossiping like they were schoolgirls. “Wait here.”

Trini got up and went to the counter. She ordered some donuts using the money Zack just gave her. When they gave her the donuts, she made sure to grab two forks and a knife. Before she returned to the table, she cut the donuts up into pieces so that they could share like they did that day before Rita came.

When she got back to the table, Kimberly was looking up at her fondly, probably remembering the same thing Trini did.

Before Trini could take a seat, she was pulled down by the collar of her shirt. She felt lips press against hers. Cherry

When the lips left, she tried to chase after them, but a finger was put up to her mouth. “I am so sorry.” Trini’s heart sank. “I’ve just been wanting to do that for a really long time, so I just need a moment to revel in the fact that I managed to do it before you scream at me.”

Trini smiled, giving Kimberly the moment she asked for. “Okay, you can yell now,” Kimberly winced.

Instead, Trini pushed forward and roughly shoved her mouth past the finger in her way. She took in Kim’s scent as she tasted cherry once again. Kimberly yelped as she nearly fell backwards out of her chair.

Suddenly, there was the sound of someone clearing their throat by the table. Trini looked up glaring at whoever decided to interrupt her long awaited kisses. Zack stood there smirking at the two girls practically sitting on each other.

“I forgot my book.” He reached under the chair and picked it up. Kimberly was blushing furiously, and tried to hide it by putting her face in the crook of Trini’s neck. Her shoulders were shaking with happy laughter. “Bye,” Zack bemusedly called as he left the cafe once again.

Kimberly whispered into Trini’s neck. “Cheeky bastard.”

The two of them laughed before another throat was cleared. Trini didn’t know where it came from, but she decided that it was best to tone down the PDA. She sat down in her seat, and ate the donuts with Kimberly. This time though, their hands were linked on the table.

Zack smiled knowingly at Kimberly the next day when she walked into school wearing a yellow beanie that looked an awful lot like Trini’s. 

Thank god. He thought right before his face was shoved into a locker by none other than Trini, who was blushing at the fact that Zack noticed the beanie. 

Zack laughed, shaking it off, and Trini just crossed her arms, turning her head away from him. “Thank you.”

Zack nodded, and they never mentioned it again.

Everyday that they didn’t have training, Kimberly would meet with Trini by her car after school and they’d head to the coffee shop, hands never parting. Of course, the rest of the boys noticed quickly that they were dating and congratulated them during training.

At the cafe, the girls would do what they do. Sometimes they would eat and do their work together in silence, just enjoying each others company. Sometimes they would talk about anything and everything, laughing and crying at the conversations.

Damn, I got lucky. Kimberly thought one day as she was watching Trini talk. She was rambling about this band that was coming to town to give a free concert as a sort of donation thing since the Goldar incident was still being resolved. 

Kimberly smiled inwardly, feeling the butterflies that she felt everytime she looked at the beauty before her. She didn’t think the butterflies would ever leave and she was absolutely okay with that.

She sipped at her drink. DAMN, I GOT LUCKY.

Let’s Save The World

Pairing: Avengers x reader
Summary: the holidays have arrived and despite being with family, work seems to never stop
Warnings: swearing

Family dinners had been your least favorite thing in the world. Everyone would ask questions like, when are you going to get boyfriend or how’s school going or are you looking for a job yet and to be honest, you couldn’t answer any of them or the ones that followed. None of them knew you switched to online schooling and none of them knew you worked for the Avengers. You had met Tony when he came to talk to one of your classes in college and while he tried to flirt, you shot him down quickly. But not quickly enough. He took a liking to you and introduced you to the others and it was clear, you were meant to be there. And while you had no special powers, you were well taught in different fighting styles and proved valuable to the team. And your knowledge in science and technology had Bruce and Tony keeping you constantly busy in the lab. 

Yet as the holidays finally made their way, you were slowly dreading the return home to face your family. And despite your protests, you were forced to return to them for the holidays. You’d much rather spend it with those back at the tower who had no one but each other to celebrate with. Yet there you sat, talking with your family and answering questions the best you could about your life and your schooling. But as you began eating, you could hear the news play in the background on the kitchen tv and suddenly you were standing. Without fully realizing it, you were walking to the kitchen and turning the volume on the tv up.

“Everyone shut up,” you snapped, silencing the twenty something family members you had. You watched the tv, watched as some form of alien tech wrecked havoc across the globe and you cursed to yourself. Your family just had to live in one of the cities that was being terrorized. You were already making your way to the door without having to see the other Avengers already getting to some of the scenes.

“Y/N! Where are you going?” Your mother called after you as you grabbed your coat and the car keys.

“Stay here, lock the doors and don’t do anything to get yourself killed,” you demanded, leaving without another word. Dialing Tony’s number, you turned the car on, cursing as you got voicemail. You tried again and to your fortune, he picked up.

“Y/N. I’m assuming you saw the news?” Tony asked, his voice calm as it always was when danger threatened the lives of thousands.

“Tony, what the fuck is going on?” You asked, bypassing cars and weaving your way through the streets. You had to get home, home had your weapons, your motorcycle. The gun in your purse wouldn’t do you much good against foreign tech.

“Holiday surprise. Sam and Steve are already on one of the quinjets, Natasha and Clint are on another. You don’t have to worry, we’ve got this,” Tony tried to reassure.

“You got this my ass. They’re in my city, threatening my people. Hell yes I have to worry. I told you the holidays are the worst." 

"You’re overreacting.”

“Overreacting? Tony, there is a fucking alien invasion. I’m not overreacting, I’m being realistic." 

Despite not being with him, she knew Tony was rolling his eyes. "Listen, just be careful kid okay?" 

"I’ll be fine. Now, let’s go save the world." 

My Best Friend’s Brother-Sirius Black Imagine

Request: I was wondering if I could have a sirius x reader where the reader is a Slytherin in Regulus’ year and is also a close friend of his, but she’s also friends with the Marauders. And both Black brothers are in love with the reader and in the end she chooses Sirius

Warnings: mild swearing

Hope you all enjoy! xo

Y/N was a pureblood, and having grown up with the Black brothers, they were her best friends. Even getting sorted into Slytherin didn’t stop Sirius or the other Marauders from loving her. Little did she know, that her best friends loved her more than she understood.

“So, Reg, got a girlfriend yet?” Sirius asked one night as they sat together in the library.

“No, I don’t, but I’ve got my eye on someone. What about you?” Regulus replied, glancing up from his parchment to raise an eyebrow at his older brother. 

“Same here. Who’s the lucky girl?” Sirius teased, leaning over the table in anticipation.

“Sod off,” Regulus replied with a chuckle, pushing his brother back into his seat.

“Seriously, I want to know! Maybe I can help,” he insisted.

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Into The Dark -  Part 4

not my gif btw

Words: 1138

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

Pairing: T’ChallaxReader

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Here’s part four, Enjoy! Feedback is loved and appreciated! 


“I’m back, mom!” she yelled, walking towards the kitchen,  “The interview went awful by the way,” she said with a huff, “How do they expect me to have experience if they wont hire me? I am more than capable of-.”

Her mother was on the kitchen table, seating next to her was dr. Brennan. Two other guys were sitting on the side. “I’m sorry it didn’t go how you wanted, sweetie,” said her mom.

“Dr. Brennan” she said, her stomach turned, “What are you doing here?”

Her mother frowned, “Y/N! Dr. Brennan came by because he has a position open, and he so kindly thought of you.” she said, “he even brought his friends from work to talk to you about the job.”

She looked at them, she recognized them, they were assassins from HYDRA. Her face lost all color.

“You just said it did not go well in the interview and he’s here to offer you a position. Aren’t you lucky, honey?”

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Pairing: Tony Stark x reader, slight Steve Rogers x reader in end

Warnings: getting replaced, abandonment, false hope

A/N: kind of inspired by iSpy by Kyle and Lil Yachty

You know he had money, but you couldn’t stay away. You knew he had power, fame, everything in life and yet, you knew he was a playboy, yet it didn’t stop you every time he called you over. Every time he wanted a booty call, you were there and you knew it wasn’t going anywhere. Yet, you had hope that maybe after a while, he’ll wanna wife you up and you could get a happily ever after. It was an unrealistic dream. As time went on, the more you showed up to the power, you grew close to Steve and Natasha.

It was after a long night with Tony, the sun having just risen, that you sat with them in the kitchen. They had woken up early to get a morning workout in and now, they sat with you at the table drinking coffee and eating breakfast.

“You’re a brave one, going through this shit with Tony,” Natasha said, sipping her black coffee. “I don’t understand how you can keep coming back even though you know he won’t commit.”

You shrugged, staring at your coffee. “I don’t know. I don’t even understand why I agreed to this in the first place. I guess I just have hope.”
Natasha and Steve shared a look before turning to look at you again.

“Y/N…” Steve said slowly. “You know he’s trying to pursue Pepper don’t you?”

You felt your heart break slightly, yet this should come as no shocker. Of course, how could he not love his assistant? “Yeah… yeah of course I know. Just because I’m his booty call doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk about his life to me.”

You could tell neither of them believed this, but to your relief, neither said anything. Suddenly, Tony walked in, fixing his tie as he walked to the keuring. Glancing up, he noticed then the other three in the room.

“Y/N,” he stated, turning and grabbing a mug. “I didn’t realize you were still here. I figured you would have left by now.”

“I was just grabbing coffee with Steve and Nat, like I do every morning I’m here,” you explained. God, for being a super genius, he wasn’t that observant.

“Oh, well, while you’re here, what do you think of my outfit? I’m going to pick up Pepper in ten for brunch.”

He turned to face you and you had to force a smile. “Looks good Tony. You two have fun.”

“Thanks.” He winked before leaving, forgetting about his untouched coffee.

Sighing, you turned back to your friends. “Yup,” you muttered. “Had false hope about a man that really is just a playboy.”

“Hey,” Steve said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “He’s just an idiot. He doesn’t realize what he’s missing out on.”

“Thanks Steve,” you murmured, standing up. “I should go though. Lot to do, not enough time to do it.” With that, you left. Not seeing the frown on Steve’s face and the slight shove Natasha gave him.

You didn’t hear Natasha as she turned to Steve and said, “Man, you really do got it bad for her.”


Tenth installment of the Jacob Black “Home” series (“Home” - “Familiarities” - “Reunion” - “Pitching Fits”- “Grand Gestures” - “Jail Break” - “Ice” - “Head Trauma” - “Changing Tides”), requested by too many of you to count! As always, more installments will be rolling in to follow the events of the series, but I’d love to hear feedback or ideas involving future installments! Hope you like it!

All past and future installments of this series can be found on the “The Story Continues…”page. Songs to accompany the series are available on the “Playlists” page.

Saturday came streaming in through your bedroom windows on the heels of brilliant sunlight, as if the very promise of your best friend’s company had the power to wipe the condensation from the sky. You were bolt upright in bed before your body was fully ready for the transition, your vision fading around the edges as your excitement swallowed the fluid swirling behind your eardrums. Your feet struck hardwood with a firm conviction, ignoring the chill that had been marinating within the boards throughout the night, taking you blindly to Charlie’s bright kitchen. The Chief had already high-tailed it to the station, as was evident by your fleeting glance at the coat hangers by the front door; his holster as well as his officer’s jacket, the Letterman of adult life, were absent from the family line-up, proving his absence. It had to be sometime after nine, you concluded, as you stumbled into the kitchen. You reached absentmindedly for a cabinet door, proceeding to extract one of Charlie’s old ceramic breakfast bowls, your hands groping without sight at the counter top until your fingertips encountered the worn cardboard that encased whichever store-brand cereal had been on sale that week. You poured yourself a sustainable amount of… whatever catchy rhyme Fork’s supermarket had deemed necessary to slap on the box of bran flakes, walking toward the refrigerator with the same inattentive determination, sniffing the milk cautiously before drowning your cold breakfast in Bessie’s best.

Bella could be heard upstairs, her footsteps sounding as she burnt a path between her dresser and her vanity, clearly uncertain as to the proper attire one might bring to a beach in quite possibly the rainiest county in all of Washington state. A swimsuit was absolutely out of the question, but the sunlight must have confounded her, muddling her logic and tearing her mind in two between shorts and a raincoat. You’d let her figure it out; your only concern was choking down your breakfast and getting yourself out the door; the sooner you hit the road, the longer you could stay at La Push… and every extra minute you could milk out of your day with Jacob was monumental. When the last of the cereal had been devoured, the bowl lowering unceremoniously from your lips, you were flying toward your bedroom, resting the bowl in the basin of the kitchen sink with a considerably less delicate fashion than the ceramic deserved, your memory straining to recall which articles of clothing had recently been washed before you had even made it to your dresser. You selected, without any great focus on fashion, whatever your hands had first made contact with, ending your violent dressing escapade with minimal injuries and a tee shirt you were sure once belonged to Charlie draped on the much smaller frame of your shoulders. Judgement was the least of your worries; neither Bella nor Jacob would mind much that you were recycling the Chief’s wardrobe. The rest, save Angela, wouldn’t be seeing you for very long anyway. You snagged your raincoat from the back of your door as you headed out, prepping your vocals to call your sister to action.

Bella was thumping her way down the staircase as you bolted from your bedroom, her eyes brightening to see you already prepared for the journey to Newton’s Olympic Outfitters, her lips parting over an easy smile to see you so electrified. She gestured towards the front door, herding you out of the house as you worked your arms through your raincoat, her slender fingers working her own coat from the hangers by the door before following you into the sunshine. You jogged wordlessly to the passenger side of your sister’s beast of a truck, your hand on the handle before she had made it to her door, her keys jingling merrily as she unlocked the driver’s side. She slipped into her seat, leaning across the cabin to unlock your door, her eyes rolling to see your frustrated reaction to her all-too-slow movements. You leapt into the truck, the engine igniting as you closed your door, Bella’s hushed mumbles all but lost beneath the gravelly roar; you managed to catch something along the lines of “where’s the fire?” before her lips pressed into a concentrated line, muffling any oncoming laughter she thought you wouldn’t find amusing.

She drove quietly, as was often the custom in the mornings so as not to disturb the peace of daybreak, her fingers clinging loosely to the leather steering wheel as she paved her way to Newton’s Olympic Outfitters to meet up with the rest of her friend group, her warm eyes paving the road before her truck, brightened considerably from the sunshine. She remarked briefly on how she hoped the weather would last, and you quietly reassured her that sunlight this bright hardly ever faded before the day was through; Forks may be wet, dismal, and constantly buried beneath the clouds, but when the sun decided to grace the town with its presence, it tended to stick for a good handful of hours. She relaxed into the upholstery, noticeably calmer as your words washed over her, her turn signal blinking meekly as she turned into the lot of Mike Newton’s family-run camping store. Your least favourite spiky-haired junior came rushing to Bella’s window, followed closely by Tyler Crowley’s overeager grin, the second Bella pulled her keys from the ignition. You were thankful, then, that you had a solid escape route; you didn’t think you’d be able to stay docile if you were to spend more than an hour in Newton’s presence. You joined the rabble and claimed your seats (you found yourself squashed between Bella and a window, with Mike behind the wheel of his Suburban, Bella eyeballing you warily before sliding into her newly acquired position as middleman. To be fair, you had warned her that you were fully prepared to use her as a buffer to separate yourself from Mike Newton. The rest of the gang piled into Mike’e backseat and Tyler’s Sentra, your humble caravan making its way toward the reservation line. You were all but consumed with excitement by the time your ride slowed to a park at the edge of First Beach, the driftwood-littered span of coastline humming warmly as it absorbed the generous rays of sunshine, drinking it like honey as it reached through the sky.

You slipped from the passenger seat, your sneakers encountering the smooth stones so typical of La Push’s waterlines, your feet sinking slightly into the sand as you tread on towards the water, your eyes scanning the shore for the silhouette you so desired. The wind blew brine against your skin, your eyes squinting against the gentle gusts, your face burning like the end of a live wire from the sudden chill the air had kissed along your cheekbones. There were hardly any visitors by the water, though there was an abandoned fire pit already constructed just west of the path your sister’s friends were following to the sea. Bella’s hand smoothed over your shoulder, her voice low in your ear.

“Hey, I need to borrow Jacob before we leave. I’m trying to get a hold of some fish fry, I want to see if his dad has anything in his freezer. Just… I’ll need to steal him when you make your way back to the beach, if that works for you. There’s just a few things I want to ask him before we leave,” she concluded, her eyes firing unspoken inquiries atop her previous question, asking wordlessly if she was set to continue while you were making your escape. You shot her a smile, assuring her that her plan was perfectly acceptable as you backed up a step, your hand propelled her forward. Her palm slipped from your borrowed shirt as she stumbled to meet her friends, walking in step with Angela Weber, who waved her goodbyes over her shoulder, glasses glinting in the sunlight.

“I was worried you weren’t going to show,” Jacob’s voice crawled through your skin, seeping into your veins and lighting your heart ablaze. You spun on your heel, watching him saunter somewhat clumsily from around Mike Newton’s bumper, his hands buried deep in the pockets of his worn denim jeans. You rushed him, throwing your arms around his neck before he had time to properly react. Instead, he absorbed the shock of impact, staggering back a step before his arms had the freedom necessary to close around your back, his palms warming your skin through the Chief’s weathered tee shirt. His laughter rumbled from his chest and into yours, his voice giddy in your ear, his lips mere inches from your hair. “It’s good to see you too, Y/n.” You separated, your hands falling to Jacob’s forearms, his palms still planted on your waist, holding you at a distance or perhaps hungry for contact, his dark eyes glinting joyfully. “You’d think I just came back from war with that reception.” You rolled your eyes, slipping away from his grasp and falling in step with his stride, waving to Bella with Jacob doing the same beside you before you dared to turn your body away from the shoreline, the two of you retreating in the direction of his house.

“It’s been one Hell of a week, Jake. Forgive me if I seem happy to see my best friend,” you bumped into his side, his smile widening over brilliantly white teeth, his hand brushing against the back of your own. “I’ve been counting down the days until this trip for a week now. Just to get away from everyone drilling us about the accident… God, it’s like I can finally breathe again.” Jacob grimaced sympathetically, his stride shortening to allow you to close the fragment of distance that had blossomed between you, a natural result of your varying heights.

“Happy to be of service,” he chuckled, his eyes dancing in the light of day, his long hair shining at the crown of his head like polished obsidian. He had his hair tied at the nape of his neck with a rubber band to keep it from obstructing his vision, but that didn’t keep it from memorizing yours. You walked a few paces in silence, your arm all but glued to his own, his skin warming you through like a hot water bottle wherever you touched, his knuckles grazing your own with each step you took together. After a while, Jacob took a deep breath, inhaling slowly before releasing the contents of his lungs in a quick, jolting exhale. You were nearly at his home now; his garage was within view, the tallest cedars kept at bay by the edge of the property line encasing his little red house. He spoke as you inched down his street, your feet crushing gravel as you moved. “So, the last time we spoke, or the time before that I guess, I asked you a pretty important question,” he began, his voice solid despite his physical unease; his shoulders had become stiff from the nervous weight of his words, though he was loose where his skin met yours. You nodded slowly, his eyes burning into yours as you moved. “I was hoping to cash-in on that, well… that date, if that’s alright with you.” You smiled warmly, watching his expression bloom with wondrous, blissful victory.

“Anything to put Quil at ease,” you laughed, continuing despite his exasperated glance, his smile clear in your peripheral vision, “I only wish you would’ve told me we were doing this today, Jake. I would’ve gone for something my own size,” you laughed, pinching at the hemline of your shirt with the hand closest to Jacob, his laughter filtering through the air like a breeze. His hand inched over yours, his fingertips grazing the backside of your hand, turning your palm to meet his own. His fingers laced effortlessly with yours, your gait slowing considerably as your hands fell between your bodies, locked together in warmth and peace and thrilling comfort. It was a natural engagement, holding hands with your childhood friend, but the contact was now weighted with heavy implications, sinking like lead in still water beneath the burden of such wild emotions. This was no common act; this was entirely new territory, and Jacob had just paved the first road through the otherwise unbroken wilderness. His thumb passed a circle over your skin, his exhale softening the sky above you. You were quiet, then, absorbed entirely in the honey of the moment, your silence broken only when Jacob’s voice perked up through the air, cutting the quiet cleanly, his volume docked to a gravelly whisper.

“Well, I was planning something for a little earlier, but someone went and got hit by a car. It was completely out of my control,” you giggled at his expression, his eyes rolling back in his head as he professed his innocence, his smile blindingly bright as he beamed down at you, your bodies moving ever closer as you continued past his front door, your feet carrying you without thought to Jacob’s garage. He seemed reluctant to release your hand as you passed into the open space, his hand remaining closed around yours as you moved to sit on the bench beside his work table, your foot nudging a piece of metal that was nestled in the dirt, unaccounted for. Jacob’s body was pressed against your side, his hand squeezing yours tentatively. You lifted your gaze from his silken russet skin melting into yours, locking into his gaze. “Are you doing okay? Anything still hurting since…?” he whispered, his concern obvious behind the frail exterior wall of nerves that had been erected within his irises. You shook your head, ignoring the dull ache in your ribs from the faded print Edward Cullen had left on your skin, pressing your lips together as you pretended to assess your damages.

“Nope, everything seems to be in working order. Can’t move my right hand anymore, but other than that, I seem to have emerged unscathed,” you jested, watching Jacob’s cheeks darken as your words melted against his skin, his eyes sparkling with humour. His thumb rubbed another circle against the backside of your hand, his breath deep and easy. “Much better now that you’re here, actually. Don’t let it go to your head, though.” Jacob beamed, his happiness infectious, travelling from his palm to yours like a volt of clandestine lightning.

“It’s too late for that,” he chuckled, his voice cracking some, his eyes locked on your hand in his. He bit his lower lip anxiously, raising his eyes to meet yours, a somewhat guilty expression consuming his features. “I don’t really have much planned, as far as an activity. I figured we could, you know, just hang around and talk, but if you want to head back to the beach at some point-” he began, his voice low and honest, his eyes open as they bored into yours. You grinned, giving him a simple squeeze, sending a pule of reassurance from your hand through to his.

“Hey, it doesn’t have to be so drastically different than what we’re used to, Jake. I’m fine with just talking to you and enjoying the sunshine,” he sighed, relieved, laughing quietly at his own tension. “We’ll have to head back at some point, but there’s no rush. Bells wants to talk to you, something about fish fry. She’ll probably give you some sort of talk about… well, this, but she’s not the type to interject too much. We have plenty of time to construct your defense before then.” Jacob smiled warmly, moving to stand before you, his hand tugging you up to meet him, his chest mere inches from your own before he began moving backwards.

“Let’s enjoy that sunshine,” he grinned, walking backwards until he had successfully pulled you from the shade of the garage and into the temporary brilliance of the sunlight.

anonymous asked:

How would Sebastian care for his girlfriend while having awful period pains?

- He would know before you did that your period was about to start.

- He’d take it into his own hands and would tell you an exact week before that you would be on next week, and he’d go and get you all the items you need or want during that time.

- Your favourite period food? He’s got almost an entire cupboard stocked with it. Your favourite films or books? He’s got them all to hand, even if you didn’t already have them. Your preferred sanitary items? He’s got a year’s supply, as well as painkillers and whatever else you need.

- Sebastian runs at a slightly higher temperature than humans do, and he’d cuddle you whenever you asked him to, if you wanted him to, and would rest his bare hands on the areas of your abdomen that are cramping the most.

- The heat would be like having a hot water bottle there.

- If you leaked, he’d change the sheets every day, paying no mind to the blood and telling you not to be embarrassed or ashamed for bleeding; it’s not your fault.

- He would do all your chores or responsibilities, letting you rest up.

- He’s using demon speed to be at your beck and call as well as Ciel’s.

- If you’re the type to be sexual during your period, just know that the blood doesn’t bother him at all; but he’ll take extra care to be gentle, especially as ‘down there’s is tender.

- He’s just your best friend.

- He’ll listen to you cry, rant, get angry, be happy, get introspective… every mood.

- It may baffle him but he’ll do what he can to help you through the week. He is, after all, simply one hell of a lover.