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The best moments from Voltron season 3

-Prince Lotor’s generals 
-Lance taking selfies with aliens
-“I’m gonna teach this sentry a lesson about tailgating”
-Pidge is trying so hard to find her brother, poor bby
-Matt might’ve been taken by fashion pirates (it would explain the leaked image, pretty boy)
-the way Keith almost begged the Black lion not to choose him ಥ_ಥ
-Lotor’s smile
-“You want me to lead Voltron? Well, this is how I lead.”
-Keith has zero impulse control, and he knows it
-Lance having no idea how to control Red and flailing about for almost an entire episode
-“Hunk, I’m a leg!”
-Lance’s goodbye speech to Blue, cuz I didn’t need my heart anyway T-T
-Allura trying act like Lance to control Blue
-“You really activate my partical barrier”
-Literally every scene Ezor was in
-Zethrid just wanting to blow something up and getting irritated with Lotor’s tactics
-“Well, I’m glad we’re all making fun of Lance…”
-“Just take me to ze space hospital”
-Alternate reality alien Kuvira
-The whole fandom bashing Shiro’s new haircut (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
-All the Shiro clone theories
-Lance talks big, but has 0 confidence in himself o(╥﹏╥)o
-Keith getting shut down whenever he wants to do something
-Lance’s sniper
-Allura’s sick bayard
-“This may be the worst post in the Galra empire, but it’s my post. VICTORY OR DEATH!”
-Keith fighting the Galra who is prolly his mother ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Young King Alfor and Zarkon
-Zarkon giving baby Allura a Galra helmet
-The original paladins
-Basically just the entire last episode
-Does Lotor know that crazy witch is his mom?


I can’t believe I left the voltron fandom alone for one week and i come back with two trailers, a shit ton of prince lotion, a drop in october, audio of episode one, shiro is A L I V E, hunk is sweet and dorky and gets development, we maybe get langst, there’s a girl galra, black paladin keith, blue paladin allura, klance is canon and pidge kicks ass AGAIN


lawnmowerlarry-deactivated20170  asked:

get this: a fic where lance was chosen to lead voltron by black, even though Shiro said he wanted keith to lead. The whole team gets into a fight over it, and Lance ends up leaving to save them time, but when he does, black makes the team go get him. good idea???? idk i just wanna see it in a oneshot

Ask and ye shall receive! Hope you like it!!
“Why.” Slice. “Won’t” Punch. “You.” Kick. “Open?!” Keith staggered back from Black’s raised barrier, taking in ragged breaths. Pidge furrowed her brows, palms pressed against the barrier. “Why won’t Black open to Keith? Shiro said he wanted him to lead Voltron. Why won’t he listen?” Keith raised his bayard over his head and with a yell, struck the barrier again. Nothing happened. Hunk stepped forward, peering up at the Lion. “Maybe it doesn’t want Keith to be their pilot. But if that’s the case…who do they want?” “I don’t know, but it’s really pissing me off!” Keith fumed. Lance, who had been unnaturally quiet, stepped up to the Lion’s barrier. “Calm down, Mullet. Maybe you’re just not being nice enough.” With that, Lance brought his knuckles to the barrier and simply knocked, just as he had with Blue. A pause. Then the barrier began to fall until there was nothing between the Lion and the other Paladins. “No fucking way…” Kieth turned around, face red. “You?! It wants you?! Are you serious, is this a fucking joke?!” Keith turned toward the lion and pointed his finger. “You’re messing with us, right? You honestly want Lance, out of all of us?!” Keith was answered with silence. Pidge paved back and forth. “Surely something must be wrong. For Black to chose Lance over all of us, especially Allura and Coran?” Hunk ran his fingers through his hair. “Oh man. This is bad. Keith, just try to calm down, alright?” “I AM CALM!!” Lance’s breath got caught in his throat. This was all too much. He never asked for this. Didn’t want it if he was honest with himself. How could he lead Voltron? He couldn’t even get his team to stop arguing and fighting. “I-I have to go.” The team didn’t hear him, even when Lance got into Blue and sped off to escape the fighting. The other continued to argue until a loud roar cut them off. Their mouth snapped shut and they slowly turned to the Black Lion, who eyes had come to life. A deep voice filled their heads. *Stop acting like children. Stop this foolish nonsense. It’s time to act like defenders of the universe.* Black roared once again, causing the remaining Lions to come alive. *Bring me back my Paladin.*

Imagine Allura being the blue paladin. Imagine her trying to connect with the blue lion and getting little bits and pieces of Lance’s feelings and memories cos you can’t connect with a lion without kind of connecting with its previous paladin a lil bit, you know? So she kinda gets these little flashbacks: Lance taking care of his little sisters while his mother cooks, Lance messing around at the garrison with Hunk, you know, that kind of stuff. And then she gets to the feelings: there’s the feeling of Lance missing home and his family, or that little moment of self hatred he gets every time he’s shot down by another girl. And the sadness of feeling like he’s not needed. And imagine Allura just sitting in the cockpit, shocked, because why hadn’t he tried to tell her he was feeling like this? Then she would remember all those times when he’d start to tell a story about something funny his brother did or “that one Christmas where -”, and she would cut him off, telling him to get to work, to train harder. Or all those times he would whine about missing home, and she would tell him to stop being selfish. Imagine Allura starting to understand Lance as a human being a little bit more that day.

So I noticed something in my millionth time watching VLD season 3 yesterday. Lance is determined and trying to voice his self doubt, subtly, to Keith. And right when Keith says “stop worrying about who flies what,” Lance’s expression changes from concerned to sad- dare I say heartbroken- and he steps back. He steps back away from Keith. My heart is breaking and running away please help it has stolen my life and wallet.
(PS: sorry for bad quality, it’s hot (that’s the fan noise) and it’s 1 am so that’s why it’s quiet)

  • Pidge: In fact, you told everyone who would pilot which lion
  • Hunk: Yeah, how did you do that?
  • Allura:
  • Allura:
  • Allura:
  • Allura: How do I tell them they were colour coded