black harpy


Some pictures with my old harpy character Pticenoga, I’ve already posted an art with her :)
She first appeared on the 8th of March, 2011 in one of my usual weid dreams, and looked a bit different from her current state. But the main purpose is still the same x)


continuation of this this  this

You should be more careful, little ones.

( ask-the-strawhat-pirates (Sanji), ask-sir-crocodile (Daz), ask-opbabychickens​ , ask-captainkuro​ , kyarakoblack)


Mai may have been freaked out at Yugi’s amazing comeback, but she made one of her own! Yami Yugi was never this nervous during an ordinary duel before or since. Even Pegasus freaked out at the amount of power necessary for him to win!


Houses and Companies of Essos (Game of Thrones) - Part 7 To see the other houses of Westeros sigil and motto, visit my page

Credit: Thomas Gateley