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The Joker x Reader x Dead Son -“Lost” part 1

Your son died and everything came crashing down really fast. Who would have thought the King and Queen of Gotham have hearts that can break?

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You leave your suitcase by the elevator and go back to the living room. The Joker gets up from the couch and slowly walks towards you.

“Don’t go,” he whispers, looking at you with sad eyes.

“I need a break, J, I just can’t be here right now…”you manage to say, feeling you’re going to start crying soon. “Every time I glance at you I see Kase. He looked so much like you. I can’t even… I just need to be away for a while, OK?”

“Don’t leave, you are all I have left,” he pleads and he is not the type that begs.“I know you blame me…but I didn’t know he sneaked out that night and went with our men.”

“Kase always wanted to prove himself to you…Always… For God’s sake, J, he was only 19,” you whimper and start sobbing, not being able to control yourself anymore. “H-he was our only child. Would you even have stopped him that night?”

“Of course I would have,” the Joker replies, his eyes getting teary. “This was so uncalled for, Princess, he was my kid too; of course I would have stopped him.”

You just shake your head in agreement, wiping your tears.

“I know, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said it,” you apologize, sniffling while he hugs you tight, caressing your long hair.

“Stay…” he growls, not wanting to let you go.


It’s been two months since you moved to your secluded property in the woods you bought a long time ago under your maiden name. Quite far from Gotham, 5 hours away or so.

Today is a very difficult day for you: your son would have been 20 years old. It is also the Joker’s birthday. He turns 50. He was so excited when Kase was born on his birthday. He called him: “my perfect little present.” You smile at the memory, brushing your hair and staring out the window. There will be no celebration today, no party and laughter.

You just texted J to tell him Happy Birthday and he answered right away. “Thank you, baby doll. I’m coming; meet you there around 3pm?”

“Yes,” you shortly replied, already getting ready. He is driving from Gotham so you can both go to your son’s grave. He is buried on the property, about 2 miles from the cabin.

You can’t believe how fast time has passed. J is 50…but you can’t even tell, it would be hard to guess with the way he looks. One thing is for sure: his eyes got even more intense. You look in the mirror, tracing your jawline. At 45, you barely have any wrinkles yourself. The dark circles under your green eyes are the only testimony of the numerous sleepless nights you had since the incident.

It will be nice to see the Joker again after so many weeks, you think, starting to put on your make up. You are quite surprised he didn’t come to drag you out of there and take you back to the city. He absolutely hates sleeping without you. You wouldn’t know, but J drove to the cabin so many times. He arrived at night, parked the car at a safe distance, then just watched you. It took everything he’d got not to run inside and hug you when he saw you cry. But he knew that might make things worse.  After all, you wanted to be completely alone for a while.


All you can do right now is start walking towards the grave. It’s nice and warm outside so you don’t take the car. You wanted to wear something else for the Joker, but in the end you decided on the black dress. It just seems more…appropriate.

You arrive there early and you sit down on the grass, waiting for him to come. So many thoughts go through your head. How you miss your son…

*** ”Can I go with you guys tonight?” Kase asked, impatient.

“No, not on this one, it’s too dangerous,” J replied, pulling you in his lap as you passed by.

“But I’m 19, I can take care of myself, you know that!” he sulked, upset it wasn’t going his way.

“I have to agree with your dad, love,not this time,” you smiled, trying to calm him down.“I don’t want you hurt. We are breaking into Arkham to get Frost out. Their security gets heavier and better each time we break in.”

“That’s right, Princess,” J grinned his silver teeth at you, kissed you softly, then winked at Kase.

“God, dad, can you please stop calling mom all these names? It’s embarrassing.”

“Did you hear that?” J elbowed you. “We’re embarrassing, Y/N,” he squealed, slapping your thigh. “Hey, your mom will always be my Princess,” he pecked your lips, ”my Pumpkin,”(another peck), “my Baby doll,”(another kiss), “MY QUEEN” (another kiss), “my Kitten,” he roared , then kissed you again.

“Ewwww you guys, seriously. Mom, do something!”

You snickered, amused at how much the Joker loved teasing him. You signaled him to come sit by you. Kase rolled his eyes and took a deep breath, but did as asked. You pulled him close and squeezed his face, kissing his cheeks like when he was a baby.

“Mom, this is even more embarrassing,” he complained, but the smile creeping up on his face made you so happy. He knew he was being teased to the max.

“You have your father’s eyes, sooo handsome” you tilted your head, looking at both of them. You parted Kase’s hair to the side so you could see his face better. He had toxic green and bright red highlights to match the color of J‘s hair and yours.

“Mom, please stop, you make us look…normal. That is truly the most embarrassing thing ever,” he fakely whined, dramatically gesturing with his hands. He definitely got that from the Joker.

“You know you do a good job as a parent when your kid is embarrassed, hmm, Y/N?” J asked, holding tight to your waist, snorting.

Kase huffed, defeated:

“I’m soooo glad nobody can see us right now, our reputation would be ruined. “

Speaking up his mind without hesitation… He definitely got that from you.

*** “Dad, I’m getting a new tattoo,” he boasted, walking in J’s office. “What should I get?”

The Joker was looking over the new hideout’s building plans, busy as heck.

“Ask your mom,” he scoffed, writing on the paper.

“I did and she said to ask you.”

“Well, go back and ask her.”

“But dad, you’re the Joker,” Kase stated the obvious, exasperated.

“Yes, I am the Joker but your mom is The Queen. Go ask her and see what she thinks, kaaayyy? I don’t want to sleep in another bedroom or on the couch. AGAIN! Thank you very much. You always get me in trouble, kiddo. And I don’t like not sleeping with your mom in the same bed because I always want to…”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” Kase shouted, covering his ears and rattling the heavy gold bracelets on his wrists. “I don’t want to hear this, la-la-la-la-la-la,” and walked away, singing the words.

J laughed to himself- it worked every time.


You don’t even know how much time has passed. You just keep on looking at the grave, absent minded. There’s not even a body in there, the explosion destroyed everything. Just an empty coffin as empty as your soul.

“Hi, Princess,” you hear the Joker’s voice and you turn your head to look at him. He is wearing a black suit and his green hair really stands out. It makes him even more attractive, you tell yourself, sadly smiling, noticing yet again so much of Kase in him. J never wears black; the only times when you saw him in this color was at the funeral and…now.

“Hi, baby, Happy Birthday,” you force yourself to giggle, lifting your hands so he can help you up. You wrap your arms around his neck so tight he can barely breathe but he doesn’t complain. He just holds you close, ecstatic to touch you again. He was so alone without you.


You quietly stood there for a while, holding hands, not really wanting to say anything to each other. There is no point. The sky darkened and the wind is picking up.

“You think we should go? I think rain is coming,” you mutter, lifting your gaze towards the sky.

“Are you coming back to Gotham with me?” The Joker asks and before you can answer he confesses:

“I don’t want to be on my own, not today. Come on, baby doll, the penthouse is so empty without you…and him…The silence drives me insane. I’ll drive; you just have to come, hmm?”

You hesitate for a few moments.

“I think we should stay here for the night, just me and you. I don’t want to go to Gotham yet. What do you say? Just the two of us…yes…?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he nuzzles in your hair, as you begin to walk towards his car.


You cook dinner and talk, catching up and remembering so many things about your life when there was the three of you, together. You even made his favorite birthday cake, knowing he will come to see you. You start bawling when J blows up his “50” candle and then the “20” one for Kase. It hurts so bad it makes you sick. You notice the tears in his eyes and your heart feels like it’s going to fall apart from the misery. You go and sit on his knees, holding each other tight.

“Y-you think h-he was in pain?” you stutter, burying your face in his neck, crying.

“No, I don’t think so, Doll,” he whispers in your ear, trying to calm himself down without succeeding. “It was over fast, the blast was so strong that…”

“W-we don’t even h-have his body,” you cry lauder, digging your fingers in his back.” H-he’s been g-gone for half a year but it feels like an eternity,” you grunt, shaking from the agony of your sorrow.

“Ssstttt, stop crying Princess,” he asks, hoping to reason with you.

“O-only if you stop crying,” you whimper, stroking his hair.

“I’m not crying,” he sighs, biting his lower lip to make himself feel something else but this accursed despair. “Y/N, it’s OK, I got you…We have each other, right?”

The grief in his voice makes you wince. You lift your head to look him in the eyes.

“Always, baby, just me and you,” you try to smile as he cups your face and kisses you, hungry for your touch.


You wake up in your bed, snuggled to his chest. You move a bit so you can see him sleep. He seems so…peaceful; you have to admit you are a bit jealous. You press your lips against his collar bone tattoo with your name and Kase’s.

“That tickles, Kitten,” he shrugs, still with his eyes closed.

“Wanna wake up?”

“No, not yet, you kept me up all night, you naughty little fox.” You scream as he pinches your butt.

“Heyyy, play nice, old man,” you sulk, slapping his hand.

“Never!” he suddenly rolls on top of you, starting to bite and kiss his way down to you tummy. “Who do you call old, hmmm? Misbehaving, aren’t we?” he snickers as you struggle to escape, laughing.

Your cell goes off and he grumbles, annoyed.

“Don’t you dare, Princess!” he threatens, firmly holding you still.

“What if it’s something important? It might be Frost.”

“Don’t care…” J pouts.

The phone won’t stop ringing.

“Baby, just one sec, let me see who it is,” you implore, reaching your hand for the night stand.

“Fine, but you have to compensate me for the interruption,” he warns you, already having a few things in mind. He brings the pillow under his chin, watching you.

You get yourself to the edge of the bed and look at your cell. Unknown number. Weird, no one you know then. But since you went through the trouble, you slide your screen anyway:


A bunch of static noise, then you barely hear the words:

“Mom! Mom, can you hear me? It’s me.”

More static and hardly the voice again:

“Hello? Mom, is that you?”

You freeze and start trembling, not being able to make a sound.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” the Joker asks, getting up by you and yanking the cell out of your hand.

“Who’s this?” J inquires as you watch him with big eyes, panting.

“Dad? It’s Kase, dad…” more static noise. “I don’t know where I am, dad, please help me…”

Before J can say anything else, the call is dropped.

You cover your mouth, gulping, you even forgot to breathe.

“J, who…who was that?” you utter, completely baffled.

The Joker looks more puzzled than you are.

“It…it…sounded like…”

“Don’t say it!!” you yelp, scared, not even daring to hope. “Oh my God, was…was that?”

“Jesus, Princess, it sounded like him.” The Joker puts down the phone, glaring at you.

“But…he’s …,” you respond, touching his arm in disbelief. “Can… can we trace the call?”

“Not here, but we have people in Gotham that could.”

You look at each other for a few seconds before he snaps:

“Let’s go, what are we waiting for? Gotham is not that far!”


Start Over? (Snowbaz Normal AU)

Baz had never seen this kid before. At first, he thought there was a reason he’d never seen this stupid kid with perfect bronze, curly hair and perfect freckles and a perfect smile. Damn. Who even was this kid? And more importantly, who gave him the right to be so perfect?

Immediately, Baz hated this guy.

Throughout the school day as Baz went from class to class with his grand total of two friends (well, acquaintances at best), he had picked up a few things about this new guy:

  1. His name was Simon Snow. The most ridiculous name possible. It sounded like those alliterative names Stan Lee gave superheroes in his comics. What even.
  2. He already had more friends that Baz had in his entire life. 
  3. He could eat a dozen scones in one sitting (along with a whole stick of butter, separate from the scones (gross)). 
  4. His eyes were prettier than Baz’s entire existence. 
  5. And he was by far, the biggest dudebro ever to bro out of all the bros in this bro-infested school.

(Don’t ask Baz how he learned all of this because he most certainly will not tell you.)

The one thing Baz had not learned that he wished to know was Snow’s sexuality. Someone so bro-ish could not possibly be straight. Well, he could because there were tons of straight dudebros in this school with their obnoxiously straight jokes and objectification of women. Baz paused at his locker to trade books for different classes. He closed the door to his locker, paying no attention to half of his two so-called friends because look who had the locker right beside him.

Simon Snow. (Baz still laughed at whoever would name their child that. At least his name was dignified.)

What should I do? Baz thought. Should I say hi? Definitely not. Well, I certainly don’t need to do that.

Baz had bumped right into Simon, making the incredibly attractive boy (who Baz hated already) scatter his books on the floor. Snow looked up at who had done that, pausing when he saw Baz.

“Um. Hi,” Baz gets out, his brain going as rigid as his posture currently was. Nice going, Baz. That’s totally how you start a good conversation.

“Hey,” Snow answers a bit warily as he stood up with his books in his arms again. Baz felt like he had been transported into some stupid dating RPG game where he could choose what to say that led to different outcomes.

“You’re new.” Baz didn’t even ask it as a question. He awkwardly stated it.
“Yea, I am.”

“I’m Baz.”

“Um. Hi.”


“You already said that earlier.”

“Oh. I did.”



Baz left Simon to his quizzical expression and wondering what the hell just happened, which Baz himself would also like to know.

Later on after Baz had had enough time to internally analyze every single detail about the conversation and come up with at least 20 different scenarios in which it could have gone better, plus 20 more scenarios that could happen next, he decided on a course of action. Which was considerably lame, but so was Baz, so that was okay.

Simon walked back to his locker after class with his newfound friend Penny he’d just met in class to see a sticky note on his locker that read, “Sorry for being awkward.” with a depiction of RPG choices reading ‘start over’ or ‘save and quit.’ It took Simon all of a minute to figure out who exactly this was from. Then he remembered that actually really attractive guy with the black hair and grey eyes and the unexpectedly awkward disposition. Well, it had seemed awkward. But around everyone else, he was fine.

By the end of the day, Simon had figured out a few things about this guy.

  1. His entire name was Tyrannus Basilton Grimm Pitch. Ridiculous. Simon snorted when he heard the entire thing. 
  2. He was the resident gay boy. (This made Simon unexpectedly happy.)
  3. He got along with the music teacher better than his actual friends.
  4. He had approximately 0 friends.
  5. Simon was actually kind of interested in this guy.

After a cup of black coffee (creamer was for the weak), Baz was finally awake enough to function. He was still not completely functional, but enough that he could walk without looking like a damn zombie. Baz paused at his locker without opening it. His sticky note was taped to his locker, but with the words ‘start over’ circled.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I don't know if requests are open but I would like a Sirius one shot? The reader is James's childhood friend who is also deaf and Sirius is inlove with her and whilst he tries to confess his feelings to her he messes it up epically because he can't sign and talks too fast for her to lipread and James makes fun of him at first but ends up helping him. If you could write this it would mean a lot to me ❤️

Its just a small drabble because I have absolutely no idea what its like to be deaf, but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

You watched the boy in front of you, trying desperately to read his lips but he was talking too quickly. You raised your hand to stop him, wincing at the hurt look that crossed his features. You went to sign that you were deaf, only for him to turn and walk back to your neighbors house before you could. You let out a defeated sigh, turning back into your house and closing the door behind you.

• Sirius •

“I just don’t understand James, I was trying to ask her out and she just put her hand up! She didn’t even let me finish!” Sirius groaned, flopping down on the couch beside his best friend. James bit his lip in an attempt to stifle his laugh, looking at Sirius from the corner of his eye. “What’s so funny?”

“Did you storm off before she could say anything?” James asked, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Well yes but I wasn’t going to sit around and wait for her to reject me,” Sirius sighed, running a hand through his short hair - his mother having cut it all off before he ran away.

“She’s deaf mate, with as fast as you talk she probably couldn’t read your lips,” James informed, patting his shoulder gently. “Just go and talk to her -slowly, and I’m sure you’ll see that she wasn’t going to reject you so quickly.”

“How will I know what she’s saying? I don’t know sign language,” Sirius groaned, casting a glance out of the window at her house.

“I’ll teach you, I’ve known Y/N since we were kids so she’s taught me a lot,” James offered, shoving Sirius off of him as the man leapt at him pulling him into a hug.

You sat down in the front yard, throwing the tennis ball for your mastiff. You watched him tear across the yard, a small smile on your lips. He began to trot back up to you before quickly changing direction and darting to the left of you. You quickly got to your feet, blowing the dog whistle to get his attention as you chased him into James yard. You dropped the whistle from your mouth and gave James a grateful smile as he caught hold of your dogs collar.

‘He must’ve seen Sirius, sorry about that Y/N,’ James attempted to sign with one hand, giving you an apologetic look.

'It’s okay, who’s Sirius?’ You replied, giving your dog a soft pat on the bum and watching him run back to the house.

'Short black hair, gray eyes, attractive, talks really fast?’ James supplied, smirking when you began to blush.

'He tried to talk to me yesterday, but I couldn’t understand him and then he just ran,’ you sighed, signing quickly.

'He didn’t know you’re deaf, he thought you were going to reject him,’ James signed back, laughing with a shake of his head. You went to sign back when you caught sight of Sirius walking up.

'I’m sorry for running like that yesterday, I was trying to ask  if you would like to go on a date with me?’ Sirius spoke slowly as he tried to sign as well, a confused look on his face as he messed up numerous words. You gave him an encouraging smile, placing your hand on his.

'Yes,’ you nodded, biting your lip slightly as he beamed at you.

'Awesome! James is teaching me sign language so hopefully I’ll be better by our date, Friday good for you?’ He asked, a hopeful look in his eyes.

'Friday it is.’

House of Cards - m.

“It’s risky again, it’s dangerous, so bad…

A house made of cards with us inside, the end is visible, it’s unstable.”

member: Jeon Jungkook 

genre: smut, angst, slight fluff? 

warnings: nsfw, cheating, rough sex, mentions of depression later on

 words count: 2.6k

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (Last Part)

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She looked at herself in the mirror and brushed away the smudged mascara under her eyes. The dress she was wearing hugged her figure perfectly, however it started to get really uncomfortable. ‘Forget about him’, she thought and applied the red lipstick on her plump lips. She checked the mirror one more time, smiling to her self confidently and walked out of the restroom. 

The loud bass thundered in her ears as she stepped out. The unusual smell lingered in the air. Alcohol. The night club was crowded with sweaty bodies rubbing against each other and the heavy smell of cheap liquor from the bar. She sat back down on the chair and tapped her fingers with the music rhythm. “Hello, gorgeous. Would you like another drink?” The bartender smiled and winked at her. 

“One more bourbon, please.” 

“Make it two.” 

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Mysterious!Wonwoo AU

hey i decided to try another scenario and decided to do this. it ended up really long omg but i hope you guys like it because wonwoo and mysterious anyway yea!

    “Mom I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself and you know that.” You reassure you mom as she drops you off at your new school. “Yes, I know honey but I am still your mom and I will still worry about you.” You hug your mom, reassuring her once more and then quickly get out of the car.“ You wave to her one more time before running off into the school. 

        As soon as you step into your new classroom, you feel everyone’s eyes on you. "Ah, Ms.(Y/L/N), you’re right on time! Class we have a new student. Please introduce yourself.” You walk towards the podium and introduce yourself. You can still feel all their eyes on you and it’s starting to make you uncomfortable. “Thank you Ms.(Y/N). Please take a set besides Soonyoung. Soonyoung raise your hand.” You look forward and see a boy with an adorable face raise his hand. You walk forward and sit beside him.

        “Nice to meet you, I’m Soonyoung but my friends call me Hoshi.” He smiles brightly at you and you can tell that he’s a ball of sunshine just by his smile. “Nice to meet you too. My name is (Y/N).” After your brief introduction, you take out your supplies and pay attention in class. About half way into class you start getting bored and decide to look around. As you look more at the classroom and the students you find that one particular boy is dead on staring at you.

        You examine him and take notice that he’s really attractive. He has pitch black hair that rests messily on his head but he makes it work. His eyes dark which makes his stare more intense. His lips are also really nice as well as his sharp jawline. After your minute long stare down at each other you awkwardly turn your head away from him and go back to pretending you’re listening to the teacher. Something about him is off.

        Class soon ends which means it’s lunch time. You stand up, grabbing your stuff and putting it back in you backpack. You start walking away when you feel a hand on your shoulder. You quickly turn and find Hoshi looking at you. “Hey! Wanna eat lunch with me and my friends?” You debate on it for a second. “Yeah, sure. Will your friends be cool with it though?” He excitedly nods and drags you off with him.

        After getting your lunch and meeting his friends, who you surprisingly are getting along with very well, you look around the cafeteria and find the same pair of eyes from earlier back on you again. You pretend you didn’t notice him and look towards Hoshi. “Yah, whose that guy over there?” You nudge your head in the direction of the strange guy. Hoshi looked around a bit before noticing who you meant. His eyes widened a bit. “Oh no, no, no.”

        “What? Why is that your reaction to him?” You ask, a little worried… Okay a lot worried. “His name is Jeon Wonwoo. He rarely ever speaks but when he does, it’s quite amazing. He’s incredibly smart, probably even smarter than any of the teachers here. Turns out he’s super rich but no one knows how since he has no family. He lives on his own. There’s a ton of rumors about him. Some say that he killed his father so that he could have all the money to himself. Others say that he’s actually a notorious mafia leader. There’s even a crazy rumor that he’s a thousand year old vampire, which I think is ridiculous. But no one knows anything for sure but I would completely advice you to stay away from him. Who knows what he could do.”

        You stare at Hoshi in shock. You didn’t expect that kind of an explanation. You look back towards where Wonwoo was sitting to find that he isn’t there anymore. You start looking round to see if you can find him anywhere but you can’t.

        You spend the rest of the day thinking of what Hoshi said about Wonwoo. After school ended, you called you mom and told her you would walk home. She was a bit worried but you convinced her. You’re walking down the street when you start to get an eerie feeling on the back of your neck. You just continue walking towards home but you do speed up a bit just in case. You thankfully make it home safely and greet you mom. You explain how your first day went and all the new friends you’ve made. 

        After that, you go to your room and change out of your school uniform and into a plain shirt and a pair of shorts. You still can’t get that creepy feeling away so you decide to just go to sleep and hope it goes away tomorrow.

        You’ve been at your new school for about a month now and Wonwoo’s stares still haven’t stopped. You have also figured out that even though he has all those rumors, many girls still find him attractive and they have all taken notice in how you stares at you, causing them to hate you. Even though they hate you, not one of them has ever approached you. Until today, that is.

        “Yah. New girl,” You finish washing your hands and look towards the voice to find the girl who you have particularly learned hates you the most. You give her a confused look and point towards yourself, causing her to scoff. “Yes you. Anyways, look. Wonwoo is mine and I don’t know what kind of drug you’re putting him on to make him stare at you like that but I’m gonna need you to stop.” After her little rant you actually burst out laughing. She looks at you surprised by your sudden outburst.

        “I’m not kidding! If you didn’t notice, I’m threatening you to stay away from him!” You laugh even harder which angers her even more. She angrily brings her fist up and swings it towards you face. You immediately stop laughing and catch her fist before it collides with your face. You twist her arm back behind her, causing her to yelp and push her forward. “Look here,” You begin, “I have nothing going on with Wonwoo. I’ve never spoken to him in my life. I also don’t know why he stares at me so much. And to be honest, it’s getting kind of creepy. You can have him for all I care but I honestly doubt he’d ever go for a small brained girl like you who gets into petty fights because of boys.”

        You walk out of the bathroom and look to the side to catch a glimpse of Wonwoo walking away and then turning a corner into another hallway. Had he heard what happened in the bathroom? I mean, I don’t know why he would… But did he? You decide to walk back to class, which is coincidentally the same class as Wonwoo’s.

        During class you notice that Wonwoo isn’t staring at you much anymore. As much as you had hoped he’d stop, it kind of bothers you. You guess you have just become so used to it. After a while more, you decide to glance at him one more time. Turns out you both turned to look at each other at the same time. He does something that incredibly surprised you. He smiles. Like legit smiles at you before returning his attention back to the teacher.

        “Wait what!? He smiled? Like a legit smile? Are you sure? No one’s ever seen him smile before!” You get responses from all your friends at the table during lunch. “Guys I’m legit serious!” You explain once again. After a while of bickering you notice the cafeteria go quiet as Wonwoo walks in. You all look towards him to see him walking in your general direction, his gazed fixed on you. People start whispering and Hoshi an Seungkwan start visibly shaking with fear.

        He arrives at your table and stands right in front of you. “Hi.” You legit hear everyone in the cafeteria gasp. You almost gasped as well. Wow. His voice is incredibly deep. “Hi.” You awkwardly answer back. “I hope this isn’t too forward but can I talk to you- privately?” You swear you hear people faint. “S-sure.” He holds his hand out for you to take and you cautiously do. You expect him to let o of it once you stand but to your surprise he continues holding on to it.

        You two walk out of the cafeteria into the courtyard since there is no one out today. “I apologize for dragging you out like this. I honestly just wanted to properly introduce myself but there were too many people watching and I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable,” You blush a little at his sudden kindness. “Anyway, my name is Wonwoo and I think you’re beautiful." 

        You blush an even redder shade and stare towards the ground as you two walk. He chuckles at your reaction and you realize that his chuckle is the most amazing sound in the world. You slowly look up at him to find him smiling at you. Just looking at him made you forget all the rumors about him. "Can I, can I ask you something?” You question nervously. “You just did,” You stare at him with your mouth agape which causes him to laugh even more than earlier. “I’m kidding. Go ahead?”

        “Are any of those rumors about you true?’ You ask carefully. His walking slows down a bit which causes you too also slow down because he is still holding your hand. You blush a little but push the thought aside and wait for his answer. "Yes and no.” He finally answers after a few seconds.

        “What do you mean by that?” He looks at you and begins explaining, “Yes I am rich but no I did not kill my family for it. They actually died in a car accident a few years back but since i was of age, no one would adopt me so I just inherited all my father’s money and have lived on my own since then. Yes, I am intelligent but only because since my family die, I needed a distraction so I turned to studying a ton and reading a million books. And no. I am not a vampire. Although, I think that’d be pretty cool if I was.” You listened to him well and laughed when he joked a bit. You would have never guessed he has lived such a tough life. And the fact that there are these stupid rumors going around about him.

        He was just a lonely boy, or should you said man, that has just been in need of a friend- someone to understand him. You could see it in his eyes when he explained. He spoke nothing but the truth. You are also really good at reading people. You hadn’t been able to read Wonwoo until he opened up to you just now. You sure are glad he did though.

        Eventually you and Wonwoo became really close which caused a lot of new gossip, even between the teachers. Wonwoo was talking more and smiling more as well. Soon enough you introduced Wonwoo to the rest of your friends who surprisingly also eventually became super close. Wonwoo had finally had the life he had wanted since his family died. You and your other friends are his new family and you always will be.

        After a few months you and Wonwoo officially became a couple. All your friends were happy for you two and they all knew it would happen eventually. You and Wonwoo couldn’t be happier. 

omg i made another scenario. this one was hella freaking long though. i wasnt expecting on writing this much wow. anyways i hope you enjoy!!!


hey I love your “is this what YOU CALL A FAMILY” I was wondering if you could do a kellin imagine where you are being bullied at school and when your walking home one of the kids starts beating you and kellin comes and saves you and he and you date… lots of fluff no smutt please
- xxblood-daggarxx

“Come on Y/N time for school.” My dad yelled in my door and a sadness fell over me. Little did he know he was sending me to hell.
“Yea I’ll start walking.” I said grabbing my backpack and checking to see if my bruise on my shoulder was covered before walking out the front door.
“Aww look how cute an orangutan walking to school.” I heard Stacie’s voice say behind me. I hated this bitch so bad.
“Hey don’t you know ugly stupid monkeys aren’t aloud to go to school?” Jasmine said and just then I was pulled by the hair and onto the floor.
I watched as Stacie and Jasmine walked off in their slutty little outfits laughing away.
This was how it went everyday unless my mom or dad drove me to school… That’s if I’m lucky. Which I never am.
As I approached the school doors everyone looked at me as if I were nothing. I heard them coughing out things like “slut” or “whore” and my most favorite “orangutan.”
Man I hated my life. And I had two more years of this shit.


I made it through the first 4 periods with people calling me names, throwing things at me and spitting spitballs.
I could tell the teachers knew but they didn’t want to go through the trouble of writing a slip to the principal.
“You’re eating? No that’s way too much food for you.” Stacie said walking in front of me with her little crew and boyfriend, Dylan.
“Leave me alone.” I replied trying to step to the side but they blocked my way.
“Hey we’re only trying to make you look at least a little better. Now let’s start by getting you to lose weight.” Stacie said looking at Dylan and that’s when it happened.
My lunch was splattered all over my clothes ruining my favorite Blink-182 shirt.
Everyone was looking and laughing at me. This was the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to me.
As I started to cry I ran to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror made me sick.
How did this ever happen? Everything was wrong!
This school, this city, this state was supposed to be a whole new start for me.
I was better off being called the “Emo-Bitch” at my old school. I didn’t deserve this.
I cleaned off my clothes and smeared make-up and skipped my last classes.
Especially 6th period, the class where I had all of the bullies in one room. The worst class that I could ever have.
As the last bell rung I ran out that school as fast as I could. I didn’t need their shit after what happened today.
“Hey beauty queen where ya goin? We missed you in 6th period. You know how boring it was not making fun of you?” I heard a voice say.
I stopped and turned around to see Jasmine and Stacie with both their boyfriends Dylan and Kyle.
“You weren’t hiding from us were you because that would’ve been really mean.” Stacie said and before I could start running again they had me surrounded.
“Guys I wasn’t hiding I was just cleaning up from lunch.” I said nervously as they closed in.
I backed up only to be stopped by Dylan’s oversized chest.
I was scared because they’ve jumped me before and it was frightening.
“Why do I feel like you’re lying to us? You know how we hate liars don’t you?” Kyle said in his deep voice and I heard Jasmine and Stacie giggle a little.
“Why don’t we just show her?” Jasmine said with a smile. I was beginning to cry as I felt the first punch hit my face.
I was on the ground and the pain from them kicking me became unbearable.
“Hey what the fuck?! Get off of her!” I heard someone yell and the sound of running feet became clear.
I was left there in pain barely able to move.
I opened my eyes to see a blurry guy figure looking over me.
“Please don’t hurt me.” Was what I managed to say.
“Oh God your bleeding.” He said sitting me up and pulling a handkerchief out his back pocket and lightly dabbing my lip.
It took a while but my vision was clear again.
“Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?” I heard him say. He had shoulder length black hair and green eyes. He was really REALLY attractive.
“No I’m fine it’s not the first time they’ve done this.” I said wiping away the tears.
“They’ve done this before?! What the hell! Why would they want to hurt such a beautiful thing?” He asked and I looked at him like he was stupid.
Me? Beautiful? Yea right!
“Um… Thank you for saving me back there…” I said hinting for him to give me a name.
“Kellin… Kellin Quinn and no problem.” He said and I smiled.
“Y/N. I know I’ve seen you around but I never knew you were bullied. Why have you never told anyone?” Kellin asked.
“No one cares.” I said quietly.
And before he could say anything else, I got up and walked away.
“Wait where are you going?” Kellin asked me as he caught up to my side.
“Walking home… And you?” I asked looking at him curiously.
“I’m not letting you walk home alone not after what I saw. Oh hell no.” He said and it was weird but I felt safe with him.
“But I live pretty far.” I said looking up at him.
“Well that will give us plenty of time to get to know each other.” Kellin said with a smile.


“Here I am.” I said looking back at Kellin who seemed saddened from me leaving.
To be honest I was sad too because we had so much in common and he was so nice to me. We learned so much about each other and I wished I lived even farther.
“Safe and Sound.” He said winking at me.
“Bye Kellin and thank you again for the saving me earlier.” I said as we reached my front porch.
“It was a pleasure.” He said and I then turned and reached for the knob.
“Wait Y/N you forgot something.” Kellin said and I turned around only to be met by soft lips on mine.
When we pulled away Kellin looked as if he was waiting for me to say something.
But I was speechless.
“Um… That was… Uh very good.” I said and we both laughed. I was surprised… I just said what came to my mind.
“Wow that was cheesy. So do you want to go out with me? I’ll even protect you from those dickbrains from earlier everyday.” Kellin asked and i nodded.
“Yes I’d love that.” I said smiling like an idiot.
“Great! See you soon!” Kellin said before pecking my lips.
I watched as he walked across the street and onto the porch of the house directly across from mine.
This was not happening…
Kellin then waved with a huge smile before walking into the house.
From then I could tell this school year was going to be the BEST!!!

ok neighbor!michael would be home alone playing video games all day and he’d eventually get really bored, and his parents told him that there was a new girl around his age that just moved in across the street and that he should introduce himself when he has the time. so he’d figure why not and would walk over to your house, nervously playing with the bracelets around his wrist as he waited for someone to answer the door. you’d soon run down the stairs thinking it was the pizza delivery guy, but instead you would find a tall boy with jet black hair and a really attractive eyebrow piercing. “hey, um, I’m michael, I live across the street,” he’d speak up, mentally cursing at his parents for not telling him that their new neighbor was this cute. and normally you’d be cautious about letting strangers into your home, but michael was so hot that you just invited him in anyway and told him that you ordered a pizza. his eyes would literally light up as you told him that, but the second he saw an xbox set up in your living room with packed boxes still stacked against the walls, his jaw would drop open and you’d just laugh and hand him a controller. and the rest of the night, michael would ask you random questions about yourself and let out little giggles at your answers, accidentally muttering out a “you’re really pretty” in the middle of a game because he was already so comfortable with you, but the second he realized what he said his eyes would go wide and his cheeks would flush a deep shade of red and you’d just laugh and kiss his cheek, telling him that your front door is open any time- as well as your bedroom door.


Orphan Black meme: [4/9] outfits



5sos Preference #33: How I Met Your Mother AU


This is really long sorry haha

Ashton: (Figuring Out Baby Gender) “Yellow’s the ugliest fucking color ever.” Calum leans against the wall of your nursery. You pout, causing your husband Ash to sweep in and defend you. “Don’t be a dick, Cal.” “Yeah, we don’t know our baby’s gender so we decided to go with a neutral color.” You explain, rubbing your swollen tummy. “Why not purple?” Luke asks, wiping the paint off his face by accidentally rubbing more paint on his face. “Because that’s dark.” You explain. “Purple’s better!” Michael calls, lying down on the plastic-covered ground. “Why don’t you just find out if Irwin Junior is going to be a boy or a girl?” Cal asks. “We have names for both figured out. Anna for a girl and Fletcher for a boy.” “We don’t need to know yet.” You lie. You need to know. But Ash wanted to be surprised. “We got the envelope, but we’re not opening it.” Michael suddenly shoots up. “I GOTS TO KNOW.” He leaps from the room and disappears. “Dammit Mike get back here!” Ashton calls. He comes back holding the envelope. “You sure you don’t want to know?” Mike teases, slowly opening the envelope. “I GOTS TO KNOW.” You can’t help but shout as you rush over to the envelope. The two of you read it and then you gasp. “What’s it say, Y/N?” Ashton blurts out. “It’s a boy! We’re having a boy!” All the boys cheer for you as Ashton wraps you in a celebratory hug.

Luke: (Haaaave you met Luke? Luke’s POV) “You’re never going to find a girlfriend if you stand around like a lamp at parties.” One of my best friends Michael Clifford tells me, wooshing in from out of nowhere to inject his opinion about my life again. “Because you know all about girls, right Mike?” I raise an eyebrow at him. “I’ve banged more chicks than you have height, Hemmings. We need to get you a woman.” “We need to get you a therapist.” Michael gets a dickish glint in his eye and suddenly turns to a girl that’s nearby. He taps her on the shoulder and says, “Haaaaaaaavveeee you met Luke?” then he pushes me to her. Thank god for my humility, she looks amused rather than angry. “I can’t say I have. Hi. I’m Y/N.”  “Well, you already know this, but I’m Luke.” She giggles a bit. “Sorry about my friend, he’s a bit of an asshole.” She sips at her drink with a smile. “Well I got to meet you out of it. So it’s not so bad.” I feel my face get hot. Y/N turns away then curses under her breath. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “I came to this party to turn down men in support of my best friend getting dumped. But in all honesty, I just really  want your number.” She says with a slight blush. “How about this…” I muse, “You give me your number. And you slap me in the face for your friend.” She puts a hand over her mouth then says, “I want to say no but that’s brilliant…” Quickly, she writes down her number discreetly on my arm, then slaps me in the face. “That sucks man.” Mikey appears out of nowhere. “No it doesn’t.” With a smirk, I show him her number.

Michael: (Robin Sparkles) “I still can’t believe you found that fucking video.” You shake your head, refusing to sit down and pacing slightly in your living room. “I still can’t believe you were a teen porn star.” Michael, one of your closest friends, says while patting your sofa to get you to sit down. “I wasn’t a porn star! I was a Canadian pop star!” You stomp your foot. “Same difference. Now watch it with me please!” He begs, giving you a pout he knows you can’t resist. You sigh in defeat and sit down next to him. “Met you at the mall/Didn’t know how far I would fall/My friends said I was a fool (You’re a fool) (Shut up)” You sit in silence at first as Mikey laughs at how stupid and teenager-y you were, but when you realize he’s laughing with you. After about the third time watching your really shitty music video, the two of you are laughing hysterically and taking shots whenever you did something stupid, like a cut to your pet robot or when you gazed sadly into the camera. You keep it on constant repeat, and suddenly look over at Michael, who is already staring at you. The two of you have this prolonged eye contact then his eyes suddenly shift to your lips. Then he suddenly leans over and kisses you. And he keeps kissing you. And you kiss him back. And you can’t help but wonder why you didn’t do this before.

Calum: (Meeting the bass player) You stand up from the big wedding table. “I need a drink.” You tell the bride, groom, and best man. “Ooh! Ooh! Y/N, Y/N, get me another.” The bride, your best friend who named you maiden of honor, raises her drink at you in that tipsy way of hers. “Nope.” The groom lovingly puts her hand down and wraps her hand in his then mouths at you “No more.” You nod, trying not to be envious of the love those two obviously share, then walk over to the bar and order your favorite alcoholic drink. As you lean against the bar to sit, you eye the band that’s playing, suddenly recognizing that they play really good music. Suddenly, your gaze locks onto the bassist’s. His eyes are a great dark brown and his hair is in a black quiff that looks really attractive. You’re starting on your second drink when you feel a presence appear next to you and see the bassist that you think is hot. Realizing this, you feel your cheeks flush. “Hi.” He greets. “Hi. I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” You extend your hand because you’re polite. “I’m Calum Hood. I’m in the band.” He gestures vaguely to the stage. You nod, “I know I saw you up there. You’re really good.” He gets this silly grin on his face. “Good enough to get your number?” He gives you a shy smirk. “I think so.”

pirateprincessemmaswan  asked:

Aaaah I love this one I will love you forever if you write it <333 ''I heard constant coughing in your apartment it sounded like you were choking so I panicked and kicked down your door to come save you. Wait, you’re not choking and just have a bad cold? Oh my god I’M sO SORrY. I’LL PAY FOR THE DOOR. I’LL ALSO MAKE YOU SOME SOUP.''

@high-seas-swan also requested this so here you go you two lovelies, love you ♥♥♥ 

Modern Neighbor AU ( 1500 words )

“Goodmorning everyone, it is june the 10th and it’s 6am in the megalopolis. The sun is already shining over our head. I hope all of you are doing g-…”


One sock on, the other two inches from her foot, Emma Swan stands still, brows frowned, her exhausted features crisped.

“What the hell is Jones up to now ?” she mumbles under her breath, the blond of her hair tangling up in front of her eyes.

She has been living in this building for about a year now, and the walls separating her from her british neighbor are as thin as a dime, which allows her some insight in his life.

Not that they are friends, or that she knows him at all.

Barely to understand when he’s home alone and when he’s busy with some of his conquest, to quote him. And to be quite honest, that’s plenty enough for her bails bond person self.

Therefore, as she hears him hack even harder, she’s very well aware of the fact that he is alone in his apartment.

Torn between “you owe him fucking nothing” and “he’s quite nice looking though”, she stares at her clothes on the parquet.


This time the sound is painful, something erratic and asthmatic.

That’s all it takes for her to jump in her jeans, fucking Jones, takes her keys and runs to her neighbor’s door.

The cough only gets worse, it seems, and she’s now convinced that the british idiot is choking himself to death. Thus when her fist hits the door, it isn’t quite calmly.

“Jones !! Open your damn door !”

Fear strangling her throat, she waits for his answer, ear pressed to the wooden surface.

“Killian,” the word sounds a lot like a plea and like she cares, and it would be freaking her out if she wasn’t this worried already. “Open your damn door or I’ll come in myself !”

Jaw clenched, she gives him three seconds.

And, well, she kicks the door.

Her manoeuvre is efficient, the wood falling in an offended sound, and she doesn’t think twice before coming in.

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