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If the HPA was a person, we’d already be in our 2nd year at Hogwarts! Join us tonight at 8pm ET as we celebrate our 12th birthday with many of our favorite people. Grab your wand and your wizard activist friends, and join us for the birthday event of year!


BSC Black History Month:  When Beyonce’s Unapologetically Black Moment in Music Pays Homage to An 80′s Hip Hop Fashion Pioneer

With the release of her new song & music video Formation Beyonce’s lyrics & visuals made nods to black culture highlighting everything from our

love of well seasoned food - “I got hot sauce in my bag swag”

Our talent, promise, influence & innovation “I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making”

Rejecting the policing of our girls’ hair & shaming of its texture - “I like my baby with baby hair & afro”

Beyonce also goes on to honor 80′s hip hop fashion pioneer Dapper Dan when she & all her back-up dancers don custom tailored Gucci two-piece outfits.  For those who are unfamiliar Dapper Dan, is a tailor from Harlem New York who became  famous in the 80′s when he started using Gucci, Louis Vuitton & MCM fabric kits to tailor one of a kind outfits for Black music elites.  Clients included Bobby Brown, LL Cool J and Salt -N-Pepa.  Dapper Dan’s work was also featured on Eric B & Rakim’s Follow The Leader  album cover.


Gwen Stacy Variant Covers by Jake Wyatt, Dan Hipp, & John Tyler Christopher

As reported some time at the beginning of the month, the ever so popular Gwen Stacy will be covering 20 variant covers for several Marvel issues. A few have already been released, and three new ones are set to be released. Dan Hipp turns Gwen into “Black Gwidow” for Black Widow #19, Jake Wyatt turns Ms. Stacy intp “CapGwen” for Captain America & The Mighty Avengers #9, and lastly John Tyler Christopher turns Gwen into “Gwengela” for 1602: Witch Hunter Angela #1.