black heels and pearls


One of the most famous dresses worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, almost didn’t get its public outing - because she thought that it was too risqué. The design in question - dubbed the “revenge dress” - was worn by Diana to the Serpentine Gallery summer party in June 1994, on the same night that a controversial television programme aired detailing Prince Charles’ adulterous relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall.

The figure-hugging black silk dress, by Greek designer Christina Stambolian, featured a low-cut, off-the-shoulder neckline - which she wore with a pearl choker, black heels and scarlet nails. According to a documentary about the late princess due to air next week, the decision to wear the dress was a last-minute one.

“She thought it was too daring,” said Stambolian, revealing that she’d actually designed the piece some three-years earlier for Diana - but that she’d been too nervous to wear it. The Princess had originally been set to wear Valentino that evening, reports The Telegraph, but was put off when the fashion house sent out an early press release saying so - and decided on the Stambolian dress instead. "She wanted to look a million dollars,“ said her former stylist Anna Harvey. ”And she did.“

The Reunion

Summary: It’s time for the Riverdale Class of 2019 Ten Year Reunion! Betty Cooper is excited to see all of her old classmates, but there’s one classmate in particular that she can’t seem to get off her mind…

Chapter One

“Hello and welcome back to Riverdale High School! Please take a moment to find your name tag - you’ll notice it has your yearbook picture on it to help people better recognize you.”

Betty smiled brightly as the man in front of her searched for his name tag. She watched with curiosity as he plucked one off the table - Benjamin Nisher.

She tried to remember any sort of memory she had with him. She seemed to recall something about… chess club? Or maybe it was the book club? Whoever he was, Betty was drawing a blank.

Oh well, you can’t know them all.

“Ethel,” Betty turned to the young woman standing beside her, “Would you mind going back into the kitchen and checking on our appetizers? Guests are arriving and I want to make sure the wait staff is prepared to start making the rounds.”

Ethel nodded with a smile and headed off toward the cafeteria, leaving Betty alone at the welcome table. She looked around, smoothing the skirt of her dress before readjusting the floral arrangement for the millionth time. As former student body president, it had been her responsibility to plan the ten-year reunion. Which worked out surprisingly well, coinciding perfectly with Betty’s career as an event planner.

She remembered being in high school, dreaming of being a reporter. She had even followed those dreams to Boston University, majoring in journalism and graduating with honors. Unfortunately, dreams were quickly dashed when she found herself glued to a desk instead of out in the field, everything she reported on feeling lackluster when compared to her times in Riverdale.

She had been tasked to interview an up-and-coming event planner in the area when things finally clicked into place. Before she knew it, she had applied for an internship with the company, quickly rising through the ranks before finding herself second-in-command of one of the most elite planning companies in the United States. She loved every ounce of her work - the planning, the use of creativity, the organized chaos of it all - it left her buzzing with satisfaction. And now here she was, back at her old high school, with everything seeming to come full circle.

Ten years. It had been ten years since she’d graduated high school. Ten years since she’d left the borders of this town. Ten years since she’d seen him.

Her heart sighed at the thought of him. She wondered where he was now. She’d heard rumors - everything from being in jail to thriving in New York - but the only truth she knew was in his novel. His tale of Jason Blossom’s murder had mild success across the country, and wild success in Riverdale. He had sent her a copy when it was published, a simple “Thank you” scrawled on the inside cover. Nothing more. It was the only real communication she had received from him since graduation.

The door opened, and Betty brought herself back to reality. Plastering on her best smile, she welcomed an alumni couple as they approached the table. Giving them their name tags and sending them on their way, Betty mentally kicked herself for getting so lost in the haze of adolescent memories. There was no use thinking of him, she reminded herself, because wherever he was he was long gone. He had even RSVP’d no to the reunion.


A familiar voice rang out across the hall, and Betty looked up to spot her lifelong best friend walking toward her.

“Veronica! Hi!” Betty rushed out from behind the welcome table and embraced her. “How are you? It feels like it’s been forever.” 

“Wonderful!” Veronica beamed, “Tonight is our first night out without the baby. Archie was incredibly nervous, but we simply couldn’t miss this! Especially since it’s a Betty Cooper event! Plus,” Veronica winked at her, “I needed a good excuse to wear this.” She backed away and gave a small twirl to show off her slimming black cocktail dress, complimented by violet heels and her signature pearl necklace.

“You do look amazing.” Betty laughed, “As always.”

“As do you!” Veronica cooed, “Seriously, Betts, that dress is gorgeous with a capital G! Blue has always been such a great color on you.”

Betty blushed at the compliment, her heart warming in the glow of her friend’s affection. “So, where is Archie?”

“Parking the car, probably double checking that all he has all the baby photos ready to show off.” Veronica laughed. “What can I say, he’s one proud father.”

“Talking about me?” Archie appeared, a smug grin on his face and a familiar blue and yellow jacket slung over his shoulders.

“Archie, it that -”

“His letterman’s jacket?” Veronica rolled her eyes, “Yes, it is. Babe,” She gave him an accusatory look, “I thought we agreed you’d leave it in the car.”

“Oh, come on Ronnie! I’m reliving high school!” Archie pouted dramatically, “Just let me have my fun.”

“Alright fine - but just for tonight. Then it goes back in the attic where it belongs.” Veronica smiled and placed a single hand on his chest, leaning in and kissing him sweetly. “Now come on. Let’s head inside and let Betty finish her work. She’ll join us later.”

“See you on the dance floor Betts.” Archie joked, winking at her and dramatically spinning around to show off his “moves”. Veronica laughed at him before pulling him away, the two of them disappearing into the gymnasium.

“Betty,” Ethel scrambled up to the table, “The appetizers are ready to go, but Josie just grabbed me and said somebody moved her earpiece after sound check, she can’t find it.”

Betty sighed. It wouldn’t be a true event without at least one problem to be handled. “Okay, I’ll go talk to her. I’m sure it’s nearby. Do me a favor and keep greeting our alumni okay?” Betty placed an encouraging hand on Ethel’s shoulder before moving down the hall, welcoming people as she went.

She was halfway to the music room when she spotted him.

Mukuro, Hibari and Byakuran acting Protective of their s/o


    “Pardon the intrusion ma'am, but may I have a quick word with you?” Your teeth pinched your lower lip in an attempt to prevent a groan from leaving your mouth. You had been assigned to go undercover as a teacher at an all male privet school. Something about the headmaster organizing a heist to take the large shipment of guns’ that the Vongola was able to obtain before they were shipped out to local small-time gangs.
   "Yes, what can I do for you, Professor?“ You took a page from Murkuro and allowed charming, but hollow, tight-lipped smile stretch across your face. You stood from the chair behind the desk and turned to the Professor in the doorway. It took everything not to cringe at the smell that wafted off of the man. Had no one told him about deodorant, or better yet the magical thing called a shower?
  “Well, you see myself and a few of the other teachers have some concerns.” He cleared his throat before continuing. “You see,” you felt your face twitch as he stepped into the classroom and shut the door behind him, “multiple of us believe that some of your choices of attire might not be the best and most professional choice.” That made you pause in your internal complaints.
   Glancing down at your deep purple long sleeved bodycon style dress. A white and purple scarf was draped across your shoulders, your black heels sat innocently underneath the large oak desk. Pearl bracelet and earrings where your choice of jewelry this morning. “And pray tell is wrong with my choice of work clothes?” You glanced back up at the man only to cringe seeing that he had gotten closer to you while you were assessing your clothes of choice.
   "Well, you see,“ your eye twitched at the repeated phrase, "as you know we are an elite all-male privet school.” He cleared his throat out. “With the boys here are at a certain age where they start to notice the opposite….,” Your inner monolog drowned the rest of his yammering out. This guy had to be bullshitting you, there was no way he was going to pull this kind of crap on you. “and thusly we would like you to start wearing less revealing clothing so you do not distract the boys from their studies.” He was.
   "Kufufu…“ Before you could open your mouth to lay it into the sexist skin hating ass, a laugh flooded the large lecture room. "That was quite an unwise thing to say, for a man such as yourself.” You both watched as the familiar pineapple haired man melts from the shadows of a corner.
   You watched in exasperation as the color from the professor’s chubby face drained into a pastel white. Beady eyes rolled to the back, and his heavy-set body hit the tiled floors with a heavy thud. You shot a look at the illusionist. “That was unnecessary, I could have handled the pig myself.”
    Murkuro gave his signature laughter before taking your hand in his and placed a feathered kiss on the back of it. “I have no doubt that your sharp tongue and harsh words could have done just that. But I could not help myself, the thought of others staring at what is mine with such dirty thoughts fills me with rage that is beyond control.”
    “I am not some property to own you ass.” You grumbled and jerked your hand back to your side. Despite wanting to seem made you could feel your cheeks turning red. Twisting away from the man before you in hope he would not see your embarrassment, even though you know it was no use he saw everything it seemed. “Let’s just get out of here already.” You fled the room before he could say anything.
   "Kufufuf…. of corse.“ His long stride made it easy to catch up with you. You felt his long arm snake its way around your waist before pulling you close to his side.


    A deep sigh passed through your slightly chapped lips. You were stuck at home today, as per Hibari’s demands. You had gotten a minor concussion the last mission that you had gone on, and despite being cleared for work, the ex-chairman had forced you to take the day off. The thing about being stuck at home that you shared with Hibari it always ended up being too quiet for your tastes. Even when Hibari was home the large home was quiet seeing as Hibari was not one to fill the silence with mindless chit-chat and in the end neither were you. But that quiet was different than this one, this one filled your being with a strange sense of unease.
   Your eyes panned the room in despite need to find something to do. You pause as you spot your thin black phone that sat on the dark chabudai in the middle of the open living room. Your eyebrows raised in thought and glanced down at your attire. You had decided to be lazy today and chose to wear nothing but one of Hibari’s button down white shirts over a pair of one of your most expensive lingerie sets that you own. You never really wore any of them as much as you used to. You had stopped since you moved in with Hibari. Seeing as he had a habit of ripping the fragile fabric when he became impatient. You had learned your lesson when you had decided to wear a one of a kind limited edition set on one of the few dates that he had taken you on.
   A sly smile crept onto your lips. If he thinks that you would spend a dull day at home while he got to go out and have fun with no complaints, he had another thing coming.
   A deep scowl was permanent on the skylarks face today. So was a migraine that pounded behind his eyes, and the one that sat on the couch across from him. Today seemed to tick on forever for him, normally it would be someone else that sat across from him, someone more desirable. Instead, he has had to deal with the blond herbivore ever since he stepped through the entrance of the underground safe house. If you had been here with him, the blond herbivore would have left the moment you had opened your mouth. He never understood why the Chiavarone boss listened to you instead of him. His deep frown got deeper at the thought of depending on you. Suddenly the sound of vibration on solid wood broke through his musing.
   Not giving a damn if it was rude he reached for his thing flip phone that sat on the coffee table between the two black leather couches. Looking at the small screen on the front of the phone ‘1 new text message from Bambina’ it read. The corner of his mouth twitches up for a fraction of a second at the name you had placed your number under. You had been a bit upset when you had learned that he had put your name as week herbivore instead of your real name or a cute pet name. So you had stolen his cell phone just to change your name, it had been about half a week before he had gotten it back from you.
   Shaking his head off his drifting thoughts he opened the mobile device with a sharp flick of his wrist and opened the text. What he saw had caused his mind to go blank for a moment. There you sat staring up at the camera with wide eyes and a slight pout on your painted lips one of his old buttons down shirts was completely unbuttoned and shrugged down low so it showed off your shoulders. It wasn’t odd to see you in his clothes you stole his shirts and sweatpants on a daily basis. What caused him to pause was what you wore underneath.
  A sharp whistle broke his trance. "Hibari you are one lucky man. Is that a bustier and garter?” Sharp eyes snapped to the man that now leaned on the couch behind him looking over his shoulder and at the picture of you on his phone. His teeth ground togeather in irritation how dare this pathetic herbivore think he could look at a privet picture of you and think he can get away with it.
   Before Dino even realized what had happened he was on the floor with some of the most painful injuries he had ever felt that were inflicted by the younger man. “Tell Sawada that I am leaving, and if he ever sends you to my office again he will be retrieving you back in a body bag.” The tall man rumbled out and walked swiftly out the door before he could be stopped. He had something that needed to be done.


   You adjusted the large floppy sun hat to sit more firmly on the top of your head. It was one of the warmer days in Dublin surprisingly seeing as it almost fell. But you weren’t complaining, this gave you a chance to window shopping one last time before it became too cold for you. It was also a nice time to finally wear a new outfit that you bought last week. It was one of your more flowy pieces, with a long dark blue skirt that had a thick leather belt that wrapped tightly around your midsection. It was light and with each step, you took you felt the soft see through material that made the outer layer brush against your bare ankles. It made you feel like twirling in circles just to watch the fabric fan out around you. The shirt you decided to pair it up with was a cream colored tank top. You had accessorized with wedges with blue straps, a brown leather bag, and a wooden necklace.
   You hummed happily, feeling confident with your choice of clothing. It was going to be a good day today. Just as that thought passed through your mind you suddenly felt a large calloused hand snatch one of your swinging arms and jerk you back into an alleyway you were passing.
   "Ah!“ You squeaked out when one of your ankles twisted at a weird angle because of the sudden side motion. You stumbled back into the rough brick wall of one of the buildings, scraping your bare arm. Looking up at the culprit that rudely jerked you out of your happy thoughts. "What the heck was that for?” You demanded the man that was still gripping your arm in a death grip.        He was a tall man in his late twenties if you had to guess, dark messy hair. five o'clock shadow, and bright blue eyes. A heartthrob if you had met him in a more polite fashion but no.
   "I’m sorry for the rude and hasty introduction but there is no time for a proper greeting.“ A light Russian accent colored his hastily spoken words. "My name is Isaac and you must follow me and do exactly as I say okay?” He asked as he started to drag you down further into the alleyway towards where a dark car with tinted windows was parked.
   "NO! Not okay! What the hell is this? Get off me!“ You shouted and tugged at your arm in an attempt to shake his grip off, but his grip held strong.
   "I’m sorry Ma'am but like I said there is no time to explain, all you need to know is that you are in great danger and I am here to help you.” He explained without looking back at you.
   "Here to help me?! It’s more like your the one that’s the danger to me! HELP!“ You screamed as you reached down with your other hand to grasp his middle finger and pulled it back as far as you could. This was the wrong way to use this move but you couldn’t remember how they had shown you how to get out of a death grip from the front, and you had to do something. Though your attempt to get free was not successful. "SOMEONE HELP! RAPE! KIDNAP!” You shouted at the tops of your lungs.
   "Oh…What do we have here?“ A calm deep voice sounded from behind you. At the sound of another person caused a deep rush of relief passes through you. You weren’t going to be taken away by this weird and rude man. Speaking of the man he had frozen mid-stride, the abrupt stop had caused you to bump into his broad back. He slowly turned his head to look behind you. His once tan features were now a sickly white, his bright blue irises were now a barely visible rim surrounding his blown pupils. A thin layer of sweat had gathered on his forehead where a vein now bulged out in fear.
   You too turned your head to look behind you. Standing there in an all white Italian cut suit was your savior. He was tall, and a shockingly head of white hair despite his young age. His eyes were a beautiful shade of violet that matched his button up shirt and tie. He looked like an angel except for the wide fox-like a smile that was painted his lips, and the strange glint that shown in his eyes.
   "Why Issac, if I hadn’t known any better I would say you were trying to steal my sweet flower away from me.” The angelic man purred. His voice was light and airy but had a threatening undertone to it. His head cocked to the side his eyes squinted shut, giving a fighting smile. “That is against the rules you know. No one is to touch my flower except for me. And you know very well what happens to people who break the rules.” His lavender eyes cracked open, the fox-grin still persistent as the day.
   "I’m sorry Byakuran-sama.“ The Japanese title sounded weird mixed with a Russian accent to you. But you were too freaked out to ponder the odd combination. You had no idea what was going on. Angel man had called you his flower, and yet you have never met him before this day. And despite your inability to remember a face, you could never forget meeting someone with that hair and eye color combination.
  "Byakuran, we have to get going it’s almost time.” Suddenly another voice spoke from behind the white haired man.
   "Oh, is it that time already?“ Byakuran gave a giggle, which was odd to hear from a grown man. "Why don’t you take my flower to the car while I deal with Issac here, Sho-chan.” As told a redheaded man with glasses stepped out from behind Byakuran. He smoothly walked forward and grabbed you by the arm leading you to the car to the end of the ally.
   You were too shocked on what had conspired to make any objections about being dragged off by a stranger once again. All you had known that today you had met the devil who had gone by the name of Byakuran. That day you had met the man that says that he has known you for your whole life while you knew not of him. Each time you think back to the encounter and his explanations your head started to pound in confusion. But in the end, you had met the man that you love, so you couldn’t really complain much.

Puzzle Piece

Requested–Yes—I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing!! Could I request a one shot where the reader is Lee’s best friend/roommate who loves jigsaw puzzles, which leads in Lee trying to persuade the reader to go on a blind date with Ed???

A/n–Thank you!! I fr love all of you guys.

Warning- none

Rating– fluff

Title– Puzzle Piece

“Y/n? Where are you?” Your roommate Lee called from the living room of your apartment.

“Here!” You called from under the dining room table.

“What are you doing?” Her voice was closer.

“I dropped a puzzle piece. Aha!” You wiggled out from under the table and held up the piece up triumphantly.

Lee rolled her eyes as she set her purse down.

“You remind me so much of Ed.” She began again. You huffed and sat down next to her. She was constantly trying to set her up with her co-worker, Ed Nygma. You had heard all about how much you had in common. How you both loved puzzles, video games and riddles. It’s not that you didn’t want to go on a date with him- he seemed fantastic- you were just nervous. You hadn’t really been on that many dates and you didn’t want to mess up.

“Come on y/n. You deserve some happiness. Not that you’re not happy now. It’s just- come on y/n please?”

You looked down at you socked feet and wiggled your toes.

“Urgh.” You pushed your hair back and pressed your cold hands to your warm cheeks.”Fine. But you have to help me! Okay? I will not go into this date looking like a fool.”

“Yay!” Lee squealed. “Also I already told him you were free tonight. He should be here-,”She looked at the clock, “In 40 minutes.”

“Lee!” You jumped up and frantically ran to the bathroom.

You tapped your foot the whole 20 minutes while Lee curled your hair.
“Don’t be so nervous.” She said, smoothing out an emerald dress.

“Wear this.” She handed it to you. As you slipped into the dress, Lee got a pair of low black heels and a pearl necklace. She fastened the necklace just as the doorbell rang.

“Lee I can’t so this!” You grasped her arm.

“You are fine.” She smiles reassuringly.

Lee went to go answer the door as you took deep breaths.

“Hello Ms. Thompkins!” A charming voice said.

You took one last breath and joined Lee in the doorway.

“Hello Mr. Nygma.” You peeked out from behind Lee. “I’m Y/n L/n.”

“H-h-hello. Ms. L/n” Ed sputtered.

“Please. Call me Y/n.” You smile shyly.

“Are you ready Ms. l/n? I mean y/n.” He says.

“Yes.” You walk forward and take the arm he offered you.

“Have fun.” Lee called.

You and Ed let out a laugh as you walked down the hall.

“So.” He gave you a handsome smile. “I heard you liked puzzles.”

The Upper Hand: Jefferson x Reader {Part 5}

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Hamilton - Modern AU (Law School)

Jefferson x Reader

1,974 words

The long awaited Part 5 has arrived! This is kind of a filler chapter, but it’s necessary to set up for Part 6. The good news is it’s finally the weekend, so I’ll be able to post a couple more parts soon! So, without further ado, I give you The Upper Hand: Part 5

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Too slutty.

You peel off the short, sleeveless cocktail dress and throw it on the floor with a groan. Jefferson—Thomas is coming to pick you for your date up in three short hours, and you still haven’t found the right outfit. You haven’t been on a date in a while—unless you count the blind date with Peggy’s cousin two months ago—and you figure that you need extra time to get ready. And freak out.

Your phone rings as you try on dress number six. John Laurens.


“Y/N! You’re coming out tonight with us, right? Friday night’s about to get lit!”

“Uh, actually, Laurens, I have a date.”

“Ooooh, Y/N has a date! Who’s the lucky fella?”

You hesitate. While you are worried about what Alex and the guys will think of you going on a date with Thomas, you think Laurens will be more understanding than the others. Laurens is one of the HamilSquad who hasn’t caught Jefferson’s attention, other than noticing that Laurens and Hamilton seem a little too close of friends. You really need someone to talk to about this, and Peggy is out of town with her boyfriend this weekend, so she hasn’t been available to talk.

“Um, Laurens? I’m trying to keep it on the DL. Sorry.”

“Really? You’re not going to tell me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Are you trying to find a dress?”

“I have nothing to wear!” you whine.

“Okay, I’ll come help you find something if you tell me who this mystery guy is.”


Laurens arrives fifteen minutes later, giving the bright green dress you’re wearing an appraising look as you open the door. He follows you to your bedroom and whistles at the piles of clothes scattered across your floor.

“You really like this guy, don’t you?”

You nod, blushing. “He’s taking me to that new French restaurant on 8th Street, and I don’t feel like any of these clothes are nice enough.”

“Classy guy,” Laurens observes, stepping over your clothes piles and into your closet. “How about this one? I heard it’s going to be chilly tonight, so maybe he’ll give you his coat if you get cold.”

You giggle thoughtfully, imagining Jefferson’s coat around your shoulders, his French cologne surrounding you in a warm, fragrant embrace. A new level of nerves hits you, and you sink to your bed.

“No, get up and try this on,” Laurens orders. “And don’t panic. This guy must know how special you are if he’s asking you out on a date.”

“I am special,” you echo as you step into the closet to change.

“Okay, Y/N! Let’s see how you look.”

You step into your bedroom in the magenta dress Laurens picked out. It’s modeled after 50s styles, with an A-line skirt and V-neck. You twirl and see the flat bow nestled in the small of your back.

“It’s perfect!” Laurens says, grinning at you.

You match his smile and touch the silky material, looking at your reflection in the mirror. The magenta color compliments your skin tone and hair. You make a mental note to twist your hair into an updo. You do look good, you agree. Only good things can happen while you wear this dress, like first kisses and moonlit walks in the park and—


You turn to look at Laurens sitting on your bed, dread filling your belly. He wants to know the identity of the mystery date. Any confidence you had that Laurens will react well disappears as he grins at you eagerly.

“You’re not gonna like it,” you start, wringing your hands. “I know how much you guys hate him, and I did too. But I learned that he is a nice, hard-working guy who is confident in himself and his abilities. I know that he is quirky and obnoxious and arrogant, but he respects me and sees that I am special, just like you said.”

You pause, unable to form Jefferson’s name with your lips.

Laurens’ smile dims. “I had a bad feeling about that group project.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“Y/N, I could never be disappointed in you.” He motions for you to sit next to him on the bed. “I am shocked, and perhaps slightly suspicious of Jefferson. But… if you can find it in yourself to look past his many, many faults and shortcomings and overall jackassery—”


“Sorry. Point is, you’re giving him a chance, and I will respect that.”

You chew on your lip thoughtfully.

“I swear to God, though, if he hurts you, I’ll sic Hamilton on him.”

The image of Hamilton beating up Jefferson makes you both chuckle. You face Laurens and give him a grateful smile.

“Thank you, John.”

“What are friends for?” He puts an arm around you and squeezes slightly. “Now, I will let you finish getting ready. I would be completely useless if you asked me about makeup or hair.”

“But your hair is so pretty,” you joke, ruffling his curly locks.

He stares at you in mock horror before jumping to his feet. “That was uncalled for, Miss Y/L/N.”

You giggle as you walk him to the door.

“I expect an update at the end to make sure you’re okay,” he says, pseudo-joking.

“ ’Kay. And please don’t tell Alex.”

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

The next hour and a half blows by in a flurry of makeup, hair curling, and perfume, your growing anxiety and excitement fueled by upbeat music blaring from your speakers. You wish that Peggy could be here to help you get ready—her enthusiasm for first dates and good eye for style would be much appreciated as you stress about almost every choice.

Finally, eight o’clock rolls around, and you find yourself pacing in the hall between the living room and your bedroom in your bare feet, checking your phone clock every twenty seconds. Doubts begin to creep in as it becomes 8:01 and then 8:02…

What if he’s in a car accident? What if he decided to cancel? What if he just asked me out because he feels bad for me? Or worse, because he’s playing a trick on me?

The doorbell rings, and you nearly jump out of your skin. Trying to calm your racing heart, you make your way to the door. You smooth your hands over your hair—in a nice-looking chignon—and your dress—magenta, you smile—before opening the door.

Thomas’ tall frame takes up the whole doorway. He’s dressed in a tailored black suit, purple checked shirt, and bow tie. The signature curly locks have been somewhat tamed by some form of hair product.

When he sees you, the cheerful tune he was whistling dies on his lips and his jaw drops slightly. He looks you up and down, taking in your magenta dress, classic pearl necklace, black heels. There must be something wrong with what you’re wearing. Your hands instinctively search for pockets at your waist, but, finding nothing but fabric, smooth the dress over the flat of your stomach.

He quickly clears his throat, recovering from whatever afflicted him before, and holds out a bouquet of carnations, daisies, and baby’s breath. No one has brought you flowers before, unless you count the one time in second grade when Brandon Murphy picked a dandelion from the grass by the slide and gave it to you.

“I just thought that you’d like some flowers,” Thomas says, interpreting your hesitation as rejection of his gift. “I honestly didn’t know what to get you. Usually girls like flowers. Do you even like carnations? Because I wasn’t sure if roses were too much. There were some lilacs there, actually. Or I think something called an orchid. I’d never heard of that before. Do you want me to return these and get you orchids? Because I’ll do whatev—”

“Thomas, they’re beautiful,” you say, accepting the bouquet and inhaling the flowers’ sweet perfume. “Thank you.”

He visibly relaxes, grinning at you with that million-dollar smile.

“Let me go put these in a vase, and we can go.”

Laurens sits at the bar and sips his drink, vaguely paying attention to Alex, Laf, and Hercules’ conversation. Something about Lafayette’s full name involving lots of French words and swearing. To be honest, Laurens is more interested in thinking about why Y/N is going on a date with Thomas Jefferson. He can’t count on both hands the number of times she came to any member of their group crying because of something Jefferson had said to her. He constantly teased her about her background and her grades. Laurens didn’t know everything about her, but he knew that what Jefferson said really hurt her. How could she just disregard all of those hurtful words and consider him as a potential romantic partner?

He wasn’t jealous of Jefferson. No, there was someone else who Laurens had his eye on, but he doubted it would work. Laurens merely cared for Y/N as a friend. She had been there for him when he needed to confide in someone about his secret crush, listening without judgment as he explained how difficult and impossible it was. He felt the need to be there for her, a non-judging friend who could listen to her thoughts and feelings.

Even so, he still had opinions about this. Jefferson couldn’t change so easily. He was one hundred percent himself, including the arrogant, self-centered, insensitive jackass that had hurt Y/N countless times before. Laurens’ mind conjures an image of Y/N sitting cross-legged on her bed, wiping tears from her cheeks as she recounts Jefferson’s latest insults. Y/N could hold her own against Jefferson when she was in public, but she couldn’t keep him from hurting her heart.

Hercules leans into Laurens, pulling his attention back to the guys sitting next to him.

“What’s up, Laurens?” Herc asks, ordering another round for the group. “You called Y/N and invited her to hang tonight, right?”

Laurens nods wordlessly, clenching his jaw.

“Where is she, then?” Alex appears on his other side, his knee touching Laurens’. The silence that follows is deafening.

“That new French restaurant on 8th,” Laurens reveals quietly.

“On a date?”

Laurens avoids Laf’s questioning eyes.

“That’s great, right? How come we didn’t hear about it?”

“A hot, nameless date? How mysterious!”

Laurens plays the conversation he had with Y/N right before he left her apartment in his head. “Please don’t tell Alex.” “Your secret’s safe with me.” He did promise Y/N not to tell Alex. And his word carried weight. But ethically, if it was to protect her from Jefferson, it would be okay to betray her trust. Right?

“Tell us who it is, John!” Alex pleads, his hand grazing Laurens’ thigh before he takes a swig from his beer mug. “She hasn’t dated anyone in months.”

I’m doing this for your own good, Y/N, Laurens thinks. He screws his eyes shut, clenching his fists, and blurts out:


Hercules laughs out loud. “That’s funny, Laurens. Never in a million years…”

“That is, how you say, ridiculous!” Laf agrees.

Alex is silent under their laughter, his eyes darkening as he studies Laurens.

“He’s not joking,” Alex mutters.

Hercules and Lafayette’s laughter dies on their lips.

“I’m gonna kill him,” says Alex, his voice deadly low. His dark eyes leave Laurens’ face, mentally calculating the fastest way to get to 8th Street.

Laurens’ heart sinks in his chest as he realizes the hurricane he has just released on Y/N’s date. He has a moment of doubt—perhaps Y/N knows what she’s doing and can handle herself—but during his moment of hesitation Alexander is already out the door, trailed closely behind by Lafayette and Hercules. Panicking, Laurens pulls out his phone and sends Y/N a quick text, hoping that her phone is on.

SOS. Alex knows. I’m so sorry.

D.C. Lesbian Slaves

I’d like to thank Maddie, Tumblr handle @unadulterated-adult for the story idea. One quick little thing of business, I mentioned last night about looking for women who are catholic schoolgirls. Forgot to mention, I’d also like to know what kind of trouble you got in in school.


Maddie was now working for a congresswoman as an intern. The congresswoman was mentioned constantly for higher office including the presidency one day. She was 22 years old, was 5'0", very nice curves(meaning of course nice titties and ass) and long wavy brown hair. She was also a lesbian and had girlfriend named Clare. Clare was 23, 5'10, very leggy and athletic with long darker brown hair and nice tits. Clare was a bit more of a tomboy. Whereas Maddie got dressed up for work typically in a dress and heels, Clare who worked as an IT worker typically wore jeans and a hoodie to work.

One night, Maddie was working late on a Friday night. She worked till 10pm. With the weather warm, she wore a sleeveless navy blue dress with pink and white flowers and the hemline just above the knees. And she had on a pair of black high heeled sandals and wore pearls. She was planning on meeting Clare for a drink.

It so happened our slave organization decided to do our hunting in that area that night. At just a little after 10pm we spotted Maddie. We started to tail her. Maddie then noticed our van tailing her and first started walking faster, then jog , then run(love seeing women run in heels 😜). Then we had our van speed up and cut her off and then opened the van door and grabbed her and dragged her inside.

“What are you doing!!! Let go of me!!!! Help!!!!! Helpppp!!!!!

Then we took rope and secured her wrists, elbows(behind her back), thighs and ankles together. Then another piece of rope placed her in a hogtie.

"Look take my purse. I got a good bit of money in. Just let me go.”

Then a minute later.

“Alright. Get it over with.” Thinking we wanted to rape her. At that point, we inserted a head harness ball gag in her mouth, followed by a hood to go over her head.

Then Rick advised her “oh sweetie, we will definitely rape you. In time.”

It suddenly occurred to Maddie, she had seen our faces. That meant we had no intention of letting her go.

We then went through her purse. Learned her name age and other vital statistics. Then we went through her phone. Through her contacts and social media. This was of course to see if there were other potential slaves. And we came up with a bonus. Her girlfriend, Clare. They had just texted her about going for drinks. I sent Clare a text.

“Having some car trouble. Can u pick me up.”

“NP. Anything I could fix?” Apparently Clare was mechanically inclined.

“If u can. Thanks ”


Hook, line and sinker.

“Your girlfriend’s gonna be joining us very shortly.” I told her.

We kept an eye out for Clare. About 10 minutes later, she showed. She was wearing a mint green jacket with black yoga pants and grey sneakers. She looked like she had just gone to the gym.

“Maddie! Maddie! Where are you!

She then looked in Maddie’s car. In the meantime, Maddie was in vain trying to warn Clare off. But the gag kind of silenced her. Then Bruce, Rick and myself grabbed Clare from behind. She was tougher to grab than Maddie so I took a tranquilizer syringe and injected it into her ass. She did manage to break free and make a break for it. But immediately, she began to get dizzy and fell. She tried to get up and crawl but after a minute, she passed out. We then dragged her back to the van and removed her jacket(she had a dark grey tank top underneath). Like Maddie, we placed Clare in a strict hogtie, ball gagged her and placed a hood over her head. Then it was a near 3 hour ride back to the slave training facility. We now bagged 2 new slaves.

Since Clare was knocked out, we gave our attention to Maddie, feeling her up, fondling and groping her. We saw, lifting up her dress she was wearing red thong panties with a bow. We also noticed the bottom of them were damp. Again speculation. Did she pee in her panties from being scared or was that cum and she, deep down inside, was aroused by this. We also wondered, being a lesbian, had she ever been with a man. Just in case, it was time for her first(of many) experience. We each took turns fucking her.


She obviously must’ve felt violated. But you could feel from her pussy muscles that she was aroused by it. And the humiliation that she felt that way.

As we got closer to the facility, Clare started to awake. We then decided to give her, what may or may not have, her first experience. She must have also felt a combination of being violated, arousal and humiliation from the arousal.

When we arrived at the facility, we grabbed a flatbed cart and placed both our new slaves on it and took them downstairs on the elevator, 3 floors underground. We undid their hogties and placed them on arch back devices. Securing their wrists, upper arms, necks, waists, thighs and ankles with metal restraints. We removed their hoods temporarily. That’s because we wanted them to see us use a utility knife to cut their clothes off. Then we removed the gags temporarily to give each cunt water. Then we placed the gags and hoods back on them. We added alligator clips for their nipples, wired metal dildos for their pussies and wired butt plugs for their assholes. And then we attached vibrators the shape of an electric toothbrush to their clits. The vibes operated on a timer that was programmed to go on and off every few minutes to edge the slaves all night. This was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation we subject our slaves to at the beginning of training. Also the water we gave them was laced with a stimulant that heightened their sexual urges. If they somehow managed to cum or dose off, wires had a sensor that would give a nasty electrical shock.

Finally, the slaves wore earbuds attached to a CD player that would play a cd with their orientation(disorientation?) tape. The tape was on a loop that would go all night. The tape would go as followed:

“Hello cunt. Comfortable? I suppose not. Not that it matters. What important is you’re now our slave. Your body no longer belongs to you. It belongs to us. Head to toe. You are now just property. Merchandise. A worthless brainless cunt. A piece of meat. A fucktoy. Just tits and 3 fuckholes for a man to use and abuse for his pleasure. There is no safe word. We don’t care about how you feel, except how we want you to feel. You have no human rights. We will enjoy your suffering and torment.

You will now go through your transformation from an independent woman to an obedient slave and a compliant fucktoy. Whatever you were previously, you no longer are. Once we feel you’ve completed your training, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. Welcome to your new life cunt.”

The horror went through both slaves minds. A slave. I’m not a slave.

Of course we pointed web cameras at both slaves. Their potential owners would immediately have the opportunity to make bids. We began bidding at $10,000 for each slave although we also started bidding at $15,000 for both as a set. Their transformation had begun.

To be continued

cpujester  asked:

James was humming softly as he waited for Mel to arrive as he was dressed in a nice suit and tie just for her. The date for their first year anniversary! He was soooo excited as he was bouncing in the ball of his feet. She would be here any second he hoped

Mel was dressed a little black dress and heels along with a pearl necklace and earings. She was excited for the fancy dance with her boyfriend, in fact she never went to a ball dance with anyone before. Eventually she walked outside and was greeted by James she smiled happily and kissed his cheek before she spoke.
“Wow, honey. You look very handsome in that suit of yours.” She said happily as she held his hand and walked to his car with him.

REQUEST: mespongebobsquarepants

Hey everyone super sorry it took so long!! I really hope you enjoy this. Also BIG THANK YOU to everyone following me ! I have over 300 followers and that’s such a huge accomplishment for me. Keep sending request in and I’ll do them :) Enjoy.

The bell rang sending mobs of students coming out of classrooms and filling the halls with different conversations. You walked to your locker to see your best friend and your boyfriend leaning up either side. Sam has been your best friend since forever but you’ve always been with (Y/B). He was sending glares towards Sam.
“Ey guys” you greet and you move them out of the way so you can put in your combination and grab your books.
” Hey (Y/n)” Sam was the first to reply, he gave you a soft smile.
“Let’s go babe” your boyfriend wines beside you, which makes a giggle slip from your mouth.
“I’ll meet you at the car” you reply and with that he walks down the hall.
“Hey um.. There’s a party tonight… Would you like to come with me?” Sam struggles to tell you, he was pushing his hand through his hair. He only did that when he was nervous.
” yeah! Sounds like fun, text me the details” you give him a smile and walk away to meet your boyfriend. Sam acted like he wanted to say more then that but you just let it go. When you arrived at your house you gave (Y/B) a sweet kiss and walked up to you room. You always spend forever on picking out outfits and it didn’t help that your room was a complete mess. Clothes strung all over the floor along with make up and hair accessories. You groaned and shuffled through the mess desperate to find something nice.
Eventually you decide on a skin-tight black dress with matching black heels. You had pearl earrings in and started straightening your hair. You phone soon let off a bing.
Sammy: hey gorgeous I’ll be there in 10
‘Hey gorgeous’ he never says that to you. Does Sam like you? No. No way, you have a boyfriend.
You: yup see ya soon
You sent back and finished up by your make up. By the time Sam pulled in your drive way you were completely ready.
” Hey” he smiled when you sat yourself in the front seat. The radio was playing softly and he had the cold air on low.
“Hey” you sent a smile back to him as he pulled out. The party was in full swing. The music could be heard down the street and people with red solo cups were chilling outside. When you both went inside it was just worse, people making out in every corner, sweating bodies grinding on each other in the middle of the floor. You rolled your eyes, you never cared for parties but you liked going to them. A held was placed on your waist.
“I’m gonna get us a drink” Sam states into your ear. Why was he being so close? You pushed the thought away from your head and decided to just enjoy the night. A few drinks later you were dancing along with everyone with a red cup in your hand. You were grinding on someone but didn’t even know who. You were getting hot so you went to get some fresh air. The cool night air bite at your bare skin. It felt nice though. It was a clear night and the stars shinned brightly.
“It’s so pretty” you muttered to yourself.
“Yeah you are” the glass doors slide shut behind you. Sam was standing there, he looked good. But you were taken so.
” Thanks Sam, your a good friend” you took your attention away from him and back to the heard a sigh release from his mouth behind you.
”I want to be more then friends (Y/N)..” You felt nauseous as soon as the words slipped out of his mouth.
“What” you were still shocked. You best friend likes you. And decides to tell you when your taken?
“I’m sorry I know your taken but I really like you, your gorgeous and amazing.I love everything about you. With or without make up. The way you twirl your hair not to flirt but when your nervous. The way your alway there.” He lets out a breath,” everything “. His hands wrapped around your waist, you felt his breath on your face. Then he kissed you, it was warm and soft like what you imagine it’s like in a movie. You push him off.
“Sam I like you okay, b-but I have a boyfriend this isn’t right. Im not a cheater.” You whisper loud enough for him to hear though. “I know I know but I want to be with you!” He nearly screamed. You stood silent, you liked him you really did but you weren’t a cheater. “We can’t” you whisper once again. He forcefully pushes his hands through his hair.

 “I won’t give up” and then he went back inside leaving you alone in the cool night air. You were left mulling over your thoughts.

College Sweethearts

Pairing: Hercules x Reader

Prompt: Do you think you could do a herc x reader where they meet at college orientation and become best friends and over their four years at school they fall in love and become college sweethearts (literally everyone on campus’s otp, even the professors)

TW: None

Word Count: 2878 (LONGEST YET)


August, 2016

It was the orientation day, of your first year of college, and you swore, you were about to bounce out of your skin. You were so excited, really, and you’d gotten into your college of choice and everything!! There was a tour guide, ready to show you around, in Navy, with black heels, and a pearl necklace. She always had a bright, Crimson smile on her face, no matter if she was talking about Their science building or the dining hall, it never seemed to waver.

You were looking the other way for a moment, admiring the lake that one of the dorms was near, as you walked past it. Sadly, that was not your dorm…but one of your friends was staying there, and that meant you could visit anytime you wa-

“Oh!! Shoot, I’m so sorry.” You stammered, bowing your head to pick up your bag where you’d smacked into someone from another group passing by.

“No, don’t worry about it, it’s my fault.” The boy you’d slammed into was saying, helping you pick your purse up from the concrete. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” He looked up to you, and gave a sheepish smile, one that lit up his entire face like a kid on Christmas. You couldn’t help the warmth that flooded your cheeks. Your eyes flitted to the sticker on his chest and read the name ‘Hercules’

“Hercules? Like…the Roman god?” You asked, smiling at him. He seemed confused for a second, before remembering the sticker on his chest.

“Oh! Oh, yeah.” He laughed a bit. “Yeah, I’m Hercules…nice to meet you, (Y/N).” He handed your purse back to you, now cleaned off of the pavement.

“Herc! Come on!!” Someone yelled to him from the orientation group he was with, and he swivelled his head in their direction to see that the group was leaving him. You’re was leaving you, too! You scrambled back off the sidewalk, and hurried to catch up with them, calling over your shoulder,

“See you around, Wonder Boy!”

Hercules waved back at you, trying to ignore the warmth he felt in his own face. It was the heat, yeah. That was all.

“Soo…who was that?” John smirked, sliding next to him and keeping stride.


December, 2016

“Who are you texting?” You nearly jumped out of your skin as your roommate suddenly spoke. You hadn’t even realized she was in the room with you!! Seriously, she could be so quiet, sometimes…

“No one, Peggy.”

“No one? Well, you sure are smiling at lot at no one.” She tilted her head towards you with a teasing grin. “Am I going to meet this No Name anytime soon?”

“Not if I can help it.” You laughed, going back to texting Hercules.

“Hey!! What’s that supposed to mean!?” You ignored her, and focused on the messages. You and Hercules had met up again, while you were helping Peggy’s sister, Eliza, and a close friend of yours, with a report, in which she had to gather interviews from real, local people. The two of you got along well, she introduced you to her boyfriend, Alexander, who reintroduced you to Hercules, where you were able to get his number, this time. That was two months ago, and, now, there was rarely a day that you didn’t at least text once.

Today, he was a bit upset over finals, because some of the fabric he needed had been misplaced, or gone missing, and there was no more of it left at the store where he got it. He was stressed, you got him to take a break, and the two of you watched something together. To be more specific, you watched Wreck-It Ralph, and an hour in, he sent you a message saying he felt better…you two had also been texting throughout the whole movie to simulate watching it together.

You smiled fondly, only to lose it when Peggy called from the side “SEE! There it is again!!”


May, 2017

You and Hercules had been dating for three months now, and everyday of it was great, so far. But finals were fast approaching, and this was the most overwhelmed you’d ever been. Four papers, three projects with published, no online stuff, published sources. You swore that your fingers were going to meld to your laptop with how long you spent writing and rewriting papers. Hercules let himself in, as he told you he was going to, and you grunted to acknowledge his presence.

“Babe? You okay?” He sounded hesitant, like you might bite him. You were so hungry, you didn’t put it past yourself.

“No. I’m stressed, and panicking, and terrified that I’m going to mess something up, and lose my scholarship, and flunk out of school-”

“Whoa, whoa there.” He laughed a bit, coming behind you and gently starting to rub your shoulders as he stood behind your couch. “Calm down…you’re going to be juuust fine, alright?” You let out a little huff, but nodded…you trusted him… “Now, let’s get you something to eat, and I can type for you, for a little while. You tell me what you want it to say, I’ll type it for you.” He offered, pecking your temple. You laughed a little, and melting into his hands. He knew how to make you calm down…

He was exactly what you needed.


October, 2017

At the start of the new semester, you had moved out of your dorm with Peggy, and instead moved into a small, on campus apartment with Herc. And things were going well. You were organized, He had the dining room table for his sewing space…the atmosphere was comfortable.

Except when it wasn’t.

“FINE! GO! SEE IF I CARE!” You yelled after him, as he was already stalking down the hall towards the door. A moment later, it slammed behind him, and you broke down. Ugh, this was your fault. If you hadn’t brought up that damn…fuck…what started the fight in the first place? You couldn’t even fucking remember!

Perfect, you were going to ruin the best relationship you’d probably ever get on something that probably didn’t even matter. This was all your fault. You messaged Peggy, who also messaged Eliza, who also messaged Angelica and Alexander. The four of them together managed to calm you down, and reassure you that Herc wasn’t the type to stay mad for long. Give him an hour, he’d come back, and the two of you would talk things out.

So you waited. And sure enough, an hour later, you heard the front door open, keys being deposited in the dish by the door. You left the room to find a very sheepish Hercules standing by the door.

“I um…”

“So uh…”

“I’m sorry.” You both said it at once, and then looked stunned at the other. “You’re sorry!? I’m sorry!” The two of you laughed a little bit, then sat down on the couch together. You…talked. Nothing in particular, just…talked, since neither of you could even remember what sparked the fight. You fell asleep like that, resting on his arm…he didn’t have the heart to wake you.


June, 2018

It was the heat of summer, and right now, you were staying with Hercules’ mother, and Hercules, of course. His older brother Cato was home, too. He was a senior in college this year. You’d met Mrs. Mulligan before, but never Hercules’ brother. Unfortunately, being out in the middle of nowhere, practically, the house wasn’t centrally air conditioned, but you had more than enough fans to make do.

The folk festival was this weekend, and his mother was all over it, finishing the last touches on the stall that their family did every year on ‘Tailors of the Revolution.’ It was a big deal, for such a small town. Quite literally everyone was there. The whole idea was to remind people where they came from, and reunite them as a community. So once a year, people dressed up in colonial, or amish, clothing, and demonstrated the skills that had been passed through their families since the town was established. It was a huge deal. That’s why Herc insisted on coming home.

You and Herc had been sharing his room, which was upstairs, for the two weeks or so that you were staying there. You got to fall asleep in his arms every night, listening to the car that passed now and then, or the odd cricket that managed to get inside. The house was old, almost every footfall made a creak somewhere. So it was a marvel that he hadn’t managed to wake you, slipping out of bed. But, you figured, he did grow up here…he probably knew all the best ways to sneak around.

You woke up around two in the morning to find him absent from your side. Curious, you went to look for him, sitting up and putting on your slippers before sneaking from the room as quietly as you could. You saw a light on downstairs, in the kitchen. They had a really old fashioned chandelier. Nothing fancy, don’t let the name fool you, it was made with wrought iron and held with a metal chain, hanging over the dining table. Herc’s great grandfather had made, it, they said.

You slipped down the stairs, pausing with every creak. You could hear voices. Peeking around the corner, you saw Cato and Herc sitting at the table, talking quietly, and trying to avoid waking anyone. The family cat, Patches, was sitting in Hercules’ lap, purring quietly as she was stroked.

“I mean, you love her, don’t you?” Herc was saying, shaking his head a bit. “Then do something about it. Don’t let her just slip through your fingers.”

“I don’t know…what…what if this is all in my head? Am I romanticizing this?” Cato shook his head a bit, and sighed.

“You’re not. Trust me. I’ve seen you around her, you never look so happy.” Cato laughed a bit, and shook his head.

“Yeah? Well..what about you and (Y/N)? You two are pretty serious…come on, why haven’t you popped that question yet?” He laughed and elbowed his baby brother.

“Hey! Hey, we’re only Juniors…it’s still too early for that. Maybe…Maybe after college, if things go okay…” You covered your mouth. He…he certainly wasn’t saying no. You realized…you weren’t either. Yes, you were young, but…if he asked you, right now, to marry him, you’d probably say yes.

With a fond grin, and teary eyes, you slipped back up the stairs and into bed, with both of them none the wiser.


September, 2019

You and Hercules were getting lunch at a little cafe between classes, chatting and catching up on the day’s events together…you were both still in disbelief that this was your last year. You were seniors! And, yeah, maybe you’d go to an extra year, if your work required it, but, for now, the both of you were in the homestretch.

You swung your legs happily, and sipped your hot chocolate, while he told you all about his new assignment. You loved to hear his creative process. Especially after you learned that talking out loud helped him work through projects more easily. That made sense to you. He always struck you as a very visual learner.

“Oh! Hello, you two, having a good day?” You both looked up, smiling at seeing Professor Martha Washington approaching your table. She taught Astronomy, and other space based science courses, and always had a motherly look about her. But you both had known her for years. She’d insist you call her Martha, no matter her title. She was Lafayette’s adoptive mother, after all. You couldn’t count the number of meals you’d been invited over for.

“Yes ma’am!” Hercules answered enthusiastically, smiling back at her. She was a smaller woman, with dark hair, now gaining grey. Her eyes were soft, and had a few marks of age around the corners, but, still, her eyes were youthful. And you had a hunch that no matter what age she got to, that light would never leave her.

“Are you meeting the General here?” You asked with a laugh. That was her husband’s name around campus. He taught US history, and politics, and he was known for taking no nonsense. The debates in his course were ruthless. Not participating could get you kicked out entirely, but contributing needless information got you a look so withering it had been described like the will to melt out of sight.

“Yes, I am actually.” She gave a little laugh. “Ah, the two of you are so cute.” You flushed, looking to Hercules.

“Oh, we are?” You asked, playing with your hair a little and trying to shake off the embarrassment you felt.

“Of course you are. When’s the wedding?” She laughed at her own little joke, though Hercules looked like he was sweating bullets. Thaaat…made you worry a bit, actually…was he that uncomfortable with the thought of marriage? Maybe what he’d said last year had just been a cover.

For the remainder of the time that Martha was at your table, you were…fairly quiet…you didn’t really speak, unless prompted, specifically. Herc caught on, after a moment or two, but you just shook your head to him. You couldn’t let him know your worries, not about this…what if you were wrong? Or worse…what if you were right?


May, 2020

The big day was finally here.

You were ready.

It was graduation day

You held Hercules’ hands tightly, and waited for one of your names to be called. You’d waited four years for this, but they were the best four years of your life…you’d met Hercules…you’d fallen in love…in such a short time, you’d made a whole new family. Ohh, you were getting misty eyed…

Hercules was called first, and he kissed your cheek for luck. He let go of your hands, and walked up the steps to the applause from the crowd. He waved to his mother, murmured something in the ear of the dean, and took a step back on the stage, rather than stepping down, like the others. You cocked your head a little. Was he getting an extra award, or something? You didn’t doubt it. He may not have been the perfect student, but his work was excellent.

You watched as, one by one, your friends were called up. Alexander, then John, then Lafayette, and finally Peggy. You were the last one left.

You thought your throat might close, but, finally, they called your name. Shoes clicking across the stage, you made your way over to the dean of students, shook his hand, and gratefully accepted your diploma. Oooh, man, it was all you could do to hold back tears…you’d worked so hard for this, and here it was!! You wouldn’t cry, though. Not now.

“I’m sorry, If..I could have your attention, for just a moment.”

You turned your head as you were stopped from leaving center stage, to find Hercules with a mic in hand. The dean stepped back to allow him forward.

“I uh…sorry…hold things up, but I have something that I need to say.” He took a breath, and the crowd was silent. “(Y/N)…we met…on the first day of orientation, because I wasn’t looking where I was going. You…called me wonder boy, while you left, and we’ve laughed about that for…years now. You still call me wonder boy, now and then, for laughs. We had our first date…at an all night diner, because you got stood up on your date with someone else…and I asked…and you said yes. We’ve fought for reasons we…can’t remember. We’ve nearly broken up once or twice. But it is because of…of the love you hold, for me, and for this relationship, that we’ve stayed together, for four years. We’re like something out of a sappy romance novel.

“But…it’s time for me to make sure that this relationship keeps going. It’s my turn to take that next step, and do whatever I can to make sure that we stay together.” Hercules took a breath, and fished something from his back pocket, under his graduation gown. “So, will you, (Y/N),” He knelt in front of you, and opened the box with that same sheepish smile you saw, orientation day, four years ago. “Do me the tremendous honor…of marrying me?”

You were nearly bawling now. You were crying, and you couldn’t stop it. All you could do was start nodding, while the crowd started applauding, and he slipped the ring on your finger. You threw your arms around his neck, sobbing into his neck as the two of you walked off together. You were just…so overwhelmed. So happy that your life was moving forward with him as a permanent center point. You were immediately received with the warmest of congratulations from your friends, as you still futilely tried to wipe away your tears.

You kissed your college sweetheart on the cheek.

He was your Wonder Boy.


Woooow This is my longest story yet!! Also, the name Wonder Boy is the nickname for Hercules in the animated movie of the same name, so I figured, hey, why not. This might be the cutest thing, I have ever written.

Love, Rosie