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Acoustic version - black hole sun - chris cornell

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black hole with boboiboy and his friends?

[ alright, which one of you sENT THIS - ]

The Bishop

The holoscreen turns to a friendly green, and even the pain cannot stop her smile; the escape pods made it. A thought echoes in her head, one she’s had so many times before, but for once, Ying does not mind if they do not apply to her:

We still have time.

The Rook

Gopal grips the ship’s controls as he tries to take a shaky breath. The ground looms closer with every second, so he closes his eyes, thinks of a time where he wasn’t afraid, and remembers home.

It makes him smile.

The Knight

He shoves down every doubt he has, every guilty thought and uncertainty, and pushes himself to fight. He forces himself until he can’t, until all he can see is the back of a tyrant walking away as the stars look down on him and finally grant him mercy.

When Fang dies, he dies saving his friends, and for him, that is enough.

The Queen

“Go,“ Yaya whispers, and Ochobot does.

Once the powersphere is gone, she turns back to meet a cruel, emerald gaze. She sees the rage burning in them and it fuels her determination, the gravity around them tripling as the ground finally gives way.

(They fall.)

Like a hero would, she dies with a sacrifice.

The King

In all the times they’ve had to fight, Boboiboy never really knew what would happen. He did not think about it much, preferred to keep the thoughts locked away with a heart that longs for a planet of greens and blues.

But this time, cornered in a forest of purple and red, he knows.

(Boboiboy dies in the shadows, but the light will find him.

It always does.)

[ inspired by this ]

Time-Space Crack
  • Luke: [age 13] "Are you sure you want to be in here right now? I'm having some... issues in the back end."
  • Me: "Hmm. How dangerous is it?"
  • Luke: "Well, did you sign the waiver?"
  • Me: "Oh, right, the waiver..." [ad libbing in a legalese tone] "I hereby surrender and waive every right to... uh... lawsuit and redress and compensation forthwith that may result from the... emanations and disturbances... that may issue forth in time and space from... uh... Luke's crack in the universal continuum."
  • Luke: "The time-space crack in the universal continuum?! That's where all my gas comes from?"
  • Me: "If so, I think we all have a time-space crack."
  • Luke: "No wonder it smells like an alien world."
  • Me: "Honestly, my time-space crack has a black hole in it."
  • Luke: "Mine does too. And you never really know what's going to come through it."
  • Me: "I think there's a gas giant on the other side. Like Jupiter, but more brown.... umm, did I just hear a disturbance from your time-space crack?"
  • Luke: "It didn't disturb me at all."
  • Me watching Treasure Planet as a shitty kid: Black holes don't work like that, this is so stupid
  • Me watching Treasure Planet as a furry adult: HOOOOOGGH

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twist: terezi is sucked into the black hole as she finds vriska. the juju is also sucked into the black hole, and the kids are let out upon being inside the black hole. inside the black hole is inescapable, but it resembles a beach in acapulco. the ending is the sexy beach episode we've all been waiting for, and everyone is happy.

i think i preferred unending oblivion