black girl killin it


DarkSkin + 4C Hair


when ur extra aff
photos from my birthday lingerie party 😛






This makeup tutorial has a lot of people talking in the comments. There’s a contingent that feel her melanin was poppin’ before the makeup and highlighters.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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"Appropriating White Hair"

Okay ladies who are white. When Black Women are essentially calling you out because we’ve seen your icons, and white role models wear what you call “boxer braids”(cornrows) , “mini-buns”(bantu knots) and you defend them by stating it’s just hair, or that we appropriate your hair all the time by wearing weave, it’s helping absolutely nobody. Either you understand, or you do NOT understand that our culture is one of the few things we have left that make us as a race unique, and different from others. There is already enough people in the world who don’t think we even have a culture because it’s been wiped away from our ancestors through centuries of oppression, and division within the community. So to tell a black woman to “Get over it because it’s just hair” or “They can do what they want it’s their hair” makes us feel like you’re not trying to understand our pain. You’re just defending you people from taking what we have.

For you white women who LOVE to say, “Y'all appropriate our hair by wearing weaves etc etc.” That’s not appropriation. White women, you are not exclusive to having straight hair. Latinas, Brazillians, Asians, and even some Black women are rarely found with naturally straight hair. It’s not stealing a culture. It’s a feature.

There’s a difference when you’re bashing people with natural hair by calling it nappy, dirty, and unprofessional. Many Black Women have experienced being denied profession they WISH they pursued because their hair was “too ethnic.” It’s “not becoming”. Your very society has molded Black women into resorting to the weaves. You will hardly find a black woman in a magazine embracing her natural hair. THAT is why we get so upset when we find you wearing afros, cornrows, bantu knots, box braids, etc. You call us angry, when we’re merely speaking on the fact that it’s lucrative for you to embrace our hair culture EXCEPT US. And White women, you can never understand the struggle because you AREN’T us.


If @umyazzie @SpokenDamsel @_roaaaya and @faydahir can come and diversify my college in South Africa, that would be great.

Some of my female Muslim friends and acquaintances feel threatened to wear their hijabis on campus because some white people would make racist/religious bigotry. Go forth young woman, it’s YOUR choice to wear your hijab. NO ONE should tell you otherwise.