black henderson


Clue references in Poe Party (17/?): Definitely not dead, officer. Totally just drunk. Idk what you’re talking about. This is a party! Doesn’t it look like we’re having fun?

When we first meet Damon Henderson he is a mechanic responsible for taking care of the Space Ranger’s retired Astro Megaship along with Alpha 6. But after being swept up into a rescue mission on the planet Mirinoi, Damon ends up pulling one of the legendary Quasar Sabers from its stone scabbard and becomes the Galaxy Green Ranger. Along with the other Galaxy Rangers, Damon defended the space colony, Terra Venture from the insectoid alien warlord, Scorpius and his daughter, Trakeena.

Damon made is first appearance on February 13th in 1999 in the second episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy titled, Quasar Quest Part 2. As the Galaxy Green Ranger, Damon was connected to the power of the of wind and commanded the Condor Galactabeast, a gigantic avian alien which could transform into a mechanical form, the Condor Galactazord.