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thanks for inviting me to the party. if you need me, i’ll be in the corner, drinking & trying not to make eye contact

I want to be a hoe. I want to go out and have fun with my friends. Dance on a few guys. Kiss whomever, whenever, wherever. Get take out for date night. Have squad gatherings in a modern art museum. Dye my hair a funky color. Get a few piercings. Reinvent my image. Let my ass get fatter and my skin clearer. Buy cute well fitting bras and panties. Invest in nice sheets. Build sand castles. Go on a ghost tour. Wave at tourist. Collect men’s athletic wear from my lovers. Read one book a week. Sing in the shower. And most importantly love myself.

Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish.
—  Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

full offense but the only way i want to see bucky in the black panther movie is if instead of a cryo chamber hes legit in a block of ice like austin powers style, face frozen on the face he makes when he’s running and they just glance over him once with the camera and don’t even mention why hes like that now 

As beautiful and iconic as the proposal was, the thing that stood out to me as it was unfolding, the thing that stayed with me the most when it was over, was the imagery and what it means outside of the show’s narrative. It was important. I don’t think I can emphasize enough how important it was. Historically, Hollywood has not been kind to black women. When we’re fortunate enough to appear on screen at all, it’s usually in singular, familiar (read: comfortable) ways: strong, single, silent, sassy, unrealistically perfect, best friend to everyone while selflessly shouldering all of our burdens alone. It’s frustrating. It’s demoralizing. It’s tiresome. And it’s utter bullshit.

We don’t get love songs sung to us. We don’t get not one, but two romantic proposals in one season let alone at all. We don’t get to be the love of someone’s life. We rarely get to be vulnerable and unsure and carefree and overwhelmed and ecstatic and cry tears of joy within the narrative of a story in this way. It rarely happens. It’s not about “just being the love interest” as is so frequently the charge when a black woman is the love interest (which is still the exception and not the rule). And it’s certainly not about being validated by a white man or the white gaze. It’s about black women having been historically presented as not needing love, not being worthy of love, not being worthy of being cherished, not being worthy of being protected at the same time that we can do all those things for ourselves.

Little black girls needed to see this. Black women needed to see this. A society that constantly reiterates to the world every single day that black women aren’t beautiful, aren’t feminine, aren’t worthy and are “less than” needed to see this.

Love, hate or feel nothing at all toward Westallen and Iris West, this was a big deal. It may not seem like it to some, but it was. Representation matters. But optics matter just as much.

***And to my fellow Richonners, what I said above also applies to the King and Queen of the apocalypse. Rick may not have said those four little words, but what he did say was basically a proposal. What happened between them in that abandoned school (and the rest of the episode) mattered, and it was just as important.
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This is dedicated to the wonderful @char7 and a fulfillment of one of her many awesome Flinthamilton prompts on tumblr. <3 I don’t know exactly what you wanted for this but I hope I did it some justice.

Prompt: Thomas wrote letters to Flint while on the plantation all those years. Flint finds them and reads them. (I decided to do a journal format instead of letters)

@char7  ♥

You Go, Glen Coco - er, Kotal Kahn

Mileena: Can I just say that, by Shao Kahn’s decree, I am the rightful ruler of Outworld, and that some of us have been made victims?!
Kotal Kahn: Very well … let us put it to vote. (Turns to everyone) How many of you have ever felt personally victimised by Mileena?
*Everyone raises their hands, with Erron Black’s wounded hand raised the highest*

can everyone stop acting like “strong female characters who are badass and can still be feminine!!!!” is somehow revolutionary…. i wanna see strong tomboy female characters, strong butch female characters, female characters saving the day with hairy armpits and dirty sneakers and ugly cargo shorts. of course feminine strong female characters are great bc theyre still strong female characters, but praising their femininity in particular is so odd when female characters have only ever been feminine, theyre expected to be and not accepted otherwise


Trust In Me *Odell Beckham jr imagine*


“You’re going to come to my practice right?” Odell asked walking into my house

I turned towards him, “What’s in it for me?” I asked

Odell shrugged his shoulders, “I dunno maybe getting to see a sexy Black Male do his thing and possibly get the girl of his dreams” He said looking over to me

I chuckled, pushing his head away from me, “Nice try but I don’t think that’s going to happen unless you’re speaking about another girl” I said

He sighed, “C'mon Y/N you know I care about you” Odell said following me into the kitchen

I rolled my eyes, “I’ve heard that a million times before” I said

Odell groaned, “Well I just happen to really genuinely mean it, Y/N”

I nodded, “Right, and I’m just supposed to believe it, just because you said you’re genuinely meaning it?”

Odell didn’t say anything for a little while, “Okay I guess I see your point but seriously can’t you come with me to practice so we can have lunch later on?”

Turning around I faced him, “I’ll eat lunch with you, but practice ain’t my thing pretty boy” 

He chuckled, “So you think I’m attractive?”

I stared at him chuckling, “I don’t know how you got that I found you attractive out of that entire sentence” I said

Clutching his chest he pretended to be hurt, “Damn Y/N like an ice cold bullet entering my heart” He said

I chuckled, “Don’t you gotta get going to practice?” I questioned motioning to the clock on the wall

He turned around and sighed, “So you really don’t wanna come to practice with me?” 

I sighed, “I’m actually really content with staying in my own home” 

Odell didn’t say anything for a little while, and just looked at me. In the midst of all the silence I’d actually begun to feel bad for him, “Alright, Odell I’ll go to practice with you” 

He smiled, and moved out of the entrance way, “Ladies first” He said

I rolled my eyes, and made my way towards his car. “Don’t try anything” I said 

Odell nodded, “Promise”


“I’m great aren’t I?” Odell asked coming over to the seats

I chuckled and pointed towards another player, Dominique, “He’s great you on the other hand, not so sure” I said

Both Odell and I laughed, “Damn Y/N you can’t compliment a man?”He asked

I shrugged, “It’s not really part of my nature with you” I said to him

Odell and I talked a little bit more before, he was called back into the practice as Dominique made his way out for a break. “So you’re Beckham’s girl?” He asked taking a seat

I chuckled shaking my head, “No just his friend” 

Dominique gave me a look, “Sure just his friend”

“Believe what you want”I told him

Dominique chuckled and extended his hand out to me, “Dominique Rodgers” He said 

I shook his hand, “Y/N” 

After talking to Dominique for a while, Odell came over giving him a mean look. “I’m done” He said

I nodded, and looked between the two. “Nice meeting you Dominique”

He smiled, “Nice meeting you too Y/N”

I followed Odell to the car and, we drove off towards my house. “I thought we were going out to eat?” I asked

He nodded, “I’m going to cook”

I chuckled, shaking my head. “Something else you are” 

We soon arrived at my house, and I unlocked the door letting him go first. He set his things down, and the two of us headed straight for the kitchen. I sat at the counter top, and he washed his hands and got started to go cook. 

Odell looked up at me as he was cutting the carrots and chuckled, “What?” I asked

He shook his head, “You look cute staring like that” He said

“Thank you, I know I’m cute” 

Odell just chuckled, “So why won’t you let me take you on a date?” He asked

“Because I don’t want to date”I answered

“Babygirl , I’m not saying we have to date. I’m just saying let me take you on a date” 

“Don’t call me babygirl, and exactly I don’t want to date nor do I want to go on one” I said

Odell put down the knife and stared at me for a moment before speaking, “And why don’t you want to go on a date with me? I’m better than half the guys in the world” He said

I chuckled, “I mean I’m pretty well on my own, and I don’t need any man to be happy, so why go on dates?” 

Odell shrugged, “Oh I don’t know to see if I can add a little bit more happiness to your life”

“Men only add heartache and heartbreak to my life” I said 

“Not all men”

I looked at him waiting for him to continue, “Why do you think I try so hard for you? Because I’m trying to break your heart and leave? Y/N, since day one I’ve been telling you how much you mean to me and how one day you would be my wife and everything in between. I know what you’ve been through before, and I promise you I’m not like that at all. My number one priority even though you put me in the dog house 24/7, is to treat you like a queen and show you that you are one” He said

I sighed, “Odell, I know you mean well. Trust me I do, but the shit I’ve been through before just made me guard myself. Loving someone else, and investing somebody into them is tiring and I really can’t do it again. I’ve already built myself up three times a fourth time I’m not willing to do it” I said

By this time Odell had moved around the counter, and turned me so that I was facing him. “Y/N, I’ve been there with you through everything. And trust in me when I say this, I will never ever leave you like they did. I’ll be right there next to you every step of the way, so please trust in me” 

I stared at Odell for a moment, and out of no where tears just started to fall from my eyes. “Babygirl why are you crying?” He asked wiping them

I chuckled, “I don’t even know, maybe because your stupid soft words melted the icey barrier around my heart” I said

Odell chuckled, “If that’s your way of saying I like you too, I’ll accept it” He said, “Now come on and help me cook” 

I looked at him, “Didn’t you say , that you were going to cook for me?” I asked

Odell nodded, “I was going to but now we can do it together”