black gram

How Dan and Phil will probably come out #1


Phan related questions, subtle answers. Each question they get closer and more “comfortable”. Finally the last question; “Are you guys together or not?!?” They share a mischievous look. The screen goes black. A single gram of them kissing. It is never spoken about again.

A midnight letter for the world's brightest star Graham

I can’t believe I fell for someone in less than a month just out of the sudden, even if it looks like some “phase”, I like Graham like… A LOT and I don’t know… Maybe he’s like sort of my dream boy and he’s just different… He’s like the first flower blossoming after a long winter season, he’s just like that shirt you don’t want to throw out because it brings you so many memories and like… He’s just- I don’t know, I just love him, I really do, it has been a while since I fell for someone in such short time and god… He makes me so happy with his shy cute self, it’s mesmerizing how a mind like him works, at the beginning, I just wanted to distinguish which one was who in blur and when I learned his name and memorized his face, I couldn’t look anywhere else, seeing the way he talks and how his perspective about things is so youthful, like he still haves the sparkle that made him such a charming person back in the 90s, apart from being an amazing person, a BIG role model (after all the things he’s been through, which are things highly relatable, making him even more reachable is NICE), he’s a talented musician and PAINTER! This mix makes him an exceptional sensitive person and I love how he doesn’t care about being sensitive, he transmit his soul in his music and you can feel touched by his lyrics and his voice (his voice deserves a masterpost tbh), he’s like the kind of people the world gets once in a lifetime and I wish he knew how much we love him and how much we appreciate his work and him, I just wish so many things (starts to play the guitar from “I Wish”, I had to, I’m so so sorry) for him, I wish him only but happiness and the ability to see all his worth… I love how he’s a person you CAN’T HATE, like it’s impossible, that’s beautiful and that shows how special someone can be and he is special, in so many ways.

He is his own kind of beautiful and god, I love him I love him I love him.


Tim Kretschmer’s rampage through his former school in Winnenden and its end outside a Wendlingen business complex, which left 16 dead, including himself, influenced a copycat threat by a 21-year-old Lower Saxony resident from Schnerverdingen, who was arrested two days after Kretschmer’s shooting for writing in an online chat, “I’ll kill 16 students tomorrow. I have a gun and will kill everyone.” He claimed it was only for fun and police determined the targeted school didn’t exist in the area, nor did the man have access to weapons. Coincidentally, an unnamed 17-year-old in the North Rhine-Westphalia town of Ennepetal was planning a deadly attack of his own. On March 12, 2009, a day after Kretschmer’s spree, the Reichenbach-Gymnasium student, who usually fashioned a long black coat and fingerless gloves, was led out of class and taken into custody. The arrest came following a report from a female classmate’s mother three days prior, who stated he threatened to blow up the school on April 20, marking the tenth anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. These threats were corroborated by fellow students, and they added he made comments about not living to see his 18th birthday, while another shared they saw him looking at a webpage on the construction of explosive devices in the school library. He had also received psychiatric treatment in 2007 for threatening a teacher. A search of the student’s home revealed the means to carry out his plan. Contained in a metal briefcase, investigators found glycerin, hydrochloric acid, and 30 grams of black powder paired with nails and other materials. Among the weapons recovered were knives, daggers, and swords, as well as several imitation guns and an air gun. Although the 17-year-old faced charges of unauthorized arms possession and disturbance of public peace by announcing a criminal offense, he was immediately placed in a psychiatric institution.


On this day in music history: September 14, 1992 - “Blind Melon”, the debut album by Blind Melon is released. Produced by Rick Parashar and Blind Melon, it is recorded at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA from February - June 1992. The first album by the Los Angeles, CA based band is the result of a four song demo that lands them a contract with Capitol Records. A four song EP produced by David Briggs (Neil Young) titled “The Sippin’ Time Sessions” are scrapped and go unreleased when all feel it isn’t representative of the bands actual sound. The band leave L.A. for North Carolina and begin recording on their own, later hooking up with producer Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains) to record the rest of the album.The albums cover features a photo of band member Glen Graham’s sister Georgia (“The Bee Girl”) and provides the inspiration for the now iconic Samuel Bayer (“Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”) directed video (featuring child actress Heather DeLoach as the “Bee Girl”) for “No Rain” (#1 Modern Rock, #20 Pop). Heavy MTV rotation for the clip launches the band to stardom. The album is remastered and reissued on CD and as a double vinyl set in 2013 with the previously unreleased “Sippin’ Time Sessions” EP, as an added bonus. The original thirteen song album is reissued on vinyl both on marbled black and yellow vinyl, and a standard black vinyl 180 gram LP by Music On Vinyl in 2014. “Blind Melon” peaks at number three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


My mother and grandma have never been “Camera friendly”. They’ve ducked and dodged photos for as long as i could remember, but today March 6, 2016 I decided to take a picture of my grandma for the blackout. I put pretty butterflies in her hair and proceeded to flash, but she hid in nearly all the photo’s and complained that i never tried to take her picture before she became ill. She kept restating that i was making a clown out of her for putting butterflies in her hair too. Sometimes i’m not good at words, so i put butterflies in my hair too and got my goofy ass in the picture. 
Needless to say we come from completely different generations and we hardly understand each other. Since a youngin we’ve clashed millenniums and styles, but ultimately i love her and i think she’s beautiful and imma show her off today!<3


On this day in music history: August 19, 1985 - “Scarecrow”, the eighth album by John (Cougar) Mellencamp is released. Produced by John Mellencamp (aka “Little Bastard”) and Don Gehman, it is recorded at the Belmont Mall in Belmont, IN from March 20 - April 29, 1985. Recorded at his newly built studio near his home in Bloomington, IN, Mellencamp takes a different approach than on previous albums. Wanting to incorporate more a 60’s rock and R&B feel into the material, he has his band learn how to play and rehearse nearly a hundred classic songs prior to recording, in order to achieve the sound and feel required for the new songs. Those influences resonate strongly through the material, with this “retro” feel even carrying over into the music video for the single “R.O.C.K. In The USA (A Salute To 60’s Rock)” (#2 Pop). In order to authentically capture the look and feel of the 1960’s, the clip is shot in black and white using a vintage kinescope camera. The album spins off five singles including “Lonely Ol’ Night” (#6 Pop), “Small Town” (#6 Pop), and “Rain On The Scarecrow (#21 Pop). The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2005 with an acoustic version of "Small Town” as a bonus track. Going out of print on vinyl in the early 90’s, it is remastered and reissued as a 180 gram LP by Music On Vinyl in 2012. For its thirtieth anniversary in 2015, it is reissued again as a limited edition pressing on gray marble vinyl for Black Friday Record Store Day in November of 2015. A third vinyl reissue on standard black 180 gram vinyl is released in 2016. “Scarecrow” peaks at number two on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 5x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.