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~~Ultimate Neptunia Christmas Extravaganza!!~~

Merry Christmas to all you Nep Fans out there, and have a great Nep- New Year!!

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(Even though Iris Heart, Green Heart and Purple Heart have a dress on, think as if they’re wearing them just for a Christmas Eve party, that sounds nice!)

Happy Holidays!

Chapter 2: Summer

 A/N: The long time coming chapter for Silver and Black Heart Attack. I hope it was worth the wait. Unfortunately the next chapter has not been started, but I did warn you all it was going to be slow coming. Thank you for being patient with me :)

Let’s fall in the summer time,
Star-crossed, dancing ‘till the sunrise. 
And it’s sweeter on the first try.
Let go, believe and we can both fly.
–Ships Have Sailed

It had been two weeks since the start of summer vacation. Two whole weeks since Marinette hopped off the back of his bike, handed over his red helmet, and returned his well wishes that he have good luck on his finals too.

Adrien no longer had the excuse of school to drive Marinette to and from her home, and it was driving him to distraction, which his other Lady seemed to pick up on.

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