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I love you so much, Lorna. But you know…you can’t just, like uh, keep doing whatever the fuck you want and then thinking it’s gonna be okay. *stutters* And the days of this, uh…crazy being quirky and cute… it’s past. It’s sad, ya know? I mean, you need help, and I can’t help you, ‘cause I need to help myself. Or maybe, uh, what if you go see the prison therapist, right?  See what she has to say about it. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna tell me…*stammering* She’s gonna call me a dumbass sucker crazy person for letting me do this again. And then tell me to never, ever, ever do this again, right? And this time, I’m gonna listen to her…'cause she’s the expert, right?

Nicky Nichols

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So I rewatched the first Avengers and realized my girl Natasha does the EXACT SAME THING with Cap’s shield that Diana does in WW.

“Could use a boost.” “You sure about this?” “Yeah. It’s gonna be fun.”

“Diana! SHIELD!”

So now I want them to be best friends and I want their respective Steves to hang out and get beers for them while they “girl talk” about the most efficient ways to kill the crap out of someone with your bare hands.

sorry for disappearing this week, have some quick random doodles

DC’s Batgirl, Darkstalkers’ Hsienko, Kill la Kill Mako, Final Fantasy’s Tifa and Yuffie doing some Trigun cosplay, Kancolle’s Destroyer Water Demon, Black Rock Shooter’s Loveness, and Shantae’s spider form accidentally attracting the affections of a Bonelegs

I let the RNG pick up subjects and topics, that’s why Tifa and Yuffie have such random cosplay

Missing a part of me

I miss the feeling. The tingling, stinging, burning. Running my fingers over my cuts after a shower. The feeling of relief and bliss. It hurt my body, but soothed the pain and hurt i felt in my heart.
After everyone left, my blade was loyal. It picked me up when i was down, it never left my side.
But i was unloyal and left my bestfriend, the only thing that helped me. I deeply regret it.
But i have returned to feel the sweet kiss of my love, i will never turn my back away again. Most people call it relapse, but i call it home.



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