black girls dating white boys

anonymous asked:

So, this white boy started to date this black girl in my school, and now she is pregnant and he's crying because he doesn't want his son to be black. I'll always remember this when someone tells me that they're not racist just because they're dating a poc.

I only feel sympathy and empathy for the child who is now pregnant with a child. I’m hoping the environment she’s in helps her along the way if she decides to keep the baby.

Also, yes. Just because someone is dating a person of color doesn’t mean they aren’t racist.

Date ideas:

-Picnic: {find an old blanket and prepare some food and bring some music along with you}
-Baking night: {gather ingredients, get into some comfy clothes, blast some music, and bake your favourite treats}
-Pampering night: {whether male or female, everyone loves a good pamper. Go for a bath or shower - together or individually, grab some goodies and lather each other in moisturizer or lotions, or goof around in face masks and/or give one another massages. Treat each other to any kind of hot or cold beverage or cocktail, and cuddle up to each other in cozy pajamas}
-Cinema: {Simple and cheap night to the movies}
-Swimming: {Whether at the beach or a local pool, enjoy a few hours of splashing around}
-Smoothie or cocktail evening: {this can be so much fun to fool about with ingredients and taste test with one another and possibly getting drunk if you opt with the alcoholic version}
-Games night: {Dig out those old board games and invite a few friends over if you’d like (because who said date night has to be just the two of you) and play some old school tunes to bring you back in time}
-Dinner: {A classic. Make it romantic or make it casual. Eat out or in or grab some fast food. Spending quality time together over a meal is an important time}
-Marathon night: {I mean the lazy kind of marathons, lying in bed or on a sofa with your face staring at a screen. Make a theme night, make some snacks and get comfy. Whether you fancy Netflix or a series, the choice is up to you}
-Road trips: {It doesn’t have to be 8 hours or a day, it could be 30 minutes away. But take a drive. Discover new places together. Find your local scenic areas. Open your eyes to the beauty around you. Take lots of pictures}
-Pub/Bar/Live Music: {Go to a local pub/bar or go to a venue with live music. It doesn’t have to be as big as a concert. It could be a small band in a small dim room, but it could be a great night out together}
-Music night: {Make a playlist together. Sit down for a few hours and find some music that you both like and add it to a playlist. Once created, put on some fluffy socks and slide around the floor and dance around like idiots together}
-Child’s Play: {You are never too old to have a water fight and dance around whilst blowing bubbles in each other faces. Make a water slide or buy some water balloons. End the day with a BBQ}
-Bonfire Night/Camping: {Roast some marshmallows and cuddle up together in a big blanket whilst staring up at the stars. It’s romantic until you attract the insects and the rain makes an appearance}
-Getaway: {Not into camping? Take a night or weekend away with your partner and book into a hotel or BnB. It doesn’t have to be expensive or overly glamorous but it’s some quality time with the person you love but sometimes find annoying}
-Go-carting/Paintballing: {Grab some friends and have some competitive fun. Be warned: can damage or boost some people’s egos}
-Bus trip: {Take a bus together, get off at a random town and act like tourists for the day. But maybe do a little Google search first to see if there is anything interesting about the place}