black girl danger


Album+Art Tribute to the Queen Bey’s Studio Albums

Dangerously in Love + La Nuit by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

B'Day + Girl in Green by Lord Frederick Leighton

I Am… Sasha Fierce + Silver by Albert Joseph Moore

4 + Ianthe by John William Godward

Beyoncé + Untitled (Black on Grey) by Mark Rothko

Lemonade + Natural princess by Sophie Anderson

March 22, 2013

As many Killjoys know tomorrow will mark the 4 year anniversary of MCR breaking up. I am new to the fandom, yet it still hurts to acknowledge that fact. I regret that I didn’t know about them sooner. It rips me apart inside to even think about it. Don’t get me wrong I fully support all of them and the decisions they have made to create a life they wanted. Whether that be making comics or having a solo music career, I will always support them no matter what.

Thanks, fellow Killjoy

i would sell my nonexistent soul to be a teenager during the summer of like or bullets era mcr or when ryden was real or during frerard stage gay era or to be the girl in danger days or the time of gabilliam or revenge era mcr or Pete’s hardcore emo era or black parade era mcr or when Patrick and Gerard used social media and while satan’s sitting over in the corner I’m gonna ask to have gone to mcr’s first show