black hole no.2

Memory 2/2

Second half of my week 6 prompt. 

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Tony woke in his bunk. The boat wasn’t just rocking up and down, side-to-side, it was spinning. He was cold and too exhausted to shiver, and he hadn’t zipped the bag up before falling asleep. His left side was even colder than his right, almost numb from his elbow to his shoulder. He struggled to get his arm back into the bag, but he couldn’t reach up to catch the zipper.

“Mr. Stark,” a gravelly voice intruded.

Tony was startled by the voice, but only long after the chance for an appropriate reaction had passed. He twisted to look up the captain. Man looked bigger than ever, or Tony felt smaller than ever. His eyes were very blue against the deeply lined leather of his skin, and he had surprisingly long lashes.

“You need to see the physician,” the captain said firmly.

If there was anything Tony was truly startled about, it was that he’d woken in his own bunk and hadn’t just been taken to medbay while unconscious. He couldn’t remember anything after finding Steve in the ice. Finally, finally finding Steve in the ice.

“Where’s St-… Captain America? Where is he?” Tony asked, more than half dreading being told that it was all a dream, that he’d missed the expedition and they hadn’t found anything anyways.

The captain pursed his chapped lips. The motion made his whiskers bristle out like an annoyed cat. Tony tried to laugh, but the only thing he managed was a vague vibration against his chest. He pulled his knees up slowly, ignored the pain in his hips, and fought to kick out of the sleeping bag.

“Where is he?” he repeated.

Shaking his head, the captain said, “He’s in lab 2. Mr. Stark… Just go to the medbay.”

“No,” Tony said with no heat. He couldn’t muster up the energy for heat, didn’t have a warm molecule in his body. He stumbled off the bunk, and expected the captain to help him stand, but he didn’t. The giant man stood and crossed his arms over his chest. Tony caught the bulkhead and looked at him, but he only shook his grizzly head.

That was fine. It wasn’t like he hadn’t struggled down a hallway by himself before.

(Had Steve carried him out of a building? He thought so, remembered in kaleidoscope fragments being insensible on the floor, the scent of smoke, Captain America’s arms supporting his knees and back. He remembered being carried down a fire escape.

He remembered Steve stepping into his arms and the two of them flying off together. Steve’s weight low on his spine as he flew with Captain America on his back. The sound of Steve’s voice, whooping in childish joy and urging him faster.

He remembered crawling on his knees through his room, shedding pieces of the armor as he went, feet away from the nearest outlet. It might as well have been miles, and there were people just down the hall. Steve, Jan, Hank, Thor – No, Steve, Clint, Natasha, Thor. All he had to do was shout and someone would come to help him across the last few feet to the outlet. He’d crawled on his own, and reached the outlet just in time, just like a dozen other times.)

There was no arc reactor in his chest, but he felt heavy all the same, like he needed a charging port. His joints ached. He pinballed down the corridor, avoiding the shadowy forms of crewmen who had names (everyone did) but he couldn’t remember them.

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One thing I love about Janine is the level of confidence she has in Runner Five.

The way she speaks when she’s directing missions makes it clear that she has no doubt that they can accomplish what she’s asking. She sends them out on errands without hesitation, whereas sometimes Sam or Maxine sound almost apologetic, as if they’re inconveniencing Five, as if the runner has something better or more important to do. Janine treats them just like she would any other member of the township, with all the responsibilities of that position. The tasks she asks them to undertake may be life-threatening, but facing dangerous situations for the good of the community is Runner Five’s job, and she trusts that they know that and will act accordingly.

And while it’s very gratifying to hear Sam say, “Five, you’re amazing!” Janine’s matter-of-fact attitude that they are performing at exactly the level she would expect from an Abel runner demonstrates that she’s not at all surprised at what Five is capable of, and that’s nice to know, too.

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1. What are your hobbies?: ANYTHING INCLUDED WITH SPACE (astrology, astronomy, black holes ETC, parallel universes) 

2. Who are your favorite fictional characters?: Madara Uchiha 

3. Favorite animal?; i love all of those pure souls, but mosty dogs/dolphins&polar bears

4. You have a week to live– what are you going to do?:OMG! SPACE OFC

5. What songs do you sing/hum~?: the ones i like?

6. What type of weather do you like most?: warm late nights

7. What is your biggest pet-peeve?: don’t have?

8. If you get to pick any sort of superpower, what would it be?: telecenesis combined with ruling water

9. Favorite Artist? @emeneska-chan ;)

10. What are your sinful pleasures?: the darkest of all…. anything obsessive that can twist your mind.. you don’t even wanna know

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my questions are

1. What is your biggest fear?

2. Do you believe in aliens?

3. How do you think human came on Earth?

4. Do you fear loving on your max?

5. Do you understand your own needs and feelings?

6. Are you manipulative?

7. Why do you think we exist and what is our purpose as human beings?

8. Whats your zodiac sign?

9. What’s your dream?

10. If you could change anything in you, what would it be?


Had a GREAT Saturday night and Sunday . Went out with some girlfriends Saturday night but ended up leaving with 3 white college guys. I was all about getting them white dicks in me and lucky for me they were up for inviting some friends to join us. Ended up getting gang banged by 7 guys for a few hours. It took a little encouragement but soon they were calling me every dirty degrading racists name in the book as they all used and abused my black holes. 2 came over today to use me some more. I’m looking forward to another gang bang with all of them again.

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🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?
Ooh that’s really hard, since I pretty much have new favourite songs every month xD I’ll probably think ‘oh shit I forgot that one D: ‘ later, but I’ll try :p

1. Soldiers of the Night - SlyphStorm (ft. 4EverfreeBrony & Midnight Melody)

2. Steam Powered Giraffe - Automatonic Electronic Harmonics

3. Aviators - Black Holes (Portal 2 Song)

4. [OCReMix] Lavender Town - Solkrieg’s Dream Eater Dubstep Remix

5. Away in the Sky - by MandoPony

No matter what else is going on...

The way Emma and Regina look at each other will probably haunt me ‘til the end of time.

Black Holes

I’d like to reconcile
The conflicts in my heart
These broken lights inside
Are tearing me apart
An iron mind commands
The deeds I have to do
Black holes inside my soul
Are pulling me from you…

Piece inspired by the song Black Holes by Aviators.

I don’t usually draw things this dark, but I really liked the song and it’s lyrics and Portal references, and as I was listening to it this picture popped into my head.  Thought I would draw it out.  (Sorry Wheatley!)  :’(

Listen to Black Holes -

The Signs As 'Odd' Things
  • aries: jonghyun writing the title track
  • taurus: 'this is real brass by the way'
  • gemini: the transition between 'an ode to you' and 'alive'
  • cancer: minho's rap in alive
  • leo: key at the beginning of 'odd eye'
  • virgo: love_sick.mp3
  • libra: 'skip the boring bits'
  • scorpio: black hole only being 2:52
  • sagittarius: the first six seconds of trigger
  • capricorn: 'shinee's back'
  • aquarius: 'pull the trigger'
  • pisces: down down down down view