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For once I would like to have a discussion about antisemitism in black communities, led by BLACK JEWS, where the complex history between both groups is explored and folks aren’t letting their personal biases color how they approach these issues.

It would be nice if it wasn’t a bunch of non-black people , who don’t really put effort into relating with black people, talking at us and writing long “call outs” and making ahistorical claims that could be fixed if they ever *listened* to a black person about our own history here.  There’s a reason why a lot of black people in lower-income east coast neighborhoods have this idea that Jewish people (usually “white”, and in middle to upper middle class enclaves  that also heavily segregate) have stronger communities and own a lot at the expense of black communities (and the hidden messages that black communities are inherently inferior to Jewish, Asian  etc. communities), and its tied to how white supremacy pit a lot of non-black groups against black people (especially on the east coast where a lot of European immigrants settled).  A lot of potentially productive conversations wind up getting shut down when it would be better to understand our shared history. 

There is a tendency for non-black groups to write black people off as antisemitic, homophobic, etc. by default because they really do see us as a monolithic group without any real history.  They act like we’re just radical and politically correct activists just because we’re black and we’ve always had to fight for *ourselves*, and they get floored when they realize that we aren’t a social justice hive mind and we can be ignorant and flawed just like everyone else can.  So they really do hyper-focus on proving that *we* are problematic and need to be corrected because “black people should know better and need to constantly prove they deserve all of that attention that they get” and they *never* let the black people in both groups have any real say. 

  And they don’t really take the time to see us as people with a complex history so they don’t think back to how these groups related to us and how that affects how we see each other now, they just see us as white people with dark tans who got over slavery “hundreds of years ago”, who maliciously target them. And its like, they won’t even acknowledge the history of anti-blackness in their own communities and how that affected relations between both groups to this day, but they expect black people to be able to do the inverse at the snap of a finger with no real tools beyond someone’s call out post and being told they don’t have the right to say anything at all.

I would love it if non-black Jews and non-Jewish black people would let black people (Jews or goy) go into exactly why there is such a divide and people could have an honest conversation about where it comes from and the real history between these groups without people derailing. 

Fix This

Pairings: Vane / Reader

Warnings: Swearing (A LOT), Violence, 

Request:  @fear-of-the-guardians Hello! I hope I’m doing it right?? Never requested something but I love your writing. Maybe Vane finally ready to move on from Eleanor after Charlestown. But the girl/reader doesn’t want him at first because he left her for Eleanor once. But Charles now realized that she was the one?🤗 She’s strong and was a pirate under Ned Lows command before Charles killed him, she wanted revenge but Charles awakes her feelings again.

As a side note do people on my everything tag list want to be tagged in things other than THE 100 imagines? 

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Rackham slipped into the seat opposite your own a fake smile plastered onto his face as he tried to hide the grimace at the large line of empty glasses in front of you.


“Nice to see you as well Y/N” he peered over the edge of the current glass you were nursing. “It seems your mug is empty, allow me to rectify that” waving his hand he flagged down the wench serving and grabbed another two mugs of ale pushing it over to you.

“What do you want Rackham?” you snarled, not at all in the mood for his games and flowery words. You’d come in to get pissed, a goal you had been well on the way to achieving before Rackham sat his ass down opposite you.

“Nothing my flower, not a thing. This pleasant little interlude it entirely about what I can do for you”

Sighing loudly you took a large gulp from the mug he’d gotten you. “Fine, what can you do for me?”

“Our mutual… acquaintance is looking to have a chat”

“I don’t want to talk to your fucking shit of a captain Rackham” you drained the remaining contents of the mug slamming it down onto the table. Narrowing your eyes at him. “Tell him to stuff whatever fucked up offer he has right up his arse and crawl back to that whore Guthrie”

“Such language from one so fair”

“Rackham I am running out of patience for you” his eyes widened comically and you took a firmer grasp on your rapidly thinning temper. “You need to back the fuck off and leave me alone”


It took seconds for you to prove to him that you weren’t anywhere near as drunk as he’d thought. Pushing the bench back from underneath you with a screech of wood against alcohol sodden tiles. You reached out and grabbed the front of his shirt taking a large chunk of it in your hold as you yanked him over the table. Rackham grunted in surprise as his chest slid along the table. You let go of his shirt to take hold of both shoulders spinning him over so he was on his back, staring up at you. A knife slid out of your shirt sleeve long and sharp and pressed against Rackham’s neck.

“What part of fuck off did you mishear Rackham?”

Rackham didn’t answer, mainly due to the pressure on his neck from you knife. The other patrons in the tavern too used to violence in their daily lives had barely blinked at your little skirmish with Rackham. Instead muttering about women and knives before going back to their own drinks.


“Great, just great” you muttered using your spare hand to pick up Rackham’s earlier untouched mug of ale. “Going to take this Rackham”

“By all means” he gasped out even managing a small smile as you downed the contents in his mug. The ale wasn’t good at the taverns but a person soon learnt to ignore the taste of it in trade off for the numbing effects on one’s mind. In this case you were really hoping that with one more mug of ale the owner of that gruff sounding voice behind you would vanish by the time you turned around.

Finally removing your knife from Rackham’s neck you turned around. The ale hadn’t worked that much was obvious very quickly because Captain Vane was stood there hands on his hips staring down at you.

“Vane” sliding the knife back into the sheath on your forearm you crossed your arms over your chest staring at him. “Sending people to butter me up first are you now?”

“If I did it clearly wasn’t working”


Rackham had gotten up as well brushing crumbs and assorted dirt from his clothing before rubbing a hand over his throat. He cocked his head towards you “Y/N always a pleasure”

“Fuck off Jack” Vane echoed your sentiments from before as a plainly annoyed Rackham did indeed leave you both alone.

Vane’s eyes returned to you as he stared apparently not wanting to be the one who spoke first. In the game you both played of constantly trying to win over the other it seemed the most recent stakes were breaking and talking first.

In the end neither of you spoke because Vane reached out grabbed your wrist and dragged you from the taverns main room. At your show of violence the patrons had barely reacted whereas when Vane had grabbed you and you’d started shouting and thrashing they suddenly couldn’t have been busier. Refusing to look at either of you and definitely not willing to break Vane’s grip on you or get in his path.

Vane kicked open doors along the taverns corridor interrupting whores doing business, merchants snoring and thieves sneaking towards bountiful loots. Finally finding an empty room he shoved you into it boarding the door behind him to stop you escaping once again.

Practically spitting with rage you slipped the knife back out of your sleeve fingering the blade, Vane’s eyebrows rose as he noticed the weapon but he didn’t move or look slightly threatened.

“Going to stab me Y/N?”

“I should, you fucking murdered my captain for that whore Vane”

“Lowe deserved what he got” he waved away your words, unconcerned with the allegations of murder. After all it wouldn’t be the first time he’d been accused of murder. “You however are a different story all together”

“Meaning what?”

“You joined that fuck wits crew Y/N, when you knew my relationship with him”

“Why exactly should I give a fuck what you wanted from me Vane?” your voice had gotten louder and louder until the point where you were screaming. “You left me remember. Decided that screwing Eleanor Guthrie would be a better option”

“I was wrong”

Well that took all the metaphorical wind right from your sails. You had known Charles Vane for close to 10 years, ever since he’d dragged your skinny teenage ass from the sea of a wrecked British Merchant ship. Never once in the whole of those 10 years had you heard him say he was wrong or even allude to the possibility that he could be.

“You were wrong?” repeating the words even sounded strange.

He was scowling but nodding in agreement. “You were right about Eleanor, always had been” he took a step towards you in the room, starting to box you into a corner with his body.

“So now what?” snarling you held the knife up stopping his movements towards you. “You thought you’d come and claim your consolation prize? Fuck you Vane”

He took another step towards you reaching for your arms. Not at all willing to just let him take you once more you flailed out with the knife in your hand catching his forearm and cutting a deep slice. Growling Vane took hold of your wrist twisting making you let go of the knife with a cry of pain. His other arm came around your waist pinning your arm to your side as he dragged your back into his chest.

“Fucking crazy woman, stay still”

“No” hissing like a feral cat you struggled in his grasp, stamping down hard on the top of his foot with your boot.

He grunted and shifted you in his arms once more lifting so you were actually off the ground effectively neutralising your feet as a weapon against him.

“Listen to me Y/N, it’s not Eleanor that I killed Lowe for”

“Of course you did” his muscles were straining around you as you still fought to get free of his grip. “You left a bloody sign in the square Vane with his head. Who else had Lowe angered than that bitch Guthrie”

“I did not kill him for Eleanor” he repeated somehow managing to spin you around in his grip so your chests were pressed together, with your feet still lifted off the floor it put your face on the exact level of his own. “I killed him for you?”

“What?” shock had you finally stopping your attempts at escape. “How in the world do you figure that killing Lowe was helping me?”

“If I put you down will you listen?”

“Fine” He did put you back down on your feet taking a moment to look down at his arm. The cut you’d managed to inflict on him was still bleeding. “Sit down” you ordered “I’ll clean it and you can tell me how your tiny little brain came up with this newest conclusion”

He ignored your insult too used to them to care instead hooking a foot around a stool he sat near the bed. You perched on the end of it reaching out to take his arm and using the only clean water in the room to start bathing the cut.

“Rackham was the one who heard it, Lowe and his men discussing what they were going to do to you”

“Fucking Rackham, he’s about as trustworthy as a snake”

“He was right Y/N. Anne was there too”

“Fine, just what were they apparently going to do to me?”

“I’m not spelling it out” Vane caught your wrist in his own stopping what you were doing. “Safe to say the bastard got what he deserved”

“So I’m meant to believe that you killed Lowe to protect my honour?” He grunted and you shook your head. “Well fuck you Vane, I don’t need you to protect me, never did”

He lurched back to his feet pushing the stool backwards with his boot heel so it slammed into the wall. “You are a stubborn bitch. Can’t fucking win can I? Can’t protect you and can’t ignore you, can’t love you but can’t be away from you so tell me Y/N what the fuck do you want?”

“From you?” he nodded “Nothing” you snarled getting back up to your feet as well. “You broke me Vane. When you made off with Eleanor you broke the only bit of my humanity left. You can’t fix it just by telling me you were wrong”

“Then what?”

You sighed anger fading away with the outgoing breath, after a pause you shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know. I don’t know if you can”

Very slowly Vane lifted his hands placing them on your face, using his thumbs to gently run along your cheekbones. “I’m going to fix it” he swore gravel in his voice as he refused to break eye contact with you. “No matter what it takes or how long it takes I am going to fix this. At least let me try?”

“Alright” his eye brightened at your words. “Alright you can try. I’m making no promises though Vane”

Leaning down he pressed a kiss on your forehead. “Don’t worry I have ample confidence in my abilities. Got you once can do it again”

“Cocky bastard” you muttered as smirking he let go of you moving away once again.

He left you alone stood in the room wondering how you had ended up back here again, hanging around waiting for Charles Vane. Wondering how that feeling was back in your stomach, the one where you couldn’t wait for him to come back. He would win you back, you knew that for sure. Smiling to yourself though you went and picked up your knife from the floor putting it back in its sheath once more. Knowing he would eventually win you back though gave you ample opportunity to make him work very fucking hard for it. Very hard.

Dear Non-jews

Hello, to those of you who have begun posting about chanukah.

I understand you may be surprised at the seemingly harsh responsa you are receiving from jews on tumblr. If you’re wondering why we’re bitter, I’ll give you a thorough explanation. First of all, I ask you whether you know what happened in Har Nof a few weeks ago, or here in Crown Heights last week.

In both cases, there were protests and riots about the fact that the attacker/terrorist was killed, and no protests anywhere about the fact that they came into a jewish place of worship armed, and tried to kill, or successful killed, innocent jews.

Har Nof (where the perpetrators were two Arab terrorists who came into an orthodox synagogue wielding guns and hatches in a neighborhood of Jerusalem during morning prayers, who shot and killed 5 worshippers, and were hacking at people with their axes, trying to kill or injure or kill as many as they could) was played off as a “natural consequence of Israeli policies” and “couldn’t possibly be an antisemitic hate crime”. Many Arab Muslim organizations celebrated the terrorist perpetrators as heroes and martyrs, and hundreds of Arabs took to the streets, rioting partly in their support, and party because they were killed by police trying to stop them. Most international news outlets reported it first -incorrectly- as being a jewish attack on a Muslim place of worship, and a few of the news outlets even refused to correct it after the real new was out.

The stabbing in Crown Heights was played off as “the attacker was mentally ill, and obviously was not aware of what he was doing”, instead of saying “he had all of New York city that he could have done this, and he came all the way to Crown Heights to try and attack at the huge synagogue which is effectively in a lot of ways the capital of judaism in the diaspora. This is obviously an antisemite crime.” he didn’t live in Crown Heights you know. He had to come all the way across the city to come and stab a rabbinical student, a KID, who was sitting and reading.

The same people who are suddenly making chanukah posts are the same people who have ignored us all year. Some of them even went out to violently protest against Israel -in front of private jewish businesses that have nothing to do with Israel- as the country tried to protect itself against Arab terrorist attacks, or are members of BDS, or SFP, both groups who spend a lot of time actively, hostilely, and sometimes violently opposing or disrupting jewish groups on college campuses. If they aren’t actually part of these groups, more often then not, they sit at home, ignoring them, instead of standing up for the jews when they need help. Many of these people will shrug this post off, or excuse themselves by saying “Oh, I have friends who are jewish!”

These same people post about injustice in Ferguson, they post about injustice with the Arabs, they post about injustice with women, they post about injustice with LGBTQA (there’s more letters I’m sure but I’ve lost track) people, but they erase us, because “antisemitism doesn’t exist anymore”.

Silence is consent. And we’re tired of it.


—-Aro the Jew

Im not trying to be an asshole or anything but does anyone else’s mom (or other family member) act like its the end of the damn world if they don’t have a significant other?? Literally every time a relationship doesn’t go the way she wants it to she’s boo-hooing all over the fucking place..doesn’t watch health, comes home and sleeps all day but then complains about coming home and sleeping all day (like wtf) and constantly saying “im tired of -insert whatever the hell complaint she can-”  like her ONLY source of happiness is based off her having boyfriend like I just want to slap her sometimes oh my goi