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You know you’re on the right track

when you get to write the sentence “ and then his brother rather willingly joined the space mafia” 

currently reading the comic series ‘black hole’ which is basically about teenagers passing around a sexually transmitted disease that causes them to have these grotesque disfigurements… [jenny slate from that publizity clip voice] i love to have fun

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Okay but pidge x reader where they're talking about astronomy or something and the reader just totally impresses pidge with their knowledge and they're like-oh right that's why I fell in love with them

here you go! This was fun to write bless you for requesting it

What you two were currently doing, you may ask? Oh that’s right, sneaking out! It was 12:30 PM on a school night, and both you and Pidge had a major final exam tomorrow. What’s better to spend the time studying? Stargazing.

“I’m outside, Y/n. Matt did me a huge solid and drove me here.” Pidge murmured, tapping their foot against the cement sidewalk in front of your front porch.

“Kay, I’m just looking for my sweatshirt, I’ll be down in a second.” You whispered, your phone stuck between your ear and your shoulder.

“Okay I’m here.” You said, finally walking outside. The two of you walked together, the sound of your shoes scraping against the ground was the only thing that filled the void of silence. The street lights above you gave you a proper sense of direction. There weren’t any cars, despite the street being active mostly. It was strange, walking around so late at night with someone you care so deeply about, like stepping into another world. Immortal.

“We’re here!” Pidge said, grasping your hand and running up the side of a hill. Your eyes widened in shock as you tried to contain your balance and run properly.

“Keep up! Slow poke!”

“Oh my gosh please.” You gasped, slipping twice and even bringing Pidge down with you once. You finally reached the top, hands on your knees as you were hunched over and breathing heavily. Pidge laughed, sitting down and falling back. Their arms and legs spread out slightly, like they were making a snow angel. They were the snow angel in your eyes.

“What are you staring at? Come sit!” They said after sitting up, patting the grass beside them and grinning. You approached slowly, knees held to your chest when you sat. A smile of content glued to your face, never to leave.

“Hey, did you know that a soup can full of material from Neutron Stars, would have more mass than our moon?” You said, still gazing at the stars above you. Perhaps, someday just like Pidge’s father and brother will, you’ll be able to travel through space. You could go to Mars maybe. Anywhere and you’d be happy, because space will alwaysbe the most interesting thing to you.

“Woah really? How’d you know that?” Pidge asked, moving closer to you until your shoulders touched.

“Oh, my mom was obsessed with it. Still is, just not as much. I usually read all her notes on everything. Wait, I thought you knew that, I told you my mom works in the Galaxy Garrison, right?”

“What!? You didn’t tell me that! Wait…is she the one that convinced Iverson to give Keith one more chance?”

“Yep, she said he’s too important to just kick out, he’s talented and stuff.” You said, drawing your knees away from your chest and laying back.

“Ohhh. Well anyway, what else do you know?”

“Hmm. I know that the suns core releases the amount of a hundred billion nuclear bombs, around every second I believe. Or was it every minute? Whatever. Oh! And I know that if you got too close to a black hole, it’d basically stretch you out and you’d pretty much turn into spaghetti.” You continued going on and on. Facts, knowledge, spewing out of your mouth like you memorized it— well, actually you did. Pidge was in awe, no longer staring at the stars anymore, but staring at you. Maybe, this was why they were so drawn to you. When you first met, Pidge approached you first, you were to be partners for a project, one that would eventually be the start of your enrollment to the Garrison.

“..and that’s why shooting stars aren’t really stars. Oh, my favorite one! The Crab Nebula was made by a huge supernova explosion that appeared in the skies in 1054 A.D. Chinese and Arab astronomers said that the explosion was so bright that it was visible during the day, and it lit up the night sk- AH!” Pidge had pounced on you, arms wrapped tight and rubbing their face into the crook of your neck. The two of you lay on the ground in a heap of hugs and giggles.

“This is why I love you!” You paused, shocked, but it appeared Pidge didn’t even realize what they said. But you thought why not, hugged just a bit tighter, and said it back.


Matt picked Pidge up in front of your house and Pidge was very obviously happy. Pidge sighed lovingly like half way home and Matt screamed


It’s really weird how easy it is to get used to our features and beauty. Like, I have these really deep brown eyes that are basically black. You can’t see my pupils and they’re basically black holes. They’re normal and ordinary to me, but I didn’t realized until my significant other was telling me how pretty they were that I saw how different and significant they can be to other people. He loves them for the exact reasons I’m so bored with them. Meanwhile my significant other has these amazing blue eyes with flecks of green and brown, but he doesn’t think they’re nice because he’s so used to them. We’re all so used to our features that we forget how intricate and significant each detail of us can be

A rather angsty Pidge-centric post-Finale Idea

So like they all get thrown out of a wormhole mid-wormholing, right? Now, I’m going to imagine that being thrown through a wormhole like that will probably alter time a little, like how time’s altered around a black hole (which is basically what a wormhole is) so conceivably, you could have one of the paladins, say, pidge, fall through and get trapped on a planet with a lion with not enough power to leave for say… 5 years, while the other paladins take between one week and one month to be rescued by allura and Coran.

So we could have Pidge stuck on this planet, which has a native, non-Galra population on it, who all see this thing crashing down onto the planet and immediately announce Pidge as their God. So the person who can’t really survive without tech is stuck on a overgrown jungle planet with no technology, and no escape route, and no Galra to fight to take their mind off things or feel useful. At first they’d be patiently waiting for the others, but after the first few months they start to lose hope that the others will come find them.

By the time the others actually get there, Pidge has given up and attempted to escape the reality of their helpless, lonely situation by divulging in the native’s beliefs that they are a god, setting themselves up a big, regal castle surrounding their lion, who they talk to all the time as their “only friend”, and all dressed up like a child playing dress-up, with a crown and oversized cape and everything. 

The others are very confused, because they know the wormhole altered time when they were flung from it, but at most it was only a month, how could everything have gone like this in a month? When they actually get in contact with pidge again, they expect pidge to greet them as family and come back, not for Pidge to order the team to call them “your majesty” and to bow in their presence. Pidge looks just as childlike as they used to, so everyone assumes they just hit their head and forgot everything, since they doesn’t look like they’ve been here that long, and nobody wants to think about the worst case possibility.

When Allura, tired of all of the playing around, actually asks Pidge if they remember her and the others, they avoid the question entirely, quickly slipping back into their fantasy and demanding she be thrown in the dungeons for speaking out of turn. Keith tries to intervene and gets taken away too, while the others watch and wonder what happened to Pidge to make them do this. Shiro is the one who finally figures it out, stumbling across an old diary as he’s shown around the castle. He’s shocked to find it full of Pidge’s scribbly handwriting and their account of the events, narrating their slow loss of hope and withdrawal into themselves, with the final few pages simply being the repetition of the phrase “they’ve abandoned me.“ 

When they’re all brought in front of Pidge, as they decide what to do with the team, Shiro pulls them into a hug, apologizing for how long they took and telling them that denial isn’t the answer, that they can’t hide in fantasy and ignore the truth, no matter how painful it is. The rest of the team have no idea what Shiro’s doing until Pidge breaks down in his arms, wailing about how they thought the others had abandoned them and how it had been so long, and they never even expected the others to come back except for to take the green lion away and find a new paladin, and how afraid and alone they were on an alien planet with nobody they knew, how they couldn’t do anything but pretend they didn’t remember because if they ever stopped to think about how their only friends had abandoned them to die on a planet they didn’t even know they’d probably go insane, and how they were so scared and they just wanted to go home, they thought everyone hated them, that the only way out was to cover themselves in fantasy and ignore everything related to the past to try and make it go away. 

Shiro carries Pidge back to the ship since they’re in no state to carry themselves, little more than a sobbing, shaking mess, babbling hysterical nonsense, while the rest of the team crowd around them, horrified to see the poor paladin in such a state and feeling terribly guilty for what pidge went through. Shiro could barely handle one year in the middle of nowhere with only aliens for company, five is too much for anyone, and without any sense of familiarity or anyone to sympathize with, it brought Pidge to the point of madness.

After a few days on the ship they’ve composed themselves, but they’re still not the same person they used to be, slipping into the native’s language in almost every other sentence and much more childish and moody, sometimes outright attacking the others if they annoy them, often running away and hiding if anyone tries to talk to them about their time on the planet. It’s common to see pidge walking round with a blanket draped around their shoulders like the cloak they were so used to wearing, and they still are more likely to respond to "your majesty” than “Pidge”, which can make things hard. 

Shiro tries his best to comfort Pidge, knowing how it must have felt, and how unstable one’s mind can be after such trauma, and Pidge seems desperate for help. It’s very rare to see one without the other. Wherever Shiro goes, Pidge goes, usually holding his hand like a lost child or perched upon his shoulders, a spoilt child of make-believe royalty, a makeshift crown perched on their head. The team finds that Pidge is much more clingy than they used to be, always cuddling up to Shiro or leaning against him if they’re standing up. Shiro doesn’t mind this though, he’ll do anything to help his team members out. It’s commonplace to see them cuddled up to each other in various places, one or both of them asleep. Shiro doesn’t try to talk to Pidge about the five years they spent alone. He waits until Pidge is ready to tell him. 

It’s a slow, uphill battle, but eventually Pidge is able to open up and trust again. The painful memories aren’t healed yet but they don’t hurt as much as they used to, and everyone does their best to help Pidge out, even though they have their own problems. They still cling quite a bit to anyone they trust, and they still can’t sleep alone, but they’re getting there slowly. Every so often the others will see the spark in Pidge’s eyes. It’s dim, and faded, but that hope, that wonder, it’s still there. One day, they’ll be back to normal again. 


Atoms As Big As Mountains – Neutron Stars Explained

Neutron Stars are some of the most strange things in the Universe. Not quite massive enough to become black holes they
are basically atoms as big as mountains with properties so extrem that it is mind-blowing. And if you get too close to a neutron star you are in big trouble…

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Atoms As Big As Mountains — Neutron Stars Explained

Neutron Stars are some of the strangest things in the Universe. Not quite massive enough to become black holes they are basically atoms as big as mountains with properties so extreme it’s mind-blowing. And if you get too close to a neutron star you are in big trouble…

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Im very interested in black holes. i know black holes sometimes form because of the collapse of certain stars. i was wondering though, if the formation of some black holes can be analogous to a bomb or asteroid creating a deep impact on earth. In other words, does the explosion of a star cause the space right beneath it to implode creating a black hole or does the sun simply dissolve into its core eventually leaving a black holes in what used to be its center?

The Sparknotes On Black Holes

The best way for me to explain this is with a little (not too bad though) math:

The formula for approximate gravitational strength says that as you move farther away from whatevers gravitational pull you’re in, that gravitational pull gets exponentially weaker.

(for those curious the full formula is GM1M2/r^2 - G is the gravitational constant, M1 and M2 are the two objects in a gravitational relationship and r^2 is the distance between them to the power of two)

When something with enough mass collapses in on itself to what’s approximately a singularity (a single point) the value of “r” becomes really really small for the gravitational force of the black hole itself.

Before the star became a black hole - it was a massive and large-in-diameter object. All that mass (and hence gravitational force) was spread out across the vast expanse of the star itself before it operated in a gravitational relationship with something else, say a planet.

When you shrink all that mass into a single point in space, you concentrate the full gravitational potential of the star into one point exponentially increasing its gravitational pull on anything near it because r goes down to what is essentially a value of 1.

If gravity gets weaker with distance and you’re being pulled by a huge star, well one side of the mass of the star (and hence source of gravity) might be hundreds of millions of miles away from you, hence a very diluted gravitational force.

Let’s say G times M1 times M2 = 500 and the distance (the “r”) is 500 km. That means you divide 500 by 500^2 which is 0.002 units of force, a small gravitational pull. Now let’s say the GM1M2 = 500 and the distance is 1 (the “r”). Well 1^2 is just 1 and 500 divided by 1 = 500 units of force.

500 is much much more powerful than 0.002 units of force.

Now with this in mind you can understand what a black hole is: Light is effected by gravity. The speed of light is so great that it is often able to move sufficiently fast so that it’s often not effected dramatically. Sometimes it’s effected enough so that it makes it seem like there’s a magnifying glass moving around the black hole (called gravitational lensing).

If light interacts with something that has a high enough concentration of gravity, however, it won’t be able to escape. This is why black holes are black.

Since nothing with mass can move as fast as light, we know for sure that if light can’t escape a black hole, basically nothing can.

That, keep in mind, is the sparknotes version. These monsters get super complicated when you talk about what happens inside them. Actually we don’t really know what happens in black holes.

More on the Sauber clusterfuck

You’d think having a team principal with a law degree would help avoid the biggest contractual clusterfuck in F1 in recent decades, but apparently nope. 

So, Sauber played a game of musical chairs and fucked themselves over in the process. 

- They signed four drivers (van der Garde, Sutil, Nasr, Ericsson) for two driving spots.

- Sutil also had an airtight contract, just like Giedo.

- Both drivers were apparently informed that their services would not be needed via text message, both were completely blindsided (speculation)

- Van der Garde was signed June 2014, bringing in sponsorship money - which Sauber immediately accepted, as it helped solve the financial black hole they were in. Basically, his money helped bring them back from the brink of bankruptcy. 

- His sponsors’ logos are apparently STILL on the current livery - despite the fact that they sacked him.

- Sauber signed - long after they already signed Adrian and Giedo - Felipe and Marcus; who also brought in a lot of sponsorship money.

- Sauber had a laughable defense trying to keep Giedo out of the seat, citing hellfire and brimstone that would rain down on the track when someone as inexperienced as him (since he didn’t test this year’s car) were to drive at the GP. Unlike Manor’s drivers, of course. And inexperienced with an F1 season, plenty of testing and FP1 sessions in 2014 under his belt - unlike Verstappen, Sainz Jr., or Nasr. Sure, okay. 

- Sauber also argued that there was no time for a seat fitting. Unfortunately for them, in 2011 they replaced their regular driver with de la Rosa on a Friday, after Perez pulled out of the Canada GP after the Friday morning session (concussion from previous race). 

- They also stated that they had no seatbelts ready for his body, as they were meant for two drivers of different body dimensions. Seatbelt. Seriously.

- And of course, the car was built for two drivers again with different body dimensions from him. Because of course it never happens that a third driver needs to jump in, because for example a world champion suffered a concussion and needs to miss the first race of the season. Right. I’d also again like to add Pedro de la Rosa here. 

- Monisha stated that the court ruling was “unexpected”. Sure. 

- Oh, and the court ruling states that Giedo’s contract is valid for the entire season.

So, here’s where it gets interesting. Sauber have royally fucked themselves over, here are the possible options: 

a.) They buy Giedo out of his contract. Except - with what money? For Giedo it works out great. Money in his pocket, and he can go replace Merhi after his contracted GPs run down (Malaysia?). 

b.) They put Giedo in a seat, instead of Felipe or Marcus. Except, their contracts are probably as airtight as Giedo’s - no reason to assume otherwise. Which means 

- Unhappy sponsors, one of them a national bank - who could sue Sauber

- Whichever driver loses their seat could also sue

- And in addition, seeing how this turned out, even Sutil could still sue. 

No matter what they do, they open themselves up to even more lawsuits. I honestly don’t see how Sauber will survive this, without going bankrupt.