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Neutron Stars Are Weird!

There, we came right out and said it. They can’t help it; it’s just what happens when you have a star that’s heavier than our sun but as small as a city. Neutron stars give us access to crazy conditions that we can’t study directly on Earth.

Here are five facts about neutron stars that show sometimes they are stranger than science fiction!

1. Neutron stars start their lives with a bang

When a star bigger and more massive than our sun runs out of fuel at the end of its life, its core collapses while the outer layers are blown off in a supernova explosion. What is left behind depends on the mass of the original star. If it’s roughly 7 to 19 times the mass of our sun, we are left with a neutron star. If it started with more than 20 times the mass of our sun, it becomes a black hole.

2. Neutron stars contain the densest material that we can directly observe

While neutron stars’ dark cousins, black holes, might get all the attention, neutron stars are actually the densest material that we can directly observe. Black holes are hidden by their event horizon, so we can’t see what’s going on inside. However, neutron stars don’t have such shielding. To get an idea of how dense they are, one sugar cube of neutron star material would weigh about 1 trillion kilograms (or 1 billion tons) on Earth—about as much as a mountain. That is what happens when you cram a star with up to twice the mass of our sun into a sphere the diameter of a city.

3. Neutron stars can spin as fast as blender blades

Some neutron stars, called pulsars, emit streams of light that we see as flashes because the beams of light sweep in and out of our vision as the star rotates. The fastest known pulsar, named PSR J1748-2446ad, spins 43,000 times every minute. That’s twice as fast as the typical household blender! Over weeks, months or longer, pulsars pulse with more accuracy than an atomic clock, which excites astronomers about the possible applications of measuring the timing of these pulses.

4. Neutron stars are the strongest known magnets

Like many objects in space, including Earth, neutron stars have a magnetic field. While all known neutron stars have magnetic fields billions and trillions of times stronger than Earth’s, a type of neutron star known as a magnetar can have a magnetic field another thousand times stronger. These intense magnetic forces can cause starquakes on the surface of a magnetar, rupturing the star’s crust and producing brilliant flashes of gamma rays so powerful that they have been known to travel thousands of light-years across our Milky Way galaxy, causing measurable changes to Earth’s upper atmosphere.

5. Neutron stars’ pulses were originally thought to be possible alien signals

Beep. Beep. Beep. The discovery of pulsars began with a mystery in 1967 when astronomers picked up very regular radio flashes but couldn’t figure out what was causing them. The early researchers toyed briefly with the idea that it could be a signal from an alien civilization, an explanation that was discarded but lingered in their nickname for the original object—LGM-1, a nod to the “little green men” (it was later renamed PSR B1919+21). Of course, now scientists understand that pulsars are spinning neutron stars sending out light across a broad range of wavelengths that we detect as very regular pulses – but the first detections threw observers for a loop.

The Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) payload that is soon heading to the International Space Station will give astronomers more insight into neutron stars—helping us determine what is under the surface. Also, onboard NICER, the Station Explorer for X-ray Timing and Navigation Technology (SEXTANT) experiment will test the use of pulsars as navigation beacons in space.

Want to learn even more about Neutron Stars? Watch this…

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But some of you want me to feel sympathy for this woman, to pity her? Look what she’s doing, read the words she’s saying to a teenager who experienced severe abused from his mother. 

 “You can no longer trust Saeyoung. If you do, you will be faced with an unrecoverable disease in your mind. Then no one will be able to save you…” I MEAN WTF?

“You dont want to live with people like that woman again, do you? This is all so that you can live.”  Excuse me while im going bald. You know what his mother did to him, right? His mother tied him up, choke him, starved him, yell at him. After Saeyoung left his mother didnt give him water for TWO DAYS. He was so dehydrated he couldnt shade tears and he thought he was going to die. Now, R*ka has the guts to tell him this, really now? Is she really comparing Saeyoung and V to his mom? REALLY?

This is not right and she needs to pay.

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Oh my god...Both wore blue outfits when C won the Scottish Bafta...I just saw a photo on instg. They always match. Even at the Oscar party their clothes matched and not their so called SO. What the heck! It's like getting sucked in the black hole. I love these 2 together and I hope they are or one day will be couple/married.

Alright anon, I’ll play your game! The bottom photos with Tobias make me laugh because he looks so out of place, like he missed the dress code memo.

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im too afraid to sned u asks in case i set u off and u become emotional and sad and lost in thought and....i don't wanna hurt u.

Oh, no, send me as many asks as you like! All my complaining is really OTT melodrama entirely for the sake of cultivating an internet personality. I’m an extremely highly strung person but not in a way where anything I do in fandom actually upsets or hurts me in any way and I’m completely chill about it all :D 

If you ever think I’m upset unless it’s super serious context where someone would be legit upset rather than “omg this random thought about a TV show character is so distressing!!!!” I am just being a massive drama llama. 

Just picture me taking one look at some interesting meta, putting the back of my hand to my forehead, and sinking with a faint warbling noise onto a convenient sofa. Then cracking open one eye from behind my fan to see who’s rushing to get the smelling salts :D

Alicia is P.O.T.U.S - Social Media = Black hole.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Zimmermann breaks social media silence.  Jack Zimmermann joins social media to say hey and show off snap with adorable rabbit.  (Good Luck Puck Blog)

To twitter too late?  Last year’s Caps rookie robot joins social media to share cliched picture of hot athlete with adorable animal.  (Rookie Rag)

- - - -

He doesn’t know how it happened.  One minute he was setting his alarm and the next he’s staring at his ex…whatever’s (no, not whatever.  He was his boyfriend.  They were boyfriends to one another, he knows they were) Instagram page, his thumb hovering perilously close to the follow button.

Okay it’s not true in the strictest sense of the word, Jack knows how it happened, logistically speaking he remembers typing in the names and clicking the profiles that lead him to this moment.

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Can we see a singularity, the most extreme object in the universe?

A team of scientists at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, India, have found new ways to detect a bare or naked singularity, the most extreme object in the universe.

When the fuel of a very massive star is spent, it collapses due to its own gravitational pull and eventually becomes a very small region of arbitrarily high matter density, that is a`Singularity’, where the usual laws of physics may breakdown. If this singularity is hidden within an event horizon, which is an invisible closed surface from which nothing, not even light, can escape, then we call this object a black hole. In such a case, we cannot see the singularity and we do not need to bother about its effects. But what if the event horizon does not form? In fact, Einstein’s theory of general relativity does predict such a possibility when massive stars collapse at the end of their life-cycles. In this case, we are left with the tantalizing option of observing a naked singularity.

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One thing I love about Janine is the level of confidence she has in Runner Five.

The way she speaks when she’s directing missions makes it clear that she has no doubt that they can accomplish what she’s asking. She sends them out on errands without hesitation, whereas sometimes Sam or Maxine sound almost apologetic, as if they’re inconveniencing Five, as if the runner has something better or more important to do. Janine treats them just like she would any other member of the township, with all the responsibilities of that position. The tasks she asks them to undertake may be life-threatening, but facing dangerous situations for the good of the community is Runner Five’s job, and she trusts that they know that and will act accordingly.

And while it’s very gratifying to hear Sam say, “Five, you’re amazing!” Janine’s matter-of-fact attitude that they are performing at exactly the level she would expect from an Abel runner demonstrates that she’s not at all surprised at what Five is capable of, and that’s nice to know, too.

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Hey can I get a rundown of what happened in the finale if you have time? I've been out of the fandom for a while but I shill check back in on your blog (cause legit your one of the best writers I know hands down), and all I know is Donnie's a robot and raph has a beard? Like, no wtf he can't grow hair??? Also Casey's dead? Maybe? Is April alive n well? Ugh so many questions, I'm sorry.

okay so here we go with the quick rundown:

-  yeah raph grew a nasty beard. no we didn’t get an explanation for why that is or how it was possible. but that’s the least awful thing about this shitty finale. (raph also doesn’t remember anything about their former lives, and perpetually is a grumpy old man. this was endearing until it was annoying.)

- donnie is a robot now, functionally immortal and probably the least insane of the brothers. honestly he was one of the only two good things about this whole mess. protect the robo turt.

- casey is assumed dead, like april and the rest of their human-ish friends, seeing as they’re not shown in the episode at all beyond a skull that’s implied to be casey’s, but i call bullshit on all that. 

- partially because i doubt donnie would actually let his amnesiac brother use the skull of one of their best friends as a homemade bomb ornament, and partially because april and karai were both mutants and should have survived the mutagen bombing. 

- april was literally the most mutant individual in the cast, being one straight from birth and from a line of mutagen immune part-kraang experiments. she and karai, also a mutant, should have been perfectly fine with their badassery and individual powers.

- honestly the stuff about karai and april being dead is such bullshit, i stg.

- mikey got a horrendous makeover that is not just racist but also severely out of character. would the most social of the brothers really isolate himself like that in the desert? and if he knew where the green place was, why the fresh hell hadn’t he been chilling there all along?? nah. that was just slopppy ooc stuff right there.

- leo was. ugh. also really ooc. even worse makeover than mikey, turned into essentially a terrible hulk clone ripoff that resembles a nipple. why did he call himself maximus kong?? that has no connection with any of his sci-fi interests or obsession with bushido code. wtf.

- no seriously look at him. mutant nipple man. its a fucking tragedy.

- the actual plot of the episode arc revolved around this sweet stabby bean, who is the second part of the “only two good things about this finale” i talked about:

^^^mira, a lesbian who deserves a better family than this freakshow.

- her backstory is ambiguous but basically her clan of meerkats all had the green place’s location tattooed on their body, and they got wiped out when people started trying to find the green place. she enlists the help of raph and donnie- (read as: beats them up and tricks them a bunch of times until they’re too entrenched into her drama to runaway anymore)- and they all try to make it to the fabled green place, which was never really explained or expanded on. it was just a random oasis that magically grew in a barren landscape and had clean water to drink from.

- people are headcanoning that april made the green place and is the “green goddess” that mira once referenced when giving raph her blessings. i agree with this headcanon.

- anyways: the main antagonist, maximus kong, turned out to be leo when they got down to it, cue big reunion and angst scene between him and raph no wonder tcest exists, and then leo magically remembers their former lives after being slapped around a bunch and blown up. happily ever after or some shit from there, living in the green place.

it makes?? no fucking sense??? narratively this was a shitshow, visually it was a shitshow, and emotionally it disappointed me so badly my heart made a little black hole in my chest.

i want 2+ years of investment in this disaster series back from ciro. this finale was just him ensuring no one else could ever touch his “masterpiece”, and ensuring my undying loathing of his work. 

may 2012 TMNT rest in fucking pieces.

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The next episode of once will tarnish cs forever. Or will wipe it from existence altogether. Actually, if Wish Hook stands in the same room with a blonde woman, it will collectively erase our memories of cs, and any attempt to reblog gifs or write fics will cause a weird brain fog that we will not recover from. Soon we'll institutionalized, drooling and gibbering, because a version of hook might have had the sex with a non-Emma woman. May god have mercy on our souls. Love, very anon person

Why hello super secret anonymous person who I absolutely do not know at all, nor do I even suspect who you might possibly be. I can tell that your ask is completely serious and not at all silly or sarcastic, so I will answer you in the same tone in which you write:

*sigh* I fear you are right and the CS fandom will fall into a black hole upon Hook 2 and another blonde woman sharing screen time on Friday. How can CS possibly have a HEA if Hook 2 is able to stand next to other women (and a blonde one at that!) without crinkling his nose in disgust or falling to his knees in despair? We all know that Milah was just a beard to lend credence to his swaggering pirate façade, but that underneath it all Killian was a 300+ year old virgin just waiting for Emma to… uh… break his curse.

Could you imagine if Killian prime had ever had to share the same space with a blonde other than Emma? I mean, other than Elsa, or Ingrid, or Kathryn, or Ashley, or Alexandra, or Wendy, or Ursula, or Maleficent, or David, or Whale, or Happy, or Tinker Bell…

You know what, never mind, we’ll be fine.

black hole/time travel Theory

dont take this seriously its just for fun

ive read (like barely read dont @ me saying im wrong) that some ppl have theorized that in a blackhole time and space are reversed idk what they REALLY mean but i have some thots

lets say a blackhole always leads to another blackhole in another point in the universe and exist at the same time. like maybe u have to have a large enough mass of a bunch of quantumly entangled (again i know shit about entanglment dont @ me) particles compressed into a small enough space to create a black hole (earth sized to like width of manhattan thats the scale). this would make both entangled groups black holes, which could be connected

this involves another realm/reality that exists only within a blackhole. as soon as u enter the “surface” of th eblack hole, ur entering that realm that im gonna call the ghost realm. just for practicality im gonna say that as soon as u enter that space, ur relative speed becomes 0. well theres nothing else in this space anyways so theres nothing to reference ur speed. vacuum and all. however, there is a directional reference frame. “forward” is going to be in the direction pointing from the point of entry in the black hole towards the center of the black hole. so perpendicular to the tangent plane at the point of entry in the black hole.

so back to reverse time/space. while ur in this ghost realm, if u dont move at all, ur stationary in the ghost realm’s space. time is also passing in the ghost realm. everything is normal to u, u can talk, look at things in ur ship, etc. the time passing in ur ship correlates to the distance traveled in real realm. assuming the distance between the entry and exit black holes are fixed, all u have to do is wait to appear at the other side. i haven’t worked out how long u have to wait. maybe u can only go at the speed of light relative to the real realm. that’d be really cool but its not fast enough for practical travel.

now if u MOVE in the ghost realm, you’re changing ur time relative to the real realm. since time is one dimension and u can move in three, im gonna just make it so if u go forward, u go forward into the future. if u go back, u go back into the past. if u go sideways, ur not moving. i’ll work that out later. forward is in the direction from the point of entry to the center of the entry black hole. remember that as soon as u enter the blackhole, a reference frame is set.

this makes a problem where u dont wanna walk from the front to the back of the ship then appear like 10 years in the future of that point space where u end up outside the exit black hole. so i guess i’ll make it so u have to approach light speeds inside ghost realm to significantly move change ur time. so really u wouldn’t be able to move in time much, only light particles could.

this is interesting cuz if u shined a beam of light forward, if would appear in the future at the other end of the black hole. so u can shine the light, then ur ship would exit, then you’d wait and the light would come out of the black hole after u did, in the future, even tho u sent it in front of u

this is really messy but i t hink its just fun and cool and could be used in a decent space movie thing. also u could theoretically create a black hole inside the ghost realm and travel in that ghost ghost realm, probably speeding up travel time. thatd be cool cuz “warp drive” would have tiers based on how many layers of black holes ur in. warp 2 is a ghost realm in a ghost realm. warp ten is ten black holes within each other in succession


the ever lovely hannah / @soullesshunters requested some things, and i decided to do amara in palette 2 number 8! i was listening to emperor’s new clothes on repeat while drawing this and well… oops. i got influenced lol

request dem palettes