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At the end of the day, white people are gonna do what they want. We can talk to them about this until we’re blue in the face honestly. This is OUR culture and they mocked it on us for years. They teased little girls who had these same hairstyles. And now that they’re wearing them, they expect to get praise and credit for what WE made. I have accepted the fact that they will wear what they want to wear but, THEY need to accept the fact that we will criticize them and call them out on their appropriation. They chose to appropriate. Now deal with the consequences.

We will continue to criticize you in any way we so choose and you’re just gonna have to deal with it. You can’t have it both ways.

I blame marty-mc for this monstrous plot we’ve come up for a trc grease au I can’t believe it I really fucking can’t-

Don’t Play My Heart Bo(bb)y

Requested by @cozylove Bobby’s trying to approach the girl he likes, even though she doesn’t seem interested in him. She just doesnt believe he is serious Plus he is so annoyingly confident about everything like it’s compet. So he does something that makes her heart melt.

Genre: fluff!

Character(s): reader, IKON’s Bobby/Kim Jiwon, Yunhyeong’s Nivea Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm

Word Count: 1,938 (sorry it’s a long one, I dragged it out unwillingly)

Summary: playboy Bobby tries to show you that he’s serious by doing something super sweet that totally melts your heart

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What if someday Yuya just grab a black wig and some hair gel, and wear some black clothes, just so Yuto could look into the bathroom mirror through Yuya’s eyes and see himself, alive, if only for a few minutes. 

It would have been a nice offer, but I suppose it might also be a bit painful…

They’d change back before Shun or anyone else notices, of course… before they upset anyone. 

What if Yuya asked Yuto what his favorite food was? And they find the ingredients, and Yuto can take over the cooking, and cut the carrots or tomatoes or whatever it is beneath his fingers. And through Yuya’s tongue he’d taste his favorite dish. 

What if Yuya sometimes let Yuto take the body, for no particular reason, just to walk around, to feel the weight of his body on his feet against the ground, to feel the wind, to remember how it feels to breath. 

And would Yuto notice? That Yuya’s body never quite moved the same way. Perhaps there’s a bit of soreness in one of the heels, from over-exertion. Or perhaps the soreness is in the wrong places. Perhaps the stomach is a bit more sensitive to moods, or the nose breath so much easier. 

And would Yuto notice? That Yuya’s growing. That he’s getting taller, that his face is becoming more mature. Would he have looked like this if he’s still alive, if he’s still growing. 

He probably wouldn’t. Yuto isn’t someone who pays that much attention to himself, or dwell on his state of unlife. But he’d notice the growing pains, the dull ache of bones against nerves, and he’d know it isn’t his.