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100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 1

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1.      Tome of Invigoration  

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

A leather-bound book, the size of a travel journal and indistinguishable from one on the outside. The pages are filled with the teachings of a famed scholar of magics, it’s said that each hour spent studying this book is the equivalent of 4 hours of regular magical studies. Over a short rest – a player with spellcasting abilities can read this tome to regain 1 spell slot of the highest level available to them (Max of Level 5). The tome can’t be read again until the player completed a long rest.

2.      Tempus’ Shout              

Halberd, Very Rare, Requires Attunement

This sparking Halberd delivers jolts of electricity that surges through the targets body dealing an additional 1d6 thunder damage on every attack.

Active: By speaking a command word Tempus’ Shout extends and begins sparking and flashing threatening coils. While activated increase its reach to 15 feet. Additionally, once per turn on hit you cast the Thunderwave spell at level one, on the point of impact for the attack. The save DC for the spell is 8 + your proficiency + your constitution modifier.

After using this weapons active, it’s electrical current becomes tame and fading. It no longer deals an additional 1d6 thunder die until the wielder completes a long rest. At which point Tempus’ Shout is fully recharged and its active can be used again.

3.      Abjurers Staff

Staff, Rare, Requires Attunement by Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock

A strong metal staff, heavy and thick with a shield at the top. If attuned this staff can be used as a focus. At the start of each long rest you gain 1d6+1 stacks, this staff can carry a max of 7 charges. If the staff ever has 0 charges roll a d20, on a 1 the staff becomes a mundane focus.

The Wielder may cast the following the spells in exchange for the following charges. Your spellcasting modifier remains the same.

·         Expend 1 charge to cast the shield spell. (Can cast as reaction if staff is              being wielded)

·         Expend 2 charges to cast Counterspell (Can cast as reaction if staff is m           being wielded)

·         Expend 3 charges to cast Banishment.


4.      Boots of Sneaking

Wondrous Item, Legendary, Requires Attunement by a Rogue

These soft leather shoes are so black that it appears that they drink the light in around them. Making the wearers feet almost appear as black holes, with intricate laces as dark as night running all the way up them. The player attuned to these boots has advantage on all stealth skill checks.

Active: By uttering the boots command word, the rogue attuned to these boots gains an additional number of d6 to their sneak attack equal to their proficiency. This active lasts for 1 minute and can’t be used again until a long rest.

5.      The Immobilizer

Weapon (Maul), Very Rare

An oversized maul with one face of the head lined with pyramid shaped spikes. Damage rolls with this weapon gain +2. On a critical hit the creature struck is permanently knocked prone, due to a shattered kneecap, broken rib or similar injury that would hinder movement. This effect can only be cured by proper medical attention and healing time or a “lesser restoration” or superior spell.

Hartwin Fic: Kiss Me Under the Light of a Thousand Stars

For humantrampoline85. I hope you feel better soon!

The worst part about undercover missions is that they really don’t allow for any down time. It’s exhausting pretending to be someone else, day in and day out. So when Merlin announces on the twelfth day of their mission that there is no place for him to be that night, Eggsy collapses onto the couch with a long groan of relief. 

“Thank fuck,” he says loudly. 

“Eggsy?” The weather is nice enough that they have the windows open; from the sound of it, Harry is on the front porch of their rented house. Both the house and the lake it’s situated on are in the middle of nowhere. It takes them almost an hour to get into town every morning, but since the isolation fits their cover story, Eggsy can’t exactly complain. Besides, it’s kinda nice. 

“Come out here,” Harry calls. 

Eggsy drapes his arm over his eyes and groans again, even louder this time, so Harry can hear. “I already decided I ain’t moving from this couch all night,” he says. 

“It’ll be worth your while, I promise,” Harry says. 

Briefly Eggsy debates the merits of staying on the couch versus going to see what Harry wants. There’s really no contest, though. He drops his arm, stands up, and with one last mournful look at the couch, he heads for the front door. 

“Turn the lights off,” Harry says. 

Eggsy obeys without thinking about it. The house goes completely dark around him. He opens the screen door and steps outside. 

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Kemp & Eden - Small Talk
oh my god I have been obsessed with this band and this song