black glitter fill

Protection Jar (Witch Jar)

This is a protection jar I use to protect myself from unwanted spirits or negative energies.


Incense and Herbs that make you feel protected/comfortable/safe. Salt and/or black glitter to fill up the container. A black candle and something with a sharp edge. A bottle to hold the contents of the spell. Optional: a pendulum and a negativity warding crystal such as quartz.


1) add a little bit of salt, I used Himalayan Salt 2) Fill most of the bottle with black glitter 3) add your herbs, I used what I had on hand which was rosemary, bay leaves, and licorice root (from a tea bag, yeah! witchcraft doesn’t have to be too expensive) 4) optional: write a wish for protection on the bay leaves, then burn them and add it to your witch jar 5) then add more salt crystals in the top to seal the ingredients inside 6) lastly add in the incense, I used lavender and chamomile 7) keep the candle burning the whole time with protection inscribed in it, wait till the words have burned away ( I like to write small so I can keep the candle longer, you can keep it burning until your candle is gone tho it, depends on what you want)


keep it around you and hold it with your pendulum and say a chant like:

Keep me safe inside my home//banish spirits high and low//do not let them in but out/let me scry without a doubt

anything works as long as you use intent properly it will. keep it along with you for more protection. whatever you do, stay safe!