black history year long

Here’s my issue: We cram all of Black history into just one month. All we have time for is that George Washington Carver and all of his peanut stuff. We should learn all of Black history, all the year round, and teach it to everybody.

Leslie Jones

We couldn’t agree more, Leslie! So every day this month, we’ll be posting a book to add to your year-long reading list. These books cover Black history, stories, poems, lives, recipes – something for everybody, arranged in roughly chronological order according to subject matter. Unless you’re a speed-reader, you can be sure of needing more than 28 days to get through these 28 books.

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As another Black History Month draws to a close, we must not lose sight of the year and years ahead. This sentiment is quite common now, but it bears emphasizing that no part of the fight for awareness and equality should be relegated to a single month.

Even then, timing is only part of the problem. The very idea of a Black History Month implies that the end of segregation was also the end of racism despite the fact that racial inequality thrives today. In the past year alone, everything from tragedies like the murder of Mike Brown to everyday pop culture controversies have illustrated this reality with a newfound visibility.

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