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First Impressions Gone Bad (Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader Request)

Request: ‘Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader. He’s still with Betty and he takes Y/N to Pop’s Diner to meet his friends and her Betty starts arguing and instead of fighting Y/N gets up to leave but Betty wants to get the last word in and says something terrible about the gang so both Y/N and Jughead leave and get together?’- @andywicked

This was great practice for my upcoming fiction The Serpent or Me (Part 1 will be up this week) so thank you for such a fab request! I had a lot of fun with it.

Characters/pairings: Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader, Betty x Jughead, Archie x Veronica

Warnings: Dark/Mean Betty (although I’m tempted to write what happens in Pop’s after they leave to show where she was coming from), kissing.

Word Count: 1883

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‘Do you really think this is a good idea Jug?’ I’d never felt so out of place. I peered into the window of Pop’s Diner, it was straight out of the 50s. Not a place I’d expect Jughead to frequent. My leather jacket stuck out like a sore thumb as Jughead practically dragged me in. An old man behind the counter, the famous Pop I presumed, greeted Jughead instantly.

‘Usual order Jughead?’

‘Make it for two tonight Pop.’ He nodded back to me, I gave a little wave. He didn’t seem phased by our Southside appearance unlike the rest of the diner. I could feel daggers on me from every angle as we walked over to a booth. Jughead acted coolly, barely taking in all the passing glances. I drummed on the table anxiously.

‘Y/n, you need to calm down.’ He said, grabbing my hands to set them still on the table.

‘Sorry but I can already hear everyone gossiping in here, who’s to say your friends aren’t gonna do the same?’ I had to be honest with Jug, he was a serpent now and there were no secrets between the serpents. Well maybe one.

‘They’re different, they know I’m a serpent now and they know why I chose this path. If they have a problem, they’ve definitely kept it to themselves. They know the serpents are the only family I’ve got now.’ I twitched at the word ‘family’. You weren’t meant to have romantic feelings for your ‘family’.

The bell of the door rang and in walked Jughead’s other gang. A broad shouldered redhead came first, he wore a blazing letterman jacket and had his arm around a black haired girl, her dress looked expensive and she was even wearing heels. That would be Archie and Veronica, Riverdale’s latest sweethearts, I remembered Jughead mention. Behind them, came the beautiful blonde. Her hair was in her signature high ponytail, her face beaming as she got closer to us. She wore a white summer dress and a pastel yellow cardigan on top. While that outfit would usually make me gag, she made it look flawless. If this is what I was up against, I was screwed.

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I seriously can’t wait til Monday. The trailer has been on my mind all day and I’m just obsessed with trying to break it down, figure out what its trying to tell us. I have a few theories:

1) Sana is the cause or start of a domino affect that goes through the group. 

  • We see the trailer backwards which has its own significance but at the ‘end’ of it we see Sana tripping Noora. I personally like to think its also symbolic of the fact that Sana is always 5 steps ahead of everything. She can see things the others can’t, maybe because they are distracted but all the teen shenanigans they go through. 

2) Girl Squad back with a force.

  • all our favorite girls back together again!! what I found interesting about them in the trailer was how they almost havent changed at all? We see Chris her usual awesome self, Eva being a party girl, Noora and Vilde still butting heads but there for each other none the less (catching her when she falls?? im 100% sure Willhelm is going to be a whole conversation between them) it felt very season 1 almost. with sana essentially pushing them together. 

3) Even??? no, not Isak AND Even. Just Even.

  • This is point 3 but honestly its the main thing i’ve been thinking about. Now I caught Even4Main fever around month 2 of the hiatus but I managed to stay realistic enough to understand it was highly unlikely. I genuinely didn’t think we’d get much of him and Isak and then… Yousef showed up. NOW I’m buzzing with ideas because the trailer made it clear: Even is connected to Sana and is the final ‘result’ of this domino affect she triggered. 
  • Even is also the only one to get hurt in the trailer as a result of this chain of events. That could mean nothing but… it is Julie. Another thing too is that the hit is a complete shock and clearly catches Even off guard and upsets him quite a bit. The way he sort of stumbles down and his just kneeling there unfocused set off sirens in my brain.
  • Last point on Even (honestly i was floored we saw him) It’s clear that whatever happens, it’s only about him. Though Isak is there, we don’t see his face at all which is pretty clear cut in saying that, This isn’t about them as a couple. I was comforted though by the fact that Isak was shown expressing nothing but tenderness and comfort. He didnt back away from Even once and kept an anchoring hand on him the whole time (he even knelled down with him, which could be symbolic of Even’s biggest fear: dragging Isak down into his dark side) Also, Even looked kinda sad, kinda lost before he got hit. my poor kid is gonna struggle.

4) The kids are partying it up! But…. where???

  • it took me a few watches to finally hit on why the trailer gave me an ominous feel and the sense that something very different was going to happen. Though we are seeing them in a familiar atmosphere (party time) the setting is completely different from run of the mill teenage rager. it is dark with red tones, the people dont seem like typical teenagers, the gang is clearly separate from them, and the walls and floor are black. The girls outfits kinda reflect this too. Like Eva wearing heels. She has a great style but def not a heels kinda girl. And Vilde. she was dressed TO IMPRESS. she looked amazing but so not what we are used to seeing from her in a party atmosphere. Maybe it symbolizes maturity or maybe they make new friends…..

5) Stop. Take it back now y’all. 

  • why. was. it. in. reverse. for one thing the song because it had an Arabic tone when played backwards. But what got me too was that we see Even and Isak first (call back to where we left off last season?) and slowly winds itself back to Sana. Are we suppose to understand that it all started with her and is now ending with her? Is it a cautionary tale? Is it trying to say that some things in life are just unavoidable??? Who knows. (Julie. Julie knows.)

Just some of my thoughts. I’m curious to see everyone elses theories while we wait to start! Happy finale Season 4! 

If possible, I respect Elizabeth Midford even more after this chapter.

I mean, we all thought that she’d cry, throw a tantrum, blame Sieglinde, something like that. She’s a teenage girl and she just found her fiancé in a rather compromising position with another girl. 

No, she didn’t say anything at all. Just went and kicked Ciel in the face. She’s a lady and went for her man instead.

She. Tried. To. Beat. Her. Ciel. To. A. Pulp. 

She didn’t go for Sieglinde. In her mind she wasn’t to blame. A lot of girls wouldn’t think that of the girl they found their cheating boyfriends with.



AHS Imagine - Kyle Spencer. 


It was cold.

From the moment you exited the taxi, your arms instantly hugged your body. Being the beginning of December, the weather was undeniably colder than expected – especially for a teenage girl, wearing a black dress, and in heels.

The thought that worried you most was the black ice, the sheer thought of you falling on your ass gave you second hand embarrassment. Paying the taxi driver, you made your way towards the frat house trying to bring no attention to yourself as you passed the drunken seniors. It was your first party – 18 years old and heading into her first high school party… if anyone found out it would be a social suicide.

Getting in was easy, getting around the crowd of students—wasn’t.

You sat at a table, occupied by a lovely man and his two girlfriends. The sit wasn’t long as a result of him asking if you wanted to be his third girlfriend of the night. Shyly, but harshly, you denied.

You were invited by Madison, her invitation was short and sweet;

“Come to the party, wear something nice and meet me upstairs 20 minutes after you get there, xox” 

Her demanding and egocentric personality was sometimes too much to handle, even for yourself. You considered yourself to be a very patient person, but if there was one person who could really bring out the devil inside you…it was Madison. But still, you accepted her inducement as she sounded quite anxious when she spoke to you. 

Your refilled drink was knocked out of your hand,

“Watch it!” A riled voice beseeched. You managed to hold onto the cup, but the juice splattered on the floor,

“Sorry” you mumbled, stepping out of the way. You walked over your spilled drink to obtain a new one.

After retrieving your drink –and wasted your time doing so because you probably wouldn’t drink it anyways—you stayed unaccompanied, and pessimistic. You watched the rest of the seniors actually enjoy the party. 

You were never a party girl; you saw them as unnecessary and a complete distraction from important things like school. You placed your untouched drink down at a table and pushed yourself towards the main hallway. Every sort of smoke, and every musky breath imaginable was in your face, which made your stomach authentically unsettling. Finally pushing through the last sweaty body, you regained your balance.

You checked your phone and saw 20 minutes have passed since you entered the party. Following Madison’s strict instructions, you found the stairwell and made your way up. Of course it was a challenge due to the bodies taking up 75% of the space. You felt as if in those few agonizing seconds of pushing yourself up those stairs, you developed claustrophobia. 

You stopped once you reached the last step, although her instructions were hastening, they weren’t specific. You stared into the mouth of the hallway, which contained numerous rooms, and thanks to Madison, you had no idea which room she was in. Hesitantly, you started to knock on each door, looking like a complete fool as you did. Damn Madison, you thought. if anyone saw you they would say you’ve lost your marbles. Just your luck, the door they presumed to be in was the last room of the hallway. 

You slowly opened the door, praying the noise inside was Madison, and not something else…because that would be a situation hard to get out of…

The door swung open from your slightly harsh push and you saw Madison, and Zoe in a deep conversation. 

“Madison?” You called, Madison turned her head towards your direction and gave you a fabricated smile.

“Y/N,” She chimed, pulling you inside the dark room. Candles were accurately put around the room which made you chuckle uncomfortably, 

“Ugh, Madison…I know we’re close but we’re not that-”

“Get your head out of your ass, the candles aren’t to romanticize” Madison interrupted, rather queasily. 

Ignoring her remark, you sat on the edge of the bed. 

“I know you haven’t been the same since…you know…Kyle” She spoke, cautiously. 

“And we know it’s been a tough couple months… he was your first love” Zoe added, 

“I’ve been trying to forget” you said, giving them a sympathetic smile, it hurt you to much to talk about him…so you did everything but. 

Madison gave Zoe a look, 

“Listen, don’t scream alright? I’ll explain everything later.” Madison got up and walked into the bathroom, 

“C’mon you braindead little-” Madison pulled a body from out of the bathroom, your heart began to race as you saw the familiar curls bounce as he struggled to regain balance. 

Letting out a frustrated groan, he yanked his arm from her grasp squeezing his hands into tight fists. 

His gaze stayed focused on the floorboard, with a crabbed frown on his face. 

“Kyle?” The call left your lips as a helpless whisper, the utter realization that the love of your life– who died in a bus crash months earlier, was standing in front of if it never happened. 

Scars were evident on his neck, and his once coloured cheeks were pale. The only thing that stayed the same, was his hair. You remembered the movie nights where your head rested gently on his shoulder and your fingers would reach up to his blond curls. He used to love it when you twisted his hair with your fingers, it soothed him, and it comforted him. 

You remembered the warm smile he would give you, before leaning in to give you a tender kiss that would leave your lips tingling. He was a gentleman, the kind that would open doors for you, pay for anything you wanted, and made sure you came first in whatever scenario you two ended up getting yourselves into.  

It was his subjective self that allured you to stay home that day, or else you too would’ve been apart of the accident. He persuaded you to stay…he thought the party might be too overwhelming for you, and as a matter of fact, it was. Sometimes you wished you went, so when he died you would’ve been there with him, but that was completely absurd, you were 18 and in love for the first time, you would do anything when you were new to the feeling…anyone would.

He slowly lifted his head from the moment he heard your voice. *gif*

His eyes locked with yours, and you felt yourself falling in love all over again. It was a feeling you missed. You missed the sensuality of when Kyle was the one thing on your mind, you missed the butterflies in your stomach when his thumb would graze your cheek, and you missed the rare but meaningful heartfelt moments when he would pour his heart out to you. You missed being in love. 

His face contoured with revelation, 

“He can’t talk much, that’s the only downside” Madison quietly added. 

Kyle slowly made his way towards you. 

Because you couldn’t comprehend his re-appearance; you took a step back. Kyle froze,

“No” Kyle said, reasurringly.


Your vision of the man you once loved became a blur, tears filled your eyes…as confusing as it was, Kyle was standing in front of you. 

Kyle began to slowly walk up to you again, his eyes fixated on yours, a reassuring sign that he meant no harm. 

“Y/N,” he whispered, gently cupping your cheeks with his beaten hands. Even in silence, you felt the compassion from his eyes. As glassy as they were, it was the same ones you would see at the end of the day, and in the early morning, Kyle was never the one to constantly pour you his feelings, but he showed them whenever your eyes met…and that was exactly what he was doing. 

Kyle wiped the tears that left your flooded eyes with his thumb, a feeling you missed so much. 

He softly placed his forehead on yours, and let the tip of his nose brush slightly against yours, 

“Y/N,” his rough voice struggled to say again, but it was evident he was using every bone in his body to speak.

Kyle reached up and placed a kiss on your forehead. without removing his hands from your cheeks, he then placed his forehead back on yours,


Kyle then pulled you into an amorous kiss, his nostalgic acts of affection caused those butterflies you missed so much to burst. Just hearing his voice allowed you to sigh in relief, and amply melt in his arms.

He kissed you with passion, as he always did. 

“I love you too” You said faintly, breaking the comfortable silence. Kyle wrapped you in an embrace, as his face hid in the crook of your neck. 

“Don’t…leave” He pleaded. Although you needed an explanation for all of this, the thought was the last thing on your mind, you stayed in his arms, listening to his racing heart, and comforted him as he finally let the tears leave his eyes. 

“I won’t.” 


first Kyle imagine woohoo!! Enjoy :)

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"High heels, big deal, I kick your ass." with Bucky, maybe? :)

((Non-angsty Bucky!! Yes please!))

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You weren’t an Avenger, you weren’t even an agent or a mutant. You were just a girl wearing a knockout black dress and wicked high heels. Bucky expected everyone to hit on you, going out looking like that to a bar like this. For a minute he was even scared some scumbag would hit on you and not take no for an answer, so while his eyes were glued to you completely owning your way to a seat at the bar he also prepared himself to come to your rescue at some point in the night. 

His eyes never left you - he was telling himself it was getting creepy now, that if he just looked back at Steve for a solid second you would still be there when he glanced back, but he couldn’t force himself to turn away. You were a magnet, and what was he supposed to do when his whole arm was metal? He hadn’t even met you and he was already too far gone for saving. 

It didn’t help at all when another guy sat next to you, blatantly trying to get you to come home with him. Bucky heard Steve mutter beside him “Oh no, he’s trying to steal your girl.” Sarcasm bleeding out of the words like sharpie on paper. You got up to leave with a solid No that even Bucky could hear from across the bar. The guy hopelessly trailed after you, which Bucky knew was a bad idea. If someone else on the street didn’t stop him from preying on a beauty like you, he definitely would. 

“Steve we gotta go.” He nudged his friend with his elbow without so much as a glance away from the door. 

“I think she can hold her own Buck.” Steve said casually between sips of beer. 

“What happened to that Brooklyn punk who couldn’t say no to a fight? C’mon, back me up.” He was on his feet now, ready to come to your rescue. Steve shook his head and stood up, tossing a couple bills on the table to pay for the drinks he was abandoning. 

“Fine, but I’m telling you she doesn’t need any saving.” And just like that they were out the door. 

“Last chance to walk away, I suggest you take it.” You said with a voice so silky and stern that Bucky’s heart fluttered. The guy didn’t budge, in fact he reached out to grab you instead. Bucky only got one step in before the jerk was groaning in pain.

When he reached for you you leaned back, throwing him off balance, and bent down. When you came back up your head slammed into his chin, your knee went between his legs, then his head was being knocked into the same knee. The chances of him getting back up and grabbing you again were slim but just to make sure you shoved his body on its side and shoved the flat part of your heel into his ribs. With a sigh you flicked your hair out of your face and looked up to see two men staring at you. The blonde one looked down at the groaning mess laying on the cement while the brunette was looking at you in complete awe.

Bucky’s jaw was on the floor - your takedown was so smooth it had his head whirring. Clearly your eyeliner wasn’t the only sharp thing about you. 

“Boys,” You nodded with a small smirk playing at your red lips. Bucky watched dumbfounded as you turned around and sauntered away from him. His hand reached out blindly to grab Steve’s arm because there was no way he could hold himself up on his own. 

“Steve, I think I’m in love.” He whispered, still breathless and staring after you absolutely mesmerized. 

Daily Imagine #1

Here is an imagine I wrote for my beautiful friend @shyawn hope you like it :)

“Mary Cate would you like your most recent best seller on the bookshelf in your reading room or just your bedroom” one of my many attractive butlers asked me. “In my reading room is fine along with the others” I replied. I was about to enjoy a nice breakfast with my attractive famous husband, when I was alarmed by a loud beeping. I was brought out of my dream when I realized it was just my alarm. Ugh that meant I had school today. I hate school more than anything else. I slowly got up and began to get ready for my day. It was still pretty warm outside for it being November, so I decided to wear a crop top, high waisted jeans, and a cardigan. I then slipped on one of my favorite pairs of converse, same shoes I wear everyday, and walked into the bathroom. I don’t usually like to wear a lot of makeup so I only put on a little bit, and left my hair in its natural waves. I then went downstairs and ate a bagel quickly before driving myself to school. When driving I usually just play my phone on the aux cord and listen to some Marina and the Diamonds or Ed Sheeran because, well they’re my parents. I mean they’re not really my parents obviously, but I wish they’d adopt me. The drive to school is always shorter than I’d like it to be. I grabbed all of my stuff and walked into school. This weekend was homecoming weekend, which meant a ton of girls wearing most likely black dresses and really expensive heels they wear for about 2 minutes. Now don’t get me wrong I love homecoming and I love wearing a dress and looking like a princess, but having it in our school’s small cafeteria is not ideal. All of the football players were wearing their jerseys because of the homecoming game, and the cheerleaders had on their bows. I slowly walked to my first block English class, while listening to my music. I wasn’t exactly paying attention to where I was going, when I bumped into someone and found myself on the ground. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I should’ve watched where I was going” the person who I’m assuming I bumped into rambled on. “No worries I wasn’t paying attention either” I said, as I reached to pick up my belongings. I went to reach for my journal where I write down all my book ideas, but the other person already grabbed it for me. When I stood up I came face to face with a tall, thin brown haired boy. It took me a minute to realize who it was, and then it hit me. The boy that bumped into me was Shawn Mendes, probably one of the most well know and attractive boys in my school. He smiled down and me and handed me my journal. “I’m Shawn” he said with a warm smile and extended out a hand for me to shake. “Hi Shawn I’m Mary Cate” I said back, hesitantly shaking his hand. “How come I’ve never seen you around much?” he asked, as we both began to walk down the hallway side by side. “Well I’m not as popular as you are and don’t hang out with the same crowds as you so maybe that’s why” I said, feeling a little bit awkward because he’s much more popular than I am. “Well we should definitely hang out some time you seem like an amazing girl” he said looking over at me and smiling. “Yeah sounds good to me” I said, and smiled back. We walked the rest of the way to my class making jokes and laughing. As I reached my first class, he stopped me right before the door and handed me my journal. He could’ve just handed me it and walked off, but he held his hand there like he was waiting for me to place mine there. Not wanting to be too awkward, I gently placed my hand in his and he smiled. With that I turned and walked into my first period English class, with a smile on my face that would stay for the rest of the day.

A/N:This is the first of my new daily imagines that I’m starting! I’ve already gotten some requests from you guys which is so awesome I can’t wait to write them for you! I will be posting my next one at some point tomorrow, not sure when because I have mock trial and a party to go to for my friend but I will have it up I promise! Keep requesting and I will get to yours as soon as I can! hope you guys enjoy :)

A Real Lady
Swings ft Beenzino, Gray,Zion.T
A Real Lady

Black hair, high heels, sexy body
A girl who knows but doesn’t wear a skirt too short
But actually looks better in jeans
A girl with a butt that softly swings from left to right
With ankles that are thin enough to wrap a hand around
With arms with slight muscles
When she goes to the pool, all other girls run away
She puts on makeup like she doesn’t have any on
Her kiss is like a bomb, yeah, like how? Like bang
She disposes all the guys who like her, she’s really the best
A girl with so much sense that she pays for the coffee while I’m at the bathroom
I’m pleased on the inside but I say, why did you pay that?
She’s laughs as she stays cool when a fan asks me for a hug
She sends my mom a text sometimes
She allows me to drink with my friends sometimes
She knows how to look good but she has character as well, baby
Yeah, now that’s a real lady

Pedicured toes, she doesn’t show off her sexiness
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re always busy but you always have a lot of time to see me
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity

Overflowing with selfishness, they only receive, don’t know how to give
All the girls who only know themselves fall down
There’s a lot of skinny bodies but not a lot of hearts
The emptiness of a one-night stand, envious of bachelors?
Soulless girls mindlessly waiting in nightclubs, VVIP rooms?
What’s the use of words like pride and integrity?
Where’s the love? Everything is OK with just money
Yeah I don’t give a thing about ya body
They might pretend but they’re just not it, going into bed
I want a type with a bigger heart than a chest
Girl you can throw it in the bag
A girl who has more of her own opinion than money
A girl who can move hearts with words rather than her body
Girl let me get you some, whatever you want
If you pass my standards, you deserve it

Pedicured toes, she doesn’t show off her sexiness
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re always busy but you always have a lot of time to see me
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity

A real lady, I try to stop her but she goes off to work
What she needs isn’t money but a guy like me
A real lady, she doesn’t meet just anyone
She really needs it, a guy like me
An independent girl, like Gwan Soon
She’s like a cat, always landing on her feet
When I sleep in, she always comes and wakes me up
She secretly learns recipes of dishes that I like

Pedicured toes, she doesn’t show off her sexiness
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re always busy but you always have a lot of time to see me
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity

cr: pop!gasa

  • Wendy starts the song & during the course of the song, the girls were dancing on chairs for half of it.
  • The girls were wearing tight white suits and black heels.
  • Today’s stage set up was red silks gliding down from the ceiling with a chandelier.
  • Red Velvet finished recording their stage with only two recordings.

Please give ‘Be Natural’ and Red Velvet lots of love guys! ♥