black hole war

for him.

Summary: In which Dan paints smiles and studies English at a dead end. His muse takes the from of Phil Lester, a film student at his university, but paint doesn’t last forever and not everyone is who we make them out to be.

A/N: As a yearlong project at my school I’m publishing an anthology with a few other students. We each get fifty pages to write a short story and as that’s going to be most of my creative writing for the next few months this is my part with some minor tweaking. (Thank you so much for 900 followers, I think I’m still in shock)

tw; depression, alcohol, suicidal thoughts


Part One

   The comparison is drawn from the moment of their first meeting. Brown eyes with a thousand galaxies trapped inside are matched with the brilliant blue of a cloudless sky. The two knock into each other with a sound that’s quickly swallowed by the people milling around on the street corner, but to them it seems as loud as a clap of thunder echoing off a cliff.

   Phones clatter to the ground, and the frantic owners drop to their knees in a mad rush to retrieve them. A once over reassures both of them that the screens remained unshattered, and after slipping them into their pockets, a closer inspection of the other is conducted.

   The boy with the galaxy eyes is adorned in clothing as black as the darkest ink–and indeed it seems as though one touch from an eraser and he will cease to exist. Blue eyes has a warm smile. Everything about him is warm, although his profile is all sharp edges and hard lines. An apology is muttered, and the two diverge onto different streets not three yards away.

   Blue eyes is unfazed, already lost in the musings of his own mind. Galaxy eyes is much the same, although another turn and he will fumble for his phone only to realize that he grabbed the wrong one. A long stream of swearing slips from between his lips, and he departs in search of the nearest telephone booth.

   The phones are returned to their proper owners, although the short meeting is quickly lengthened into a trip across the street to the local coffee shop. Blue eyes orders decaf–black. At the questioning look from Galaxy eyes, he explains that caffeinated coffee with all its magical properties keeps him awake until the hours of six in the morning. He proclaims that he drinks it black to compliment the color of his soul. Galaxy eyes rolls his eyes, shaking his head with something akin to resigned fondness. Blue eyes gives him an innocent grin bordering on cheekiness.

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You told me
We were going to the future

So tell me why
Am I here alone?
—  where we’re going, S.R.


Short answer: no. If some kind of black hole technology were draining the star in The Force Awakens, there would be a hot, gaseous cloud circling the Starkiller base — and it would be dangerous. The planet would probably be pulled apart by the black hole’s immense gravity. And any people would be stretched into long-spaghetti like tubes as their bodies fell toward the black hole’s center!