black geniuses

i just find it cute and amusing how guys like zico and gdragon are lauded as being the best artistic geniuses when they are some of the most uninspired pieces of garbage in the music industry and they scalp all their sounds and looks from black people and profit off it like that isn’t corrupt as hell.

and although unwillingly, black people are so inspiring and we really give these nonblack people personality and character. it’s so funny. what would they do without us?

@ fellow white women who lost your shit over Wonder Woman but don’t seem to have any particular enthusiasm over a superhero movie where there are two Black girls who are geniuses: that’s not going unnoticed

@ all of the white people throwing temper tantrums, over a black woman being the new iron man, I didn’t see you say a godamm word when Pepper got her own suit, but the minute those coloreds get uppity and out of their place, you lose your fucking minds (Miles Morales and Sam Wilson taking up their respective mantles) and this girl hasn’t even had her own comic yet, and your already saying that you “just can’t see it” or “prefer the original”, ya’ll ain’t slick.

Hell, Rhodey’s been Ironman, for a while even before he became War Machine. This is something new and provided someone gets to write the character outside of Bendis, it’ll probably be a wonderful experience. Do you know how amazing this will be, for teen black geniuses everywhere, getting to see themselves in a major comic book role??, do you?

Also for everyone clutching their pearls over “what about rdj???”, his racist ass is going to be fine. He’s signed on for multiple movies and even when he retires from the role, he’ll still be a multi-millionaire who doesn’t need you to stan for him.

Like…seriously, let us have this.

If you were going to have a POC as a Fantastic Four hero

I would’ve picked having a POC play Mr Fantastic/Reed Richards.

Think about if they’d cast a black man as Mr Fantastic. They could have a black nerd (how many of those are in Hollywood) who’s also a freaking genius (again, how many black geniuses have we seen in film?). And then he could’ve had a nice romance with a white female lead. And their relationship wouldn’t be about their race!!

I can’t find the article now, but I do remember reading something about how few black men-white women relationships there were in movies where they didn’t have to have a conversation about their races. If there is one (like in Save the Last Dance, for instance) it’s a major plot point to the movie.

But a POC Mr Fantastic could’ve broken that barrier. He could have a non-racially driven or discussed relationship with Susan, and it wouldn’t be weird.

Just seeing a photo of the 2015 poster, aside from the fact that Miles Teller in the center and MBJs hand is on fire, if I was just looking at their faces, I would’ve thought that Miles Teller and the gal (forget her name) were the Storm siblings and MBJ was Mr Fantastic (cuz it’s pretty obvious which one of them is the Thing).

A black Johnny Storm (who Honest Trailers described as a “walking human STD”) is just reinforcing what we already see in Hollywood movies : smooth talking, black playboys who think they’re all that. Well I guess there’s playboys like that of all races, especially white guys.

But again, we see black playboys more often than we see black geniuses/scientist nerds.

So, if you’re going to give us a black character basically just to fill in your diversity card better, at least give us something that’s refreshing, barrier-breaking, while also being subtle and non-obtrusive to the audience.

But that’s my two cents. What do I know?

im seeing all these beautiful black people for #blackout (its still friday where i live shhhh) and i keep thinking of angel coulby/ guinevere and then i realized people are posting pics of all kinds of black celebrities and geniuses and activists and whatever but i haven’t seen a single post about angel coulby. i decided that situation needed to be rectified immediately.

so here

have a stunning/adorable black lady

in the classic role of queen guinevere, beautiful and wise and almost always white

making her a strong female character

who manages to be the most hufflepuff hufflepuff ever to hufflepuff

to be incredibly wise and caring

to take so much shit from everyone

to be honorable and loyal

and at the same time to take no shit from no one and to give no shits about what’s proper or socially acceptable

this is literally a black servant whose father was wrongly executed in fucking season one or something, who stayed loyal to camelot, who figured out for herself that morgana was batshit crazy, who fell in love with the prince, who was honestly way more stereotypically “manly” (aka strong, independent, able and willing to fight, knowing how armor works) than the male main character, who married the prince, who became the queen and took no shit from sifa that time arthur was missing, who ended up ruling alone and probably rocking it, and who guessed merlin’s secret all by herself and knew for god knows how long

oh and remember that time she and morgana were like “oh no we’re done with your misogynist bullshit merlin and arthur us women are gonna fight too”

looking for black representation or strong women? look no further. gwen is possibly one of the most amazing characters ever.

plus angel is bae and she’s such a frikkin cutie i want to marry her

C: Am I the only one who is tired of only seeing black success when it comes to the music industry or to football and basketball? It seems like it is the only way out of the oppressive lifestyle that many of our people live in. Then we wonder why none of our own want to be doctors and lawyers as much as they wanna be rappers. The media doesn’t show enough black geniuses. Let’s make going to school and getting a good job as desirable as it is to be famous.

Morrison wanted to not only broaden the tastes of the industry, she also wanted to change the fate of a literary culture that had to either diversify or die. She told me that the books she edited and wrote were her contribution to the civil rights movement. By publishing black geniuses, she was also forcing the ranks of the big publishing houses and the industry to become more hospitable to her point of view, to the idea that a black writer could write for a black audience first and still write literature. She was more humanist than nationalistic, more visionary than didactic, but to some extent her editorial work was political. “We don’t need any more writers as solitary heroes,” Morrison said in her 1981 keynote address at the American Writers Congress. “We need a heroic writer’s movement: assertive, militant, pugnacious.
—  @nytimes magazine, “The Radical Vision of Toni Morrison” 

anonymous asked:

what do you say when people go "gender (or race) shouldn't even be thought about. it should just be about whoever is the best/funniest!" how do you explain that it's basically impossible for things to not be influenced by gender/race? that it's something we have to consciously account for? it can be very hard to convince these people. thanks for the great post.

I don’t try to convince them. People who make statements like that, especially on line, aren’t looking for a discussion. They’re looking to be proven right. I worry about areas I have authority over (even if the only such area is just my own performing) rather than convincing people who aren’t even listening to me.


If I DID believe the person was listening to me, here’s my argument against that statement. The problem with “it should be about whoever is funniest” is that it FLATTENS the situation. It implies that being mindful of diversity is mutually exclusive with picking the best people. 

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