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Black queen, keep your head up. I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes - okay, a lot of the time - but there are people that see you. There are black men that see you. I see you. You with your sun-kissed skin. You with your coconut oil and cocoa butter. You with your backbone hardened by living in this world with more melanin than it has ever been historically ready for and a mother always threatening to give you somethin’ to cry about if you didn’t stop crying. You with your refusal to back down seen as toxic attitude. You with your beautiful Afro-textured hair that on some days makes you feel mistaken for a zoo animal due to the amount of people that want to touch it. You with a voice like honey and a tongue always ready to drag someone if necessary. You with your hopes and dreams and accomplishments that far surpass what has been expected of you. I see you.
—  I see you. // Maxwell Diawuoh

F A N T A S Y . Z O D I A C
scorpio; the vampire // 23 oct - 21 nov

“Modern culture has brought the vampire to become one of the most famous or infamous creatures of the night. They feed on the life essence of living creatures, generally in the form of blood. They are said to be aristocrats - sophisticated beings with strict hierarchical structures.”

“The Scorpio mysterious and misunderstood. These personalities are bold and are capable of executing massive enterprises with cool control and confidence. They can surmount seemingly all obstacles when they put their mind to the task, and they have unshakable focus when the situation calls for it.”

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Maybe I am old fashioned in the sense that I don’t believe grand gestures outweigh small ones. Bring me a single rose on our first date. Dance with me in the rain. Hum your favorite song as we walk just because you’re happy to be beside me. Tell me you love me when we’re driving down the freeway with the windows down and your hair in your eyes. Text me a good night even if it’s three am and you rolled over after falling asleep on your couch and realized you forget to call me. Just make me feel wanted. Pursue me.
Because I will give you everything I’ve got. I already plan to. It’s just nice to know you’re fighting for me as hard as I am for you.
—  Just some rainy day thoughts

Here’s an idea.
Fill up Litchfield with guards like Nicole Haught, Maggie Sawyer, and Gail Peck.


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