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what the mcu fandom thinks t'challa would give the avengers: financial support! emotional labor! wakandan gifts! crucial wakandan resources like vibranium! 

what t'challa would really give to the avengers: These Hands™, grown and native only to Wakanda


“I have seen her. Walking across the courtyard from her first class this morning, her expression thoughtful, her book bag casually thrown over her shoulder. I had seen photographs, of course; I knew she wore clunky glasses and her hair in a youthful dreadlock style, that her clothes would be dynamic and colorful. I knew she would be 1.63 meters tall, that she would weigh 50kg, that she was coming away from a neurobiology class; I knew what to expect…But I was not prepared for her insouciant manner, the way she squinted and smiled up at the gathering rainclouds, aware of the gray weather in a way that the other students missed, immersed in their phones or conversations. I did not think she would kick at a pile of leaves. She walks loosely, comfortable in her skin, her face as open and expressive as Ms Hendrix’s is closed.” - from the diary of Dr. Delphine Cormier.

I wanna just say congrats to B99. When they first mentioned that Holt calls his mother your honour I thought she’d eventually be introduced as cold and stiff and unloving.

Instead they introduced a black older female character who was charismatic, funny and obviously a character who loved her son. She had Raymond’s penchant for formalities but didn’t pick at him and make him feel bad. She was presented as a human being who wanted a love life but was afraid of hurting her son but eventually had an honest and loving conversation with him.

She also raised him by herself (I also liked that Raymond’s father didn’t fall into the stereotype of the absentee black father and just unfortunately died) while still pursuing a career.

Holt’s seriousness and particularity wasn’t from a lack of love at home it was a coping strategy he and his mother employed to deal with the grief of loosing his father. I’m sobbing…

What’s more the show’s characters praise her for what an accomplished woman she is and it’s clear she’s part of the reason Holt is as ambitious and successful as he is.

Please ignore me I just thought this was cool that’s all.


In honor of the Black Girls Rock award show I decide to make a

Black Girls Rock: Anime Edition 💕 pt2

Characters from Left to Right

  • Mabui(Naruto)
  • Mira Naigus
  • Lal'c Mellk Mal
  • Casca (Berserk)
  • April (Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha)
  • Doris (Seiken no Blacksmith) 
  • Paninya 
  • Urd (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Umiko Ahagon
Part 1 -

A Modern Sleeping Beauty😴
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As someone who had this haircut:

I really appreciate the YoI staff’s attention to detail because it most certainly grows out into this haircut: