black girl jelly

paopuicecream-deactivated201706  asked:

your brown s/o hc's give my life. this fandom needs more brownness!!!! <3

I’m just glad that you liked them! I still plan to do more; got a few in my inbox I wanna knock out eventually. I’m so blessed to be able to come across some amazing sistas in thirst up in this fandom, and I know there are so many more that I don’t even know and I just hope to come across one day.

My mains rn are @insomniascure, @mistressoli, @thegoddesseos, and I love talking with @porcelainmystery and @supernova-like-me… man.

…is there a group out there for us melaninated chocohoes or nah? COME OUT DA WOODWORK FAM, WE OUTCHEA