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Stage AE Interview with Frank Iero

Samantha Angel 

Published on Apr 24, 2017

Teyana Kent sits down with Frank Iero of Frank Iero and the Patience on his headlining tour to ask fan powered questions before he takes the stage at The Club at Stage AE.

I went looking for concert footage and surprise!


I have a problem 🤔

Not enough hooks to hang the harnesses up 🤔


From Instagram:  samanthakangel just got done having a nice chat with  @frankieromustdie before his show tonight with @davehause at @stageae. keep an eye out for the whole video soon! tour, russia, horror movies, and andy warhol.


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | savingpeoplegiffingthings vs. sketchydean
round seventeen | alternate universes | doctor au

AU: Dean and Sam are estranged brothers who are abruptly brought back together when Dean is taken to the hospital where Sam works, following a car crash. 

I had to go back.

It’s true. You really do need to go back to move forward. I watched 1x07 today. Why that ep? I couldn’t tell you. It’s not one that usually sticks out to me but I thought why not. I’m really glad I did. Quite a few parallels with the new S4 trailers. Let me explain:

•First of all there’s that neolution eye…

•Then later Kira is playing the piano while Sarah kind of zones out. I’ve always thought she was playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. However, you know what other nursery rhyme has the exact same melody? Ba Ba Black Sheep. 

Way to go Kira. Continually proving my point that you know more than any of us and that you’re probably magic.

•Mrs. S actually says the line: “Listen, if you have to go back to go forward I understand, but just tell me okay? It might still be dangerous.”  

•And of course it’s also when Helena asks for the name of a sheep. 

Could all these things be a coincidence? Sure. I certainly don’t think so though. Orphan Black is way too smart for that. What are they gonna find down that rabbit hole gang? What dangers lurk for all of us in this next season? 

Not at the moment. I’m gonna just try to distract myself with a spontaneous tail dance. 


So I expected this to end in tears but I actually managed to build a working thing at the Dirty Video Mixer workshop hosted by the Black Hole Club last night.

Meet my Not-A-Bomb video smoosher.

We all used the design developed by Karl Klomp to make a device that has two video inputs and one video output, with switches to turn each one on or off and a potentiometer to fade between the two. 

Now I know how to build it I’m very tempted to get the parts again and build it in to something a little larger, or in the same thing only better this time. 

I had a great time, it was cool to hang out with cool, like-minded people with a similar interest in this stuff (including Antonio/HelloCatFood, working hard as usual!).

Hopefully tonight after work I’ll get time to clear my desk and set everything up so I can show you some of the glitchy goodness it can create!